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  • Prepare For America's Communication Suffocation

    08/14/2018 9:45:49 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 8 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/14/18 | Dave Merrick
    Who will be next? This is undoubtedly the scariest time we have been in since America was founded. We have been here for about a week. Where we are right now makes the Cuban missile crisis or major terrorist attacks, by comparison, look like little more than daily news. One of the reasons I can see it and so many can’t is because I threw out my cable television over 30 years ago. If I want news, I go looking for it from reliable sources. I don’t sit in an easy chair and let some propagandist posing as an anchorman...
  • Our National Security is Being Compromised

    08/14/2018 9:47:39 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/14/18 | James A. Lyons, Jr. Admiral, USN (ret)
    What the President must do on an expedited basis is cancel both the Port Canaveral and Wilmington deals. Prevent Gulftainer from conducting any further port activity in the U.S. Nearly two years after the election of Donald Trump as president, America is still suffering the consequences of the deterioration of our national security under former President Barack Obama. In a 10 August, 2018 article by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones, they have provided information on Obama’s billionaire Iraqi patron Nadhmi Shakir Auchi, who is now 80 and lives in London. Auchi is being sued for $4 billion for providing chemical...
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Grand Inquisitor?

    08/14/2018 9:49:40 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/14/18 | Bob Hoye
    Violent and at times hysterical reaction to a reform movement is understandable. Stakes are huge, at the moment a key player is Special Counsel Mueller. He may not be an evil man, but his role as prosecutor of heretics for the Deep State is The description of Mueller as the “Grand Inquisitor” is being used, but that job description included the privilege of state murder. Minus that but with his dedication to persecution Mueller is right up there with the most unreasonable prosecutors in history. This article attempts to review similar figures, political conditions and how today’s political hysteria may...
  • Newspaper Industry Seeks Character Assassination of President As Antifa Wants to Kill Him

    08/13/2018 8:43:04 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 7 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/13/18 | Judi McLeod
    It’s time to put aside blowhard journalists of the mainstream and social media and anarchy-seeking Antifa Without ever blinking a jaundiced eye, 100 newspapers will follow the Boston Globe’s directive on Thursday with a collective hit job on President Donald Trump. At press time, not a single newspaper had stepped forward to state that this is proof positive that there is no such thing as an objective free press; that what the Boston Globe is calling for is nothing less than a coordinated hate attack.
  • Obama Admin Holdovers Perpetrating Greatest Political Scandal In American History

    08/12/2018 4:03:23 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 44 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/12/18 | Dr. Sam Clovis
    Holding Office From 'The Swamp' In today’s toxic environment found inside “the swamp,” I am often reminded of the old saw about evil flourishing when good people do nothing. I consider this a truism, an absolute, a defined value that is not zero. Unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to see this phenomenon up close and personal. As the Mueller investigation trundles along with the narrative unraveling at a shocking pace, one would think that sooner or later, the Congress would get fed up and would call a halt to this travesty. This investigation has cost the American people millions...
  • Fake News Shooting Itself in Left Foot While Aiming At Trump

    08/12/2018 7:26:07 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/12/18 | Judi McLeod
    Meanwhile, deplorables will be doffing their caps to Marjorie Pritchard for outing all purveyors of Fake News. This coming Thursday Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor for the editorial page of the Boston Globe will make it easy for readers to make a list of which newspapers are Fake News. Rather than just being lumped together by Chief Fake News Fighter President Donald Trump, they will be listed by name. Deplorables: Get your PC’s copy and paste function ready to roll.
  • Surviving 2018’s Midterm Election Campaign with the Greatest of Ease

    08/09/2018 9:04:05 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/09/18 | Judi McLeod
    Their Obama-led ‘resistance’ is a promise that will never come to pass Social media giants, in the tank with the Progressive-Left, have made it a closed shop for Conservative voices on the Internet. But all is not lost and because of certain circumstances in play, never will be. In their signature high-handed arrogance, not to mention depraved madness, they fail to realize that human memory of the most indelible kind, will go on to makes their latest move unsustainable.
  • Trump and Israel dabble in Hamas and PLO quicksand

    08/08/2018 12:20:12 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 4 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/08/18 | David Singer
    For Trump to contemplate being dragged into the Hamas and PLO quicksand that has claimed so many sincerely-intentioned do-gooders preceding him is incomprehensible President Trump’s attempt to see a five-year Gaza ceasefire negotiated between Hamas and Israel seems to be an exercise in futility destined to failure. America’s involvement first surfaced on 7 July when “an unnamed senior Trump administration official” stated:
  • Censorship: How to Shutdown Free Speech

    08/08/2018 12:47:24 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/08/18 | Charles Wills
    The Left want full control over speech so they can feed the public lies and disinformation without anyone being able to expose their lies The ban of the Alex Jones channel by Youtube was just the tip of the iceberg. Many more conservatives have also been banned by Youtube, Facebook, Apple and Twitter, but socialist political hacks can spout off 4 letter words on Youtube, and make hate filled racist remarks against whites on Twitter with impunity. Apparently, corporate media censors have gotten together to silence conservative voices. Is this just the usual Liberal hypocrisy, or something else? I think...
  • Did DiFi collude with China for 20 years?

    08/08/2018 3:58:17 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 26 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/08/18 | Lee Cary
    There was no collusion between her and China via the PRC spy on her staff. And no Special Counsel is needed to investigate this. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now. The first cousin of Fake News is Ignored News. Ignored News happens when the liberal media suppresses—in part or in full—a story that’s unfavorable to a Democrat politician, political operative, or politically active celebrity in the entertainment, educational or business venues. Ignored News has no competition because it’s, well, largely ignored. Or, if it’s distributed, it’s only “up” for a short time on a secondary news platform.
  • There Will Be No Blue Wave in November: Trump Backed GOP Troy Balderson Wins Ohio Special Election

    08/08/2018 10:25:46 AM PDT · by davikkm · 26 replies
    IWB ^ | Chris Black
    The Democratic party’s projected “blue wave” in the November midterm elections seems like a pipe dream now, after last night’s special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. Sorry, but Ohio stays red: It’s worth mentioning that it was a very, but very close race in Ohio, yet Trump-backed Troy Balderson managed to emerge victorious in a dramatic fight over a vacant House seat during yesterday’s special election. Republican State Senator Troy Balderson will now take over a House seat previously held by Republican Pat Tiberi, who resigned back in January, and took another job in the private sector.
  • There Is Life Beyond Facebook and All Social Media

    08/08/2018 9:10:01 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/08/18 | Judi McLeod
    When it’s the survival of a beloved country voters can see at stake, survival is surprisingly resilient The ganging up and piling on of social media in the Midterm Election Campaign, members of which are the same ones that banned Alex Jones, is not new. In fact, it’s Election 2016 Redux, returning for a second stab in the back with a vengeance. Jones’ followers, already scrambling to find him any way possible, prove that there is life after Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Google YouTube et al.
  • CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed Bipartisan Wildfire Management Bill in 2016

    08/08/2018 9:16:11 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 13 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/08/18 | Katy Grimes
    Brown has managed to divert the fawning, slobbering California media away from his actual responsibilities as California Governor, and instead has them focused on hysteria, doom, gloom, and intangibles like "climate change." Last year, as all Hell was breaking loose in California as residents were burned out of their homes, neighborhoods and businesses, Gov. Jerry Brown was jetting around the world spouting climate change propaganda, and calling this California’s ‘new normal.’ “With climate change, some scientists are saying Southern California is literally burning up, and burning up as maybe a metaphor or a description not just to the fires right...

    08/08/2018 8:29:03 AM PDT · by gopreload · 14 replies
    GOPReload ^ | April 14, 2018 | Reloader
    IS YOUR CHILD PARTAKING IN THIS CURRICULUM? This curriculum, being taught to children as early as kindergarten, was brought to Reload’s attention by a follower who is now in a battle with their school and representatives over it’s graphic and intrusive nature.
  • Shotgun vs AR-15 for Personal Defense

    08/07/2018 5:10:04 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 76 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 8/7/2018 | W Clapp
    At one time back in the day, inside most police cars were equipped with an M-870 shotgun. Then theres an odd ball patrolman with his AR-15 with .223 caliber. Which patrolman has the advantage? The logic behind the usage of an AR stems from situations where a firearm needed for greater range than a shotgun. So the debate begins, shotgun folks talk about having the knock down power to stop the fight with its 00 buck. AR’s with its high velocity and more firepower in terms of 20 rounds – 30 rounds magazine capacity. Using either firearm we can make...
  • Everything You Need To Know About Assassination Of Syrian Rocket Scientist Dr. Asbar

    08/05/2018 6:27:29 AM PDT · by Pavegecko · 10 replies ^ | 8/5/18 | Seth Frantzman
    On Saturday a Syrian scientist left his home in Hama for a drive to Masyaf, a facility of the Scientific Studied and Research Center (SSRC), sometimes called Centre D’Etudes et de Recherches Scientifiques (CERS). He was killed in a car bombing, according to reports.
  • WaPo Warriors Trying to Live Rent-Free in Trump’s Head

    08/05/2018 6:42:13 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 7 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/05/18 | Judi McLeod
    Fight for your country and not your ego and moment in the sun. America is waiting. Elitist scribes at the Washington Post must think that they’re all living rent free in President Donald Trump’s up-for-grabs head. They think they know what the president’s going to do even before the president knows what he’s going to do. That’s how it generally works in Rush Limbaugh’s “drive-by” media world.
  • Securing Canada’s Border: What’s the Solution?

    08/05/2018 6:45:06 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 11 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/05/18 | Arthur Weinreb
    Abolish the Anchor Principle, Use the Charter’s Notwithstanding Clause, Designate the Entire Border Ports of Entry An Angus Reid poll released Friday shows about two thirds of Canadians feel the influx of illegal border crossers amounts to a crisis. These two thirds include people who voted NDP and Liberal in the 2015 general election. As the Liberal government is fond of noting, anyone who opposes these people walking into Canada from the United States is “alt right” and “un-Canadian.” Wonder how Liberal Party supporters who chuckle at conservatives being called names feel now. Time will tell. (Angus Reid Institute, Aug....
  • This Is Not A Political Party, This Is A Fascist Insurrection, Hitler Style

    08/05/2018 8:17:52 AM PDT · by Pavegecko · 74 replies ^ | 8/5/18 | L Todd Wood
    <p>“Anyway my point is that we should kill all Jews ‘prior’ to removing the state from marriage as an institution.”</p>
  • CNN: The Most Hated Name in Fake News

    08/03/2018 9:43:39 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 9 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/03/18 | Charles Wills
    CNN is a subversive organization, and their goal is to overthrow our duly elected President If CNN’s Jim Acosta isn’t attacking the President, he’s attacking the President’s Press Secretary. At the daily press briefing Thursday, Acosta was nipping at Sarah Sanders’ heels like a junk yard Chihuahua; Yap, Yap, Yap! Mrs. Sanders said, CNN and other media are waging personal attacks against President Trump and members of his administration. Mrs. Sanders went on to say that journalists are complaining about the President calling them “the enemy of the people,” but they won’t accept responsibility for leveling attacks against administration officials...