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  • Radio Host Michael Medved Reveals Throat Cancer Diagnosis

    02/01/2015 8:40:26 AM PST · by PROCON · 30 replies
    mediaite ^ | Jan. 30, 2015 | Josh Feldman
    Radio host Michael Medved revealed on his website today that he was diagnosed with throat cancer last month. He writes, “I always knew that it would take something serious to keep me away from the microphone I cherish for an extended period of time. As it turns out, I am facing something serious. It’s called cancer." Medved was diagnosed with stage three throat cancer and said that it’s actually a highly curable form of cancer. And while he’d been able to keep his radio show going as he underwent treatment, Medved says he’s taking a leave of absence from his...
  • U.S. Navy searching for missing crew member in Persian Gulf

    10/01/2014 2:20:37 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 11 replies
    CBS/AP/ ^ | October 1, 2014, 1:47 PM
    A statement from the U.S. Navy says two crewmen bailed out of a Marine Corps aircraft on Wednesday when it lost power on takeoff from the USS Makin Island. The pilot of the MV-22 Osprey was able to regain control and land safely aboard the ship. The Navy says the other crewman who bailed out was rescued and is in stable condition.
  • Prayer Request for Fred Neuman

    09/17/2014 7:30:48 PM PDT · by 50sDad · 22 replies
    Self | 09/17/14 | 50sDad
    A dear church friend (and veteran) was in Washington this week on an Honor Flight to see the WWII memorial and other sights and had a mini-stroke, a second one in his long life. Praise God his escort was a EMT, and they were minutes away from a very good hospital, but prayers, please. He will have to do speech therapy but all limbs are good. I know this will shake him because he has recently recovered from the last one, but again, praise God that he was in exactly the right place to have it treated immediately.
  • A prayer request

    09/04/2014 6:52:08 AM PDT · by Shimmer1 · 208 replies
    I have a prayer request. I am having cancer surgery on Sept 16. Less than two weeks away. I'm having a mastectomy, with reconstruction. It all gets done (or at least started) on the table. Please pray for my fear, which is usually at the manageable level. And that I make it through surgery. I'll be in the hospital for one day. I opted to stay with my surgical oncologist that operated on me two years ago (cancer then too) for many reasons, one being he's THE breast cancer surgeon in Middle GA. Trouble is, after I was diagnosed, I've...
  • Please Pray for my friend

    08/11/2014 7:23:33 AM PDT · by Kidlett CLR · 37 replies
    My friend Roy is in a very tight spot. She has diabetes and got a really bad infection in her left leg, she has been seeing he dr. regularly to try and fix it with meds but it's getting worse. Today she got on and I asked how she was. She told me that her dr. wants her in the hospital but sadly there was no room in the hospital where she is. She will be going to the hospital in 2 days when a room is open and saved for her. Please pray for a safe recovery of what...
  • Prayer Request: Fire Approaching Home of Daughter, N. Idaho

    08/09/2014 5:01:13 PM PDT · by Veto! · 31 replies
    KREM.com ^ | August 9, 2014, 4:54 p.m. PDT | Veto!
    I just saw this announced in a streamer over the golf game on TV, sent text to my daughter, who is shopping in another town and had no idea. She and her husband are racing home. Their home is very close to this fire. Please join me in praying for all who live near this fire and especially for Katy and Fred and their dogs. May they stay free of fire, dear Lord, and damages of every kind. Thanks so much, Veto!
  • Prayer warriors, please keep my son in your prayers!! [Update in #122]

    06/30/2014 11:06:30 AM PDT · by trussell · 168 replies
    More prayer needed for my family. My son was having troubles with the side of his big toe, at the edge of the toenail...I took him to urgent care/walk-in clinic and they said he had an infection and we should soak it in epsom salts, keep it clean and keep the toenails cut even. They gave him some antibiotics. He went to camp the first week of June and when he came home, the other foot had sores on both sides of the big toe! ...and the first toe was worse. We cleaned them the same as the other foot,...
  • Prayer Request [Update #110, 141]

    05/10/2014 3:26:30 PM PDT · by Smokin' Joe · 163 replies
    Smokin' Joe and family | May 10, 2014 | Me
    Please Join our family in prayer: Almighty Father, please heal our sister Dolly: send Your Angels to guide her physicians and surgeons, and to guard against all evil as she undergoes quadruple bypass surgery and recovers. Please ease her worries and those of her entire family by granting Your Peace, especially to her mother, her sisters, and her husband, and take care of her needs and those of her loved ones during this difficult time as only You can. I ask this in the Holy Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • Prayer Request

    04/07/2014 4:44:42 AM PDT · by beachn4fun · 59 replies
    April 7, 2014 | Me
    Asking for prayer for a young lady by the name of Tami. She has cancer and is undergoing treatment. She is the daughter of the lady who stopped for my nephew, Ronnie, when he fell asleep at the wheel driving home from AZ. They were behind Ronnie, on their way to Bethesda, MD, for cancer treatments, saw the accident, and stopped to help...and even drove him to Maryland where his family could pick him up. He is well. They were his miracle. Now, that family deserves a miracle. Let's pray for one. Thank you all.
  • Please say a prayer for my son (vanity)

    04/02/2014 4:55:41 AM PDT · by silly.kerry.trix.are.for.kids · 109 replies
    I hope I am posting this in the right area. I don't post much, but am asking for your thoughts and prayers for my 13 year old son who is about to go through his 2nd kidney transplant due to FSGS. He has been battling this since he was 3 years old. My son, Joshua will be admitted to the hospital this morning for surgery to install a catheter into his neck/chest and also shut down his transplanted kidney that he received from his dad 3 years ago. He will then stay at the hospital for the next few weeks...
  • America's Poisoned Churches -- Render Unto Caesar vs. IRS 501 C-3

    02/18/2014 2:26:18 PM PST · by Patton@Bastogne · 5 replies
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsaJn51ZNLo ^ | 2014-02-18 | Patton@Bastogne
    . America's Poisoned Churches -- Render Unto Caesar vs. IRS 501 C-3 ... America's Poisoned Churches -- Render Unto Caesar vs. IRS 501 C-3 - (click) Best Regards, Patton@Bastogne FreeRepublic member since 1998 .
  • Updating my medical condition and prayer needs [Update at #'s 843,721,643,910]

    01/17/2014 6:14:56 AM PST · by trussell · 987 replies
    1/17/2014 | trussell
    I have faith that the implant is going to help me...when they took the trial away it was like taking candy from a baby...it was cruel! And waiting so long for the permanent one is cruel too. I am praying I am making the right decision in getting this done. It’s a huge step and one that I struggled with at first. I remember the few days I had the temporary unit in my spine, my legs didn’t hurt, I could lay on my sides and they didn’t hurt! My right hip still hurt like crazy and my back was...
  • Almost five million Australians says they have no religious beliefs

    12/30/2013 8:02:56 PM PST · by Lowell1775 · 14 replies
    The Herald Sun - Melbourne Australia ^ | December 29, 2013 | Peter Mickelburough
    In the past 100 years, the number of Australians reporting on the national census that they have "no religion" has jumped from one in 250 in 1911 to more than one in five in 2011. In addition, many of those who nominate a religious affiliation do not actively participate in religious activities. The latest Australian ­Bureau of Statistics social trends report provides the first in-depth look at the 2011 census data on religion. "Rates of reporting no religion have been steadily rising, and Australia is not alone in this - rates are also rising for countries like New Zealand, England...
  • A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols (Live from Cambridge England - 7AM Pacific Time)

    12/24/2013 6:00:27 AM PST · by mojito · 8 replies
    All Classical 89.9 ^ | 12/24/2013 | n/a
    Once again, All Classical broadcasts A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, recorded in the Chapel of King’s College, Cambridge. The worship service was first introduced in 1918 and is broadcast to millions around the world. Tune in promptly so you don’t miss the opening carol, Once in Royal David’s City. The program airs at 7 a.m. Pacific, 10 a.m. Eastern on December 24.
  • Five down and a lot more to go

    12/05/2013 7:21:33 PM PST · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 21 replies
    News | 5 December 2013 | Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin
    Recently, Kim Jong Il, Yasser Arafat, Mohamar Khadafi, Hugo Chavez, and now Nelson have died. What did these men have in common? They were all evil almost all of them were viewed positively by the Democrat Party. This seems to indicate that the Democrat party also advocates the type of rule they imposed on their nations. If this is the case, then most certainly, five down and a lot more to go...
  • Please Pray for my Mother.

    11/25/2013 9:25:19 AM PST · by CJ Wolf · 44 replies
    me | today | my self
    Please pray for my mother, she is in the hospital and the doctors are saying things are not looking good. She has a number of issues hitting at once. Poor circulation in her legs, pnemonia, an irregular heart beat and pain in her stomach. I will be enroute. Your prayers are appreciated. God Bless.
  • I need prayers (update #282)

    10/22/2013 12:04:41 PM PDT · by Kidlett CLR · 282 replies
    <p>I am loosing my home on the 31st I have to be out or I can offer $300 for one more month... I'm 18 and just got out on my own, please pray that I can find the means to keep myself off the streets. Thank you and God bless.</p>
  • Prayer request for my nephew and his wife (vanity)

    10/01/2013 10:48:09 AM PDT · by RushIsMyTeddyBear · 25 replies
    me ^ | me
    Requesting prayers for my nephew and his wife who lost a baby. She was 4 months along. It was a little boy. Our family is really hurting right now. Any prayer is sooo appreaciated and I am comforted by the amount of prayer warriors on FR. Thanks. RIMTB
  • Well, I sure screwed it up today… (Update at #250)

    09/13/2013 8:55:51 PM PDT · by trussell · 346 replies
    9/13/13 | trussell
    Well, I sure screwed it up today… I went to sit down on a chair that wasn't there and fell, now I can't move my legs and the ER released me saying nothing is broke so there is nothing they can/will do. No brace, no chair, no crutches, nothing. The doctor didn't even touch me, tell me to wiggle toes, take my temp, listen to my heart, nothing...just a CT scan and then let me go. I couldn't even get in the car without a nurse, 2 cops and a citizen who offered to help. I don't know what to...
  • Prayer request for Father-in-Law

    08/03/2013 11:30:40 AM PDT · by j_guru · 61 replies
    Just requesting prayers from my FR Family for my father-in-law. He had a heart attack on Aug 1st and surgery that evening. He still has a blockage and they wanted to wait for him to recover from the first surgery before they attempt the second, but now he is having fainting spells. Just asking for prayers in Jesus name. Thanks guys.
  • Prayer Request for Johnnierae

    05/06/2013 11:59:06 PM PDT · by Smokin' Joe · 41 replies
    me | May 7, 2013 | me
    Please join me in prayer for Johnnierae, her husband Chris, and all the family as she fights stage 4 (metastatic) Melanoma. Almighty Father, we ask you to heal Johnnierae, guide her medical staff, grant her remission from this disease, and make her whole, as is Your Will. Please, also see to the needs of the entire family during this time of trial, grant them Your strength and all else they need. I ask this in the Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • Prayer request for my Mom

    04/12/2013 9:45:56 AM PDT · by Redcloak · 44 replies
    4/12/13 | me
    I would like to ask my fellow FReepers to remember my Mom in prayer this morning. She's about to go to the hospital for cancer surgery. I know that God answers prayer. He's done so plenty of times in our lives already.
  • Tragedy in Newtown

    02/21/2013 8:30:52 PM PST · by mojo114 · 7 replies
    This website appears to be a compilation of the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Vice President Biden was in Danbury, CT. today to hold a closed door meeting on gun control. http://www.ctpost.com/Tragedy-in-Newtown/
  • Prayer Request

    02/11/2013 4:34:22 AM PST · by the lastbestlady · 60 replies
    Please say a prayer for my husband Fred. He has heart failure and an appointment with a surgeon today. Please pray that God will improve his condition so he can avoid the risky surgery. Any way you slice it the odds are very much against him. God's help is very much needed. God Bless.
  • President's Day Prayer

    02/12/2013 8:25:37 AM PST · by logi_cal869 · 1 replies
    02/13/2013 | self
    "Oh, Lord, give me strength to survive the current, the hindsight to respect the formers and the sense to know the difference."
  • A Freeper in need of Prayer [For FrogMom] (Good news at #67)

    02/04/2013 6:17:17 AM PST · by FrogMom · 191 replies
    A need for prayers...
  • Prayer Vigil for Lawrence Auster

    01/12/2013 8:18:38 PM PST · by River Hawk · 4 replies
    The Orthosphere ^ | January 8th, 2012 | Kristor Lawson
    Lawrence Auster, archon of the Traditionalist Christian Right, is very ill. We are sponsoring a global prayer vigil in intercession for him, on the evening of Sunday, January 13. More information on the event may be found herehttp://orthosphere.org/2013/01/06/a-prayer-for-lawrence-auster/ .
  • Update to Back surgery and prayer reqeusts for trussell

    01/01/2013 2:51:14 PM PST · by trussell · 72 replies
    1/1/2013 | trussell
    I’m going in Thursday for an x-ray and a visit with my doc…it seems I’m having pain in places and at times when I shouldn’t. I might have hurt my back by picking up a glass bowl out of the oven while bending over. I was told (2 weeks after I had already done it) not to put myself in that position Good news, God is so good to me. I have had help to pay the ticket I received and I still have enough to get my tags. The only issue now is getting insurance on the car which...
  • Update to prayer needed for trussell

    12/01/2012 5:22:08 AM PST · by trussell · 41 replies
    My heart and head | 12/01/2012 | trussell
    As suggested, since so many freepers have been praying, I am sharing this in the open forum. So many freepers have been praying for me…for my back issues and my work issues. I finally have an update. I had my surgery on November 14th. I had a job interview on the 7th of November and my surgery for my back one week later. I was hired for the job but with all the background checks etc…it was going to be the 3rd of December before the position could start. I have had home health nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists...
  • Ray Price Cancer Diagnosis Hasn't Slowed Legend Down

    11/06/2012 7:02:17 PM PST · by smalltownslick · 8 replies
    The Boot (and others) ^ | 11-06-12 | The Boot
    Ray Price has revealed he's battling pancreatic cancer, but the 86-year-old country legend refuses to let the disease stop him from entertaining his adoring fans. "The doctor said that every man will have cancer if he lives to be old enough," the singer tells the San Antonio Express-News. "I don't know why I got it -- I ain't old." This is Price's second cancer scare. In 2009, he underwent surgery to remove polyps from his colon. The music icon's latest diagnosis came after gallbladder surgery revealed a tumor. He endured six months of chemotherapy and is happy to report the...
  • Prayers for friend's mom (cancer, ending treatment)

    11/01/2012 9:22:09 PM PDT · by newzjunkey · 29 replies
    11/2/12 | newzjunkey
    My good friend's 53 year old mother has been battling cancer for two years. She has decided to end treatment (chemo) to manage pain and nausea. Doctors have given her 2-6 mo. They're asking for prayers. Her first name is Margaret.
  • Prayer Request (vanity)

    10/04/2012 10:07:28 AM PDT · by Marie · 55 replies
    self ^ | 4OCT12 | Self
    By a strange coincidence, both of my children (19 and 20) are having unrelated surgeries in the same hospital right now. My poor son-in-law is doing everything he can to hold this difficult day together. I'm in a different state and pulling my hair out with worry. My husband is flying back home tomorrow. I can't go because I'm post-op myself and sick on top of that. May I please have some prayers sent for all of us? We've been hit with so much (a LOT more than this) this week and we're barely holding it together. The two healthy...
  • Prayer Thread for MItt Romney

    10/03/2012 6:48:06 AM PDT · by Heff · 50 replies
    10/3/2012 | Heff
    Just thought a prayer thread for Governor Mitt Romney would be good.
  • VANITY: Prayer Request

    08/24/2012 9:34:11 AM PDT · by ClearBlueSky · 14 replies
    8-24-12 | ClearBlueSky
    Vanity: Prayer Request for a dear friend.
  • Prayer request for my grandfather

    08/05/2012 8:59:08 AM PDT · by wastedyears · 46 replies
    8-5-2012 | Anthony Henriquez
    This really isn't my thing, but I thought I'd reach out to a great community for some support. My grandfather is going through an operation, maybe two, to clear out his arteries. Doctors have confirmed with my dad and uncle yesterday that he'll be a DNR should it not work. What makes it worse is that my father wants me at the hospital, but I'd rather not go to deal with it my own way, because quite frankly I'd don't need to cry for a whole day and if that happens, well, I've had much time to reflect on my...
  • A dear friend of mine needs urgent prayer (Sad news update at #80)

    08/04/2012 11:14:58 AM PDT · by trussell · 87 replies
    8/4/12 | trussell
    GT'er 23Skidoo Needs Prayers (Glocktalk) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He's had another stroke, his second in 2 years. This one sounds even worse than the first, from what his sister-in-law has said so far. This is what she posted initially, on 7/31 "I AM ASKING FOR PRAYERS FOR MY BROTHER-N-LAW. HE HAS HAD ANOTHER STROKE THIS MORNING AND AS OF RIGHT NOW THINGS DON'T LOOK VERY GOOD. SO PLEASE ASK GOD TO HELP HIM RECOVER." And this is the update she gave me later, "LONE UPDATE.....HE HASN'T WOKE UP YET BUT WHEN I GOT UP THERE I STARTED I STARTED PESTERING HIM TO...
  • A big Thanks for all your support due to the passing of my wife

    07/30/2012 5:46:36 AM PDT · by BornToBeAmerican · 15 replies
    The out pouring of Love and Support through this forum helped me more with dealing with the passing of my wife Jani, than these few words could ever hope to express. I cannot thank you all in person but through the love of Our Father I am sure you know my THANKS is heart-felt.
  • An Angel went home last night

    07/24/2012 10:10:04 AM PDT · by BornToBeAmerican · 94 replies
    My beautiful wife of 15 yrs went home to her heavenly Father last night. She had been fighting cancer for over 2 years. She died in her sleep, peacefully. To know her was to love her. Her suffering is now ended ad she will be surely missed.
  • A 2012 Father's Day Message of Encouragement and Warning : "The Single-Mom Catastrophe"

    06/16/2012 7:39:47 PM PDT · by Patton@Bastogne · 31 replies
    The Manhattan Institute and City Journal ^ | 2012-06-03 | Kay S. Hymowitz
    . The mission of the Manhattan Institute is to develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility. The Single-Mom Catastrophe June 03, 2012 By Kay S. Hymowitz The demise of two-parent families in the U.S. has been an economic catastrophe for society. The single-mother revolution shouldn’t need much introduction. It started in the 1960s when the nation began to sever the historical connection between marriage and childbearing and to turn single motherhood and the fatherless family into a viable, even welcome, arrangement for children and for society. The reasons for the shift were many, including...
  • thanks everyone (prayer request follow up)

    06/09/2012 6:49:16 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 24 replies
    Thanks to all who have kept me in your prayers.. I am home with my wife and my girls thankfully. I am going to continue therapy on an out patient basis and I think it will benefit me greatly in the long run. Thankfully I have some answers now... But a part of the problem is that I have neglected my own health over the last few years as I was taking care of my mom who was dying of lung cancer. Then after she passed away last year I sort of isolated myself. and I have not been feeling...
  • Roll call for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom on Memorial Day (Vanity)

    05/28/2012 4:13:41 PM PDT · by clamper1797 · 11 replies
    Self | 05/28/2012 | Self
    I wish to make a muster of those we know who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom ... I'll start ... Taps please ... On October 24th 1972 ,an aircraft crash landed on USS Midway's deck. This aircraft ran into a group of parked aircraft and destroyed eight of them, killed 5 crewmen and injured 23 others. Among those killed were my best friend AOAN Danny Cherry and my very good friend AME2 Karl Blankenship. Please ... just a moment of silence for these true heros on Memorial Day
  • Prayer needed for a friend update [See post #23 for update]

    04/29/2012 8:11:41 PM PDT · by Kidlett CLR · 35 replies
    4/29/12 | Kidlett CLR
    Just an update on Snowie. I talked to Snowie today and finally got him to tell me what exactly he has, he has pancreatic cancer. He has not been feeling well for the past few days, he has been sleeping more. Snowie has also slipped into depression and tells me he just wants it to be over, lots of prayers please. thank you all so much, and God bless.
  • Prayers needed for a friend

    04/25/2012 10:21:25 AM PDT · by Kidlett CLR · 42 replies
    04/25/12 | Kidlett CLR
    Hello, my friend has been told he has cancer and may not make it much longer. He is only 19 and does all he can for others. please help me pray for him to get better and make it through this cancer. He goes by Snowie, and is my online friend from Japan. Thank you all and God bless.
  • going to be staying in a nursing home (prayer requested)

    04/13/2012 7:14:20 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 159 replies
    I have not been posting as much on FR lately. I have been dealing with a lot of health issues in recent months. A lot of it is personal and some of my friends don't even know about about everything im dealing with. I have not wanted to be seen as whining or overwelming someone with my own problems. I initially rejected the idea. But I have decided that spening 6 to 12 months in a nursing home is the best thing for me right now. I can focus on outpaitent therapy and get the care I need. I am...
  • Prayer Request: 6-year-old boy dies in tragic wood chipper accident

    04/10/2012 6:40:15 PM PDT · by RedCell · 19 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 04/10/2012 | Self
    A six-year-old boy who wanted to help his father clear timber ended up losing his life due to his altruistic urge, in one of the more gruesome recent tragedies. Jeffrey Bourgeoiff, who was helping his father throw branches into a wood chipper, decided to throw a few branches in himself while his father’s back was turned
  • Anonymous FReeper Needs All of Our Prayers

    02/24/2012 4:20:45 PM PST · by wagglebee · 109 replies · 1+ views
    Free Republic | 2/24/12 | Wagglebee
    A great FReeper who most of you have known for a long time, but needs to remain anonymous, asked me to post a thread asking for our prayers. My FRiend has been having major marital problems due to his wife's infidelity. They separated for a while, during which time she attempted suicide. She was hospitalized following this and they have since reconciled and are working on strengthening their marriage. During the separation, my FRiend was in an altercation where he needed to defend himself. However, this altercation has resulted in him being charged with attempted murder. In the midst of...
  • Thomas More Law Center Appeals Ninth Circuit's Anti-God Decision to the U.S. Supreme Court

    02/24/2012 12:54:56 PM PST · by Thomas More Law Center · 1 replies
    ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center announced that it has appealed a controversial decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court. The appeal was filed in the case of Bradley Johnson v. Poway Unified School District late last week. For the past twenty-five years, Bradley Johnson, a high school math teacher at the Poway School District located in California had been displaying red, white and blue banners in his classroom that contained patriotic phrases such as: “In God We Trust,” “One Nation Under God,” and “God Bless America.” He displayed the banners...
  • Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (Bashes Republicans)

    01/12/2012 10:37:48 AM PST · by Jo Nuvark · 19 replies · 1+ views
    YOUTUBE ^ | 1-10-12 | BBALL1989
    A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. In the scriptures Jesus received the most opposition from the most religious people of his day. At it's core Jesus' gospel and the good news of the Cross is in pure opposition to self-righteousness/self-justification. Religion is man centered, Jesus is God-centered. This poem highlights my journey to discover this truth. Religion either ends in pride or despair. Pride because you make a list and can do it and act better than everyone, or despair because you can't do your own list of rules and feel "not good...
  • Heartbreaking Videos A Teenager Made Before He Died on Christmas Night Yesterday

    12/26/2011 11:59:47 PM PST · by My Favorite Headache · 6 replies
    Buzzfeed.com ^ | 12/27/11
    Ben Breedlove had to fight a life-threatening heart condition all his life. He finally lost that fight on Christmas night, but not before he recorded these two beautiful videos telling the stories of his near-death experiences and talking about his thoughts on death. http://www.buzzfeed.com/jpmoore/heartbreaking-videos-a-teenager-made-the-week-befo
  • Woman survives due to officer's actions

    12/21/2011 5:07:11 PM PST · by tickles · 3 replies
    LAKE CITY, Minn. (KTTC) -- The family of the Lake City police officer who was shot while responding to a domestic call is asking community members to leave their porch lights on for the next three days, as a sign of support. 32-year old officer Shawn Schneider remains in critical condition. Police say there were two people inside the house prior to the arrival of the officers. A woman escaped before the officer was shot and she was not harmed, thanks to officer Schneider.