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  • The Mask of the Beast

    05/27/2020 6:54:15 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 5 replies
    Fatima Perspectives ^ | May 27, 2020 | Chris Ferrara
    The Mask of the Beast As the Wuhan Virus “pandemic” wanes all over the world, following the path of all influenza-like illnesses, the globalist Left labors to contrive new justifications for maintaining the pop-up dictatorships that have arisen in every Western nation on the pretext of the virus. The problem is that the dictators in the Kingdom of COVID — virtually all of them on the Left, especially in the United States — are losing their grip on the masses because the people have had quite enough of their nonsensical regimes of arbitrary and inconsistent restrictions on normal life, as...
  • At Hand

    05/26/2020 4:27:24 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 38 replies
    RR ^ | 5/24/20 | Daymond Duck
    A reader recently e-mailed me Hal Lindsey’s quote, “The coming of the Lord is at hand” (James 5:8). This great prophecy teacher pointed out that “at hand” does not mean that the Rapture would happen in the next few years (although it could have). “At hand” means the Rapture will happen at any time and without warning. “At hand” is an admonition for everyone in every generation to be ready to go at any moment, all the time. There is a lot of misunderstanding about this issue. God told Adam if he ate of the fruit of the tree of...
  • Bible Prophecy Update - May 17th, 2020

    05/18/2020 6:59:39 AM PDT · by Old Yeller · 3 replies
    Watchman on the Wall. Important information on what is coming in the weeks and months ahead regarding the vaccination and contact tracing.
  • Prophecy In Light of Today's Pandemic: Have the 7 seals of the book of Revelation been opened?

    05/15/2020 8:43:01 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 12 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 05/15/2020 | Michael Brown
    The same, unusual subject came up three times on the same day, this past Monday, May 11. Was God sending a message to me about the end of the world, taken straight from the pages of the Book of Revelation?First, a caller to my radio show asked if we might be in the first phase of the breaking of the seven seals in the Book of Revelation and therefore in the beginning of “the tribulation.”Then, a friend left a message on my cell phone asking what he should make of a respected Christian leader in another country telling him that...
  • 'Four Horsemen are ACTIVE’

    BIBLE scholars have sensationally claimed the end of the world could be upon us as they believe the Four Horsemen, who bring about death, war, famine and disease before the return of Jesus Christ in the holy book, have all been released.
  • Fulfilling God’s Word

    05/11/2020 9:03:31 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 4 replies
    RR ^ | 5/10/20 | Daymond Duck
    One, I want to start by offering my opinion on something. It is my opinion that the U.S. will be part of the North American Union (NAU; now called the USMCA; the NAFTA replacement agreement that is now scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2020). This will make the U.S. one of several regional groups of nations, each region will ultimately have a leader, there will eventually be 10 regions and leaders, and the 10 leaders will ultimately be known as the Ten Kings and dominated by the EU. There seems to be no question that the U.S....
  • THOMAS HORN WARNS: Get Ready for End-of-Days Demons in High Places

    04/30/2020 6:50:30 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 99 replies
    skywatchtv ^ | 4/30/20 | Thomas Horn
    The English theologian George Hawkins Pember, in his 1876 masterpiece, Earth’s Earliest Ages, analysed the prophecy of Jesus Christ that says the end times would be a repeat of “the days of Noah.” Pember outlined the seven great causes of the antediluvian destruction and documented their developmental beginnings in his lifetime. The seventh and most fearful sign, Pember wrote, would be the return of the spirits of Nephilim, “the appearance upon earth of beings from the Principality of the Air, and their unlawful intercourse with the human race.” Jesus Himself, in answering His disciples concerning the signs of His coming...
  • How The Coronavirus Sets The Stage For The End Times

    04/24/2020 12:08:08 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 76 replies
    PNW ^ | 4/24/2020 | Britt Gillette
    The current coronavirus outbreak is not an event prophesied in the Bible for the seven-year Tribulation. The world simply hasn't entered that time period yet. However, it is significant to bible prophecy, because it sets the stage for the near-term fulfillment of many end times bible prophecies. This isn't surprising. Politicians take advantage of times of turmoil, disaster, and fear to implement changes people otherwise wouldn't accept. Here are just a few things to expect in the days ahead: 1) Calls for a Strong European Union Leader 2) Calls for Further European Union Integration 3) Calls for Increased Tracking of...
  • Praise For the Ruin of the City! … Isaiah Apocalypse pt 4

    04/21/2020 9:15:32 PM PDT · by pastorbillrandles · 1 replies
    billrandles.wordpress ^ | 04-21-20 | Bill Randles
    O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. For thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defenced city a ruin: a palace of strangers to be no city; it shall never be built. Therefore shall the strong people glorify thee, the city of the terrible nations shall fear thee. For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat,...
  • Bible Prophecy Update - April 19, 2020

    04/20/2020 1:09:34 AM PDT · by Old Yeller · 14 replies
    YouTube ^ | J.D. Farag
    As a “Watchman on the Wall”, it’s my duty to send out a warning that the Age of Grace appears to be very near the point of ending. If you don’t want to experience the horrific Tribulation period, now would be a good time to get right with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I know that there will be scoffers who will rip into this, but nonetheless the warning must be put out there. Watch this week’s prophecy update by J.D. Farag on YouTube.
  • Just Chips, No Salsa

    04/16/2020 11:10:29 AM PDT · by rktman · 29 replies ^ | 4/16/2020 | John F. Di Leo
    The technocrats are talking about giving people a chip - once they've been vaccinated for the CCP virus, or otherwise proven their immunity and state of non-contagion - so that anyone with the right scanner can easily see that interacting with them is “safe.” Sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? But think about it. Even if you don't care about personal freedom, don't respect concerns for societal liberty. Just think about this a moment. The CCP virus is just the flavor of the month. It's the terrible risk of 2020, the big thing this year. In past years, we...
  • The Fall Of The City Of Confusion...Isaiah's apocalypse pt 2

    Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left. The new wine mourneth, the vine languisheth, all the merryhearted do sigh. The mirth of tabrets ceaseth, the noise of them that rejoice endeth, the joy of the harp ceaseth. They shall not drink wine with a song; strong drink shall be bitter to them that drink it. The city of confusion is broken down: every house is shut up, that no man may come in. There is a crying for wine in the...
  • Isaiah's Mini 1

    Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him. The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word.( Isaiah 24:1-3)Isaiah is one...
  • Chuck Pierce Prophesied Last Year About the Coming Plague - He Says This Passover Will Be a True Passover

    04/10/2020 7:08:07 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 24 replies
    CBN News ^ | April 7, 2020 | Wendy Griffith
    ...Pierce started prophesying last September and then again in January about what the world is going through now. He said, "plague-like" conditions would hit the Earth through February, March, and April. In a new interview with CBN News on "The Prayer Link" show, he also had a word of hope about Passover. "This year would be the year that Believers would really have to understand Passover and that we will pass over!"..
  • St. Dionysius on the Epidemic of Alexandria

    03/31/2020 5:47:20 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 7 replies
    Orthodox History ^ | 3/16/20 | Matthew Namee
    St. Dionysius the Great was Pope of Alexandria from 248 to 264. During that time, the Church of Alexandria suffered horrible persecution. Just as that was dying down, an epidemic broke out in the city, just as Pascha was approaching. St. Dionysius described the epidemic, and the Church’s response, in a letter to some of his flock outside of Alexandria. It is especially relevant today, as our current church leaders try to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, which is also happening as we prepare for Pascha.St. Dionysius’ letter was printed by Eusebius in his seminal Church History, chapter 7. The...
  • Learn the Signs of the End Times

    03/30/2020 12:00:26 PM PDT · by SaveFerris · 38 replies ^ | Jan 24, 2019 (series rebroadcast) | Discovering the Jewish Jesus - Rabbi Kurt Schneider
    I'm not saying it's today (the end times) - but we are living at the end of the church age (IMHO). Yes, ever since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were. I already know that's coming, LOL. Not all may believe this. YMMV. Oh well. I was trying to find the show I saw today (many of them are repeat broadcasts so yes, this one is from last year). Today's show (not sure this is it) he talked about the men of Sodom trying to rape the angels of God. They wanted to rape them. In today's...
  • Urgent Mid-East Bible Prophecy Update 3/29/20 Pastor J.D. Farrah, Hawai'i

    03/29/2020 8:27:04 PM PDT · by Old Yeller · 3 replies
    YouTube ^ | 3/29/20 | Calvary Chapel Kaneohe
    Watchman on the wall. Weekly prophecy update.
  • Amir on the Book of Revelation 3/28

    03/28/2020 8:14:51 PM PDT · by firebrand · 3 replies
    Behold Israel ^ | 3/28/20 | Amir Tsarfati
    What is happening now in the context of revelation of the future.
  • Prophetic Implications of Coronavirus

    03/22/2020 7:06:22 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 39 replies
    RR ^ | 3/20/2020 | Bill Wilson
    China’s coronavirus is a revealer of prophetic events, perhaps a type and shadow of what is to come. We have seen just how small the world is. Humanity is globally connected in this 21st Century. What happens in China can determine what happens in Ohio, or even in a small rural community in Africa. We can see how quickly devastation, panic, economic disaster, sickness and death can occur. If it gets worse and worse, we could see how nations can rise up against nations and how famines and wars could quickly develop. The tighter food and medical supplies become, the...
  • Beware the First Horseman of the Apocalypse!!

    03/21/2020 5:14:38 PM PDT · by Fester Chugabrew · 30 replies
    Local Public Post | Rev. Peter Burfiend
    Beware the First Horseman of the Apocalypse!! Going back to Leviticus 26, there is a Biblical archetype of “the four horsemen of the apocalypse.” It’s a four-fold judgment from God going forth over the world. The archetype “takes on flesh” in Revelation 6 with four literal horsemen. Most understand three out of four horsemen as war, famine, and pestilence. But there is debate about what the first one is, particularly in Revelation 6. It’s “a white horse.” And “He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to...