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  • Intersectionality...How African Christians and Israeli Jews Became White Nationalists

    03/25/2019 8:55:23 PM PDT · by AnalogReigns · 11 replies
    The Aquila Report ^ | March 25, 2019 | Rev. Andy Webb
    Over the past few years we’ve seen an increasing tendency on the part of liberals who subscribe to intersectionality or identity politics (which classify people according to their “gender identity”, race and sexual identity) to label anyone who is conservative, either politically or theologically, as racist, and increasingly as “White Nationalists.” This has often produced absurdities that would have been worthy of Alice in Wonderland. For instance, the conservative Methodists who helped to defeat the attempt to normalize homosexuality and gay marriage in the UMC were seriously described as affirming a “White Nationalist Strain of Christianity” by Reconciling Ministries Network,...
  • A new 'male birth control' pill might be safe, but there's still a long way to go, researchers say

    03/25/2019 6:31:03 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 19 replies
    CNN ^ | March 25, 2019 | Michael Nedelman
    Many people are looking forward to a time when men will be able to take an oral contraceptive. But there's a challenge with hormonal birth control: suppressing testosterone in men to super-low levels while avoiding the side effects of low hormone levels, such as changes in sexual function. (Of course, side effects have affected some women since the US Food and Drug Administration first approved "the pill" in 1960.) Researchers have looked at a number of ways to do this -- not only through a pill, but also through an injection and a topical gel. And now there's a new...
  • Beautiful businesswomen are viewed as untrustworthy 'femmes fatales' by both men and women (tr)

    03/25/2019 6:20:37 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 25 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | March 25, 2019 | Colin Fernandez
    Attractive women bosses are considered less truthful and trustworthy by both sexes, research has found. In tests, hundreds of male and female participants said they thought a pretty female boss was less likely to be honest. They were also considered more deserving of being fired than a less attractive counterpart. Good looks are often thought to be advantageous in life, whether when it comes to getting served in shops or pubs or being more likely to succeed at a job interview, and even the likelihood you are found guilty in court.
  • Democrat compares school choice pilot program to Eugenics Medical Experiments

    03/25/2019 4:55:07 PM PDT · by pulaskibush · 15 replies
    Democrat Joyce Elliott compares school choice pilot program to Eugenics Medical Experiments Democrats held a press conference against school choice on Monday March 25th 2019 11am at the Arkansas State Capitol. Arkansas Democrat Senator Joyce Elliott spoke against school choice by comparing the school voucher/scholarship "pilot" program to the MEDICAL experiments done on blacks in Alabama. (description from wikipedia) The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was an infamous and unethical clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Public Health Service. The purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of...
  • 2nd Amendment Rights in regards to Someone Mentally Unstable

    03/25/2019 3:55:24 PM PDT · by Star Traveler · 54 replies
    Star Traveler Question ^ | Monday, March 25, 2019 | Star Traveler
    When you know there is a problem coming ... I have a friend, originally introduced to me by a Christian pastor that I know … and I have been helping the friend through his many problems surrounding the disabilities he has (briefly … diagnosed/on the record PTSD and Schizophrenia). He’s been in the military, over to Iraq, and discharged honorably. The problem I see, today, has to do with the weapons he owns, and what I see as some serious trouble ‘coming down the pike’. He has a concealed weapons permit (in the last year, in Oklahoma) for a .38...
  • Man circumcised by MISTAKE after bungling surgeons mix him up with another patient

    03/25/2019 11:58:49 AM PDT · by SMGFan · 88 replies
    The Sun uk ^ | March 25, 2019
    NHS report also claimed patient with similar name had operation intended for another man A MAN was circumcised by mistake after bungling surgeons got him muddled up with another patient. The shocking revelation came to light in an NHS report which detailed how he was due to have an entirely different procedure. The patient had been scheduled to have a cystoscopy - a bladder inspection with a camera. But instead surgeons removed his foreskin after his notes were mixed with a patient due to have a circumcision last September. The error was one of eight "never events" at University Hospital...
  • You’re Never Alone: Tech Tyranny And Digital Despots

    03/25/2019 11:18:39 AM PDT · by Openurmind · 8 replies
    Liberty Nation ^ | 3/25/19 | Laura Valkovic
    Facebook Follies – Passwords not Protected One might have imagined that following our Facebook special last week, news on the company’s privacy problems would be exhausted – but less than a week later, yet another story has come out casting aspersions on its data security processes. Google News Initiative Celebrates First Birthday Social media and tech companies are moving into the news business, with eliminating “fake news” as their mission. Liberty Nation has previously looked at Facebook’s attempts to infiltrate local media outlets, as well as the company’s relationships with fact-checkers, but Google is just as involved in steering the...
  • WATCH: This Sportscenter Rant Against Outrage Culture is Perfect

    03/25/2019 8:35:26 AM PDT · by NohSpinZone · 4 replies
    Louder with Crowder ^ | 3/25/19 | Brodigan
    It feels good to have something positive to write about ESPN. For a change. Here’s the most important thing said in the video. “People” were upset at the coach: sports magazine, entertainment sites, and other dishonest clickbait farms. Not upset? The nineteen-year-old player he was yelling at. Or his teammates. Basically, anyone who was actually involved in the situation was not upset about the situation. All the “outrage” came from people in the cheap seats. As is usually the case. Like people outraged over restaurant workers working for tips. While the restaurant workers working for tips would prefer it if...
  • Shoppers report seeing a ghost roaming the aisles of a Massachusetts grocery store

    03/24/2019 12:27:44 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 69 replies
    Yahoo Lifestyle ^ | March 24, 2019 | Hope Schreiber
    Typically, the scariest thing you’ll encounter at a grocery store is long lines at the checkout or an expired coupon. For shoppers in Wilmington, Mass. it’s an apparition that appears to be a young woman in Victorian clothing. A members-only page on Facebook, dedicated to local events and possible coyote sightings in the area, has the community buzzing after several people reported seeing a young woman, between the age of 17 and 30, with light skin, dark hair, and blue eyes in out-of-fashion clothes wandering the aisles of Market Basket on Main Street. One shopper, according to, is familiar...
  • Callous: Mike Pence Still Hasn't Apologized For Making Jussie Smollett Attack Himself

    03/23/2019 11:48:43 PM PDT · by Jeff Chandler · 11 replies
    The Babylon Bee ^ | March 21st, 2019
    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Once again showing his colors as a callous, tone-deaf bigot, Vice President Mike Pence is still stubbornly refusing to apologize for making Jussie Smollett fake an attack on himself earlier this year. Celebrities like Ellen Page pointed to the hateful, anti-LGBT rhetoric of Mike Pence and bigots like him as the primary cause of Smollett's attack. But despite ranting about him and then suddenly being silent when the attack was revealed to be a hoax, Pence hasn't so much as groveled at the feet of the left to ask for forgiveness. "This is exactly what we've come to expect...
  • Can Cutting Carbs Actually Throw Your Heart Out of Whack?

    03/23/2019 9:03:01 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 135 replies
    Runner's World ^ | March 22, 2019 | Selene Yaeger, Bicycling US
    Cutting carbs has become a go-to strategy for runners and cyclists looking to cut weight. Now, research suggests it might be wise to cut that out, or at least approach cutting carbs with caution. That’s because people consuming a low proportion of their daily calories from carbohydrates like grains, fruits, and starchy vegetables appear to be significantly more likely to develop atrial fibrillation (AFib)—an irregular heart rhythm that can raise your risk of blood clots or stroke, according to preliminary research set to be presented at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting. The study analyzed the health records and...
  • Omar holding secret fundraisers with Hamas-linked CAIR and terror-linked Muslim charity

    03/23/2019 6:42:05 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 31 replies
    Jihad Watch ^ | 23 Mar, 2019 | Robert Spencer
    The Democrats won’t say a word about this. They have already learned that nothing negative whatsoever can be said about Omar, on pain of charges of “Islamophobia.” And support for Hamas-linked CAIR is mainstream among the Democrats. They routinely appear at CAIR events and have no apparent interest in what the group is all about. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror....
  • Man arrested at airport for smuggling drugged orangutan in luggage

    03/23/2019 4:46:05 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 25 replies
    Fox News ^ | March 23, 2019 | Janine Puhak
    One Russian man was arrested at a Bali airport for attempting to smuggle a drugged baby orangutan in his luggage out of the air hub and back to his home country. The tourist now faces up to $7,000 in fines and five years in prison. On Friday night, Andrei Zhestkov was detained at Ngurah Rai International Airport before boarding a flight back to Russia, The Independent reports. Officials found the 2-year-old orangutan fast asleep in a basket, evidently drugged with allergy pills, after a routine security screening. Zhestkov, 27, reportedly told officials that he had been given the protected primate...
  • Thousands in Germany protest planned EU internet reforms

    03/23/2019 3:07:05 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 11 replies
    Associated Press ^ | March 23, 2019
    Tens of thousands of people have marched in cities across Germany to protest planned European Union copyright reforms that they fear will lead to online censorship. […] The most controversial section would require companies such as YouTube and Facebook to take responsibility for copyrighted material that’s uploaded to their platforms. Proponents say the new rules will help ensure authors, artists and journalists are paid. Opponents claim they could restrict freedom of speech, hamper online creativity and force websites to install filters. …
  • Michael Cohen treated like a star while dining at NYC’s buzziest eateries before prison

    03/23/2019 9:28:03 AM PDT · by conservative98 · 24 replies
    NY Post ^ | March 23, 2019 | 12:05pm | Dana Schuster
    In the past week, he was spotted at Polo Bar Friday evening, Saks Fifth Avenue’s new L’Avenue Saturday night, and at the Regency Bar & Grill for a power breakfast on Tuesday. “He used to sit in the back room because he had a lot of private conversations,” according to a Regency waiter. “But now he sits in the main room.” While New York City liberals may have despised Cohen when he worked for the president, he’s enjoying new popularity since his congressional testimony. “People come up and hug him,” said a friend. “New Yorkers see him as someone in...
  • Too many people are making this common retirement planning mistake. Are you?

    03/23/2019 8:02:04 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 71 replies
    Motley Fool ^ | 03/22/2019 | Maurie Backman
    There's a world of mystery surrounding retirement for those who aren't quite there yet. Still, one thing's for sure: Your golden years are apt to cost money, and if you want to live comfortably, you'll need the income to support your desired lifestyle.But a frightening number of U.S. adults are making a major mistake that could destroy their chances of ever getting to retire in the first place: not saving for their golden years. A whopping 42% of Americans don't contribute to a retirement plan, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation, and if you're one of them, you...
  • The Gas Station Clerk (A response)

    03/23/2019 2:05:48 AM PDT · by joma89 · 22 replies ^ | March 21, 2019 | Greg Ellifritz
    *I posted the article below on my Facebook page a couple days ago. I got a lot of feedback and the post generated a massive amount of commentary. Several people asked me to expand upon my original post and turn it into an article on my site for those who don’t follow Facebook. That’s what I’ve done. The original post is first and then I answer a couple reader questions at the end. -Greg While I was at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference last weekend, I attended a class called “Surviving Extreme Events” taught by John Holschen. I’ve taken several of...
  • Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson’s accusers were ‘thrilled to be there’ (tr)

    03/22/2019 9:26:15 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 33 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | March 22, 2019 | GINA SALAMONE
    SPRING SALE | 3 FREE MONTHS ADVERTISEMENT ENTERTAINMENT Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson’s accusers were ‘thrilled to be there’ and his ‘sexual needs were his sexual needs’ By GINA SALAMONE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS MAR 22, 2019 | 9:35 PM Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson’s accusers were ‘thrilled to be there’ and his ‘sexual needs were his sexual needs’ Barbra Streisand, seen here with Michael Jackson at a 1986 event in Los Angeles, said the men accusing him of sexually abusing them as kids were "thrilled to be there." (Mark Avery/ASSOCIATED PRESS) Barbra Streisand is under fire for comments she...
  • Mueller Report Fizzles. Prepare For The Reckoning.

    03/22/2019 7:04:37 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 40 replies
    Town Hall ^ | 22 Mar, 2019 | Mark Davis
    First of all, of course everyone should wait to see the contents of the actual Mueller report before drawing any specific final conclusions about it. But here are some laws of nature in the modern age: If that report contained a fraction of the damaging material breathlessly awaited in the media culture for two years, there would be some smoke signal of it. Instead, we saw an actual finding from the Justice Department that there would be no further indictments from the probe. No indictment of Trump. No indictment of anyone associated with the campaign or the administration to support...
  • Ratings: ‘Empire’ Sinks to Series Lows in Second Episode Since Jussie Smollet Arrest

    03/22/2019 4:35:09 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 14 replies
    The Wrap ^ | March 21, 2019 | Tony Maglio
    “Empire” sunk to series lows on Wednesday, one week after an already-rough midseason premiere. Those episodes marked the first two original hours of the Fox soap since star Jussie Smollett was arrested and charged with filing a false police report in Chicago. Last night, “Empire” managed a 1.1 rating/6 share among adults 18-49 and 4 million total viewers. The drama’s previous series lows came on Halloween 2018, when the show drew a 1.2 demo rating and 4.2 million overall audience members. The “Empire” midseason return a week ago tallied a 1.3 rating and 4.4 million viewers, per Nielsen, which means...