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  • China's space debris cleanup may be cover story for arms against U.S. satellites, Pentagon says

    02/12/2019 5:56:34 AM PST · by cba123 · 27 replies
    Japan Times ^ | February 12, 2019
    WASHINGTON - China is developing sophisticated space capabilities such as “satellite inspection and repair” and debris cleanup — “at least some of which could also function” as weapons against U.S. satellites, according to the Defense Intelligence Agency. (Please see full article at the link)
  • ‘Cool’ Textile Automatically Regulates Amount of Heat that Passes through it

    02/12/2019 4:46:29 AM PST · by vannrox · 10 replies
    science news ^ | Feb 11, 2019 | Editorial staff
    Made from specially engineered infrared-sensitive yarn, which responds to changes in the temperature and humidity of a person’s skin by dynamically collapsing or expanding the structure of its fibers, the newly-developed textile shows great potential in the development of clothing systems capable of autonomously adapting to demanding environments.This is the first textile to automatically change properties to trap or release heat depending on conditions. Image credit: Faye Levine, University of Maryland.

    02/12/2019 12:54:28 AM PST · by vannrox · 9 replies
    Spaceflight Insider ^ | 11FEB19 | LAUREL KORNFELD
    A new set of images showing the New Horizons spacecraft departing from Ultima Thule following its New Year’s Day closest approach reveals the Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) is shaped less like a snowman and more like a flat object, with one lobe looking like a pancake and the other like a dented walnut. Initial images returned immediately after the flyby suggested the double-lobed object was composed of two nearly-spherical lobes, one larger than the other. Their apparent nearly round shapes were not due to the lobes being rounded by their own gravity, as both are far too small to attain...
  • NASA seeking proposals for human-rated lunar lander systems

    02/10/2019 3:53:07 AM PST · by vannrox · 17 replies
    Spaceflight insider ^ | 9FB19 | Derek Richardson
    NASA seeking proposals for human-rated lunar lander systems Derek Richardson February 9th, 2019 An artist’s illustration of a completed lunar Gateway flying around the Moon with a commercially-developed lunar lander. Image Credit: NASAWith SLS and Orion in the latter stages of development, NASA wants to work with industry to develop a human-rated lunar lander by the mid-to-late 2020s.NASA is working to return astronauts to the Moon under Space Policy Directive-1. In order to do that sustainably, the agency announced plans on Dec. 13, 2018, to work with U.S. companies to develop systems to land on the lunar surface. A formal...
  • American Enterprise Will Beat China in Outer Space

    02/08/2019 7:18:11 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 4 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 02/08/2019 | Andrew E. Harrod
    "China is best placed to win a space race, given its well-coordinated, disciplined, technocratic system, able to set and maintain long-term goals," gloomily predicted a recent Washington Post editorial.  Yet current Chinese practice and American history show that precisely America's ability to harness private enterprise for national interests will be the decisive element that will enable the United States to dominate space. China's January 2 historic first of landing a rover on the Moon's dark side occasioned the editorial, which noted that "China aims to be the leading space power by 2045."  Indeed, others have observed that China "today...
  • Military Computer Hacker Proves A “Space Force” Existed Long Before Donald Trump

    02/07/2019 5:18:09 AM PST · by vannrox · 88 replies
    Collective Evolution ^ | 7feb19 | Arjun Walia
    In Brief The Facts:In 2002, Gary McKinnon hacked the Pentagon and Department of Defence in the largest publicly disclosed military computer hack of all time. He discovered strange 'off world' findings that hint the existence of a space force before Trump.Reflect On:Do we really live in a democracy when transparency doesn't exist? How can we know what's really going on? Is reality far different than what we are presented with? Why is our world plagued with secrecy? Donald Trump’s presidency has been one of the best opportunities for the collective to see into how politics has been working all of these...
  • OSIRIS-REx Captures Sharper Images of Asteroid Bennu

    01/31/2019 3:27:24 AM PST · by vannrox · 11 replies
    Sci-News ^ | 29JAN19 | Editorial staff
    NASA’s OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer) spacecraft has obtained new images of Bennu, a 1,614-foot (492 m) wide asteroid that orbits the Sun relatively close to the Earth.
  • This 'Empty Trash Bag' Is Orbiting Earth in a Very Strange Way

    01/30/2019 7:46:18 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 37 replies ^ | January 30, 2019 12:26pm ET | y Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Contributor |
    A bizarre object orbiting Earth is reminding astronomers of an empty trash bag. The unusual satellite is trekking around the planet in an almost absurd ellipse, dipping as close as 372.8 miles (600 kilometers) from the surface and then swinging out to a distance of 334,460 miles (538,261 km), or 1.4 times the average distance of the Earth to the moon. According to Northolt Branch Observatories in London, the object is a light piece of material left over from a rocket launch. What it will do next is anyone's guess. According to the observatories, the Haleakala (ATLAS-HKO) Observatory in Hawaii...
  • Latest image reveals Ultima Thule’s surface features

    01/30/2019 3:20:46 AM PST · by vannrox · 28 replies
    Spaceflight insider ^ | 27JAN19 | Laurel Kornfeld
    Latest image reveals Ultima Thule’s surface features Laurel Kornfeld January 27th, 2019 Ultima Thule as imaged by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. Image Credit:NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research InstituteThe most detailed image of Ultima Thule returned by New Horizons reveals surface details, including pits on both the object’s lobes and contrasting patterns of darkness and light in various regions.Taken by the wide-angle Multicolor Visible Imaging Camera (MVIC), part of the spacecraft’s Ralph instrument, this latest image, sent back on January 18-19, has a resolution of 440 feet (135 meters) per pixel. It was taken at 12:26 am EST on...
  • Buzz Aldrin Took Holy Communion on the Moon. NASA Kept it Quiet

    01/27/2019 5:52:47 PM PST · by Mean Daddy · 46 replies
    History Channel ^ | JUL 31, 2018 | ERIN BLAKEMORE
    When Apollo 11‘s Eagle lunar module landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to do something hard: Wait. They were scheduled to open the door of their lunar lander and step onto the unknown surface of a completely different world. But for now, their mission ordered them to take a pause before the big event. And so Aldrin spent his time doing something unexpected, something no man had ever attempted before. Alone and overwhelmed by anticipation, he took part in the first Christian sacrament ever performed on the moon—a rite of Christian...
  • Why Women Need their own Personal Makeup Vanity Space

    01/27/2019 2:17:59 AM PST · by vannrox · 20 replies
    Metallicman ^ | 27JAN19 | Editorial staff
    I am a big believer that men and women are different, and that the best way to maintain a strong family is to recognize these differences, embrace them and use them to our advantage. Of course, this is a traditional way of running a family household. It has worked for thousands of years. Today, I would like to concentrate on one of the fundamental elements of this traditional family setup; the Woman’s very-own Personal Vanity Space. Men need their own spaces, of course. In Pittsburgh, the men would be given the basement, the garage, and the lower levels of a...
  • SpaceX's giant rocket ship was blown over and damaged by powerful winds in Texas

    01/23/2019 5:27:10 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 22 replies ^ | 01/23/2019 | Dave Mosher
    Full Title: SpaceX's giant rocket ship was blown over and damaged by powerful winds in Texas — and Elon Musk says repairs will take weeks "I just heard," Elon Musk, the company's founder, tweeted, confirming on-the-ground reports that the vehicle was no longer vertical. He added: "50 mph winds broke the mooring blocks late last night & fairing was blown over. Will take a few weeks to repair." A SpaceX representative independently confirmed to Business Insider that the top portion of the vehicle — called the fairing or nosecone — had fallen over because of high winds. The representative declined...
  • Super blood wolf moon: What to know and how to watch it

    01/20/2019 6:25:36 PM PST · by Redcitizen · 162 replies
    ABC News ^ | January 20, 2019 | Becky Perlow
    Grab your winter coat, some hot cocoa and your kid's telescope on Sunday and head outside because the next super blood wolf moon won’t be showing its face for another 18 years. While the celestial phenomenon sounds like something you’d read in a teenage werewolf novel, its actual meaning is derived from multiple sources. The term "super" refers to the placement of the moon. This month, the moon will be at its closest point to Earth’s orbit, making it appear larger than normal. The term "wolf" derives from the Native American nickname for January's full moon and the wolves who...
  • China hopes to be growing potatoes on the moon ‘within 100 days’

    01/16/2019 4:47:25 AM PST · by vannrox · 67 replies
    ATS ^ | 16JAN19 | Editorial staff
    The 18cm high aluminium alloy cylinder - called a moon surface micro-ecological circle - contains silkworm eggs and seeds for potatoes and cress. Chinese scientists now hope both plants will root and sprout in the container, producing the first flower ever grown on the space rock. They hope to see the results towards the end of a 100-day experimental period, according to the country's space agency. Last night, they announced their first breakthrough publishing a picture of cotton seed, bought up on Chang’e 4 actually growing. China hopes to be growing potatoes on the moon ‘within 100 days’ With all...
  • Elon Musk unveils assembled SpaceX Starship and it's glorious

    01/13/2019 12:01:55 AM PST · by vannrox · 77 replies
    cnet ^ | 10JAN19 | by Amanda Kooser
    Elon Musk and SpaceX's ambitious plans to reach around the moon and all the way to Mars require a big effin' rocket. Now we know what it looks like. Musk tweeted out an image on Thursday of an assembled early version of the SpaceX Starship, which was once known in polite company as the Big Falcon Rocket. Starship test flight rocket just finished assembly at the @SpaceX Texas launch site. This is an actual picture, not a rendering. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 11, 2019 "Starship test flight rocket just finished assembly at the @SpaceX Texas launch site. This...
  • Bevy of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Spotted by Canadian Telescope

    01/09/2019 7:23:30 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 14 replies
    scientificamerican ^ | January 8, 2019 | Alexandra Witze, Nature magazine
    First spotted in 2007, FRBs are one of the most intriguing mysteries in astrophysics. They appear all over the sky, and astronomers aren’t sure what causes them. n early testing during July and August, before it began full operations, CHIME spotted 13 FRBs. Prior to this, astronomers had between 50 and 60 examples. The more FRBs that astronomers find, the greater the chance they can start to pin down their origin. CHIME also detected only the second known FRB that repeats, meaning that the radio flashes re-appear at the same point in the sky. It saw the repeater pop up...
  • How Sierra Nevada's "Dream Chaser" Could Become a Nightmare for Northrop Grumman

    01/07/2019 7:43:44 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 16 replies
    The Motley Fool ^ | 01/06/2019 | Rich Smith
    Acquiring space launch company Orbital ATK in an all-cash $7.8 billion merger, Northrop took possession of Orbital's Minotaur and Antares medium-lift rocket families. It acquired Orbital's ongoing project to build a new "OmegA" class heavy lift rocket as well, with which to compete against the likes of United Launch Alliance and SpaceX for large commercial and military satellite launches. Northrop Grumman also inherited Orbital's ongoing NASA contract to resupply crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) with needed consumables under the agency's CRS-1 and CRS-2 "Commercial Resupply Services" contracts -- missions valued at as much as $14 billion across the...
  • America as O-ring

    01/04/2019 1:31:05 AM PST · by vannrox · 30 replies
    American Greatness ^ | 3JAN19 | By Spencer P. Morrison
    On January 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded. All seven astronauts were killed. Eyewitness Frank Mottek described the scene: Just then we both stood up and looked up at the shuttle making its way farther and farther into the sky. Suddenly, I was struck by a pattern I had never seen before. From our vantage point, it appeared that an extra flame was trailing from the shuttle. Then, in that split second, a silent fireball appeared in the sky. Then there was silence, the silence of alarm. . . Investigations later revealed that two rubber O-rings, which were designed...
  • Nancy Roman American Astronomer NASA Executive Age 93

    12/30/2018 1:48:04 PM PST · by CaliforniaCraftBeer · 11 replies
    Fox News ^ | December 30, 2018 | Christopher Carbone
    Nancy Grace Roman, known as the "mother" of the Hubble Space Telescope and the first woman to hold an executive position at NASA, died on Christmas Day. She was 93. As the first chief of astronomy in the office of space science at NASA headquarters, Roman had oversight of the planning and development of programs such as the Cosmic Background Explorer and the Hubble Space Telescope, according to NASA. “During the 1960s and early 1970s there was no one at NASA who was more important in getting the first designs and concepts for Hubble funded and completed,” space historian Robert Zimmerman wrote in...
  • Dream Chaser cleared to begin full-scale production

    12/20/2018 7:59:22 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 9 replies ^ | December 18, 2018 | Jeff Foust —
    SNC was one of three companies, along with incumbents SpaceX and Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems), to receive CRS-2 contracts from NASA in January 2016. Each company is guaranteed at least six missions to the ISS under the contracts. To carry out the missions, SNC proposed a cargo version of the Dream Chaser spacecraft it had been developing for NASA’s commercial crew program. Although the vehicle was not selected by NASA when it awarded contracts instead to Boeing and SpaceX in 2014, SNC adapted the design with foldable wings, allowing it to fit within many existing payload fairings,...