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  • Close Harvard, Yale and Columbia

    04/09/2011 9:37:30 AM PDT · by bray · 23 replies
    self ^ | 4/9/11 | bray
    Husbands, LOVE your wives, just as Christ LOVD the church and gave himself up for her… Eph 5:25 How far ahead would America be if they never had Harvard, Yale and Columbia? These three institutions have done more damage to American than any other institutions in the Country. When you look at where communism started in this Country as well as its institutionalization you have to look no further than these schools to their indoctrination of the most wealthy and powerful children who go on to destroy the foundations which brought their families the success and lifestyles they enjoyed. Whether...
  • Time to attack Russia

    01/26/2011 10:15:41 PM PST · by WesternCulture · 35 replies
    01/27/2011 | WesternCulture
    The only chance of establishing order in Russia is by using military force. Russia of today is far too weak to bring about such a development of society by its own means. Like a certain Russian farmer put it in a TV documentary: "- Let's invite the Vikings again." What would "inviting the Vikings" actually mean to Russians? Simply put; Connecting with the 21st century. This would benefit Russia as well as Western Europe. I can easily see why Russians don't trust us Western Europeans. But Russians also ought to understand Swedes are very different from the likes of the...
  • Breaking News: Jesus Christ Is Born!!!!!!!

    12/25/2010 7:34:48 AM PST · by Christian Engineer Mass · 83 replies · 2+ views
    The Bible ^ | 12-25-2010 | God
    Luke 2: 1-20 The Story of Christ's Birth And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem (because he was of the house and lineage of David), to be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being with...
  • WHY?

    06/05/2010 2:07:46 PM PDT · by ICAB9USA · 37 replies · 699+ views
    6/5/10 | myself
    Just a question to all of you.I may have missed something, I hope that I did, but .........WHY has not DRUDGE put Mr. Wooden's passing on his site today?Just asking.Maybe I missed something.
  • Losing friends over Palin (Have you ever lost friends over politics ?)

    05/31/2010 9:46:47 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 415 replies · 5,475+ views
    I have lost THREE real life friends now in trying to defend Sarah Palin. On one hand I tend to think the people who call her stupid are not the kind of people I even want as friends anyhow. However, I wonder if im being too harsh and going too far. I know our country was divided on President Bush. But the division and the hatred for Sarah Palin has been able to top anything. Before Palin, I had a much more positive outlook on people (especially women, mothers, ect) and life in general. Now I find myself seeing people...
  • At some point..."something has to give". (vanity).

    05/27/2010 8:44:07 AM PDT · by Rca2000 · 29 replies · 657+ views
    As I sit here at my desk at work on a lunch brerak....I keep saying to myself..."at what point will the American people FIANLLY say"we have had ENOUGH!!". It just seems that no matter WHAT the O and his regime do or say....."It's's for the children" and we have to give him a break...he is the first black President", and so on. I felt this way, during the election, then for the healthcare mess...and many times in--between. Now...we have a SERIOUS, probably impeachable crime--one of MANY of course...that has been committed by the WH. But, does it matter?? Will...
  • I just read something that effected my thinking on Obama's Health Care (dangerous post around here)

    04/28/2010 7:37:04 AM PDT · by Scythian · 146 replies · 2,261+ views
    Wellpoint and Blue Shield have just announced that effective May 1sts they will "stop dropping sick policyholders". I'm not an expert on this but the practice is called Rescission and they drop folks who become sick, while they have been cutting back on this practice before Obama's plan they are now dropping it altogether. Now, before you get me wrong I know for a fact government run health care is going to be horrible, and far worse than what we have now. The problem is, the entire medical community has brought disaster upon us all through greed. Many of you...
  • Just a message for the Anti-Palin crowd

    04/21/2010 9:12:01 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 465 replies · 4,458+ views
    To those of you who go into every Sarah Palin thread with your anti-Palin talking points and repeating everything you hear on ABC, NBC or CBS. I have a question for you personally. This is a personal question. What are you doing to further our cause in a time of grave national and international crisis ? Have you traveled to dozens of states in the last few months ? (Sarah Palin has) also, How is the view from the peanut gallery ? and How is the breakfast with your Democratic friends down at the local Holiday Inn ? Please get...
  • VANITY: I HATE Brusells Sprouts

    04/10/2010 5:57:19 PM PDT · by Allegra · 408 replies · 3,857+ views
    Frozen Food or Produce Section | Yours Truly
    They're just all slimy and gross. I like most other veggies, but Brussells sprouts are disgusting.
  • Vanity: Why Obama will get Re-Elected for another 4 years

    03/26/2010 9:16:13 AM PDT · by TheDailyChange · 58 replies · 1,490+ views
    Why will Obummer get relected for another 4 years? Because the Majority in America will vote to re-elect him. Who exactly is the Majority? The ENEMIES WITHIN and the IGNORANT, these comprise the majority of Americans who vote, yes? What say you?

    02/19/2010 8:34:56 PM PST · by JSDude1 · 135 replies · 2,203+ views
    My News Network (aka my God given brain). | Feb 19, 2010 | J.J.S.
    What my post says: I DC. Honestly with all that the Republican Party has done to interfere in (and promote) Liberals/Establishment Rockefeller Republicans in primaries, I don't really care. (I will support individuals candidates, but HATE the GOP, especially the establishment/leadership), and now with CPAC turning C. I. N. O. (we know that it is being used by establishment candidates like Mitt Romney) to self-promote anyway, well.. I HAVE FAITH THAT THE MOVEMENT (The Conservative movement will survive), but elections come and Go, maybe the GOP (more like the LAMEOP) need another 'Thumping' to knock some sense into them..I don't...
  • Top ten: Things that have gotten old at FR [Vanity]

    01/18/2010 10:04:56 PM PST · by delacoert · 402 replies · 8,549+ views
    January 18, 2010 | delacoert
     10. Blog hawking (I know, I know, we're supposed to be nice.)  9. Run-on, single-paragraph posts 8. Pings to Jim Robinson with kiss ass complements 7. Posting "hugh and series", "stuned beeber" or "Bush's fault" 6. A post asking a noOb if they are sure they're logged in 5. Passive-aggressive keyword epithet war 4. Satire posts that fool you (the rest are hilarious) 3. Viking Kitties (just kidding... love ya'... really...  who'd poke fun at you...  rah roh.) 2. Vanities 1. ...
  • I love my country.....andd I won't give it up (Vanity)

    04/26/2009 1:33:34 AM PDT · by St. Louis Conservative · 55 replies · 2,517+ views
    Me | April 26, 2009 | Me
    I'm tired of hearing the refrain...."the GOP is dead"....and "the country is going down the tubes the way of Western European socialist countries". I'm sorry, I won't accept that. I'm willing to bet most of the people parrotting these lines are old, grizzled, bitter men who are cynical bastards to begin with. Here's the deal.....I'm a 20-something conservative who loves his country and the values, traditions, and institutions it was founded on. I refuse to accept that it is all for naught at this point. Yes, we lost two VERY tough elections. The Democrats are aggressive in pushing a socialist...
  • 24 is off my Tivo list

    04/18/2009 9:54:19 PM PDT · by jyro · 47 replies · 16,793+ views
    I just gave "24" the 3 red thumbs of death on my Tivo. After jenene garafalo last rant about conservatives, I can't stand to see her. I refuse to watch the show now after watching for years.
  • Who's Game LGF's Charles Johnson Is Really Playing?

    02/15/2009 4:29:19 PM PST · by ElKafir · 51 replies · 2,301+ views
    Transsylvania Phoenix ^ | Transsylvania Phoenix
    I am really saddened and disappointed with what is going on these days at Little Green Footballs, one of my favorite places to hang around-until today. The anti-Christian crusade started by Charles Johnson took proportions I would have never ever dreamed in my worst nightmares. Read on
  • THE GOP SUCKS! Socialism Is Their Fault!

    11/07/2008 12:10:10 AM PST · by A Navy Vet · 75 replies · 1,892+ views
    self ^ | 11/6/2008 | A Navy Vet
    Are you GOP cheer-leaders now happy? You had an opportunity to reverse course on the liberal/socialist agenda, but no, you insisted on putting another doddering old in-articulate has-been up against a young, dynamic, well-spoken Democrat. You guys just don't get it. It's not about issues any more, it's about who looks the best and can talk the talk. That's not how it should be, but that's how it is. We now live in a society of the "cult of personality". The GOP and to a lesser extent the MSM decided that McCain would be the Republican nominee. I KNEW and...
  • Where are the 527's?

    10/28/2008 2:53:14 PM PDT · by LeoOshkosh · 42 replies · 1,167+ views
    Crazy Leo Oshkosh ^ | 10/28/2008 | Leo Oshkosh
    Would someone out there please tell me when the hell the Republican 527's are going to actually get off of their @$$es and do something? Are they saving the money for 2012? Someone please help me with this one...

    10/28/2008 11:35:43 AM PDT · by Wuli · 50 replies · 932+ views
    I, my friends and family, and all on my Email contact list, across the nation, intend to turn off our TVs completely, tomorrow night. We intend to let the TV ratings tell what we think of the networks and their annointed candidate. If there was any patriotism left in the network executives the speech no one needs to hear would be followed by the networks telling the American people all they have been hiding. We know they are too treasonous to do that. You can let them know that you agree. Turn the TV off tomorrow night, and tell your...
  • Electoral Votes: Obama/Biden 234, McCain/Palin 163 (Vanity)

    10/28/2008 9:34:23 AM PDT · by Teacher317 · 47 replies · 1,420+ views
    10-28-08 | Teacher317
    Yahoo's current top story features a map that I think is a fair starting point for any electoral analysis. Barring anything huge in the final week, the electoral votes that are basically already decided look like this: Obama 234, McCain 163, Undecided 141.Obama thus needs to add only 36 EV's. The 11 unclaimed states are:FL 27PA 21OH 20NC 15VA 13IN 11MO 11CO 9NM 5NV 5NH 4If Obama takes only CO and FL (36 total EV), it's over. If he fails in six of the biggest seven prizes here, he still wins (with NH, NV, NM, CO, and VA, totalling exactly...
  • O'BlowHard

    10/10/2008 7:03:52 AM PDT · by Mike Acker · 11 replies · 641+ views
    2008-10-10 | mike acker
    when I woke up this morning the first thing I heard was O'BlowHard with another Blast of Bull on the radio couldn't hit the off button fast enough
  • Top Ten songs by artists beginning with N

    06/12/2008 7:20:54 PM PDT · by Jakarta ex-pat · 25 replies · 175+ views
    13/06/08 | Phil.K
    Here We Go Natacha Atlas- Mon Amie Le Rose Nancy Sinatra- You Only Live Twice Nusrat fateh Ali Khan (with eddie Vedder)- The Face of Love Nirvana- Lithium Nine Inch Nails- Something I can Never Have Nightwish- White Night Fantasy Neil Diamond- Forever in Blue in Jeans Natasha Bedingfield- Unwritten Natalie Imbruglia- Torn Nitin Sawhney- Mausam

    05/07/2008 9:57:05 AM PDT · by captnorb · 40 replies · 126+ views
    May 7, 2008 | Me
    Here in NC the LIBERAL mayor of Charlotte beat our conservative candidate; and the dem ex lawyer who tried to be sheriff even though he could not pass the FBI srceening process; who had filed bankruptcy and happens to be black beat out all other candidates for NC state representative in his district. So much for qualifications. The time is here where the people who receive from the government(paid by you and me) will do anything and vote for anyone(no matter their professional and personal life) as long as the pork keeps flowing. I blame every GOP RNC rino for...
  • Why is "Expelled" unavailable on Netflix?

    05/04/2008 8:10:53 PM PDT · by weeder · 38 replies · 511+ views
    5/4/08 | Weeder
    I'm puzzled. I just looked up the movie, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed", on Netflix. It was classified as "Availability unknown", but it also has a rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars, based on opinions of 383 people who viewed the film. Has this been pulled by Netflix? Did someone get an injunction against it or something? How can over 300 people have viewed it and rated it, yet the movie is not currently available? Seems fishy to me. Anyone know what the deal is here?
  • (Vanity) Interesting Koran Verse

    05/04/2008 12:09:31 AM PDT · by TheZMan · 2 replies · 79+ views
    Koran | 5/4/08 | TheZMan
    I stumbled onto this (don't ask) and found it quite interesting. Discuss! The Koran Chapter: "The Rock" In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. [15.1] Alif Lam Ra. These are the verses of the Book and (of) a Quran that makes (things) clear. [15.2] Often will those who disbelieve wish that they had been Muslims. [15.3] Leave them that they may eat and enjoy themselves and (that) hope may beguile them, for they will soon know.
  • Inflation Explained: M3 Recreated.

    04/10/2008 5:22:37 AM PDT · by ziravan · 78 replies · 141+ views ^ | 4/25/08 | bart
    Is M3 1 really gone? After reading this little known press release a few weeks ago, I started to wonder… and the surprising result is that (except for the Eurodollars element of M3), the data is still available with which to reconstruct M3.
  • I May Or May Not Leave Free Republic

    01/01/2008 12:13:53 AM PST · by B-Chan · 91 replies · 389+ views ^ | 2008.01.01 | B-Chan
    I May Or May Not Leave Free Republic I'll decide after I finish this bottle of champagne.
  • BREAKING - Australia Supreme Court just ordered removal of life support against family pleas

    12/19/2007 5:00:27 AM PST · by paulsy · 162 replies · 948+ views
    Australian news ^ | 12/19/07 | paularish1
    "Paulo Melo, 29, has been in a coma at the Royal Darwin Hospital for two weeks, after severing his spinal cord in a car crash." - read more below: doctor requested, family objected, court granted
  • Are you fed up with "MADE IN CHINA" stuff (VANITY)

    07/24/2007 8:40:30 AM PDT · by CHEE · 128 replies · 2,090+ views
    Made IN USA ^ | July 24, 2007 | Chee Fulton
    If you are upset with the USA trade balance, as I am, then you may wish to check out some of the merchants on the Source URL.
  • Goodbye from Eurotwit!

    07/13/2007 7:07:56 PM PDT · by Eurotwit · 301 replies · 6,722+ views
    July 13th. 2007 | Me
    I guess hereby I am saying goodbye to this place. That is though, I will check back here when big breaking news stories happen. My first consern is saving my own nation. When the war on terror started I never thought it would come to this. I got into fisty cuffs with an anti American idiot over here... Now, I see people here (free-republic) cheering on the demise of the civilization in Europe. Cheering on the demise of my own nation. All the while Bush, advocates Turkey to become a member of the EU. Your president can go to Hades...
  • Kennesaw, GA

    04/23/2007 4:37:36 PM PDT · by zimmett · 188 replies · 2,798+ views
    04/23/07 | steve zimmett
    Kennesaw, GA

    03/31/2007 1:09:59 AM PDT · by Ethan Clive Osgoode · 142 replies · 1,562+ views
    DARWIN THEORY IS PROVED TRUE! That headline is from the New York Times. Have you seen similar headlines? I have. Many. "New Fossil Find Bolsters Evolution"... "DNA Proves Camels took to the Seas"... "Darwin Vindicated: Top Scientist evolves Yeast into Yeast", and so on. I have seen many such headlines in the media, in the last few years alone. But this is, to the best of my knowledge, the original "Darwin Proved True" headline. One can say, in a sense, that all subsequent "Darwin Proved True" articles evolved from this one, the common ancestor of them all, dated (by carbon...
  • Sparta

    03/17/2007 3:52:36 AM PDT · by sig226 · 101 replies · 2,163+ views
    several ^ | 3/17/07 | self
    I keep seeing threads about the movie 300, and comments about its portrayal of the fighting spirit, freedom isn't free, etc. I haven't seen this movie, even though peoples' comments are almost all in favor of it. I'll go see it soon enough. People here and in the media are making a connection between ancient Sparta and the modern United States. That bothers me. Sparta was not a symbol of freedom, nor was it much of anything else we admire. The term spartan means ". . . sternly disciplined and rigorously simple, frugal, or austere." Personally, I like stuff....

    03/04/2007 1:04:27 PM PST · by Al Simmons · 742 replies · 7,496+ views
    One recent anti-Rudy poster stated the following: "And if Rudy does get the nod, expect the MSM to open up the hype floodgates on the cross-dressing and the gay stuff -- oh, not condemning of course (wink) but how it's a big change, how will this play in the South, does this mean gay marriage is A-OK for the GOP." MY REPLY: And if they do it will be countered with images of Rudy's heroism during and after 9/11 and most Americans will be DISGUSTED - at the MSM, NOT at RUDY. The issue in 2008 will be the WOT...
  • The real story of the Minuteman Project takeover! LIVE

    03/03/2007 1:38:44 AM PST · by Blue Collar Republican · 3 replies · 750+ views
    The Many Moods of Vince Daniels e-blast ^ | March 2, 2007 | Vince Daniels
  • Does it bother, puzzle, or amaze anyone else that the A.N. Smith thread has over 15k responses?

    02/24/2007 5:27:57 AM PST · by zook · 196 replies · 2,775+ views
    Is it just me, or do others find it remarkable and maybe just a bit troubling that a thread on Anna Nicol Smith would gather over 15,000 posts? I just don't "get" it.
  • ABC Primetime: brother-sister incest- yuck] We were warned: gay "rights" leads to this

    02/20/2007 9:12:06 PM PST · by freedomdefender · 59 replies · 3,722+ views
    Primetime ^ | Feb 19 2007 | Primetime
    ABC Primetime has a segment on, now, about a brother and sister who want to marry. First they softened us up with gay "rights" - now, the next rung down the ladder to barbarism. You supporters of Rudy for President - a gay rights advocate - this is what you're buying into: a slippery slope to barbarism.
  • Since Saddam Is Gonna Be Pwn3d (Owned).....

    12/29/2006 12:44:35 AM PST · by MetalHeadConservative35 · 36 replies · 1,235+ views ^ | 12/29/06 | The Metalhead Himself.
    Well everybody, Saddam will be brought to his end. And thank god. people have said, "Well we feel he needs clemency". Clemency, yes would be the "right" way to do it. as per the bible and other eye for an eye teachings. as for me? let him hang. let him pay the price for the 100,000 he's killed (whats the number on that anyway?) and as for the iraq war, yes ive grown weary of the constant bad reports. but the bottom line is simple. Lets Finish The Job. and as Always, God bless the iraqi people, the U.S servicemen...
  • America should get out of the war business, for we can NEVER win another on

    12/22/2006 8:40:47 AM PST · by Thomas Jefferson II · 79 replies · 1,804+ views
    12/22/2006 | ME
    We as Americans ought to pack it in and find something else to do with our military. Before I go on I want to thank ever current and former member of our military. I am not worthy, but I salute you. The freedoms that I enjoy today is the by-product of the devotion these men have given. It is a shame that we will never be able to win another war. And it is not because of the soldiers, or the military. It is because of Americans that we can never win another war. The reason is simple. The only...
  • What, did you people forget already?

    11/24/2006 11:41:59 PM PST · by The Watcher · 10 replies · 439+ views
    Ok, so what happened to you people? I read some of you advocating running in Iraq. Did you forget you believed it the right thing to do to depose a dictator? Did you forget that the Middle East is probably the darkest region in the world - liberty-wise? Did you forget that none of the reasoning for taking out Saddam was in doubt? That it still is not? Did you lose your faith in humanity? Did you decide that Iraqis are too... subhuman... to want peace, to figure out where the violence comes from, to choose a better path when...
  • Hezbullah Chief Nasrullah Receives Nobel Prize

    11/14/2006 6:49:37 PM PST · by Islamwatch · 1 replies · 575+ views
    Islam-Watch ^ | 14 Nov 2006 | Sher Khan
    My old car works like a freelance writer; it only works when it wants to. The old engine also has a tendency of falling sleep at stop signs, which it just did. But I am used to this, so with the help of a kind gentleman I manage to push the car into a parking lot. It’s a small office of a fortuneteller. The fortuneteller is very nice; she allows me to use her phone and I call my friend for a ride. She even offers me a tarot card reading only for five bucks. While she is fixing her...
  • Fox & Friends Just Lost ME (Vanity)

    11/14/2006 4:18:21 AM PST · by Kieri · 238 replies · 9,817+ views
    Me | 11/14/06 | Kieri
    I've been a Fox News viewer from the very beginning, long before Fox & Friends was created. I remember when E.D. first appeared, filling in for Alison Costarini during the morning news. I've watched Steve, E.D., Brian faithfully all these years, and found them a wonderful break from the MSM's morning spew. I will admit, I miss E.D., but I was willing to given Gretchen the benefit of the doubt at taking her place. Her performance has been lackluster and this morning she just sank the show for me. How? Gretchen Carlson went out of her way to correct Steve...
  • My predictions - 2006 US Senate election

    11/06/2006 1:02:49 PM PST · by Heartofsong83 · 19 replies · 1,022+ views
    11/06/06 | Heartofsong83
    Here are my predictions for the results of each Senate race: Arizona: Kyl (R) 54%, Pederson (D) 45%, Mack (L) 1% California: Feinstein (D) 63%, Mountjoy (R) 35%, others 2% Connecticut: Lieberman (I) 52%, Lamont (D) 38%, Schlesinger (R) 9%, others 1% Delaware: Carper (D) 62%, Ting (R) 35%, others 3% Florida: Nelson (D) 57%, Harris (R) 42%, others 1% Hawaii: Akaka (D) 72%, Thielen (R) 27%, Mallan (L) 1% Indiana: Lugar (R) 95%, Osborn (L) 5% Maine: Snowe (R) 66%, Bright (D) 31%, Slavick (I) 3% Maryland: Cardin (D) 50%, Steele (R) 48%, Zeese (G) 2% Massachusetts: Kennedy (D)...
  • Epidural Nation: 'Guys' created the problem.

    10/27/2006 11:31:40 AM PDT · by gobucks · 148 replies · 1,814+ views
    Me ^ | 28 Oct 2006 | GoBucks
    Recently, my wife gave birth to our daughter. We used the Bradley Method: natural childbirth, no meds, no epidural, no pitocin. In a way, childbirth is like flying.... On a recent thread, I gave a brief birth story, designed to encourage other parents considering Bradley. But here, my aim is simple: a few words to convict the hearts of cowardly men who are unwilling to help their wives, and instead, weakly lean on medications to get them through the 'trauma' of childbirth. Yes, guys, exclusively, are the source of the epidural problem. One could argue on and on that a...
  • Throw the Bums Out

    05/26/2006 9:27:08 AM PDT · by bibarnes · 8 replies · 384+ views
    It is my opinion that our elected officials have become completely out of touch with reality (out side the capitals)and should be removed from office at the next election
  • Small Government R.I.P.

    04/27/2006 2:17:31 PM PDT · by Conservative Coulter Fan · 29 replies · 583+ views
    FR | 4-27-06
    If you were to ask me for a position on Social Security, I would tell you that it is an illegal government program maintained by an unconstitutional administration that forcibly transfers wealth from employers and employees operating on the exact same principle as a pyramid scheme (outlawed in all 50 states). I might add the State has no business meddling with an individual’s retirement, the program’s demographic defects will cause it to hemorrhage in red ink in the trillions of dollars, and it is on the road to bankrupting the country. Of course, the only glimmer of hope for me...
  • Do you want LEGAL immigration stopped too?

    04/03/2006 2:16:16 PM PDT · by clawrence3 · 177 replies · 2,685+ views
    My Own Head | 4/3/006 | Me
    The question has come up on different threads here - we know everyone who wants all ILLEGAL immigration stopped, but who is for stopping all LEGAL immigration as well? Whether it is just for a "short" time or permanently, let me know.
  • How many of you are you going to apply for a vegetable picker or janitorial job tomorrow?

    03/30/2006 3:45:30 PM PST · by Dane · 105 replies · 1,175+ views
    The below is a quote from Dana Rohrbacher, "I say let the prisoners pick the fruits," said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California," Link
  • Read me my rights!

    03/07/2006 5:31:39 PM PST · by Old-Retired-Trucker · 5 replies · 483+ views
    Our local lady cop stopped a guy that wasn't acting quite right. His answers didn't seem to hold water, so she got out her little steno pad and pen to take down information. Before she started, she warned him: "Whatever you say, can and will, be taken down and held against you in a Court of Law." Nonplused, and acting as serious as a heart attack, he replied "PANTIES".
  • Farewell to the GOP, for now at least! (Vanity Rant)

    01/23/2006 5:51:10 AM PST · by mr_hammer · 327 replies · 4,982+ views
    6-21-2006 | Mr. Hammer
    Farewell to the GOP, for now at least! January 21, 2006 To: RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Subject: The return of my 2006 RNC Membership Card It is with deep regret that I find myself writing this letter to you. I did in fact receive my 2006 RNC Membership Card. I will not be renewing my membership and I am returning the card to you. If you care about the why, then please read this entire letter. When I pulled the lever for our current President in the elections of 2000 and 2004, this is what I thought I was voting...
  • Need something to get your Blood Running?

    12/16/2005 5:56:03 PM PST · by confederate_infidel · 10 replies · 561+ views
    Need Something to Get Your Blood Running? Every now and then I like to know what the DUmmies are up to. And every time I find myself gaining a massive headache. These people are actually serious!!! Here are a few *special* quotes from everyone’s favorite terrorist group, the Dummy Underground. Oh excuse me, The Democratic Underground. (Same thing really, when you think about it…) In response to the House of Representatives voting to build a wall across the American/Mexican Border: In the end, it won't stop anything from crossing over into the US because nobody will no longer want to...