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  • Jim Carrey Accused Of Giving Ex-Gf STDS... Triggering Suicide (3 STD's)

    09/29/2016 8:49:27 PM PDT · by brucedickinson · 17 replies
    TMZ ^ | 9-22-2016 | TMZ Staff
    Jim Carrey's deceased ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, was suicidal because she had STDs she believed she contracted from Carrey ... according to a lawsuit filed by White's estranged husband. Mark Burton amended the wrongful death suit which he filed against Carrey -- and in the new docs he says Cathriona had a text conversation with Jim in Feb. 2013 ... where she told him she thought she had contracted an STD. In the docs, Burton says Cathriona got tested and discovered she had Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea. He says Jim tried to pressure her to keep quiet...
  • Clinton is now beating Trump in 5 must-win battleground states

    09/29/2016 8:08:15 PM PDT · by EinNYC · 60 replies
    NY Post ^ | September 29, 2016 | David K. Li and Bob Fredericks
    Hillary Clinton took the lead in five key battleground states following the first presidential debate, giving her a solid boost with just over five weeks until Election Day, according to a poll released Thursday. Voters in the five states — Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia — also declared Clinton the winner of the much-anticipated slugfest with Donald Trump, according to Public Policy Polling.
  • Gotta See This Putt -- Making America Great Again

    09/29/2016 7:01:07 PM PDT · by BRL · 18 replies
    youtube ^ | 9/29 | youtube
    Heckler gets putt on the spot. He turns embarrassment into awesome victory.
  • Bradenton man trying to solve lionfish overpopulation problem with glock-fishing

    09/29/2016 10:35:12 AM PDT · by Daffynition · 20 replies ^ | : September 26, 2016, | Lila Gross
    TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — One Bradenton man is trying to get rid of the overpopulated lionfish in an unconventional way, by glock-fishing underwater. This means shooting lionfish underwater with a glock pistol. Courtland Hunt said he taped his experience to raise awareness about the lionfish’s harmful overpopulation. FWC spokesperson, Amanda Nalley, said the FWC is aware of the video and the agency encourages people to remove lionfish, but not with firearms.
  • NYC considers adding facilities for addicts to use drugs under medical supervision

    09/28/2016 7:30:20 PM PDT · by EinNYC · 20 replies
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | September 28, | Erin Durkin
    The city will study whether to set up sites for drug addicts to shoot up safely with $100,000 approved by the City Council Wednesday. The controversial program known as supervised injection facilities gives addicts a place to use drugs under medical supervision to avoid overdoses or spreading HIV and other diseases. The study, which will be done by the Health Department, “will assess the feasibility and impact of NYC having a program that provides a safe, clean haven to high-risk, vulnerable New Yorkers and will help prevent drug overdoses and disease transmissions,” said Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. The money comes...

    09/28/2016 8:31:41 AM PDT · by SES1066 · 44 replies
    The Hollywood Reporter Magazine ^ | 09/28/16 | Ingrid Schmidt
    Oscar winners, sports stars and Bill Gates are building lavish bunkers — with amenities ranging from a swimming pool to a bowling alley — as global anxiety fuels sales and owners "could be the next Adam and Eve."SNIP Adds Mike Peters, owner of Utah-based Ultimate Bunker, which builds high-end versions in California, Texas and Minnesota: "People are going for luxury [to] live underground because they see the future is going to be rough. Everyone I've talked to thinks we are doomed, no matter who is elected."
  • Howard Dean's Sophomoric Accusation Of The Trump.The Donald Should Now Give Dean A Name.

    09/28/2016 4:59:58 AM PDT · by TrumpTrain_VS_TheClintonToilet · 46 replies
    Howard Dean is at it again. Acting like a 15 year old boy in High School making fun or accusing another student of being some kind of class clown. Is Donald Trump just going to just sit and remain quiet? He really needs to respond, and in a big way. In his next few rallys, he needs to bring up Howard Dean and come up with a nick name for him. So many great names Donald could come up with. Got any suggestions? "ClownFace Howard Dean"?
  • Wife throws husband's lunch off high-rise apartment and through his sun roof

    09/27/2016 10:10:49 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 19 replies
    We've all felt the sinking feeling of leaving your lunch at home after rushing out the door to make it to work on time. A wife in South Korea has saved her husband from the disappointment, effortlessly throwing his forgotten sandwich from their high-rise apartment into the sunroof of his car. The sandwich landed perfectly on the man's front seat and he offered a quick thumbs up, before heading off to work for the day.
  • UN says US should give African-Americans reparations for slavery

    09/27/2016 10:02:52 PM PDT · by EinNYC · 36 replies
    NY Post ^ | September 28, 2016 | Post Wire Services
    The United States should give African-Americans reparations for slavery, UN experts said Tuesday, warning that the country had not yet confronted its legacy of “racial terrorism.” Amid a presidential election campaign in which racial rhetoric has played a central role, the UN working group on people of African descent warned that blacks in the United States are facing a “human rights crisis.”

    09/27/2016 8:02:52 AM PDT · by C19fan · 30 replies
    KTRK-ABC 13 ^ | September 26, 2016 | Staff
    A string of frightening encounters involving children and clowns has officials warning people to be on the lookout for these characters this Halloween season. The Tennessee Highway Patrol says this October, if you see something, say something.
  • Temple University Student Art Display Tells White People to ‘Do Something’

    09/27/2016 6:38:46 AM PDT · by C19fan · 26 replies
    Breitbart ^ | September 26, 2016 | Tom Cioccotta
    A student art installation at Temple University curiously reads, “White People. Do Something,” and has provoked polarizing reactions across social media. The Tyler School of Art at Temple University took to their Twitter account to brag about the art installation, which is located on a central quad at the Philadelphia-based institution. Although the project’s meaning remains unclear, it hasn’t stopped community members and internet commentators from speculating about the artist’s motivation.
  • Hillary the perfect little Stepford politician

    09/26/2016 8:47:46 PM PDT · by Bellflower · 67 replies
    self | 9/26/2016 | Self
    Did anyone else think that Hillary seemed like a plastic doll, Stepford wife type politician? She looked plastic and sounded too good. She must have known the questions ahead of time because she didn't appear to have to think about anything. It was already there for her. Too, too perfect. Totally unreal. Yes, she is the Stepford candidate!
  • MAD Magazine "ponifies" Hillary Clinton - My Little Phony!

    09/26/2016 7:21:07 PM PDT · by CtBigPat · 8 replies
    The Huffington Post ^ | 09/26/2016 | David Moye
    Election season is in full swing, and now MAD magazine is taking a swing at Hillary Clinton. The venerable humor magazine skewers Clinton in its latest issue with a My Little Pony spoof called “My Little Phony.” The spread points out a few of the times when the former secretary of state was caught fibbing, but in cartoon horsy form.
  • Anyone still think Hillary didn't just create the biggest head fake in the history of this country?

    09/26/2016 6:18:57 PM PDT · by Cats Pajamas · 66 replies
  • Vincent Gigante, Genovese crime family boss....a staged infirmity calculated to evade prosecution

    09/26/2016 5:09:58 PM PDT · by Cats Pajamas · 9 replies
    Vincent Gigante,(boss of the Genovese crime family from 1981 to 2005) whose nickname was "Chin," painstakingly maintained the fiction that he was incompetent......................Law-enforcement agents, prosecutors and Mafia defectors described his behavior as a staged performance calculated to evade prosecution for his activities as head of a crime family that under his leadership became the wealthiest and most powerful in the nation. ____________________________________________________ Watching the Clintons for some thirty years, I feel there is something wrong with her physically but could most of it possibly be acting/exaggerated for effect (she is a lawyer after all)to get sympathy and insulate her...
  • Airport Finds Body Parts in Woman’s Bag

    09/26/2016 12:15:54 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 43 replies ^ | 09-26-2016 | Staff
    Investigators at Austria’s Graz airport questioned a Moroccan woman who arrived with a bag containing her husband’s entrails. After carefully wrapping the intestines in two containers, she was transporting them in hopes of getting a toxicology test performed. The man died during an operation in Morocco, Austrian media reported. Officials said a proper investigation on the parts could not be performed without the whole body. The woman broke no laws by transporting the entrails, local media reported.
  • Motorist escapes injury in car versus couch collision on Interstate 86 near Pocatello airport

    09/26/2016 7:29:37 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 17 replies
    The Idaho State Journal ^ | August 6, 2016 | Journal Staff
    No one was hurt in a car versus couch wreck on Interstate 86 near Pocatello Regional Airport on Saturday night. The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. when a motorist heading east on the interstate collided with a large couch that was sitting in the roadway. State police said fortunately the motorist was not injured but the car suffered heavy damage and was towed from the scene. Other vehicles struck debris from the couch after the initial impact but were not seriously damaged. An Idaho Transportation Department crew was called in to remove the couch from the interstate following the wreck....
  • 4chan Aims to Fill Google with Racism Following “War on Trolls” (Not a Bad Idea)

    09/25/2016 3:15:26 PM PDT · by brucedickinson · 46 replies
    Crave Online ^ | 9-23-2016 | Paul Tamburro
    Members of 4chan’s “politically incorrect” board /pol/ have begun “Operation Google,” which aims to circumnavigate the search engine’s new AI program to remove bigoted and racist posts and comments from the internet by filling the search engine with more bigotry and racism. Operation Google was outlined by 4chan members as an effort to replace the “n-word” with the word “Google,” in order to “make it so Google would have to censor their own company by making them a racial slur towards blacks.” The Operation Google “manifesto” can be read below:
  • Couple Misses Flight, Runs After it to Board the Plane

    09/25/2016 2:05:07 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 29 replies
    Gulf Today ^ | September 22, 2016
    A Chinese couple who missed the last boarding call for their flight ran onto the tarmac in an attempt to stop the plane from leaving without them. The couple had arrived at their gate at Beijing International Airport after it had closed, and reportedly forced their way onto the runway with their luggage as the plane was taxiing. The flight from Beijing to Shanghai was delayed by 20 minutes as the couple continued to block the runway, with photos showing the woman at one point squatting down underneath the plane. She reportedly attempted to persuade officials to allow her and...
  • Clinton would make a sober, smart and pragmatic president. Trump would be a catastrophe. (tr)

    09/25/2016 7:01:45 AM PDT · by dayglored · 60 replies
    L.A. Times ^ | Sep 23, 2016 | L.A. Times Editorial Board
    (Original title: Hillary Clinton would make a sober, smart and pragmatic president. Donald Trump would be a catastrophe.) American voters have a clear choice on Nov. 8. We can elect an experienced, thoughtful and deeply knowledgeable public servant or a thin-skinned demagogue who is unqualified and unsuited to be president. Donald J. Trump, a billionaire businessman and television personality, is the latter. He has never held elected office and has shown himself temperamentally unfit to do so. He has run a divisive, belligerent, dishonest campaign, repeatedly aligning himself with racists, strongmen and thugs while maligning or dismissing large segments of...
  • Petition Pushes In-N-Out Burger to Sell Non-Burger Burgers

    09/24/2016 12:03:33 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 67 replies
    PJ Media ^ | September 23, 2016 | Tom Knighton
    Is there a restaurant that you'd love to go to, but you don't like the kind of food it sells? No? Well of course not, because if you don't like the kind of food it sells, you just go somewhere else. You don't go to Chick-fil-A if you don't want to eat chicken, just like you don't eat at a Chinese food place if you want tacos and you don't eat Mexican if you have a hankering for sushi. That isn't stopping one group of brain-dead morons from trying to force In-N-Out Burger to offer "meat free" options on its...
  • Hillary debate faceplant pool

    09/24/2016 6:42:19 AM PDT · by sten · 89 replies
    vanity | Sep 24, 2016 | self
    On Monday night @ 9pm EST, Hillary will face the Don for 90 minutes. The question is... how long into the bout before Hillary goes face down and drops like a sack of potatoes? Lots of hot lights... 1950s hoover special pantsuit? wayward eyeballs! coughing and phlegm spewing! Get your popcorn and call your time! 1 - 90
  • Ig Nobel Win for Alpine 'Goat Man'

    09/23/2016 2:50:57 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 11 replies
    BBC ^ | 23 September 2016 | Jonathan Amos
    A British man who lived in the Alps as a goat for three days has won one of this year's Ig Nobel prizes. Tom Thwaites had special prostheses made so he could walk like an animal. The spoof awards, which are not quite as famous as the real Nobels, were handed out during their annual ceremony at Harvard University, US. Other studies honoured during the event examined the personalities of rocks, and how the world looks when you bend over and view it through your legs On the surface, all the celebrated research sounds a bit daft, but a lot...
  • Child Brings Dead Squirrel to School in his Backpack, Tells Principal it’s for Dumplings

    09/23/2016 1:03:22 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 55 replies
    OutdoorHub ^ | 9/23/16
    A principal of an Oklahoma City elementary school had to make one of the weirdest phone calls to a parent, when a little boy was found keeping a dead squirrel in his backpack. The little boy’s reasoning was priceless. A photo of the late rodent was posted on Ladye Hobson’s Facebook and explained the awkward phone call she received from the principal of Gatewood Elementary in Oklahoma City. Ladye Hobson told Fox 25 that her husband often jokes about making squirrel dumplings, and the little boy, Brylan, thought he would bring home dinner for the family. It’s probably safe to...
  • Kentucky Police Arrest Lurking Clown

    09/23/2016 12:04:05 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 38 replies
    BBC ^ | 23 September 2016
    Kentucky police have arrested a 20-year-old man dressed as a clown amid reports of dozens of menacing clowns spotted in at least six US states. Jonathan Martin was charged with wearing a mask in a public place and disorderly conduct in Middlesboro. Recent reports of clowns trying to lure children into wooded areas and harassing people have incited panic. Police have warned individuals against dressing up in clown costumes, adding it could lead to criminal charges. "Dressing as a clown and driving, walking or standing in public can create a dangerous situation for you and others," police in nearby Barbourville,...
  • Grasshoppers - The New Sushi?

    09/23/2016 11:55:09 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 47 replies
    BBC ^ | 16 September 2016 | Katy Watson and Sarah Treanor
    Tucked away in a warehouse on an industrial estate in the non-descript suburb of Van Nuys in Los Angeles, a revolution is taking place. And the revolutionaries? Five twentysomething college friends who are trying their hand at urban farming. Their business is called Coalo Valley Farms but it couldn't be any further from a picture of agrarian life. The warehouse holds thousands of "micro livestock" as co-founder and chief executive Elliot Mermel calls them. That's crickets and mealworms to you and me. This is California's first insect farm for human consumption and its owners have grand plans. "We know that...
  • Son of China's Richest Man Buys Eight iPhone 7s for His Dog

    09/23/2016 11:31:20 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 30 replies
    Emirates 24/7 ^ | Wednesday, September 21, 2016
    The 28-year-old only son of China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin who is worth £23 billion, has just set the internet on fire after he bought his dog, Coco – an Alaskan Malamute, eight iPhone 7 handsets. According to a Dailymail, pictures emerged on China’s social media showing the lucky canine posing next to a stack of eight boxes believed to contain a £800 phone in each which its eccentric owner, Wang Sicong, who was educated at Winchester College in UK bought for her. The new photos were uploaded by Wang Sicong who is already worth £430 million to the dog’s...
  • Fayette County (West Virginia) Sheriff: "It's time for this joke to end." (More Clowns)

    09/23/2016 10:45:48 AM PDT · by Morgana · 29 replies ^ | September 22, 2016 | Douglas Fritz
    Scary Clowns showing up on the side of the road are no joke, according to deputies with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department. There have been several complaints about people dressed up as clowns and armed with various weapons. The most recent incident happened in Mt. Hope on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016. Investigators said the intent of these "scary clowns" is to frighten as many people as possible. "Many people have a phobia about clowns, and meeting an armed "clown" in a dark, unlit area can definitely be cause for an individual to fear for his or her safety," said Sheriff...
  • Crazed Clown With Machete Reported in (Steubenville) Ohio

    09/23/2016 10:39:21 AM PDT · by Morgana · 31 replies ^ | September 23, 2016 | wowk
    Reports of a crazed clown are being investigated in Ohio. Chief McCafferty says there was another report of a "crazed clown" being spotted in Steubenville.
  • Portsmouth Police Advise of Clowns in the Area

    09/23/2016 10:35:05 AM PDT · by Morgana · 12 replies ^ | September 23, 2016 | wowk
    Portsmouth Police are sending a warning about clowns chasing people in their city. A trend that began in Greenville, South Carolina in August of this year has reached Portsmouth, Ohio. Last night the Portsmouth Police received a report of a person dressed as a clown in the area of the bridge, standing holding an axe and staring at people passing by. Police also received a report of a clown knocking on the door of a residence on Robinson Avenue.
  • Wedding is cancelled after bride-to-be is filmed passionately kissing man 'she had just met' [tr]

    09/23/2016 6:33:29 AM PDT · by C19fan · 31 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | September 23, 2016 | Nick Enoch
    A bride-to-be filmed passionately kissing a man she had 'just met' during her hen do had to cancel the wedding after the clip went viral. Emma Alicia Paz Ayala from the north-western Mexican city of Hermosillo went out for her party with female friends to celebrate her last night of 'freedom' as a single lady. The do took place at the Playa del Carmen resort on the other side of the country and while drinking heavily at a pool bar, Emma was filmed locking lips with the apparent stranger.
  • (Vanity)(Hillary's Jet) Any executive pilots on FR ?

    09/22/2016 10:27:14 PM PDT · by Celerity · 48 replies
    Self | 9/23/16 | Celerity
    Ever since Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton at the end of June this year, I've been really bothered by something. Compelled to meditate on it and figure it out. I'm having some trouble, and need to ask for Freerepublic input. Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on the tarmac, and Bill entered Loretta's FBI-owned Government plane. There are reports of them entering a 3rd plane but nothing seems to support that claim. Now that we're all caught up, I'll let you know that I've been wracking my brain on this one. But one of the more sublime enigmas came more recently....
  • Woman Totals Her Car When She Finds Spider on Rearview Mirror

    09/22/2016 5:53:35 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 47 replies
    New York Post ^ | 21 Sep 2016
    An eight-legged passenger caused a rollover crash Wednesday in Portland, Oregon that totaled a car, according to local authorities. The driver lost control after a spider fell from the rearview mirror, causing her to panic and swerve off the road into a ditch, reported news station WSBT.
  • Come at me bro! The moment an angry CRAB grabs a knife in its claw and wields it menacingly

    09/22/2016 5:31:50 AM PDT · by snarkpup · 22 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | Updated: 03:11 EST, 22 September 2016 | Ashleigh Davis
    A crab has being filmed in Brazil clutching a kitchen knife in its claw while scuttling along a tiled floor and waving the knife around aggressively (pictured)
  • "Trump will go 26th"

    09/21/2016 2:45:33 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 78 replies
    Youtube ^ | 09/20/16 | Jet Wintzer
    So this weirdness just happened on our way to Hoboken at 7AM this morning on the New Jersey Turnpike. On 1630 AM radio, a voice keeps repeating "Trump will go 26th". It went on for at least 5 minutes from when the radio tuned it in while scanning. Near the Newark airport I78 part of Turnpike. Just landed in a Jason Bourne movie.    
  • The Mysterious “Binary Bandits” of Philadelphia

    09/21/2016 12:24:49 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 35 replies
    In what has been described as one of the most bizarre strings of petty crimes ever recorded, dozens of people in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood have been reporting the theft of their house numbers. Interestingly, in all cases, only the “1” and “0” have been taken, which has earned the yet-to-be-identified thieves the nickname “binary bandits”. You might not notice what’s missing from dozens of houses in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, but for those living there, it has been the main topic of discussion for the past two weeks. Someone is stealing the “1” and “0” from people’s house numbers...
  • Amid California drought, Los Angeles water department waters fake grass

    09/20/2016 7:16:21 PM PDT · by sparklite2 · 9 replies
    CBS News ^ | September 16, 2016 | CBS News
    On a recent Thursday morning, sprinklers ran for six minutes, soaking fake grass outside the South LA substation. Even an area completely devoid of grass -- real or fake -- was inundated by water from sprinklers. Harasick said leaving the turf unwashed leaves a foul smell in the air. “We’re really just trying to wash out dog pee,” he said.
  • MIT Scientists Learn To Track Emotions Using Wireless Signals

    09/20/2016 10:33:37 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 24 replies ^ | 09.20.16 10:00 AM | Steven Melendez
    "The whole thing started by trying to understand how we can extract information about people’s emotions and health in general using something that’s completely passive—does not require people to wear anything on their body or have to express things themselves actively," says Prof. Dina Katabi, who conducted the research along with graduate students Mingmin Zhao and Fadel Adib. The system, called EQ-Radio, works by generating a low-power wireless signal and measuring the time it takes the signal to reflect from various signals in its vicinity. Since the reflection time from people’s bodies vary as they inhale and exhale, and as...
  • Woman orders spare ribs from Chinese restaurant - but claims she actually received DOG PAWS

    09/20/2016 9:44:14 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 64 replies ^ | Updated 10:56, 20 Sep 2016 | By Kara O'Neill
    Ashley Jefferson posted a video of the meat on social media - claiming that the 'dog legs' still had claws in them A woman has claimed a Chinese takeaway restaurant served her a DOG PAW after she ordered spare ribs from the menu. Ashley Jefferson was eating at the China Palace in Havre de Grace, Maryland, when she believes she made the horrific discovery. Fighting the urge to throw up, Ashley then headed to the bathroom to record a Facebook video where she claimed the ribs had claws still attached. In the video, she said: "There's nails still in this......
  • VIDEO: E-cigarette explodes in woman's purse

    09/20/2016 4:14:52 AM PDT · by simpson96 · 25 replies ^ | 9/19/2016 | Staff
    A New Jersey woman's $1,200 purse burned up on a sales counter in a mall when a battery exploded. And the entire thing was caught on a security camera. Mara McInerney of Matawan, N.J. was shopping at the Freehold Raceway Mall on Sept. 11 when the incident took place. She was at a Sunglass Hut counter speaking to the salesperson when a huge cloud of smoke poured out of the purse. The employee took off running while McInerney backed away. She grabbed the purse and dumped the contents on the floor but it was too late to save the bag,...
  • Arabian Catapult (ISIS new secret weapon!)

    09/20/2016 1:15:24 AM PDT · by shibumi · 24 replies
    YouTube ^ | September 19, 2016 | JOHNNYOZONETAPIA
    Exclusive video of ISIS testing a new terror weapon. The Arabian Catapult!
  • Central Florida Deputies Search For Owner of 600-Pound Hog Found Roaming Streets

    09/19/2016 8:56:12 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 35 replies
    NBC Miami ^ | Sep 19, 2016
    Deputies in Florida are searching for the owner of a 600-pound hog that was found roaming around. Local news organizations report that Alachua County deputies found the domestic hog Sunday after getting reports of the animal running at large. Deputies caught the hog using a rope and took it to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office Livestock Impound. The sheriff's office said in a news release that the 600-pound Hampshire hog appeared to be in good health. The animal will be put up for auction if its owner doesn't claim it. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact officials.
  • Amazon Reviews Give Hillary Book 5 Stars: 'So I Don't Get Straight Up Murdered' (hilarious)

    09/18/2016 7:59:54 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 54 replies
    PJ Media ^ | September 18, 2016 | Tyler O'Neil
    In many circles, the Clintons are notorious for having enemies who mysteriously disappear at the opportune moment. reviewers played on this theme in mocking "5 Star" reviews of Hillary Clinton'sunpopular new flop of a campaign book — which even at the low, low price of $10, people seem resolute not to buy for some inexplicable reason. That doesn't stop people from buying Clinton insurance by giving the book stellar reviews. Amazon user Amy gave Stronger Together a "5.0 out of 5 stars," with a brief review entitled, "I want to live." Her review proved rather succinct: "Nothing new here....
  • This 18-Karat Gold Toilet Is Now Open For Public Use

    09/18/2016 12:06:51 PM PDT · by SMGFan · 24 replies
    Fortune ^ | September 16, 2016
    Starting today, the Guggenheim museum in New York City really wants to you to give its solid gold toilet a go. The 18-karat gold, fully-functioning toilet was created by Italian artist and sculptor Maurizio Cattelan, and is a part of an exhibit called “America” at the Guggenheim. The exhibit is meant to “remind us of the inescapable physical realities of our shared humanity,” according to the museum’s blog.
  • 'Those wearing shorts must die!' Man attacked nurse on Turkish bus because of 'revealing' clothes

    09/18/2016 9:41:35 AM PDT · by brucedickinson · 33 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 9-18-2016 | Harvey Day
    A Turkish court on Sunday released a man who confessed to kicking a young woman in the face on an Istanbul bus because she was wearing shorts. The 35-year-old had confessed during his interrogation to attacking the woman but was released by the court after it decided that no crime had been committed. Turkish police had arrested the man on charges of kicking a woman for wearing shorts on a bus in Istanbul. Police detained the suspect on Saturday in Turkey's largest city, the private Dogan news agency reported. He was heard shouting: 'Those wearing shorts must die!' The suspect...
  • Netflix Acquires Young Barack Obama Movie ‘Barry’ (Another Flop in the Making)

    09/18/2016 8:46:18 AM PDT · by brucedickinson · 45 replies
    BreitBart ^ | 9-18-2016 | DANIEL NUSSBAUM
    Netflix has acquired worldwide rights to Barry, a film about a formative year in the life of a young Barack Obama, following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this month. According to Deadline, the streaming service beat out several other distributors to land the rights to the critically-acclaimed film from director Vikram Gandhi, which premiered September 10 in Toronto. Netflix was said to have spent $4.5 million to acquire the film, though the final number was not confirmed. Barry tells the story of one year in the life of the future president, as he attends Columbia University in...
  • Arrest over Body in Yatd Sale Freezer

    09/16/2016 6:02:14 PM PDT · by jcon40 · 35 replies
    BBC US / Canada ^ | Sept 16, 2016 | Unknown
    North Carolina police have arrested a woman after her mother's body was found inside a freezer sold at a yard sale. Marcella Jean Lee, 56, was detained on Thursday about 100 miles (160km) south of Goldsboro, where her mum's remains were discovered. She faces a felony charge of failure to report a death, according to police. Police had been searching for Ms Lee for more than three months after a neighbour discovered the body of Arma Roush, 75, inside the freezer.
  • Egad! That face! [Hillary yesterday]

    09/16/2016 5:23:14 PM PDT · by COBOL2Java · 80 replies
    Stronger Together ^ | 15 September 2016
    Hillary! boarding her plane Thursday. But...those eyes! Those teeth! That...that face!
  • Latest Safe-Space Incursion: Wearing a 'Make America Great Again' Hat (Video)

    09/16/2016 12:41:19 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 23 replies
    PJ Media ^ | PJ Staff
    A college campus feminista demands that this guy remove his Trump hat, citing it as hate speech. This interaction is all caught on tape, and you have to wonder about the world we live in where Colin Kaepernick is defended as a free-speech hero, but this guy is told not to wear a hat. How is a "Make America Great Again" hat hate speech? Leave your comments below. SJW Attacking Student for Wearing "unsafe" Hat
  • Over 911 Dispatcher's Warning, Neighbor Runs into Burning House to Save Child

    09/15/2016 4:55:10 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 11 replies
    NBC DFW ^ | Sep 14, 2016 | Jeff Smith
    A North Texas woman is being called a hero after running into a house fire and bringing a 7-year-old boy to safety. The fire started near a backyard shed in the 2500 block of Via Avenida in Carrollton. Even though a 9-1-1 dispatcher warned the neighbor not to go inside the burning house, she told NBC 5 she had no regrets. "There's a kid inside. That's honestly the only thing that goes through your head," said 22-year-old Mariella Medina. It was close to 11:30 p.m. Monday, and Medina had just pulled into her driveway after coming back from the gym....