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  • Feds seize Indymedia servers [more info]

    10/08/2004 5:15:45 PM PDT · by Mike Fieschko · 61 replies · 2,171+ views
    The Register ^ | Oct 8, 2004 | John Leyden
    The FBI yesterday seized a pair of UK servers used by Indymedia, the independent newsgathering collective, after serving a subpoena in the US on Indymedia's hosting firm, Rackspace. Why or how remains unclear. Rackspace UK complied with a legal order and handed over hard disks without first notifying Indymedia. It's unclear if the raid was executed under extra-territorial provisions of US legislation or the UK's Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). Provisions of RIPA make it a criminal offence to discuss warrants, so Rackspace would not be able to discuss the action with its customer Indymedia, or with the media....
  • Airbus scoffs, Boeing crows as WTO slams EU for failing to address illegal subsidies

    09/22/2016 4:53:46 PM PDT · by djwright · 4 replies
    Seattle Times ^ | September 22, 2016 at 7:35 am | Dominic Gates
    A World Trade Organization (WTO) compliance panel ruled Thursday that the European Union has fallen dramatically short of remedying the harm to Boeing from illegal subsidies to Airbus. The decision opens a path for the U.S. to implement trade sanctions against the EU — potentially imposing billions of dollars in tariffs on its goods or services.
  • Donald Trump Threatens to Leave World Trade Organization

    08/02/2016 2:53:58 PM PDT · by VitacoreVision · 17 replies
    The New American ^ | 02 August 2016 | Steve Byas
    The voters of the United Kingdom stood up for British national sovereignty with their recent decision to leave the European Union (EU), and now Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is suggesting that he might take the lead in the United States leaving the World Trade Organization (WTO).When NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Trump on Meet the Press if his punitive tariff plan for businesses that leave the United States could be nixed by the WTO, Trump responded strongly, “It doesn’t matter. Then we’re going to renegotiate or we’re going to pull out. These trade deals are a disaster, Chuck. World Trade...
  • We need a tough negotiator like Trump to fix US trade policy

    07/30/2016 9:47:03 AM PDT · by oblomov · 31 replies
    CNBC ^ | 29 Jul 2016 | Wilbur Ross and Peter Navarro
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is threatening to leave the World Trade Organization and rip up agreements like the North American Free Trade agreement, and his critics predictably are branding him everything from "wrong-headed" to "insane." But here's the real deal. When our politicians and diplomats negotiate trade deals, we lose because they don't know a good deal from a bad one. For instance, when President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA in 1993, he believed it would "create 200,000 jobs in this country by 1995 alone." Instead, the U.S. has lost over 700,000 jobs, according to the Economic Policy Institute, while...
  • Trump: USA could pull out of World Trade Organization

    07/24/2016 11:09:48 AM PDT · by ResistanceMedia · 71 replies ^ | July 24, 2016 | AFP
    Washington (AFP) – Republican White House nominee Donald Trump suggested Sunday that the US could pull out of the World Trade Organization if he is elected president. Interviewed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Trump said he would slap punitive taxes on firms that moved manufacturing activities abroad, citing Mexico as an example.
  • Donald Trump: EU was formed 'to beat the US at making money'

    07/24/2016 3:21:46 AM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 11 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 07-23-2016 | Ben Jacobs
    Donald Trump has claimed that the European Union was created to “beat the United States when it comes to making money” in an interview with NBC News. Speaking to Chuck Todd, whom the Republican nominee has repeatedly berated as “sleepy-eyed”, Trump also said of the EU “the reason that it got together was like a consortium so that it could compete with the United States”. The European Union was founded as the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952 in an effort to promote strong cross-border ties in Europe and avoid future wars. It has since evolved to a customs...
  • America Needs to Follow Britain’s Example to Take Back Our Country

    07/04/2016 12:45:43 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 7 replies ^ | July 3, 2016 | Ilana Mercer
    During the Bretton Woods Conference, in 1944, Lord Halifax is said to have “whispered to Lord Keynes: ‘It’s true: they have the money bags but we have all the brains.’” By “they,” Halifax meant the Americans. His frustration with the American mind—often prosaic and anti-intellectual—during the critical Bretton-Woods negotiations seems as valid today. As odious as Britain’s elites are; boy, are they cleverer than ours. Take the impromptu interview, on June 28, which Richard Quest, CNN’s imported British broadcast journalist, conducted with Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party. Farage had emerged exhilarated from the coven that is the...
  • The WTO Has Put America on the Path to Becoming a “Colony” Again

    03/30/2016 1:03:11 PM PDT · by central_va · 19 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | 3/20/16 | George Barlow
    The World Trade Organization (WTO) has come to represent the most efficient form of colonization the world has ever seen – reaping all the benefits with no downsides of occupation. The corporate agenda of the organization has destroyed the American economy, allowing multinationalists to exploit the world’s cheap resources and put America out of work and out of business.
  • Getting Rid of H-1B Visas: Easier Said Than Done

    03/18/2016 5:40:57 AM PDT · by SJackson · 29 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | 3-18-16 | Ian Smith
    Getting Rid of H-1B Visas: Easier Said Than Done Why the battle may be too big even for Trump. March 18, 2016 Ian Smith    During last week’s GOP debate at Miami University, front-runner Donald Trump answered a question about his position on the H-1B guest-worker program noting several times that it was unfair to American workers then concluding that “we should end it” entirely. While the sentiment’s appreciated, ending the H-1B program is easier said than done.  Under the WTO’s General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), the US has certain obligations towards foreign nationals wishing to come...
  • Meat Labeling Law Repeal Leaves Buyers in Dark About Product Origins

    After more than a decade of wrangling, Congress repealed a labeling law last month that required retailers to include the animal's country of origin on packages of red meat. Lawmakers said they had no choice but to get rid of the labels after the World Trade Organization repeatedly ruled against them. The WTO recently authorized Canada and Mexico, which had challenged the law, to begin more than $1 billion in economic retaliation against the United States.
  • US faces $1 billion in trade penalties for meat labels[Country of origin labeling]

    12/07/2015 9:42:26 AM PST · by Theoria · 25 replies
    AP ^ | 07 Dec 2015 | AP
    <p>The World Trade Organization ruled Monday that Canada and Mexico can slap more than $1 billion in tariffs on U.S. goods in retaliation for meat labeling rules it says discriminated against Mexican and Canadian livestock.</p> <p>At issue were U.S. labels on packaged steaks and other cuts of meat that say where the animals were born, raised and slaughtered.</p>
  • WTO Rejects U.S. Appeal on Meat Labeling, Tariff Retaliation From Canada and Mexico Looms

    06/12/2015 7:03:05 AM PDT · by Will88 · 24 replies
    HNGN ^ | May 20, 2015 | Windsor Genova
    "The World Trade Organization (WTO) has rejected the United States' appeal of the international body's October ruling against meat labeling that Canada and Mexico say is too costly for their livestock producers."
  • House votes to repeal country-of-origin labeling on meat (Republicans repeal country-of-origin)

    06/11/2015 6:42:36 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 100 replies
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Under threat of trade retaliation from Canada and Mexico, the House has voted to to repeal a law requiring country-of-origin labels on packages of beef, pork and poultry. The World Trade Organization rejected a U.S. appeal last month, ruling the labels that say where animals were born, raised and slaughtered are discriminatory against the two U.S. border countries. Both have said they plan to ask the WTO for permission to impose billions of dollars in tariffs on American goods. The House voted 300-131 to repeal labels that tell consumers what countries the meat is from — for...
  • WTO Ruling Blasts U.S. Sovereignty; TPP Threatens More of Same

    05/28/2015 6:20:22 AM PDT · by HomerBohn · 8 replies
    The New American ^ | 5/27/2015 | William F. Jasper
    As the World Trade Organization delivers another blow against U.S. sovereignty, President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is poised to add more international judicial attacks against American liberty and independence. The May 18 ruling by a WTO appellate tribunal declaring a U.S. federal law illegal should have caused giant shock waves across America and should have sunk any hopes of congressional passage of the TPP, which, twinned with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), forms the centerpiece of the ObamaTrade globalist agenda. Both the TPP and the TTIP would create international courts that could (and would) override American federal, state,...
  • Mexico weighs U.S. meat product sanctions after WTO ruling

    05/22/2015 8:55:42 AM PDT · by Mariner · 10 replies
    Reuters ^ | May 22nd, 2015 | Reporting by Noe Torres; Writing by Joanna Zuckerman Bernstein
    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico said on Thursday it would decide within about 15 days what sanctions to impose on U.S. meat products if the U.S. Congress does not comply with a World Trade Organization ruling on labeling. On Monday, the WTO ruled that U.S. country-of-origin labeling (COOL) laws discriminated against imported meat from Mexico and Canada. "We have our teams prepared and working, specialists in international case the U.S. Congress doesn't comply," Enrique Martinez, Mexico's agriculture minister, said at a news conference. "I think in some 15 days we will have a clearer idea," Martinez added, of "what...
  • Shoppers could soon have difficulty finding meat's origin

    Shoppers could soon have a harder time finding out where their red meat comes from. The World Trade Organization ruled Monday that the U.S. "country of origin" labels put Canadian and Mexican livestock at a disadvantage. The current labels say where the animals were born, raised and slaughtered. The Obama administration has already revised the labels once to try to comply with previous WTO rulings in favor of Canada and Mexico. Since those efforts didn't work, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says Congress will have to weigh in to avoid retaliation — such as extra tariffs — from the two neighbor...
  • Global economy hopes raised after European stimulus

    01/24/2015 10:50:50 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 18 replies
    12 News ^ | January 25, 2015 | Pan Pylas
    DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) - The global economic outlook just got brighter after this week's big stimulus from the European Central Bank, leading policymakers from around the world said Saturday. In a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, they said a perkier Europe, coupled with a prolonged period of low oil prices, could help shore up the global economy following a period of underperformance that has prompted many forecasters to reduce their growth forecasts. "Lower oil prices and the big decision by ECB could further improve world economic outlook," said Haruhiko Kuroda, governor of the Bank of Japan.
  • China eases controls on rare earths after WTO complaint

    01/04/2015 10:57:44 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 6 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Jan 5, 2015 1:55 AM EST
    China has scrapped its export quotas for rare earths, minerals used in mobile phones and other high-tech products, after losing a World Trade Organization case brought by Washington and other trading partners over controls that alarmed global technology producers. The change was included in the Ministry of Commerce’s trade guidelines for 2015 but there was no separate announcement. Under the new guidelines, rare earths will require an export license but the amount that can be sold abroad will no longer be covered by a quota. China’s curbs, imposed in 2009, prompted concern about supplies for global technology producers. They led...
  • WTO rejects US country-of-origin labels for meat

    10/20/2014 11:11:10 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 26 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Oct 20, 2014 2:05 PM EDT
    The World Trade Organization has rejected U.S. rules requiring labels on packaged steaks, ribs and other cuts of meat identifying where the animals were born, raised and slaughtered. In a ruling Monday, the WTO said the requirements put Canadian and Mexican livestock at an unfair disadvantage. …
  • Blue State Blues: The Past 15 Years Have Been Pretty Awful, Haven't They?

    09/13/2014 2:41:18 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 2 replies
    Breitbart's Big Government ^ | September 12, 2014 | Joel B. Pollak
    On Thursday, reflecting on the 13th anniversary of September 11, I found myself in rare agreement with David Frum, who noted that 9/11 was just one of the many ways in which the past 15 years have been disappointing. David Frum @davidfrum From the dot-com bust through 9/11 itself, Iraq war, the subprime bubble, financial crisis, feeble recovery, prolonged income stagnation ... David Frum @davidfrum there is no period in recent US history that has seen such a record of policy failure & disappointment, foreign and domestic, as 2000-2014. 9:02 AM - 11 Sep 2014 70 Retweets 34 favorites I...
  • WTO Upholds ‘Rare Earth’ Ruling Against China

    08/12/2014 7:33:16 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 26 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Aug. 8, 2014 12:50 AM EDT
    The World Trade Organization has upheld a ruling that China violated trade rules with restrictions on the export of “rare earths,” the minerals used in mobile phones, hybrid cars and other high-tech products. […] China has about one-third of global deposits of rare earths but accounts for more than 90 percent of production. In 2009, it alarmed foreign companies by limiting rare earth exports in an attempt to boost its domestic manufacturing base. …
  • Ukraine protests after Yanukovych EU deal rejection [ Cites Reasons; from Nov 2013]

    02/20/2014 7:26:14 PM PST · by PieterCasparzen · 16 replies
    BBC News Europe ^ | 11/29/2013 | Staff
    Some 10,000 Demonstrators in Independence Square carried Ukrainian and EU flags late on Friday and chanted "Ukraine is Europe". Mr Yanukovych, who attended an EU summit in Lithuania on Friday cited pressure from Russia for his decision. ... "The times of limited sovereignty are over in Europe," said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso after a summit in Lithuania, at which provisional accords were reached with Georgia and Moldova. ... "We will conduct massive protest actions in all of Ukraine. They must witness our strength," said Arseniy Yatsenyuk, an ally of Yulia Tymoshenko. ... "If we had signed, we would...
  • How Much Money Did Ukraine Lose When It Nixed The EU Deal? [ has link trade deal ]

    02/20/2014 7:19:25 PM PST · by PieterCasparzen · 24 replies
    International Business Times ^ | 2/19/2014 | David Kashi
    The all-out street war in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev between anti-government protesters and security forces had its beginnings in late November, when President Viktor Yanukovych rejected a bid for closer integration of his country with the European Union. Protests began peacefully, but reports that security services used excessive force on demonstrators escalated the situation. As of Wednesday, dozens of people have been killed, including protesters and police officers, and hundreds injured. For years Yanukovych promised Ukrainians that he would sign an agreement with the EU, which would benefit Ukraine’s economy substantially. Protesters felt betrayed that he suddenly and without...
  • Lawmakers seek truce with farm bill [but will conservatives make trouble?]

    10/20/2013 4:53:38 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 15 replies
    The Hill ^ | October 19, 2013 | Erik Wasson
    The $1 trillion farm bill will serve as the first test of how deeply the shutdown fight has damaged relations in Washington. Congress has made the legislation its first order of business as it pivots away from the battles over government funding and the debt ceiling. The leaders of the agriculture committees in Congress and K Street lobbyists are eager to put the finishing touches on the bill, which could get wrapped into a year-end budget deal that replaces automatic sequestration cuts. But some fear Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who has vowed to complete the legislation, might be too wounded...
  • Jim Kennedy - Link Between Thorium and Self Reliance in Rare Earths & Energy

    07/14/2013 1:31:37 PM PDT · by Kolath · 6 replies
    You Tube ^ | Jul 20, 2012 | gordonmcdowell
    The western world has within its capacity far more than enough rare earths (including heavy rare earths) to meet its own industrial demand. It is an unwillingness to process material containing thorium which is ultimately impeding our high tech manufacturing sector.
  • ‘Slaughtered in the USA’: Labeling rule burns meat industry

    03/09/2013 12:16:22 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 44 replies
    ‘Slaughtered in the USA’: Labeling rule burns meat industry By Ben Goad - 03/09/13 02:38 PM ET A meat industry already imperiled by federal budget cuts is lashing back at the Obama administration following the release of new proposed labeling regulations seen as costly and unnecessarily onerous. The new regulations, to be published Monday for public consideration, are meant to resolve last year’s finding by the World Trade Organization (WTO) that U.S. rules give American meat products an unfair advantage over those from Canada and Mexico. If the WTO violation is not remedied by May 23, America’s top two meat-trading...
  • Obama's Giveaway to the Communists

    01/15/2013 9:24:46 AM PST · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | January 15, 2013 | Phyllis Schalfly
    The China problem is not just that China is raking in trillions of dollars because of Obama's spending and borrowing binges, and it's not just that government policies encourage well-paying U.S. manufacturing jobs to move overseas. An even bigger problem is that the Obama administration is about to give Communist China some of our most precious and up-to-date military technology. This particular chicanery started when the Obama administration foolishly tried to use taxpayers' money to force green energy to replace fossil fuels. But green energy can't compete in the free market because it's so much more expensive to produce. Obama...
  • Stunner: Turkey Infiltrating Native American Tribes – and May Get Congressional Help

    10/10/2012 1:43:14 PM PDT · by bayouranger · 25 replies ^ | 05OCT12 | Marc J. Fink
    Islamists Select a New Target, and a "See No Evil" House Bill May Facilitate the Effort. Turkey's government, under Islamist leadership, has developed a remarkable but obscure tactic to make inroads into the United States. Recently, Native American Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK, member of the Chickasaw Nation) introduced H.R. 2362, the Indian Trade and Investment Demonstration Project. The bill singles out Turkish-owned companies for exclusive investment preferences and special rights in Native American tribal area projects. Congressman Cole freely admitted the following on the House floor: There's no question that I was approached by the Turkish American Coalition [properly the...
  • Europe to Seek Sanctions Against U.S. Over Boeing Subsidies

    10/01/2012 7:10:40 AM PDT · by Abathar · 12 replies
    New York Times ^ | September 27, 2012 | Nicola Clark
    PARIS — The European Union inched closer to a trans-Atlantic trade war on Thursday, saying that it would seek to impose up to $12 billion a year in sanctions against the United States in retaliation for U.S. government subsidies to Boeing. The European Commission, the E.U. executive, said it was seeking the sanctions to compensate for the impact of illegal subsidies to Boeing that it said gave Boeing an unfair advantage over its European archrival, Airbus. The move, which follows a similar trade threat against Europe made by Washington this year, is the latest salvo in a seven-year battle over...
  • Obama to announce trade complaint against China in Ohio

    09/17/2012 9:25:31 AM PDT · by ColdOne · 12 replies
    politico44 ^ | 9/16/12 | BYRON TAU
    The Obama administration is prepared to bring a case against the Chinese government at the World Trade Organization, an official confirms. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has the details: While President Barack Obama travels to Columbus and Cincinnati Monday for campaign appearances, his administration also will ask the World Trade Organization, or WTO, to step up a review of what the White House says are unfair duties that China levies on American-made cars. The case is technically separate from the auto parts case but the administration says it presents another example of China's trade-policy abuse.
  • WTO Wants to Replace “Made in the USA” with “Made in the World” Labels

    06/11/2012 9:39:28 AM PDT · by massmike · 41 replies
    World Net Daily via ^ | June 4, 2012 | by Roger Simmermaker World Net Daily
    The World Trade Organization is moving closer to eliminating country-of-origin labels and replacing them with “Made in the World” initiative labels because they say we need to “reduce public opposition to free trade” and “re-engineer global governance.” An America that prides itself on independence and celebrates that independence every year on July 4 should want absolutely no part in allowing the advancement of global governance that aims to eliminate the one thing that allows American consumers to know from where the products they buy originate: The “Made in USA” label… …The WTO wants to replace country-of-origin labels with a World...
  • New Obama Executive Order Pushes Us Closer To A North American Union And A One World Economic System

    05/02/2012 6:44:20 AM PDT · by Whenifhow · 45 replies
    The American Dream ^ | 5.2.12 | Michael Snyder
    When it comes to Barack Obama, one of the most important things to understand is that he is a committed globalist. He firmly believes that more "global governance" (the elite don't like to use the term "global government") will make the world a much better place. Throughout his time in the White House, Obama has consistently sought to strengthen international institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO. At every turn, Obama has endeavored to more fully integrate America into the "global community". Since he was elected, Obama has signed a whole host of new...
  • Homes abandoned amid riot warnings in Chicago

    04/21/2012 6:20:34 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 80 replies
    WND ^ | April 21, 2012 | Aaron Klein
    In a sign of what may be coming, residents of a Chicago condo building located near the site of next month’s NATO summit have been asked to leave for the event or risk being caught in a storm of rioters. WND first reported in August 2011 that radicals, some with ties to President Obama, were planning to riot during the NATO summit. FOX Chicago News reported the people living in the 17-floor Library Tower building at 520 South State Street were warned in a letter from condo management that “we are STRONGLY recommending that all residents find places to stay...
  • China Celebrates Ten Years of Cheating the US

    12/22/2011 7:47:54 AM PST · by NYer · 58 replies
    Catholic Exchange ^ | December 22, 2011 | Phyllis Schlafly
    This month, communist China is celebrating its 10th anniversary of joining the World Trade Organization. The subtitle ought to be “China’s 10th anniversary of cheating the United States.”The globalists talked the U.S. into supporting this cozy trade relationship with China by getting American manufacturers and farmers to salivate at the prospect of gaining access to the world’s biggest market. China, on the other hand, joined the WTO to implement its plan to grow into an economic superpower. It wants to accomplish this the same way the United States became powerful in our pre-New Deal century — by protecting local industries...
  • China Celebrates Outwitting Us in the WTO

    12/21/2011 6:24:14 PM PST · by LucianOfSamasota · 5 replies
    Eagle Forum ^ | December 21, 2011 | Phyllis Schlafly
    Communist China is this month celebrating its tenth anniversary of joining the World Trade Organization. The subtitle ought to be China's tenth anniversary of cheating the United States. The globalists talked us into supporting this cozy trade relationship with China by getting U.S. manufacturers and farmers to salivate at the prospect of gaining access to the world's biggest market. China, on the other hand, joined the WTO to implement its plan to grow into an economic superpower the same way the United States became powerful in our pre-New Deal century, i.e., by protecting local industries and financing our government with...
  • Russia cleared to join WTO after 18 years

    12/16/2011 8:07:40 PM PST · by bruinbirdman · 4 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 12/16/2011 | Alan Tovey
    Russia has won approval to join the World Trade Organisation (WTO) after 18 "marathon" years of talks to gain entry to the 153-member club. Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina and WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy hold a placard after a signing ceremony on Russia's accession to the World Trade Organisation The world's 11th largest economy now has six months to ratify its membership after being given the go-ahead on Friday at a meeting of the trade body in Geneva Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in a statement: "This result of long and complex talks is good...
  • Russian-Georgian Compromise Finally Permits Russia’s WTO Membership

    12/05/2011 11:40:46 PM PST · by bruinbirdman · 11 replies
    Jamestown Foundation Eurasia Daily Monitor ^ | 12/5/2011 | Richard Rousseau
    The last remaining hurdle to Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) now appears to have been cleared, as Russia’s chief WTO negotiator, Maxim Medvedekov, announced on November 3 that Moscow has accepted a last-minute membership compromise. Thus, Russia has taken another significant step away from the closed, Soviet type centrally planned economy and toward full integration into the international community (RIA Novosti, November 4). This landmark agreement follows 3,500 questions from other WTO members and 17 years of wrangling over whether Russia should be allowed to join the WTO. Since the 2008 Russia-Georgia war, the Georgian government has...
  • Time to Say Goodbye to the WTO

    09/14/2011 7:41:50 PM PDT · by cradle of freedom · 10 replies · 1+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | Sept. 14, 2011 | Phylis Schlafly
    The WTO is trying to tell us that our Country of Origin Label is against free trade. Dump the WTO.
  • 40 Signs The Chinese Economy Is Beating The Living Daylights Out Of The U.S. Economy

    06/01/2011 12:15:04 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 74 replies
    American Dream ^ | May 31 2011
    40 Signs The Chinese Economy Is Beating The Living Daylights Out Of The U.S. Economy It is time to face the truth. The Chinese economy is simply beating the living daylights out of the U.S. economy. Whether you want to call it a rout, a slaughter or a thrashing, the reality is that the Chinese are absolutely embarrassing America on the global economic stage. At this point, the Chinese are playing economic chess while the Americans are playing economic checkers. China is poised to blow past the United States and become the largest economy in the world. Not only that,...
  • WTO backs Mexico, Canada over U.S. meat labels: sources

    05/27/2011 9:41:30 AM PDT · by SwinneySwitch · 17 replies
    Reuters ^ | May 26, 2011 | Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck
    GENEVA - The World Trade Organization has ruled against some U.S. labeling regulations for meat sold in supermarkets, saying they discriminate against foreign suppliers, people close to the case said on Thursday. The confidential interim ruling, if approved later this year, would deal a partial victory to Mexican and Canadian breeders frustrated in their attempts to export to the United States, and opens the way to scores of similar legal challenges, the sources said. A WTO spokesman said the interim report -- expected to be largely unchanged in its final version later this year -- was circulated to the United...
  • Time to Quit Pining for a “Level Playing Field” in International Trade

    03/18/2011 12:01:00 AM PDT · by ianfletcher · 14 replies
    Seeking Alpha ^ | 03/17/2011 | Ian Fletcher
    One of the most common plaints from those who are upset about America’s current trade mess is “just give us a level playing field.” In particular, this is what one tends to hear from American businesses (at least those which have resisted the siren song of offshoring) that are hard pressed by “unfair” foreign competition. It’s hard not to be sympathetic, and on an individual basis, my heart goes out to them. Unfortunately, the whole idea of a level playing field in international trade is basically a mirage as an aspiration, and we’ll all be better off if we stop...
  • So Both Sides Got Subsidies in KC-X, Now What?

    01/31/2011 11:30:07 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 13 replies
    Defense Tech ^ | 1/31/2011 | Defense Tech
    The World Trade Organization has apparently issued a final ruling saying that Boeing did indeed recieve unfair — not illegal — subsidies that benefit the development of its aircraft fleet. According to the New York Times, the WTO ruled, in a confidential report, that Boeing received about $5 billion in subsidies. The WTO focused on about $24 billion in R & D contracts Boeing receives from the military and NASA along with Washington state tax breaks that European governments say gave the Chicago-based company a technological and financial edge. Last summer, the WTO found that EADS had received billions in...
  • WTO finds Boeing got billions in illegal subsidies

    01/31/2011 12:17:15 PM PST · by buzzer · 23 replies
    seattlepi ^ | Monday, January 31, 2011 | AUBREY COHEN
    WTO finds Boeing got billions in illegal subsidies, but how many billions? Boeing received billions of dollars in illegal subsidies, a World Trade Organization panel determined in a ruling released to the parties Monday. But the two sides offered vastly different accounts of the ruling, which will remain confidential for several more weeks, until the WTO releases official translations. Airbus said the subsidies amount to at least $5 billion, plus $2 billion more pledged for the future, and cost Airbus at least $45 billion in lost sales -- much more than the impact of illegal subsidies a separate panel found...
  • U.S. Beats China in [WTO] Tire Fight

    12/14/2010 5:26:52 AM PST · by 1rudeboy · 24 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | DECEMBER 13, 2010 | By ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON And TOM BARKLEY
    The World Trade Organization handed the U.S. a big victory in a fight with China over tire imports, bolstering the Obama administration's effort to show it is tough on enforcement as it girds for a battle in Congress over passage of a free trade pact with South Korea. The WTO's dispute-settlement panel ruled Monday in favor of President Barack Obama's decision in September 2009 to levy tariffs of up to 35% on Chinese tires. Mr. Obama's move, made under a rarely used safeguard provision to protect against import surges, provoked one of the biggest trade spats between the two countries...
  • Gadhafi Lashes Out at Organizations at AU Summit

    12/07/2010 1:35:21 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 11 replies
    Mideast Times ^ | 29 Nov 2010 | unattributed
    More than 40 European Union and African leaders met in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, for the third African Union-European Union Summit. Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi chaired the summit, slamming international organizations, including the WTO, World Bank and the United Nations... lashing out at the World Trade Organization and the World Bank, claiming they had done little during their years of existence to help developing countries. He says developing countries are facing debt payments to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization... stresses that poor countries in the developing world, especially those in Africa, do...
  • The UN's $7 Trillion Socialist Scam

    02/11/2006 6:02:20 PM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 51 replies · 1,658+ views ^ | February 10, 2006 | Joseph Klein
    The United Nations says it can end poverty, stop global warming, and end the threat of contagious disease while also unlocking $7 trillion of hidden wealth from developing nations in the process. If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. In a new book launched with great fanfare at last month’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, The New Public Finance: Responding to Global Challenges, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) claims to offer “innovative financial mechanisms that could dramatically reduce the cost of managing global risks can now be implemented by governments across the world.”...
  • WTO helping China Loot Caterpillar

    10/04/2010 1:00:25 PM PDT · by goldendays · 52 replies ^ | 10/04/2010 | Howard Richman & Raymond Richman
    Caterpillar is one excellent company. It is building new factories now in Texas, Arkansas, and North Carolina, from which it will export products made by American workers all around the world. Its excellent worldwide parts distribution network gives its used equipment a very high resale value. But on September 29 Caterpillar announced it is building its twelfth factory in China -- this one to produce mini-excavators. Why can’t Caterpillar make a profit exporting mini-excavators to China? The answer is simple: China has a 30% tariff on all excavators. In fact it has a similar high tariff on just about every...
  • China wins WTO backing in chicken fight with US

    09/29/2010 11:35:11 AM PDT · by goldendays · 20 replies ^ | 09/30/2010 | GENEVA (AFP)
    GENEVA (AFP) – China won a rare victory at the World Trade Organization against the United States on Wednesday after an arbitration panel ruled that US restrictions on Chinese poultry imports are illegal. Arbitration panels typically call on offending parties to lift the illegal measure, however, in this case, the panel said that it would not make any recommendation as the US restrictions have since expired. Beijing, usually the target of disputes rather than a complainant, accused Washington of breaching international trade rules through several measures, including an appropriations bill which results in an effective ban on Chinese poultry imports....
  • Boeing Likely To Lose WTO Ruling [company received illegal subsidies]

    09/15/2010 11:17:34 AM PDT · by wolf78 · 21 replies
    THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ^ | Sep. 15, 2010 | Michaels, Daniel and Miller, John W.
    BRUSSELS—The World Trade Organization is likely to rule Wednesday that Boeing Co. received some illegal subsidies from the U.S. government, said people familiar with the case, fueling the debate with European rival Airbus and opening the door to negotiations on state support to plane makers. The preliminary, confidential WTO finding will come more than one year after the WTO ruled in a similar case that Airbus had benefited from illegal European subsidies. The European Union alleges that Boeing benefited from some $24 billion in tax breaks, research aid and export rebates from U.S. federal and state governments. Boeing officials say...
  • India says US visa issue may be solved outside WTO

    09/06/2010 2:21:59 PM PDT · by goldendays · 4 replies ^ | 26 AUG, 2010 | ,REUTERS
    EW DELHI: India is confident of resolving a visa restrictions issue with the United States outside the WTO framework, a senior government official said on Thursday. India had objected to US legislation passed this month to strengthen security along the border with Mexico, funds for which will be raised through a hike in visa fees that may affect Indian companies like Infosys Technologies and Wipro. India's trade secretary, Rahul Khullar, said last week the move was not compatible with World Trade Organisation rules. The Indian government is speaking to the US government on the issue. Members of the apex Indian...