Since Nov 1, 2003

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Libertarian by choice. Christian, which doesn’t conflict with my views. Ya got to have religion. I am not Neil Bork. Love the founding fathers, hardly anything I would change from what they wrote. Reagan was the greatest president of the 20th century, no one else even came close. Like Teddy Roosevelt’s quotes, and got some videos on him, he was a man!

What else can I say! I was born when Truman was pres, did some good things, Eisenhower is underrated, JFK was martyred and made bigger than he was, I grew up with Goldwater (cause I grew up in Arizona) and he was my hero! Read everyone of his books, kind of got off the edge, cuz he married a young one that corrupted him, away it goes.

Wm F. Buckley Jr., infatuated with him. Had most of his political books, big influence on the way that I think. Of course, it impacted my education to a great extent.

When I went to college I took a Political Science course, and caused much disruption in the classroom. Read a lot of Ayn Rand books, of course.

Took a written test, which took me a few hours, because I wrote down the response he expected (which I was correct in) and then put down the response that I believed in, which really PO’d him. I remember his name it was “Wycliffe”. Wanted the class to help him as he was running for some office in Northern Arizona and wanted to get us involved in “politics”.

I told him I didn’t believe anything that he stood for and could not earn extra credit in his stupid endeaver, but said I would expect to receive xtra credit for supporting his opponent. That was received well. Therefore, Dems can’t be fair, they are corrupt from the core, they will not listen to opposing views, and what am I doing in Ill!