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Since Sep 14, 2004

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I currently live in the city of sin: San Francisco.
Just doing some undercover agent work for FR!

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San Francisco News (All the news that's fit to make you sick!)

Who's Frank-Chu? Click here to see an interview with San Francisco's most intelligent professional protester!

San Francisco History

Capt. John Berrian Montgomery
Seventy years after the American Revolution, Yerba Buena was a remote Mexican pueblo of about 450 souls. This changed on July 9, 1846, when the United States warship Portsmouth anchored in Yerba Buena Cove, and Capt John B Montgomery rowed ashore with a small detachment of sailors and marines to raise the American flag in the plaza. Capt Montgomery appointed his Spanish-speaking lieutenant, Washington Bartlett, as the first American alcalde of Yerba Buena. The alcalde renamed the pueblo San Francisco in a ordinance dated January 30, 1847."

Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, "The most hated and despised man in the history of Georgia": San Francisco Banker

Mark Twain reports on the San Francisco Democratic platform of 1864, parrallels emphasized.

May God Bless Our Troops.
May God Save Our Free Republic.

Old Glory!

"One day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets..."

"The hope is twofold, that officers will have an opportunity to interact with folks and, if they have a handgun, that will be reason enough to confiscate it," he said. "Second, we know that for even law-abiding folks who own guns, the rates of suicide and mortality are substantially higher. So while just perceived to be a crime thing, we think there is a wide benefit to limiting the number of guns in the city." - Bill Barnes, aide to Chris Daly, San Francisco city stupervisor.

This is a picture taken in front of the U.N. Plaza in SF,
one of the most disgusting spots in the city, thanks Kofi!

<--Used Gene Simmons' tongue for this one

How did the world view us under Clinton's term? This parade float in Europe is a hint.

Check out some of my undercover work in this liberal city by the bay:

Anti-Terror rally in Berkeley, CA - 1/16/05.

BARF! Hate Fest 2005 Anti-Inaugural Pics (because its fun to laugh at SF liberal loser idiots) - 1/20/05

Walk for Life West Coast: THOUSANDS turn out in support of the unborn in San Francisco (Images) - More Pictures - 1/22/05

Some crazy tin-foil-hat libs I saw on Powell and Market today - 12/11/04.

Look closely, this nut I saw near the cable car turnaround was arguing with a twig that was in his hand
(I think the twig was winning). What a weirdo...

Check out this kooky homeless chick holding a pigeon. I'm surprised there wasn't a PETA goon
squad coming out of the woodwork ready to pounce on her! Hey lady, I think you finally found
someone who understands you!

Another beautiful day in San Francisco...


"Meet the Marxists of Campus" (UC Berkeley Campus): Nader is not different from the the Republicans? I'd hate to see what their ideal democrat looks like...


This says it all. This is in the window of a socialist bookstore in Berkeley. Know thy enemy...