Since Jun 8, 2009

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I consider myself Decent.

I am a true American.

I love this country.

I thought I trusted my government.

Until 2008, when I lost trust.

I thought the people who fought for civil rights succeeded to rid this country of racism.

Yet we had the most racist election in the history of this country.

We elected a man solely based on his race.

He used his race to his advantage, he called the race card when it was convenient for him.

The media refused to vet him, he is corrupt and dirty, and no one dared ask questions.

Because, that would be racist.

And yes, I am confident that he is not a natural born citizen. Why else would he have spent hundreds of thousands on legal fees, and sealed his long form BC?

When I see him on TV or on the news, I cringe. Not in disgust, but in fear. This man emits true evil. It is unavoidable, it is what it is.

He is trying to destroy us. He disrespects our military. Our soldiers. That is what makes me most angry, that he would treat the people that protect us, that risk their lives for us, with such disdain.

This is an evil man.

I only signed onto FR because it is one of the few sites that tells the truth, that truly believes in America.

Thank you, FR.