Gideon Reader
Since Aug 2, 2006

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Gideon Reader is a retired professional Law Enforcement Officer, who has served thirty four plus years in local and Federal LE, with approximately one quarter of that service time as a first and second line supervisor in Uniformed Patrol and the remainder as a working Special Agent or Unit Supervisor, Patrol Commander, or in Criminal Investigations and Intelligence liaison or Joint Task Force assignments. He is a ten year veteran of tours in both the USMC and USAF (1954-1964).
Reader is an avid recreational Combat (IDPA) style handgun and carbine shooter rarely firing less than three hundred rounds a week. Reader is an aficionado of classic Jazz (with a rather large collection of CD's)and a fan of fine single malts. Reader **WAS** a long term practioner of Judo before a series of orthopedic injuries limited continued engagement in that interest.
Reader IS a voracious reader. (Cue: JAWS music)