Since Aug 26, 1999

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Retired Aerospace engineer, (Consulting CSP) Also former Math Teacher, Now enjoying a Full Time RV Lifestyle with my conservative wife of 26 years

Worked in California and Austin but retired to the deep South to be around people of similar values. Have had to take a break in RVing and have set down roots in the SF area for a while to deal with an injured son. The RV is in storage for now, the boy is making a slow recovery with some nerve damage to the arm and leg and serious injury to the pelvis. His recovery is now well enough that I plan to return to teaching in the Fall 2008.

Well teaching was fun, but I am pink slipped along with others, looking forward to retirement and maybe some nice tea parties soon.

Well engineering called me back to Lockheed Martin as a consultant, then after that I was employed by San Jose State University. As of now, I have decided to be fully retired so I will change my tag line.