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Thursday, July 6, 2018
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The Comprehensive LexiQon of Q Acronyms, Cited Organizations, Persons, and Terminology

Compiled and edited by Swordmaker

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(Thanks to FreeQ JockoManning for suggesting more white space.)

Please Freepmail me with any corrections, suggestions, questions, or noted errors, thanks.

Note: Items in the LexiQon are alphabetized as they appear in the Q drops, which is usually first name, last name, for ease of finding them in the list and to keep them together as much as possible with their initials when Q has mixed names with initials.

The LexiQon citations includes Q Drop number of first use.

Q states spelling and sentence structure are frequently deliberate. That means that almost all words in upper case may possibly be acronyms. For example, it may be possible that "BOOM" without an exclamation point may be an acronym, not an explosion and "CLAS" may not may not be a contraction of "classified" but may be an acronym, etc. so it is suggested that doing research on the most fitting acronyms may yield results. If you find an apt acronym, let me know via Freepmail.

(Thanks to FreeQ SERKIT for suggesting the name change to "LexiQon")

Q Drops Are Numbered As Found On Agreggating SiteQanon.Pub.

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LexiQon Entry Leaders in RED have been either newly added to the LexiQon or had their content significantly amended since the last version of the LexiQon was published. (Thanks to FreeQ stylin19a for the suggestion.).

( IMPORTANT NOTE — It turns out there is a very good reason Q is always saying to re-read the “crumbs” or Drops! They’ve changed and Future DOES affect the past! Below are some of the changes I have observed in the Drops just through the letter A plus one thing I noticed that makes a big difference in the Loop definition.)

Swordmaker’s Q LexiQon

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