Since Apr 3, 2004

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Fair Warning:
I am a grouch by nature, and have a problem with fools, liberals, PC morons and 'sensitivity.' I love liberal-baiting, setting verbal landmines, and catching fools in their own words.
I started life as a real cowboy, but got damn tired of seeing the south end of north bound cows, and volunteered for the Navy. Seen the world, worked my way around it, and learned far more than History class ever taught! Had my fun, and some experiences I will never forget, and none of your damn business!

If I'm Trike, what the hell is a Trike? A three wheeled motorcycle with more power then an intelligent person might want to play with, and it gets a little unstable around 120 MPH. It also gets around 35-40 MPG, and with a 22 gallon fuel tank, I often get 880 miles a tankful - @$2.00 a gallon, that's $40.00 a tank full, or about 5 cents a mile to run. As a commuter vehicle it's a blast to ride, and it can even tow a small camp trailer over the Rockies.

What do I do?: I'm a Mechanical Designer and Drafter (15 years), and a Reverend Father, with a congregation of bikers, hardcases, and good folks other churches seem too arrogant to want in their congregation.

I like:
Scale ships (r.c. and static) and engineering on a real steamboat.
I design and build V-8 powered trike motorcycles, and oddball gadgets. I love gadgets, widgets and thingamabobs, and build more of them then I should.

I make my own wine and beer, and love to cook.
I love all things mechanical, and unique.

Who am I?
How was my basic ideology formed? By living through hard times, violent times, and some good times, the experience of 56 years of living life and taking the good with the bad, weighing them in the scales of my life.
How old was I when my beliefs really solidified? They aren't solidified, rather they are being forged by the things I've found to be true and shaped by avoiding things I know to be false. They are mutable, changing as I change with new information and exposure to new realities.

What were some of the key factors in the development of my beliefs?
Growing up poor, (steal food from out of a farmer's field kinda of poor), never having enough money to have things unless I built them, repaired them or created them for myself. Working cattle ranches as a kid, and learning to stand up like a man along the way, fighting with and like other men. Military service, combat, life and death in my face, leaving the scars in my soul that never really heal. Seeing what things like communism and socialism really mean, and coming to understand that while capitalism and the Constitution and the Republic are not perfect, they are the best man has created since life began as far as give the most the best chance to be more then even they can think of being. Faith and morals and the love of my God. Family values and respect for law and order, and fairness for all.

My Parents?
My father, a violent hard drink long-haul truck driver who beat me often with the buckle end of a teamster belt to drive out the demon he saw in me. (He taught me to hate drunks, weak violent people, and to have contempt for those who strike out at the weak to give their own life some value).
My mother, a woman who work hard to raise four kids, gave her heart and soul to do the best for her kids, in a world that couldn't have cared less. She worked 16 hour days to see we had food and clothes and the few things she could give us. She died from lung-cancer, more a victim of her life then the cigarettes. She taught me honor, love, respect, the value of hard work, and the strength to stand up and face my problems head on and solve them. She also taught me the dignity of her life was the greatest gift she gave me to carry.

Favorite movies:
Die Hard Trilogy, Under Seige (both), and the Star Wars set.

Favorite music:
ZZ TOP, Bad Company, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton

My Friends?
The people on this board for starters. They are fast of mind and wicked of humor, and each has taught me something in the time I have been here. My friends span this globe, military people who stood by my side in Nam, guys who walked beside me across the African veldt, serving in wars we weren't native to, guys who race, and guys and gals who ride Harleys. The captain of an Arab Dhow, a truck driver in India, the owner of a bar in Spain, some slightly crazy aussies poets in the outback, and on and on. Rough people, hard people sometimes, but people who give their word and keep it. And the women, every one a woman(!) and some were even Ladies! (nuff said). Folks who know the hard paths in life, and know the wear and pain that follows those trails. My friends are each a unique part of my life, one of the true treasures we take from this world, and the only true measure of our time here.

The neighborhood I grew up in?
Lived in 11 states growing up, and never for anytime longer then a couple of years at most, until we got to Montana. Lived there, grew up there, and worked ranches and farms when I wasn't going to school in town. Yep, I was a real cowboy,and I got damn tired of seeing the south end of north bound cows! Lived a while on a reservation in Montana (I'm part Sioux). No fixed location like some do, more of a wide ranging living experience.

My educational experiences?
High school, school of damn hard knocks (Nam), three quarters of college physics and biochemistry). Associates degree in electronics, a year of drafting, Laser tech school, and a multiple number of military schools as student and instructor. OBAMANOMICS – Chains you can believe in!