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Seattle's homeless crisis Episode 16: county protest ends with a riot and return to indoor shelters
mainestategop ^

Posted on 11/09/2016 2:07:19 PM PST by mainestategop


The protest of Share/wheel at the County Administration building has ended... The squeaky wheel gets the grease. A week ago, The Seattle city council and the King county Administration has caved in to the demands of the largest bum mafia in America. Of course we all know they were in on it the whole time! I mean they want any excuse they can get to raise taxes and increase the size of government!!!

The government has agreed to give in to share's demands for funding and has awarded them $428,000 in funding. In addition they will be teaming up with Catholic community Services CCS Low Income Housing Institute LIHI and other housing organizations. They will also recieve in addition to the funds $20,000 in free bus tickets.

There were very very few strings attatched to the deal. For one thing, they had to close down two of the shelters in the University district, The shelter at the University district Quaker meeting house and the one at Christ Episcopal Church. The reason was due to the lack of proper busing to the area.

When Sound transit opened its light rail expansion into the U-District, King Metro buses cut nearly all its bus services to that region to save money. The tickets Share will be receiving are not eligable for use on Sound Transit rail or Buses. This was one of the reasons for the protests that took place. It is not known if SHARE will reopen any of those shelters. However, two shelters are operating in or beyond the district, University Lutheran which hosts a women's shelter via YWCA and the Co-ed shelter in Maple Leaf Baptist church located in Northern Seattle in the town of Wedgewood which used to be accessed via bus 71X which used to operate in the tunnel downtown before expansion was complete

Share also must require its members to enroll in the HMIS database and enroll in housing programs. It is not known for certain if victims of Domestic Violence and stalking will be eligible to have their names withheld. The guests must also cooperate with law enforcement in making sure fugitives and sex-offenders are not in the shelter system. Illegal aliens are also banned. Finally...

Sadly, tent city funding will continue. The tent cities are dangerous, overcrowded and the people in charge are not responsible or professional. It is feared that they will become dumping grounds for societies most vulnerable people such as the mentally and physically handicapped, the elderly and families with children. The discretionary rule which allows Share to discriminate against the disabled and against those they dislike also remains.

According to an infiltration operative loyal with Mainestategop who stayed at TC-6 At the Admin Building and TC-5 in Interbay near Ballard since February 2016, the State of Washington has already begun using the tent cities as dumping grounds for discharged patients and paroled felons since August. One of these unfortunates is a man who is called 86 because he suffers from Borderline intellectual functioning syndrome and has an IQ of 86. His real name is not known.

86 is 28 years old, had lived with his mother in Spokane and who died and is a ward of the state of Washington. He was originally ward of his mother but when she died the state took over. He was incarcerated at Eastern state hospital then dumped in Tent city 5. It is not known what the guardian appelate did to his house and belongings but it is assumed they were all liquidated. When 86 arrived at TC-5 he had only a backpack with clothing, another backpack which had a few objects such as a checkers board, Jigsaw puzzle and backgammon board, a bible, a portrait of his mother, a few children's books and his stuffed bunny rabbit named Fuzzy muffin. 86 was in a deteriorated and sorry state when he arrived.

86 was not liked by the tenants of TC-5 because of his behavior and disability and was ostracized. He often cried at night and had trouble adjusting. He also complains of the cold and has been attacked by Tent city residents twice, a man and a woman. Both of them were evicted from the tent city. The residents voted to evict him on several occasions but Scott Morrow forbade it since his guardian forced them to let him stay under threat of a suit and that they would not receive fundin.

An unfortunate incident happened at TC-5 when volunteers from Shoreline Unitarian church served lunch to its residents. a TC-5 member stole Fuzzy Muffin from 86, ripped its off his head and put ketchup on it claiming he did so because he was annoyed by funny clicking sounds he made with his teeth and tongue and because he hated the disabled. 86 freaked out and the incident outraged campers even those who hated 86 which lead to a large scale fighting and rioting that spilled over into the street and a residential neighborhood nearby.

Seattle police and a SWAT unit was called in to disperse the rioters who then looted and attacked two businesses, set fires at the construction site near TC-5 and damaged someone's home. It lasted for less than an hour and tenants except for 3 people dispersed as soon as SWAT arrived. The Tent city was closed by Scott Morrow and the SPD for two days. Many innocent TC-5 residents were mistakenly identified as participants of the riot were arrested by Ballard and Seattle police, evicted and banned from all share services. They were cleared but many of them are still banned from Share and Share activities. Police charged 8 people with vandalism, assault, disorderly conduct and arson.

86 was hit in the face by a TC-5 member and was traumatized but was okay. He and Fuzzy Muffin were taken to the hospital and held in the Psychiatric ward. The event was barely covered by local media even though it lasted for almost an hour and involved a hate crime on a person with disabilities.

Cell PHOTOS TAKEN AROUND BERTONA, 15th Ave and Thorndike way where Seattle SWAT cordoned off much of the area around TC-5 after riots spilled over from outrage over an attack on a disabled homeless person

Fire Damage near a construction yard and TC-5 Interbay set on fire by anarchists. Police have charged 8 people with the carnage and arrested many more who were later released without charges

The incident took place in September by the way on the same day Share Boss Scott Murrow and the city council of Seattle met for a settlement. Despite the riots, Ballard and the city of Seattle continued to allow TC-5 to squat on public property and continue their nasty behavior. It apparently had no effect on negotiations.

86 was discharged from the hospital and placed in TC-7 on Goat hill near downtown and the Unitarian church in Ballard offered to buy him another stuffed bunny. He refused and was seen at TC-7 with Fuzzy Muffin's head duct taped together talking to himself. SHARE residents blame 86 for the riots and wanted him banned from Share but 86's guardian threatened Scott Murrow and Share with a lawsuit if they did not allow 86 to stay. It was probably one of the conditions for reopening the indoor shelters and receiving funding.

After SHARE indoor shelters were reopened, Scott Morrow disregarded the discretionary rule and forced residents of the shelter at St. John Lutheran church on 33rd and Phiney near the zoo to accept him. He was evicted one week later after residents voted in survivor council style meeting to kick him out. The reason is not clear why but there are three different rumors, one, that he wet the bed, the other because he urinated in the toiled incorrectly, and third that during a weekly meeting a motion to evict him was made and seconded.

86 was last seen at TC-3 in Northgate and Olympic Hills. His condition is not known at this time only that he is hardly tolerated and is not at all liked by anyone in share. He is also exempted from doing chores due to his disability. He has also been denied entry into all the indoor shelters who blame him for the riots at Ballard and is not welcome in any of them.

So, its business as usual for share aside from a few changes. More of the same. lazy bums who wont work and get paid our money while we work, the disabled denied shelter and left to freeze this winter while we pay them to keep them out, that's fine with Seattle by the way. Money going to filthy nasty icky tent cities full of criminals and insane, a literal human landfill in parts of Seattle and lets not kid ourselves, the illegal aliens will be back to haunt Share and Seattle will allow it. After all, they get paid filling the system with people and its just another thing the wetbacks will do that we wont.

So congratulations Seattle residents on caving in to the bums and commies. Hope you have a happy holidays from those of us in New Hampshire where we believe in personal responsibility and integrity! I also hope also you're still alive because give these bums an inch they'll take a foot and a leg then a head. Poor Fuzzy Muffin found that out the hard way...

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Politics
KEYWORDS: ballard; bums; fuzzymuffin; hatecrime; homeless; interbay; occupy; riot; scottmurrow; seattle; share; sharewheel; swat; tentcity

1 posted on 11/09/2016 2:07:19 PM PST by mainestategop
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To: mainestategop
Interesting. I just stayed in a hotel in Seattle's University District, an area that is referred to in the article.

I was surprised to see the number of "homeless" on the streets in the U-District. Unlike the so-called homeless in my northeastern state, these street people were mostly white, mostly young or middle-aged, and looked like burnt-out hippies.

I had to wonder if many of them are casualties of the Obama economy. I.e., former students at University of Washington who couldn't find a job after graduation. So they just kept hanging out in the neighborhood, taking advantage of the generous social services that are offered in this kind of liberal enclave.

2 posted on 11/09/2016 2:17:13 PM PST by shhrubbery! (NIH!)
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To: shhrubbery!
I too have been there. According to one of my associates who's from there, the majority of them are outcasts and potheads. Many of these kids stay at a nearby youth shelter and they're here mainly to chase the cannabis dream. They get $200 a month from the government just for doing no work. At night its scary and the crazies come out to scream and rave. Another friend of mine who was homeless in both LA and seattle says its just like Skid Row in LA only whiter.
3 posted on 11/09/2016 2:24:11 PM PST by mainestategop (Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away! After America , There is No Place to Go)
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To: mainestategop

There’s this’s called a job........

4 posted on 11/09/2016 2:28:35 PM PST by Be Careful
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To: mainestategop
Yes, that was exactly what I saw. Mostly white, very likely potheads.

What a shame that our government encourages this kind of behavior. Seattle's government, anyway.

And with the tearing of our social fabric all over our country, it will likely be coming to an area near you and me, perhaps soon. Actually my little town is overrun with teenaged heroin addicts already. Not homeless though - not yet.

5 posted on 11/09/2016 2:32:29 PM PST by shhrubbery! (NIH!)
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To: shhrubbery!

They support it because they get paid big bucks for it! The government workers are paid for everyone of these junkies and bums they have in the system! The more programs they’re on, the more messed up they are, the more profitable!

6 posted on 11/09/2016 2:35:21 PM PST by mainestategop (Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away! After America , There is No Place to Go)
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To: mainestategop

Trump’s fault!

7 posted on 11/09/2016 2:42:35 PM PST by Eagles6 (My weapons are lubricated by liberal tears.)
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To: mainestategop

8 posted on 11/09/2016 2:51:19 PM PST by TheErnFormerlyKnownAsBig
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