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Letter from Ruth Matar (Women in Green) ^ | 1/15/04 | Ruth Matar

Posted on 01/15/2004 10:07:45 AM PST by adam_az



Dear Friends,

In last Sunday's Jerusalem Post, there was a BIG headline: "Mintz regrets 'Jewboy' slur". Adi Mintz is the director-general for the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, who called U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, a YEHUDON (little Jew-boy). Because of the uproar from the Israeli Left, Mr. Mintz was forced to send a letter of apology to Kurtzer, explaining that he regretted calling him a Yehudon.

In an interview with Channel 1 (Israel Television), Mintz had said that Kurtzer does not act as a diplomat when it comes to dealing with the territories. He accused Kurtzer of belonging to Peace Now and for passing on their detrimental material and reports to the U.S. government. He said he was also upset that Kurtzer is giving speeches questioning the legitimacy of the settlements in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip.

What got Mr. Mintz so upset as to call Daniel Kurtzer a "little Jewboy"? Kurtzer had said it would be "unacceptable" if Israel's courts rule that the community of Migron is legal, in effect demanding the transfer of Jews!

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said with regard to this controversy: "Imagine the outcry if there was an issue before an American court, and Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. demanded that the U.S. government take action on the issue, regardless of the court's ruling. Ambassador Kurtzer's demand that Israel expel and transfer Jewish men, women, and children from their homes in Migron is blatant interference in Israel's internal affairs. It also smacks of a troubling double standard--because he has never called for the expulsion of Palestinian Arabs from their homes in legally-questionable areas."

Adi Mintz was not the first Israeli leader to call Daniel Kurtzer a "Jewboy". Two years ago, in January of 2002 Knesset Member Zvi Hendel also called US Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer a "little Jewboy". He accused Kurtzer of engaging in "blatant interference" in Israel's internal affairs, when he criticized the Israeli Government for giving money to settlements rather than to the disabled.

Knesset Member Hendel, at the time, was referring to a speech Kurtzer gave in which he questioned the JEWISH ETHICS of investing in Judea and Samaria instead of giving money to the disabled.

Against Jewish Ethics? How can Kurtzer, a supposedly religious Jew, make such a remark?

If this indeed is the Promised Land, how can Judea, Samaria and Gaza, which is part and parcel of what the L-rd promised to the Jewish People, NOT be settled by Jews? And how can a Jewish State NOT lend its support to the growth and development of any part of the Holy Land? (Knesset Member Michael Kleiner pointed out that when Dan Kurtzer was U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, he never once advised Mubarak that he should use the money which he received from the United States for Egypt's poor, rather than for purchasing weapons against Israel.)

The ZOA notes numerous previous instances in which Ambassador Kurtzer interfered in Israel's internal affairs:

* In August 2001, Kurtzer publicly criticized Israel for striking at Abu Ali Mustafa, head of the terrorist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which has murdered 14 U.S. citizens and numerous Israelis. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations issued a statement on August 28, 2001, saying it was "surprised and dismayed" that Kurtzer "felt compelled to raise the issue with Prime Minister Sharon [while] we did not hear of any similar actions when American citizens were the victims of terror attacks over the past few months."

* Kurtzer demanded that Israel stop spending government funds on Jewish communities in Judea-Samaria and Gaza, and "take care of the disabled and or economic development" instead. (Washington Times, Jan. 9, 2002)

* The Israeli (Labor) government's former Ambassador to Washington, Itamar Rabinovich, has described a "stormy dispute" between Kurtzer and the head of Israel's negotiating team, in which "Kurtzer thought that Israel was not going far enough with the Palestinians. There were sharp exchanges between them [and Kurtzer] rebuked" the Israeli negotiators. (Ha'Aretz, April 6, 2001)

* Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir has said: "Kurtzer frequently pressured Israel to make one-sided concessions to the Arabs; he constantly blamed Israel for the absence of Mideast peace, and paid little or no attention to the fact that the Palestinians were carrying out terrorist attacks and openly calling for the destruction of Israel."

* Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "has said more than once that with Jews like Kurtzer, it is impossible to build a healthy relationship between Israel and the United States." (Ha'Aretz, April 6, 2001)

* Morris Amitay, former executive director of AIPAC, has said: "Kurtzer has a track record of pushing for Palestinian rights. He will use his Jewishness as a protective cover for his anti-Israel views." (Jewish Telegraphic Agency, March 29, 2001)

* The Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot (August 9, 1991) reported: "Possibly more than any other U.S. State Department official, Kurtzer has been instrumental in promoting the goals of the Palestinians and in raising their afflictions to the center of the U.S. policymakers' agenda. Kurtzer's poor relations with Jerusalem's political bureaus reached a new climax" in 1990, when he authored a speech by James Baker strongly criticizing Israel, which was delivered at an AIPAC conference, "causing a commotion among the conference participants... A Jewish community leader told Kurtzer (shortly afterwards], 'Your children will bear the consequences of the Israeli policy you are encouraging."'

There is no doubt that Daniel Kurtzer's employer, the U.S. State Department, is virulently anti-Jewish and anti-Israel.

During the time of the Holocaust, the State Department deliberately suppressed information they had received about the extermination of European Jewry. Thus, they were responsible for not preventing the murder of millions of Jews, when they had the power to do so.

The State Department even tried to prevent the rebirth of Israel by attempting to cast a negative vote in the United Nations. President Harry Truman discovered this perfidy minutes before the vote, and instructed his Ambassador to the United Nations to vote in favor of the State of Israel.

It is also no doubt that those, who like Daniel Kurtzer are successful in attaining high positions within the State Department hierarchy, are those who toe the line of Foggy Bottom's virulent anti-Israeli positions. The most effective way for the State Department to harm Israel, of course, is to find a Jew who is able and willing to do the dirty jobs required. Then the State Department can truthfully say: "But our Ambassador to Israel is himself of the Jewish persuasion and this is his position!" And Daniel Kurtzer is definitely their star performer.

I wonder just when James Baker, the U.S. Secretary of State, recruited Daniel Kurtzer to be his speech writer?

Did Baker realize that he and Kurtzer were soul mates when he heard that Kurtzer, as Dean at Yeshiva University in New York, demonstratively walks out during a presentation by Menachem Begin?

Baker could not have found a speech writer more attuned to his own prejudices? In fact, it was Daniel Kurtzer who coined the slogan "Land for Peace" to ingratiate himself with his boss.

Two important Israeli leaders, Zvi Hendel in January of 2002, and Adi Mintz in January of 2004 had the courage to call Mr. Kurtzer a "little Jewboy". Both were forced by tremendous pressure of the Israeli Left, to apologize.

Were Zvi Hendel and Adi Mintz justified in calling Daniel Kurtzer a Yehudon, even though they were subsequently forced to apologize? What exactly does it mean when one calls somebody a "little Jewboy"? It depends entirely on who does the name calling.

To me, as a Jew, this expression means that the person in question is a JEWISH Uncle Tom, a person who tries to ingratiate himself with the majority culture by being disloyal to his own co-religionists. Of course, the Left said that Hendel's remark was "disgraceful and anti-Semitic". Not at all! Coming from another Jew it is more like: Why aren't YOU proud of being a Jew? You little Jewboy, what are you running away from?

However, when a non-Jew uses the same expression, it is an entirely different matter. One can assume a fair amount of anti-Semitism behind such a remark, a feeling that: "You're trying hard to be one of us, but to us you will always be a 'little Jewboy.'"

Therefore, when Secretary of State James Baker spoke in private with a confidant about his speech writer Dan Kurtzer and two other Jewish employees of his, as "his little Jewboys", one can assume that this was not meant as a term of affection, especially since this remark came from the very person who expressed his desire to "f*ck the Jews".

Zvi Hendel and Adi Mintz had to apologize for calling Kurtzer a "little Jewboy". Former Secretary of State, James Addison Baker III, has never bothered to apologize for calling Kurtzer a "little Jewboy".

The fact that James Baker was never requested to apologize for his derisive remarks, proves that there is a double standard. What's sauce for the goose is clearly not sauce for the gander!

Sadly, the U.S. State Department can offend Israeli sensibilities through the activities of its Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer, who blatantly interferes with Israel's internal affairs, whereas Israeli leaders feel compelled to apologize for telling the simple truth.

With Blessings and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar

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I'm on the Women in Green mailing list. Ruth Matar usually has very interesting things to say.
1 posted on 01/15/2004 10:07:50 AM PST by adam_az
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To: SJackson; Alouette
ping, good article by Ruth Matar. Dunno if you are already on her list or not.
2 posted on 01/15/2004 10:08:29 AM PST by adam_az (Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting weftists.)
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To: adam_az
She is just so long-winded.
3 posted on 01/15/2004 10:11:35 AM PST by Sarah
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To: adam_az
Yehudon is just a more polite way of saying that he is a hor tachtoni
4 posted on 01/15/2004 10:28:44 AM PST by Alouette (Proud parent of an IDF recruit!)
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To: adam_az
If you'd like to be on or off this middle east/political ping list, please FR mail me.

Kurtzers performance as Ambassador has been abysmal, he's not working for President Dean. Mixing his faith with his job should be reason for dismissal, so in that sense perhaps yehudon isn’t appropriate. He's a putz, no one would argue with that.

5 posted on 01/15/2004 11:20:28 AM PST by SJackson
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To: dennisw; Cachelot; Yehuda; Nix 2; veronica; Catspaw; knighthawk; Alouette; Optimist; weikel; ...
If you'd like to be on or off this middle east/political ping list, please FR mail me.
6 posted on 01/15/2004 11:21:07 AM PST by SJackson
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To: Alouette
hor tachtoni... Can you translate?

I can read Hebrew for liturgical purposes, but as for understanding it, it's all Greek to me. :)
7 posted on 01/15/2004 11:30:13 AM PST by adam_az (Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting weftists.)
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To: adam_az; Alouette
Daniel Kurtzer is as worthless as Clinton's Jewish stooges and Clinton had a semi full of them.
8 posted on 01/15/2004 11:38:35 AM PST by dennisw (“We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way.” - Toby Keith)
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Comment #9 Removed by Moderator

To: adam_az; Yehuda; Alouette; SJackson; yonif; Simcha7; American in Israel; spectacularbid2003; ...
"...There is no doubt that Daniel Kurtzer's employer, the U.S. State Department, is virulently anti-Jewish and anti-Israel."

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10 posted on 01/15/2004 6:47:39 PM PST by Salem (FREE REPUBLIC - Fighting to win within the Arena of the War of Ideas! So get in the fight!)
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To: Yehuda
Does he still hold that position?

When he retires, he can always get a job with the Saudis.

11 posted on 01/15/2004 7:40:11 PM PST by SJackson
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