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TERRORISM-Global Network of Islamic Fundamentalist’s – Part II | AUGUST, 30 2004 | DARKO TRIFUNOVIC

Posted on 08/30/2004 8:27:12 AM PDT by Darko


TOPICS: Editorial; Foreign Affairs; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: alqaida; balkans; goldenchain; moneytrail; terror; terrorism; yasinalqadi

“Bosnian banks Vakufska Banka D.D. and Depozitna Banka D.D. have supported, facilitated and participated in terrorism financing on the territory of Bosnia Herzegovina. These banks were funded by two SDGT, Yasin Al Kadi and Chafiq Ayadi, along with a Saudi-controlled offshore company based in the Isle of Man, whose main shareholder is a member of the Saudi royal family, nephew of King Fahd and son of the Saudi Deputy Minister of Interior. Other shareholders of the banks have also supported terrorism in the past. The bank has provided financial support to several organizations acting as fronts for Al-Qaida, including Muwafaq Foundation, Al Haramain Islamic Foundation and the Saudi High Commission for Relief in Bosnia Herzegovina, some of which have already been designated as SDGT by the US Government.”

In further text, we are going to let you know some details from this REPORT.

“Vakufska Banka D.D. (aka Vakufska Bank) is registered in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, with an address at Ferhadija 2, 71000, Sarajevo, Tel: +387 71 470903, Fax: +387 71 2005971. The bank was founded in 1992 in Sarajevo, and is currently chaired by Amir Rizvanovic, serving as General Director. Vakufka Banka has 70 employees and maintains several branches in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Zenica, Mostar, Bihac…) and banking correspondents in several European countries (Italy, Germany, Belgium…).

In 2002, Vakufska Banka reported a capital of 16.4 million KM ($9,300,000 US), while its total assets raise 55,920,000 KM ($28,670,000 US) for the same year.

In August 2002 the Bosnian Federal Banking Agency authorized the merger of Vakufska Banka and Depozitna Banka.

Depozitna Banka D.D. was a private bank owned by Yasin al Kadi (44.3%) and Mahmal Investments Company based in the Isle of Man (44.2%). The entity was under Bosnian and foreign investigation for years. The official documentation dated 2000 from Depozitna Banka D.D. , based in Vrazova 9, Sarajevo, shows that Yasin al Kadi was the first shareholder of the bank.

The shareholding structure of Depositna Banka D.D., as of December 31, 2000 (Before merging with Vakufska Banka D.D.), was as follows:

Name Percentage of shares held Yasin Kadi 44.3% Mahmal Invest Co Limited 44.2% BH Banka Sarajevo 2.4% BH Osiguranje 2.1% Centralexport Sarajevo 1.3%

Since October 2001, Yasin al Kadi (aka Yassin Qadi, Yasin al-Qadi), 47, is labeled by the U.S. Treasury, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) and his assets are frozen in the U.S. and Europe. Yasin al Kadi is at the center of various financings through his company “Qadi International” and financial activities in the Balkans.

Even if he is still at large in Saudi Arabia, where he resides, Yasin al Kadi is one of the six directors of Muwafaq Humanitarian Organization, an organization that provided assistance to the Al-Qaida network. In June 1998, Yasin al Kadi is named in an FBI report on money laundering charges at the profit of Hamas, a terrorist organization.

Muhammad, Chafiq Ayadi (Aka. Ayadi Shafiq, Ben Muhammad; Aka. Ayadi Chafik, Ben Muhammad; Aka. Aiadi, Ben Muhammad; Aka. Aiady, Ben Muhammad), (01/21/63 Safais, Tunisia) , took part in activities of Depozitna Banka and became in 1996 co-owner of Depozitna Banka in Sarajevo . Chafiq Ayadi is a Tunisian national but also holds Bosnian citizenship. Chafiq Ayadi was a business associate of Yasin al Kadi.

Chairman of Muwafak Foundation in Zagreb, Croatia, Chafiq Ayadi is on the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists, pursuant to Executive Order 13224. In April 1996, a sum of USD 500,000 was transferred to the SKB account of Bin Muhamad Chafiq Ayadi by a Saudi national, Salem Bin Mahfouz (believed to be Khalid Bin Salem Bin Mahfouz). Chafiq Ayadi became the majority owner of Depozitna Banka on July 27, 1995. Chafiq Ayadi accounts have been recently investigated by Croatian financial police on terrorism charges. While Chafiq Ayadi was the co-owner of Depozitna Banka, he transferred through the bank DM 2.5 million to the account of the Muwafaq Foundation. Furthermore, Chafiq Ayadi became also co-owner of Euroinvest D.O.O. in Sarajevo, which shared the same address as Depozitna Banka. The second co-owner of Euroinvest D.O.O. used to be Yasin al-Kadi, who was also co-owner of Depozitna Banka and became co-owner of Vakufska Banka . Chafiq Ayadi left Depozitna Banka in September 2000. He sold his shares to Yasin al Kadi. On March 30, 2001, the Banking Agency rescinded the Depozitna Banka’s permit, and the bank merged with Vakufska Banka. Euroinvest D.O.O., based in Bosnia with an address at Ulica Armije BH bb, 75264 Lukavac, was one of the most regular provider of Al Haramain Al Masjed Al Aqsa charitable foundation during the 2000-2001 period .

Based on al-Kadi's previous shares in "Depozitna Banka", he should earn 20% of the shares of Vakufska Banka, nominally worth 3.2 million KM ($1,815,000 US). According to intelligence sources, Yasin al Kadi is still co-owner of Vakufska Banka through another Sarajevo front company. Indeed he was already the main shareholder into Depozitna Banka when the entity merged with Vakufska Banka. During years, Depozitna Banka and then, Vakufska Banka, were owned by Saudi businessman Yasin Al Kadi, under US investigation for terrorism charges and by a Saudi shadow company called Mahmal Investment Company, currently under Bosnian investigation by the FOSS, Financial Police and Federal Banking Agency.

Moreover, according to the official registry of Vakufska Banka hareholders, El Tarik Oil D.O.O., an oil company based in Sarajevo, was also shareholder with 8% of Vakufska Banka capital in year 2000. Another documented report from the Bosnian Financial Police indicates in 2002 that El Tarik Oil D.O.O. is a regular provider for the Saudi High Commission and al Haramain al Aqsa foundation in Sarajevo , both involved in logistical support to al-Qaida. Finally, among the Vakufska Banka shareholders also stands a foundation called “Fondacija Bosnjaci Mostar” and “Rijaset Islamke Zajednice”, their shares are respectively 18% and 11% in year 2000 . Both foundations receive donations from abroad, and particularly from Saudi Arabia.

Nezim Halilovic Muderis, director of Wakf Directorate of the BiH Islamic Community, responsible for these foundations, is a preacher at the Sarajevo King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Mosque. Rijaset Islamke Zajednice, or Islamic Community of Bosnia Herzegovina publishes the monthly “Preporod” (Renaissance). In one of its issues in May 1992, the newspaper stressed the “virtues of the Islamic warefare” to the fighters for the independent and multinational Bosnia and Herzegovina, advising them “to purify themselves so that they could feed on the Divine spring”. In the text entitled “We feel no fear”, Preporod gave these pieces of advice in a text which looks remarkably similar to Mohamed Atta’s last instructions to the September 11 hijackers:

“Set out to the battle with pure intentions and full confidence in Allah - if you survive, you will become heroes; if you are killed, you will be martyrs, otherwise - you will lose both and be humiliated; if possible, start off with ablutions, but always with God's name in your heart and on your lips; you must never leave unwashed (after nocturnal emission or marital intercourse) for such person could cause adversity both to himself and others; during your assault at or confrontations with the enemy, utter the cries "Allah ekber!"; if possible, carry the Koran with you”.

The shareholding structure of Vakufska Banka for years 2000 (before merger) and 2001 (post merger) was the following (note that total percentage does not equal 100%) :

Name % of shares in 2000 % of shares in 2001 Individual investors 29% 36.6% Mahmal Investment Co Limited - 21.1% Fondacija Bosnjaci Mostar 18% 8.8% Finance Ministry 74% 6.9% Rijaset Islamske Zajednice BiH 11% 5.1% Tarik El Oil d.o.o. Sarajevo 8% -

“According to a sworn statement filed by FBI Special Agent Robert Wright, BMI “had receive financing from [Yassin Kadi] and United States designated HAMAS terrorist [Musa abu Marzook].” In October 2001, the U.S. Treasury Department froze the assets of Yassin Kadi and listed him as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist, citing his financial support for Al-Qaeda through a “relief” organization called Muwafaq, or Blessed Relief. Agent Wright had initially investigated BMI as part of an ongoing Hamas fundraising investigation in the United States. According to an Affidavit filed by Wright, Yassin Kadi put up $820,000 for a real estate deal structured to funnel proceeds to Hamas operative Mohammed Salah. ” And : “But by then, it was hardly a secret that BIF was involved in more than just charitable activities. The entity openly advertised itself in its Arabic-language fundraising appeals as a “trustworthy hand for the support of [both] the mujahideen and refugees” in Bosnia. Similarly, documents taken from BIF’s U.S.-based offices in December 2001 included handwritten Arabic notations explaining that its headquarters in Croatia was established “for relief operations and support of jihad in Bosnia-Herzegovina… Contribute with your mujahideen brothers to repel the Crusader-Zionist attack on Muslim lands.” Another handwritten note found in Illinois by investigators revealed BIF’s supreme “unwritten law”: “no matter how poor/sick – first priority is for mujahideen.” The raid of BIF’s Illinois office also turned up a number of other documents directly related to the war in Bosnia: a receipt dated July 21. 1994. from the “Black Swans” Bosnian Muslim commando brigade for 300 blankets and 200 pairs of boots obtained from BIF; a receipt from the BiH army dated June 3. 1994. for 2.000 uniforms, 2.000 pairs of shoes, and ten “mass communication stations” donated by BIF to “this military unit”; a request dated December 31.1994. from the Bosnian military for a combat ambulance (later delivered as promised in January 1995);and, a memorandum to BIF director Enaam Arnaout dated November 17.1995. describing the recent contribution of 200 tents to the Muslim army. In an interview conducted in 1992, BIF founder Adel Batterjee denied that his brainchild was actively encouraging its employees to aid or join the militant mujahideen operating in the Balkans; however, he also nonetheless added, “if a relief worker decides that he wants to join the fighting forces, we would not stop him.” ”

1 posted on 08/30/2004 8:27:13 AM PDT by Darko
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To: Darko

This post makes me exhausted. Does it mean anything?

2 posted on 08/30/2004 8:29:07 AM PDT by cajungirl (no)
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To: Calpernia; nw_arizona_granny


add Black Swans

3 posted on 08/30/2004 8:30:21 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Velveeta
I like your name :)

Post is a tad long, will read later.

4 posted on 08/30/2004 8:31:56 AM PDT by AmericanCheeseFood (Zing!)
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To: AmericanCheeseFood

ROFL! that you?

5 posted on 08/30/2004 8:33:31 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Velveeta

*Wrong set to be a mom though.*


6 posted on 08/30/2004 8:38:22 AM PDT by AmericanCheeseFood (Zing!)
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To: AmericanCheeseFood; Velveeta
Well now I just have to add my mouse graphic here :)

7 posted on 08/30/2004 8:43:12 AM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: Darko

Do you have a link to Part 1?

Appreciate it!

8 posted on 08/30/2004 8:43:47 AM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: AmericanCheeseFood

I had a 50/50 shot. :-)

9 posted on 08/30/2004 8:47:07 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Calpernia


10 posted on 08/30/2004 8:47:41 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Velveeta
That's cool ;-)

Easy mistake being named after mock cheese.

11 posted on 08/30/2004 9:07:15 AM PDT by AmericanCheeseFood (Zing!)
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To: Calpernia
That mouse looks terrified in that graphic!

Should be, looks like Ross Perot.

12 posted on 08/30/2004 9:08:58 AM PDT by AmericanCheeseFood (Zing!)
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To: Darko

Is Vakufska Bank the same as Al Wakf? It would be interesting to have their SWIFT # and google for further connections.

Google is our friend and terrorist enemy.

13 posted on 09/23/2004 1:35:04 PM PDT by DTA (Proud member of Pajama Brigade)
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To: Darko

Historical Evolution Between Terrorism in Bosnia with Middle East

Most of the funding for these "charities" was channeled through the Mostafzin foundation and sponsored by the Iranian intelligence service and other foundations from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Gulf region. Through Osama Bin Laden, the Bosnian terrorists were controlled by Sudanese fundamentalist, Hassan Al-Turabi. Official cooperation between Iran and Islamist radicals residing in Bosnia and Herzegovina originated during Izetbegovic’s visit to Tehran between October 30th thru 31st 1992. At that time is was agreed to send the men and weaponry that the Islamic component of the "Bosnian Army" needed through way of Croatia.

When Croatia normalized diplomatic relations with Iran on April 18th 1992, Osman Muftic, a Muslim Croatian was sent to Tehran as Croatian Ambassador. According to intelligence sources, Muftic was the person responsible for arranging the details of transporting the aforementioned men and weapons materiel. Infact, his closest associates at that time were: Omer Behmen [Bosnian Ambassador to Tehran], Hasan Cengic and Haris Silajdzic. This cooperation was moreover formalized thereafter officially by ratification the Bosnian-Iranian Treaty [November 15th 1994]. This treaty was signed on the eve of a secret visit to Tehran by Alija Izetbegovic’s son, Bakir . In the Treaty both Iran and Bosnia agreed on a long term program calling for the strengthening of mutual security cooperation deriving itself from boosting both Iranian military aid to aiding in the infiltration of VEVAK and Hezbollah cadres illegally into Bosnia. The key person in charge of this terrorist cooperation between Bosnia and Iran was, Hasan Cengic.

Western governments (including the US) did nothing to stop the large influx of terrorists into Bosnia via Croatia made possible through this Treaty. The funding for this action was made possible through establishing a network.

Although the United States administration at that time had full knowledge of these terrorist activities, they did nothing to prevent them. In fact, the U.S. then, had knowledge of these activities since 1993 and only undertook a policy of what should be considered as a policy of "silent alliance." This is particularly manifested when former Croatian president Franjo Tudjman asked several certain American diplomats if he should allow the transport of these terrorists and weaponry through Croatia. In response to this question the U.S. diplomats responded by merely refraining to answer this question. Zagreb construed this silence as a green-light from the U.S. diplomats and as their giving their official approval; the channels then were opened for the illegal operations to begin [and they did]. This affair is coined the term, "Bosniagate" and was investigated by the U.S. Senate’s National Security Committee whose hearings concluded the U.S. did not sell weapons to the Bosnian Muslims – Iran did – and that the weapons passed through Croatian and Slovenian territory with implicit approval of those governments; and although the U.S. was fully cognizant of these activities, it did nothing. In other words, the U.S. silently justified the activities of these terrorists and their weapons smuggling into Bosnia by taking absolutely no action whatsoever and blamed this on some imaginary alleged danger the Muslims were supposed to be experiencing at that time from so-called "Serb Aggression" against them.

The intelligence information concerning the arms shipment by Iran was known of by many members of Congress including "myself" said Representative Lee Hamilton of Indiana holding the position of the Committee's highest ranking Democrat at that time period. He continued in stating:
"At the same time, I cannot recall any objection from any member of Congress then."

Apparently the Republicans insist that they were kept in the dark about these entire goings on ----A policy they say now gave terrorist sponsoring Iran a strong foothold in Central Europe. The central issue here is regarding both the wisdom and legality of former U.S president William Jefferson Clinton's decision to inform former Croatian President Franjo Tudjman back in April 1994 that the United States essentially would not object if the aforementioned other countries shipped arms going to aid terrorists into Bosnia through way of Croatia. When personally asked whether Clinton himself made the decision to allow these terrorist activities Tarnoff said he was unable to comment because:
"I was not in the presence of the president at the time."
He also stated that he did not recall who it was informing him of the decision to allow the activities to occur yet on the actual day of the decision, Tarnoff was a fully acting United States Secretary of State .

14 posted on 10/27/2004 4:14:12 PM PDT by Darko (Muslim and Croatian War Crimes and Genocide in Bosnia)
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