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The CIA Democrats
World Socialist Web Site ^ | 7 March 2018 | Patrick Martin

Posted on 03/10/2018 5:16:15 AM PST by saywhatagain

An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history

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TOPICS: Government
KEYWORDS: 2018midterms; congress; democrat
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Both push and pull are at work here. Democratic Party leaders are actively recruiting candidates with a military or intelligence background for competitive seats where there is the best chance of ousting an incumbent Republican or filling a vacancy, frequently clearing the field for a favored “star” recruit.

A case in point is Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA operative with three tours in Iraq, who worked as Iraq director for the National Security Council in the Obama White House and as a top aide to John Negroponte, the first director of national intelligence. After her deep involvement in US war crimes in Iraq, Slotkin moved to the Pentagon, where, as a principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, her areas of responsibility included drone warfare, “homeland defense” and cyber warfare.

The Democratic leaders are promoting CIA agents and Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. At the same time, such people are choosing the Democratic Party as their preferred political vehicle. There are far more former spies and soldiers seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party than of the Republican Party. There are so many that there is a subset of Democratic primary campaigns that, with a nod to Mad magazine, one might call “spy vs. spy.”

.The DCCC has designated 102 seats as priority or competitive, including 22 seats where the incumbents are not running again (five Democrats and 17 Republicans), and 80 seats where Republican incumbents could be defeated for reelection in the event that polls predicting a sizeable swing to the Democrats in November prove accurate.

Of the 102 primary elections to choose the Democratic nominees in these competitive districts, 44 involve candidates with a military-intelligence or State Department background, with 11 districts having two such candidates, and one district having three. In the majority of contests, the military-intelligence candidates seem likely to win the Democratic nomination, and, if the Democrats win in the general election, would enter Congress as new members of the House of Representatives.

Agents, but no longer secret

First: The number of candidates who openly proclaim their role in the CIA or military intelligence. In years past, such activities would be considered confidential, if not scandalous for a figure seeking public office. Not only would the candidates want to disguise their connections to the spy apparatus, the CIA itself would insist on it, particularly for those who worked in operations rather than analysis, since exposure, even long after leaving the agency, could be portrayed as compromising “sources and methods.”

This is no longer the case. The 2018 candidates drawn from this shadow world of espionage, drone murders and other forms of assassination positively glory in their records. And the CIA and Pentagon have clearly placed no obstacles in the way.

When the dust clears after November 6, 2018, there will almost certainly be more former CIA agents in the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives than former Sanders activists. It is the military-intelligence operatives who constitute the spine of the Democratic Party, not the Sanders “Our Revolution” group. This is a devastating verdict on the claims of the Vermont senator, backed by various pseudo-left groups, that it is possible to reform the Democratic Party and push it to the left.

The preponderance of national security operatives in the Democratic primaries sheds additional light on the nature of the Obama administration. Far from representing a resurgence of liberal reformism, as apologists for the Democrats like the International Socialist Organization claimed at the time of his election, Obama’s eight years in office marked the further ascendancy of the military-intelligence apparatus within the Democratic Party.

Roll Call

We’ve already reviewed the cases of Elissa Slotkin, running in Michigan’s 8th District, who served three tours with the CIA in Baghdad, and Gina Ortiz Jones, an Air Force intelligence officer in Iraq, running for the Democratic nomination in the 23rd District of Texas.

Jason Crow is running in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District against incumbent Republican Mike Coffman, where he was selected by the DCCC as one of its top candidates in the “Red-to-Blue” program. He is a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, leading a paratrooper platoon during the invasion of Iraq. He then joined the Army Rangers and served two tours in Afghanistan “as part of the Joint Special Operations Task Force,” where he rose to the rank of captain.

Abigail Spanberger, seeking the Democratic nomination in a district in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, has the following declaration at the top of her campaign website: “After nearly a decade serving in the CIA, I’m running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District to fight for opportunity, equality and security for all Americans.

Her opponent for the Democratic nomination is a career Marine Corps pilot, Dan Ward, in one of nearly a dozen contests involving multiple military-intelligence candidates.

Jesse Colvin, running in the 1st District of Maryland, spent six years in Army intelligence, including four combat deployments to Afghanistan and a year near the Demilitarized Zone between North Korea and South Korea.

Jeffrey Beals, seeking the Democratic nomination in the 19th District of New York, is now a school teacher, but writes on his website, “After beginning my career as a CIA intelligence officer, I joined the State Department

Unfortunately for Beals, his fundraising, $174,000 by December 31, 2017, is dwarfed by that of another military-intelligence rival for the nomination, Patrick Ryan, a West Point graduate with two tours of duty in Iraq,

Jonathan Ebel, running in the 13th District of Illinois, served four years as a naval intelligence officer, including on the staff of the US European Command in Stuttgart, Germany during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He now teaches religion at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Shelly Chauncey, seeking the Democratic nomination in the 5th District of Pennsylvania, in the Philadelphia suburbs. Her website strikes a feminist note: “Shelly served her nation for more than a decade with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Omar Siddiqui, running in California’s 48th District, describes his background as follows: “On the front lines of national defense, Mr. Siddiqui serves as a private advisor and consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on issues of national security and counter-terrorism and was formerly an advisor and community partner with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Mr. Siddiqui is presently director of special projects of the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association…”

Dan McReady, a Marine Corps veteran turned “clean energy” multi-millionaire, backed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the Democratic nomination in the 9th District of North Carolina,

Note: Husband of Elissa Slotkin referred to above ??

Richard Ojeda, elected as a West Virginia state senator in 2016, is now seeking the Democratic nomination in the 3rd Congressional District, covering the southern third of the state. As the WSWS has reported, Ojeda has based his political career on more than two decades in the US Army Airborne, including repeated tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he reached the rank of major.

Josh Butner, running in the 50th District of California against Republican Duncan Hunter, Jr., “served for 23 years in the United States Navy where he saw multiple combat deployments, most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.” The career Navy SEAL says almost nothing about what he actually did in the top military assassination unit.

Dan Feehan is running to succeed incumbent Democrat Tim Walz in the 1st Congressional District of Minnesota, after Walz announced his candidacy for governor of that state. From 2005 to 2009, according to his campaign biography, Feehan “served as an active duty soldier and completed two combat tours of duty as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.” He then joined the Obama administration, first as a White House aide, then as an acting assistant secretary of defense in the Pentagon.

Andy Kim, running in the 3rd District of New Jersey, has actually raised more money than the incumbent Republican, Tom MacArthur. Kim worked at the Pentagon and as a strategic adviser to generals David Petraeus and John Allen while they were in command of US forces in Afghanistan. He then moved to the National Security Council, where he was Obama’s director for Iraq for two years.

Maura Sullivan, seeking the Democratic nomination in New Hampshire’s 2nd District, where incumbent Democrat Carol Shea-Porter is retiring, was a Marine Corps officer, rising to the rank of captain and deploying to Fallujah, Iraq, scene of some of the bloodiest battles and most horrific US war crimes of that war. She too joined the Obama administration as a civilian administrator at both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Pentagon.

Matthew Morgan, had a 20-year career in the Marine Corps “where I would deploy routinely overseas, culminating in several senior staff roles where I’d provide counsel to numerous military leaders, including the secretary of defense.” He did two tours in Iraq and also worked in counterterrorism on the Horn of Africa. Now he is the unopposed candidate for the Democratic nomination in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District, which has switched back and forth between the two big business parties and is currently held by first-term Republican Jack Bergman.

Mikie Sherrill, a career Navy helicopter pilot, with ten years’ active service in Europe and the Middle East, now a federal prosecutor. She reported raising $1,230,000 by December 31, 2017 for her campaign for the Democratic nomination in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District, where incumbent Republican Rodney Freylingheusen is retiring.

Chrissy Houlahan, a former US Air Force captain, has raised $1,228,000 for her campaign in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District, against incumbent Republican Ryan Costello.

Amy McGrath, a career Marine fighter pilot with 89 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, has raised $1,133,000 for her campaign in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District against incumbent Republican Andy Barr.

Jessica Morse was Iraq country coordinator for the State Department in the course of “over a decade as a national security strategist,” according to her website. She worked for the US Agency for International Development, a longtime CIA front. Her opponent for the Democratic nomination in the 4th District of California, to face Republican incumbent Tom McClintock, is another former State Department officer.

1 posted on 03/10/2018 5:16:15 AM PST by saywhatagain
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To: saywhatagain

South America here we come!

Since at least 9/11, Dems have been going into the military with the sole idea of using it to gain power in Washington.

2 posted on 03/10/2018 5:19:59 AM PST by miss marmelstein
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To: miss marmelstein

This is ominous. Part of the shadow government coming out of the shadows.

3 posted on 03/10/2018 5:23:35 AM PST by JudyinCanada
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To: saywhatagain

It’s amazing that so many in the IC and military are liberals. This includes and especially those at SES and General officer levels.

Most are elitists and nothing more than politicians.

4 posted on 03/10/2018 5:24:13 AM PST by Freedom_2_ADM
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To: JudyinCanada

Not ominous at all but welcome. The enemy is showing themselves. Always let them stick their necks out before you lop off their heads.

5 posted on 03/10/2018 5:30:26 AM PST by DarthVader ("The biggeest misconception on Free Republic is that the Deep State is invulnerable")
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To: Freedom_2_ADM
"It’s amazing that so many in the IC and military are liberals"

The ones they I have met, are the most closed-minded, arrogant, "they know the truth and no one else does" attitude. The ones I met have compassion, but the solution is mis[placed in my opinion.

But actually, in truth . . . many (that I talked to) blame the Bush war machine for putting us in this mess they have had to clean up. So I guess they became Democrats. Yeah I know, they do not see the disconnect. Many started out thinking one way, got in the service and discovered life is not what they thought.

My point in posting is that they are very much viable candidates and could easily win.

6 posted on 03/10/2018 5:34:51 AM PST by saywhatagain
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To: saywhatagain

Communist takeover continues . . .

7 posted on 03/10/2018 5:41:26 AM PST by petitfour (APPEAL TO HEAVEN)
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To: saywhatagain

What the hell is this site and why would you want to read it?

I don’t bother with CUSA material either

8 posted on 03/10/2018 5:44:37 AM PST by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds)
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To: saywhatagain

Somethings wrong with this.
The intelligence community is trying to overthrow our president.
They trained the rebels in Syria and killed 475,000 people.
They started the wars in Egypt and Libya.
They have the ability to dig up dirt on their congressional opponent with NSA files.
I spent the last few hours watching Youtube videos on Syria.
Everybody knows that the rebels were backed by the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Syria’s President Assad can freely walk throughout the city, go shopping, and be greeted
by friendly Syrians.

9 posted on 03/10/2018 5:49:35 AM PST by Haddit (Minimalists Al Gore and Al Qaeda)
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To: saywhatagain

I would tend to suggest (retiring in 1999 after 22 years in service, working around the military establishment for another 15 years)....there’s something that occurred after 9-11, and you had a totally different crowd to deal with. It’s not just enlisted people, but officers as well.

Through the 80s and just never came across people who were ‘medicated’. By 2003, I came to know a dozen-odd individuals who were on some medication profile.

I think anyone who left in the 80s or 90s...would be rather shocked at the attitude and current trend of folks in service. It’s not the same atmosphere.

10 posted on 03/10/2018 5:53:30 AM PST by pepsionice
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To: saywhatagain

A very interesting article (part 1 of 3). Thanks for posting.

11 posted on 03/10/2018 5:54:27 AM PST by PGalt
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To: saywhatagain; Travis McGee


12 posted on 03/10/2018 5:54:39 AM PST by gaijin
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To: saywhatagain

The deep state attempting to place its own in “elected” positions; trying to insure the elected branch does not stray too far from the permanent demands of the deep state.

13 posted on 03/10/2018 5:55:31 AM PST by Wuli (qu)
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To: Haddit

Our IC has been covertly trying to influence and shape other governments around the globe since at least the late 1940s. I’m not sure why anybody would be surprised, or have any doubts that they would try to work their magic domestically as well.

14 posted on 03/10/2018 5:57:31 AM PST by Joe 6-pack (Qui me amat, amat et canem meum.)
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To: JudyinCanada

Perhaps they know they are about to be prosecuted so they are running for office so they can claim it is only political persecution.

15 posted on 03/10/2018 6:01:05 AM PST by MNDude
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To: Joe 6-pack

That POS Brennan is up to his neck in this, attempt to bring down Trump. I still cannot believe that person was the head of the CIA.


16 posted on 03/10/2018 6:02:14 AM PST by rlmorel (Leftists: American Liberty is the egg that requires breaking to make their Utopian omelette)
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To: saywhatagain

What would these people know about the needs of average American working people? Nothing. They’ve lived off government cheese for too long to understand the needs of people working regular jobs.

17 posted on 03/10/2018 6:02:24 AM PST by boycott
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To: Joe 6-pack

We knew that the people that controlled our news picked our candidates but I never
knew our intelligence agencies were feeding them intel until they went after Trump.

18 posted on 03/10/2018 6:06:56 AM PST by Haddit (Minimalists Al Gore and Al Qaeda)
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To: saywhatagain

Putin’s people... all moles

I feel safer now that our leftist gestapo is going to run things

19 posted on 03/10/2018 6:22:02 AM PST by JudgemAll (Democrats Fed. job-security Whorocracy & hate:hypocrites must be gay like us or be tested/crucifiedc)
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To: saywhatagain

Absolute proof of obama’s corruption of intelligence and the military.

20 posted on 03/10/2018 6:24:32 AM PST by clintonh8r (Truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth.)
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