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Sisolak, NV Democrats declare war on Catholic Church-supported ministry
Las Vegas Review-Journal ^ | July 8, 2018 | Victor Joecks

Posted on 07/09/2018 11:03:09 AM PDT by VegasVictor

Politics is a dirty business, but politicians usually avoid attacking charities supported by their own church. Not Steve Sisolak.

Sisolak, a Democrat, has talked numerous times about his faith and is reportedly a “devout Catholic who goes to Mass every day.”

Last week, Nevada Democrats put out a pro-abortion screed against Adam Laxalt, Sisolak’s Republican gubernatorial opponent. It viciously attacked First Choice Pregnancy Services, a crisis pregnancy center. Crisis pregnancy centers offer women free pregnancy-related services, such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and counseling to help expectant moms choose life.

Nevada Democrats labeled First Choice a “fake clinic” that “coerces women who test positive for pregnancy to get an ultrasound right then and there.” Holding a woman against her will and forcing her to get a medical procedure is a serious charge, and in this case, it’s pure slander. For evidence, the Democrats link to the First Choice website where it says workers will schedule a woman for a free ultrasound if she is pregnant. Providing something for free isn’t equivalent to forcing someone to do something, even when you’re writing political hyperbole.

Offering free services gets expensive. That’s where the Catholic Church comes in.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Politics/Elections; US: Nevada
KEYWORDS: abortion; catholic; prolife; sisolak

1 posted on 07/09/2018 11:03:09 AM PDT by VegasVictor
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To: VegasVictor

Goes to Mass every day and does what?

2 posted on 07/09/2018 11:06:34 AM PDT by BenLurkin (The above is not a statement of fact. It is either satire or opinion. Or both.)
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To: VegasVictor

I’m having a VERY DIFFICULT time understanding why prominent “pro-choice” Catholics are not summarily excommunicated FRom the church?

Unless the church has shifted its official position, abortion is still a big no-no, is it not?

Anybody out there have the same difficulty?

3 posted on 07/09/2018 11:21:01 AM PDT by Taxman (We will never be a truly free people so long as we have the income tax and the IRS.)
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To: BenLurkin

I think I know, but I’d be embarrassed to put it in print.

4 posted on 07/09/2018 11:21:33 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o (St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the snares of the devil.")
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To: VegasVictor

“...women who test positive for pregnancy”

I find this turn of phase odd. Instead of “pregnant women” it makes it sounds like they’ve tested positive for a disease, but maybe that’s their point.

5 posted on 07/09/2018 11:29:18 AM PDT by hanamizu
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To: VegasVictor; All
" Dr. Kathi Aultman told a U.S. Congressional committee in 2017 that she referred to unborn babies as 'fetuses' when killing them in abortions but 'babies' when they were wanted; and she regretted the incongruity. She also said she was fascinated by the 'tiny but perfectly formed limbs, intestines, kidneys, and other organs' of aborted babies."

Aultman, in the first clause of her statement summarizes the semantic trickery Liberals/Progressives knowingly used to implement their takeover of the minds of American citizens before 1973 in order to impose their population control method of destroying babies in order to facilitate the goals of socialism for America.

Please note especially the first paragraph highlighted and quoted below from the Liberty Fund Library "A Plea for Liberty: An Argument Against Socialism and Socialistic Legislation," edited by Thomas Mackay (1849 - 1912), Chapter 1, final paragraphs from Edward Stanley Robertson's essay, "The Impracticability of Socialism":

Note the writer's emphasis that the "scheme of Socialism" requires what he calls "the power of restraining the increase in population"--long the essential and primary focus of the Democrat Party in the U. S.:

"I have suggested that the scheme of Socialism is wholly incomplete unless it includes a power of restraining the increase of population, which power is so unwelcome to Englishmen that the very mention of it seems to require an apology. I have showed that in France, where restraints on multiplication have been adopted into the popular code of morals, there is discontent on the one hand at the slow rate of increase, while on the other, there is still a 'proletariat,' and Socialism is still a power in politics.
"I have put the question, how Socialism would treat the residuum of the working class and of all classes—the class, not specially vicious, nor even necessarily idle, but below the average in power of will and in steadiness of purpose. I have intimated that such persons, if they belong to the upper or middle classes, are kept straight by the fear of falling out of class, and in the working class by positive fear of want. But since Socialism purposes to eliminate the fear of want, and since under Socialism the hierarchy of classes will either not exist at all or be wholly transformed, there remains for such persons no motive at all except physical coercion. Are we to imprison or flog all the 'ne'er-do-wells'?
"I began this paper by pointing out that there are inequalities and anomalies in the material world, some of which, like the obliquity of the ecliptic and the consequent inequality of the day's length, cannot be redressed at all. Others, like the caprices of sunshine and rainfall in different climates, can be mitigated, but must on the whole be endured. I am very far from asserting that the inequalities and anomalies of human society are strictly parallel with those of material nature. I fully admit that we are under an obligation to control nature so far as we can. But I think I have shown that the Socialist scheme cannot be relied upon to control nature, because it refuses to obey her. Socialism attempts to vanquish nature by a front attack. Individualism, on the contrary, is the recognition, in social politics, that nature has a beneficent as well as a malignant side. The struggle for life provides for the various wants of the human race, in somewhat the same way as the climatic struggle of the elements provides for vegetable and animal life—imperfectly, that is, and in a manner strongly marked by inequalities and anomalies. By taking advantage of prevalent tendencies, it is possible to mitigate these anomalies and inequalities, but all experience shows that it is impossible to do away with them. All history, moreover, is the record of the triumph of Individualism over something which was virtually Socialism or Collectivism, though not called by that name. In early days, and even at this day under archaic civilisations, the note of social life is the absence of freedom. But under every progressive civilisation, freedom has made decisive strides—broadened down, as the poet says, from precedent to precedent. And it has been rightly and naturally so.
"Freedom is the most valuable of all human possessions, next after life itself. It is more valuable, in a manner, than even health. No human agency can secure health; but good laws, justly administered, can and do secure freedom. Freedom, indeed, is almost the only thing that law can secure. Law cannot secure equality, nor can it secure prosperity. In the direction of equality, all that law can do is to secure fair play, which is equality of rights but is not equality of conditions. In the direction of prosperity, all that law can do is to keep the road open. That is the Quintessence of Individualism, and it may fairly challenge comparison with that Quintessence of Socialism we have been discussing. Socialism, disguise it how we may, is the negation of Freedom. That it is so, and that it is also a scheme not capable of producing even material comfort in exchange for the abnegations of Freedom, I think the foregoing considerations amply prove."
An examination of the history of nations reveals the long and arduous struggle by human beings for individual liberty--from kings, from masters, from whatever description fitted those other human beings who gained power and exercised it over their fellow citizens.

By whatever semantic maneuver those power holders chose to identify themselves, no matter how benevolent they purported to be, the end was the same: some individuals in the society or group were denied their Creator-endowed rights to be free.

In America, in the Year 1776, a genius group of freedom loving individuals declared a set of principles by which, if accepted, a society of like-minded individuals could enjoy "the pursuit of happiness."

Eleven years later, they "constituted" a form of self-government to assure that the goals of their Constitution's Preamble were to become reality for the nation.

The Preamble began with the words,

We, the People. . . .

The goal, of course, was the expansion, or enlargement, of liberty for individuals in the society--not the enlargement of government!

Perhaps Donald Trump's greatest achievement to this point can be described as one man's effort to "expand liberty" for individuals and to "contract government power," thereby allowing just a little individual freedom to flourish as it did in America both prior to 1776 and thereafter.

By the way, has anyone here read Burke's Speech on Conciliation. . . . lately? If not, please read his description of how the "spirit of liberty" among the colonists, even before 1776, had resulted in the American colonies literally "feeding" the Old World!

The word, "liberty" freedom should, once again, become the watchword for American citizens.

6 posted on 07/09/2018 11:34:22 AM PDT by loveliberty2
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To: Taxman
You are exactly on the money.

In fact, according to Canon Law, anybody who gives material cooperation to an abortion, a well as the person actually obtaining it, is excommunicated latae sentenciae AND is to be denied Holy Communion by whoever is distributing it (bishop, priest, deacon, EM or whoever), a ruling which was made perfectly clear by the equivalent of the Vatican Supreme Court, and which has never been rescinded.

That's the problem. Catholic doctrine ignored by Catholic clerics. Resulting in the most hellacious things happening this side of hell itself: murder and Eucharistic sacrilege.

Write your bishop. Or camp out at his front door.

7 posted on 07/09/2018 11:43:19 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o (St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the snares of the devil.")
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To: Taxman
"I’m having a VERY DIFFICULT time understanding why prominent “pro-choice” Catholics are not summarily excommunicated FRom the church?"

I could be wrong, but I think formal excommunication is usually reserved for members of the clergy who preach or write contrary to church dogma, and who refuse to stop, or who are habitually insubordinate in some other manner.
8 posted on 07/09/2018 12:22:21 PM PDT by Steve_Seattle
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To: Steve_Seattle

If that be the case, IMHO the church should expand rules of excommunication to include ALL Catholics who speak and write contrary to church dogma!

9 posted on 07/09/2018 8:31:49 PM PDT by Taxman (We will never be a truly free people so long as we have the income tax and the IRS.)
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To: Mrs. Don-o

Thanks for the clarification.

I’m not a Catholic, so a Protestant writing to a Catholic Bishop probably would produce zero results.

There are many prominent Catholics who openly mock the church’s position in some matters, and it bothers me that the church seems to take no notice of it.

10 posted on 07/09/2018 8:35:53 PM PDT by Taxman (We will never be a truly free people so long as we have the income tax and the IRS.)
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To: Taxman
An intriguing idea. Hey, I think a bishop might well sit up and pay attention to a non-Catholic writing a letter. Maybe he needs to hear whatever you have to say.

Maybe some bishops don't understand that there are people out here that really want Catholics to be Catholic-- and the leadership should teach, defend, and demand the full integrity of the Truth.

The moral law is eternal, and is important to everyone and not just to Catholics. The most obvious is the Right to Life, the absolute commandment to not commit murder (including abortion). Plus wwe should defend the Pregnancy Care centers, which protect both endangered unborns, and their troubled mothers.

What use are bishops who let it all slide, silently tolerating pro-abort "Catholic" politicos, for instance?? Or worse, of course, bishops who sure look like they're siding with the Enemy?

Seriously. Write that letter. Tell us if you get a response.

11 posted on 07/10/2018 6:45:08 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o ("For peace within your gates, speak truth and judge with sound judgment." - Zechariah 8:16)
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To: Taxman
BTW, Las Vegas has a new, fairly young guy, Bishop George Leo Thomas, who became Las Vegas’ bishop on May 15.

He might be touched by an appeal from somebody like you, taxman. And me (I'm preaching to myself.)

You can contact them right now online (I will) at this site which has a simple contact feature:

Diocese of Las Vega Contact (LINK)

Or here's the mailing address, if you like:

Bishop George Leo Thomas
336 Cathedral Way
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109-0716
Phone: (702) 735-3500

You may think, "Forget it, it's not my problem." No, it's everybody's problem. This Democrat abortion enthusiast, Sisolak, nominally a Catholic, is damaging THE PUBLIC GOOD by attacking the good guys at"First Choices Pregnancy Services."

WE need for his bishop to --- ahem --- explain a few things to him. >_<

12 posted on 07/10/2018 7:10:09 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o ("For peace within your gates, speak truth and judge with sound judgment." - Zechariah 8:16)
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