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“The FBI only looked at 3000 of 675,000 Crooked Hillary Clinton Emails.” They purposely...
Real Donald Trump Twitter ^ | August 25, 2018 | President Donald Trump

Posted on 08/25/2018 8:37:07 AM PDT by SMGFan

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To: morphing libertarian

Does Hillary Clinton continue to have a security clearance?
If so, why?

41 posted on 08/25/2018 9:36:44 AM PDT by ptsal
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To: Pearls Before Swine

Yeh....I remember being skeptical. But don’t forget...they searched using keywords....leave a few out or some silly code word....and your search is aimed at what you want to find.

42 posted on 08/25/2018 9:38:32 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: chris37


Right on. Trump seems to be ignorant of what is happening to him by not dumping Sessions and Rosenstein and attack Mueller.

43 posted on 08/25/2018 9:40:37 AM PDT by Logical me
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To: txrefugee

Washington and Jefferson had their spies.....which is pretty much what the FBI is...

44 posted on 08/25/2018 9:41:15 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: Logical me

Yes, the Swamp water is rising all around him, and he’s tweeting as if tweeting matters.

Wield you power, Mr. Trump, otherwise it’s going to be glug, glug, glug.

45 posted on 08/25/2018 9:43:00 AM PDT by chris37 ("I am everybody." -Mark Robinson)
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To: SMGFan
Okay then do it.

First thing this Monday AM, or Tuesday AM 9-4 after everyone's finished with Labor Day weekend?

HEY! How about releasing everything at 9:11 AM on TUESDAY, 9-11?

It would be ironic at least, and besides, no telling what kinda stuff might be revealed...

46 posted on 08/25/2018 9:54:26 AM PDT by OKSooner (From this day forward and until proven otherwise, "Q" is a cryptic, anonymous internet phantom.)
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To: BlueHorseShoe

Don’t kid yourself....... Peter “we will stop it” and his hand selected peers of impeccable respectability were able to review them all with nothing more than a late night at the office and some pizza..........

47 posted on 08/25/2018 10:00:34 AM PDT by volunbeer (Find the truth and accept it - anything else is delusional)
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To: SaxxonWoods


She obviously has protection from EVERYWHERE.

48 posted on 08/25/2018 10:00:59 AM PDT by ReleaseTheHounds ("The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." M. Thatcher)
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To: morphing libertarian
That's EXACTLY what's happened here concerning Sessions.

But even James Comey too! Who knows what motivates people?

49 posted on 08/25/2018 10:01:36 AM PDT by DCPatriot ("It aint what you don't know that kills you. It's what you know that aint so" Theodore Sturgeon))
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To: Logical me
Skip Congress, except for a very select few, as those records would never see the light of day!

Short of Nunes and the Freedom Caucus, I don’t for one minute think, elected congresscritters tainted by money from big corporate donors would make certain the unsuspecting public “deserve” to know what goes on in secret.

50 posted on 08/25/2018 10:02:18 AM PDT by zerosix
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To: SMGFan

So only 1% were considered.

Now what? Ignore it? Forget it? Let the fact pass out of the public consciousness with a little time? That seems to be what the swamp prefers with this sort of news.

51 posted on 08/25/2018 10:04:57 AM PDT by Wildbill22 ( They have us surrounded again, the poor bastards- Gen Creighton William Abrams)
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To: Logical me
Trump, get smart, release all documents to Congress. Immediately.

I'd think that's what Trump is warming up for. Just my guess.

52 posted on 08/25/2018 10:09:54 AM PDT by Sooth2222 (Hanlon's Razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.")
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To: chris37

I agree with your sentiment, but one thing we must understand about Trump is that he is a master of misdirection. We pay attention to the hyperbole of the MSM as they fixate on one thing after another endlessly day after day. Meanwhile, with very little fanfare, this administration is doing 100 times more than previous administrations of either party behind the scenes and very little of this is being covered by the MSM or even Fox. He is tearing down a lot of the bureaucratic machine that has been built over decades with barely a public whimper.

Some of this is all about timing - straight out of Art of the Deal. He is taking a few on the chin here and there, but behind the scenes he is doing far more than we know. Previous administrations appeared to focus over weeks, months, or even years on a few items like sloths. This administration resembles a beehive of constant activity. He stirs the pot constantly and feeds to their insatiable appetite for hysteria with many of his tweets. He has his bad days here and there, but all of us, myself included, are failing to see the big picture.

With nothing more than tweets and a few one-liners he has created the image of the opposition as anti-law enforcement, pro illegal immigration, for disrespecting the flag, pro-Antifa, for higher taxes and reversing the economic boom, etc etc etc. I am amazed they fall for it, but they cannot help themselves. He just got the Governor of NY to say “America was never that great”! He has his flaws like every man does, but overall he has been nothing short of brilliant in two years.

53 posted on 08/25/2018 10:14:45 AM PDT by volunbeer (Find the truth and accept it - anything else is delusional)
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To: Sooth2222

It’s the scorched earth plan. If the dems push for impeachment, it all comes out. Many on both sides of the aisles will go down.

54 posted on 08/25/2018 10:15:01 AM PDT by StolarStorm
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To: SMGFan
" 'You can't review 650,000 new emails in eight days. You can't do it, folks,' Trump said, adding, 'Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know it, and now it's up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8.' "

Trump was right again!!

Makes a joke of this article from November 6th:


55 posted on 08/25/2018 10:15:43 AM PDT by mass55th (Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway...John Wayne)
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To: SMGFan

Everyone know if they cross her, they die.

Even Satan is careful not to offend her.

56 posted on 08/25/2018 10:17:00 AM PDT by The_Media_never_lie ("The MSM is the enemy of the American people"...Democrat Pat Caddell)
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To: Hoosier-Daddy

Time for Trump to skip over the FBI and DOJ and have the Defense Department investigate the sedition by this rabble.

Yeah, the DoD. We can trust them. Riiiiight

57 posted on 08/25/2018 10:18:26 AM PDT by Roccus (When you talk to a politician...ANY politician...always say, "Remember Ceausescu")
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To: SMGFan

Kind of like meat inspectors who “inspect” our meat supply. “If one or two out of a thousand are ok, they’re probably all ok, right?”

58 posted on 08/25/2018 10:27:27 AM PDT by Flaming Conservative ((Pray without ceasing))
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To: volunbeer

Great Post!

59 posted on 08/25/2018 10:27:39 AM PDT by Pagey (8 years of MISERY, Thanks to Valerie Jarrett. Wretched human.)
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To: ptsal
I don't think she ever got a security clearance.

It may be assumed that candidates who win an election don't need to go through the intense exam in order to do their jobs.

If I am right then that would explain why she was so unbelievably careless. She never did learn how to handle secret information.

One of my first jobs was working as a geologic technician at Texas Instruments. I was required to go through a series of security clearance training sessions because I was going to be assisting the geologists while they worked on government contracts. And I had to take an oath not to reveal anything.

I don't think Hillary ever went through even something as minimal as I went through.

I have a family member who has a top clearance. What he had to go through to get it was very thorough. He told me that he is really amazed about Hillary putting secret stuff on her personal computer. He said that he has nothing on his personal computer. It is against the law to do so. How he accesses the secret stuff is that they have one designated computer. You have to sign in so they know who is handing the secrets and you have to have the appropriate clearance in order to access the designated computer.

People who have went through the anal exam in order to get their top clearances are mystified as to how Hillary was able to access secrets on her homemade server.

She actually deserves to be in a maximum jail just like the spies who did so much less for way, way less money.

60 posted on 08/25/2018 10:30:45 AM PDT by Slyfox (Not my circus, not my monkeys)
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