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  • The Problem Of Voter Fraud & Manipulation Must Be Resolved Before 2020 General Election

    05/24/2019 8:05:36 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 23 replies
    Freedom Outpost ^ | May 23, 2019 | Tony Elliott
    As a republic, the biggest threat the United States faces is massive voter fraud and manipulation in the 2020 general elections. Contrary to what the neo-Nazi, Socialist Left want us to believe, they are a small minority compared to the millions of voters who believe in the US as a sovereign, constitutional nation. Thus, in a fair election, President Trump and those who share his vision of America would literally blow out the upcoming elections with a landslide win. Unfortunately, however, this did not happen in either the general elections in 2016 or the midterms in 2018. This did not...
  • Former FEC Chair: First Amendment Responsible For More ‘Violent Hate Crimes’ Than Terrorism

    05/23/2019 9:14:13 PM PDT · by ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas · 32 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 05/23/2019 | Rudy Takala
    "A libertarian interpretation” of the First Amendment is responsible for more “violent hate crime” in the United States than terrorism, a former Federal Election Commission chair claimed Thursday. “The libertarian interpretation of the 1st Amendment has permitted a huge spike in violent hate crimes in the US – many more than foreign attacks,” former FEC Chair Ann Ravel wrote on Twitter. el linked to a story noting a statistic from the left-leaning Anti-Defamation League, which found that 78% of the 50 U.S. murders related to extremism in 2018 were carried out by white supremacists. The story also noted the FBI...
  • 2020 ALERT: Swing State Passes Bill To Give Electoral Votes To Winner Of National Popular Vote

    05/22/2019 4:25:17 PM PDT · by yoe · 69 replies
    I love my freedom ^ | May 22, 2019 | Martin
    A major swing state has passed a bill in its state legislature that would give the state’s Electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. As noted by The Daily Wire, Nevada’s state legislature passed a bill on Tuesday that, if signed into law, will move the National Popular Vote movement six votes closer to nullifying the Electoral College.If Nevada Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak signs the bill, it will ensure that all of the state’s Electoral votes go to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote. Under this system, that would mean that Hillary Clinton won...
  • 'I get called a sell-out all the time': Trump's voters of colour speak out

    05/21/2019 4:42:28 PM PDT · by NRx · 38 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 05-21-2019 | Adam Gabbatt
    Donald Trump likes to claim, among other things, that his presidency has been a huge success for non-white Americans. But for all his claims, repeated polls show the president remains very unpopular among people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Nowhere is that more apparent than at his rallies. In Montoursville, Pennsylvania, on Monday evening, the line of people waiting to see Trump stretched roughly the amount of time it took this Guardian reporter to walk 15 minutes. Aside from length – thousands and thousands of supporters had turned up – one other thing was noticeable: the line was overwhelmingly filled with...
  • IT PASSED: Swing State Votes to Give Electoral Votes to Winner of Popular Vote

    05/22/2019 10:20:46 AM PDT · by · 173 replies
    Young Conservatives ^ | May 22, 2019 | Editorial Staff
    In order to do anything they can to stop President Trump from winning in 2020, Democrats in the Nevada Senate approved a National Popular Vote bill on a party-line vote, which will get rid of the Electoral College. From the Washington Times: Assembly Bill 186, which passed the Senate on a 12-8 vote, would bring Nevada into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an agreement between participating states to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote. If signed as expected by Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak, Nevada would become the 16th jurisdiction to join the compact, along...
  • Nevada passes National Popular Vote bill in bid to upend Electoral College

    05/22/2019 9:40:25 AM PDT · by rktman · 80 replies ^ | 5/22/2019 | Valerie Richardson
    The Nevada Senate approved Tuesday a National Popular Vote bill on a party-line vote, sending the legislation aimed at upending the Electoral College to the governor. Assembly Bill 186, which passed the Senate on a 12-8 vote, would bring Nevada into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an agreement between participating states to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote. If signed as expected by Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak, Nevada would become the 16th jurisdiction to join the compact, along with 14 states and the District of Columbia. The compact would take effect after states totaling...
  • Obama Unveils Desperate Plan To Stop Trump’s Reelection

    05/19/2019 8:54:06 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 43 replies
    KAG Daily ^ | 18 MAY 2019 | Gary Fenster
    Barack Obama is desperate. His legacy, such as it was, has been slowly dismantled by President Trump and the GOP. The media will have you believe there is a major backlash and point to Pelosi winning the House, but they ignore the GOP picked up seats in the Senate. No, the country is still divided and the 2020 election will most probably determine the course of the country for the next twenty years. So Barack is getting involved with a new plan to stop Trump. It will fail. Because America gambled on Obama and he did not follow through on...
  • Loophole in Calif. voting system lets voters cast 2 ballots

    05/17/2019 5:07:47 PM PDT · by MagillaX · 21 replies
    One America New Network ^ | Friday, May 17, 2019 | OAN Newsroom
    A loophole in California’s voting system allows voters to cast two ballots. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how, despite knowing this, Secretary Alex Padilla refuses to take action to fix it.
  • Who Puts Out the Democrat Talking Points?

    05/17/2019 3:44:04 AM PDT · by Libloather · 49 replies
    Rush Limbaugh ^ | 5/16/19 | El Rushbo
    RUSH: We had a call, I don’t know, about an hour ago. It was from a gentleman who wanted to know if there is — and if there is, who — a singular person or organization that gives the Democrat Party its orders. Its marching orders, its talking points, its agenda on legislative items and that kind of thing. Is there one person? The reason he asked is because they’re all saying the same thing all the time, and he’s curious how that happens, and particularly in the media. You know, we have shared with you… We started it. We...
  • Maine Senate passes bill giving state's electoral votes to national popular vote winner

    05/16/2019 6:15:12 AM PDT · by Innovative · 106 replies
    CNN ^ | May 16, 2019 | Caroline Kelly
    Maine's lawmakers passed a bill that would give the state's electoral votes to the presidential candidate who won the national popular vote, taking a step toward becoming the 15th state to enact such a law. The Maine Senate voted 19-16 Tuesday to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would give all committed states' electoral votes to the winning popular vote candidate should the group accrue the 270 votes necessary for a majority. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington state and the District of Columbia have all...
  • Big-money pro-Trump group identifies SIX states that are key to POTUS reelection in 2020

    05/10/2019 6:49:07 AM PDT · by SleeperCatcher · 27 replies
    The National Sentinel ^ | 5/10/19 | Jon Dougherty
    A major super PAC aligned with POTUS Donald Trump has identified six key states the president will need in order to secure his reelection next year. According to America First Action, those states are Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan, The Daily Caller reported. No doubt whatever crazy the Democrats nominate, that candidate will win the deep blue enclaves of California and New York, and may even be able to pull off a majority of votes again (though that is looking less and less likely).
  • Down and Out? Try Federalism

    05/08/2019 8:31:05 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 11 replies
    National Review ^ | May 7, 2019 | Kevin D. Williamson
    Trump got you down? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez giving you the willies? Try federalism — now with 70 percent less authoritarianism. To the uninitiated, conservatives sometimes sound — to put it plainly — bonkers. Your lefty friends are going on and on about free health care and making Jeff Bezos pay off their student loans, and conservatives are talking about . . . the 17th Amendment. Conservatives do hate the 17th Amendment. That’s the one that instituted the direct election of senators, which basically turned the upper house into a puffed-up House of Representatives with a bit less accountability. Conservatives of a...
  • Watch: High School Student Spends 3 Solid Minutes Owning Liberal Governor to His Face

    05/05/2019 11:45:45 PM PDT · by · 25 replies
    Conservative Tribune by Western Journal ^ | May 3, 2019 at 2:37pm | C. Douglas Golden
    When the Democrats began getting behind letting 16-year-old high school students vote, my guess is that they didn't have Ky Chapman in mind. If you haven't heard of Ky Chapman, don't worry. Unlike other high school students relentlessly pushed by the media as the pubescent conscience of our nation, Chapman isn't liberal. The Colorado resident is also upset with his state's Democrat governor, Jared Polis, over a number of issues. Polis doesn't exactly make national headlines, so it might be good to give a synopsis of what this guy's about. He's probably best-known for signing Colorado on to the National...
  • WashPo/ABC News Poll Has Ominous News For Democrats

    11/04/2018 1:25:45 PM PST · by COUNTrecount · 72 replies
    American Greatness ^ | November 4, 2018 | Julie Kelly
    Despite the headlines about an eight-point advantage for Democrats in the generic congressional ballot, the detailed results of today’s Washington Post/ABC News poll should make most Democratic Party leaders and their billionaire benefactors sweat. First, the eight-point gap represents a five-point drop from the same poll just three weeks ago, when Democrats had a 13-point advantage. (Like most polls, the sample favors Democrats by six points among registered voters.) But even more ominous for Democrats is how specific voting blocs responded. If Democrats are going to win control of the House, they need to pull votes from independent women and...
  • And Now Kamala Harris Is Peddling Election Truther Nonsense

    05/06/2019 1:52:12 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 44 replies ^ | May 6, 2019 | Matt Vespa
    For some time, if you needed a Democrat who actually didn’t concede an election result because he or she lost, it would be Georgia’s Stacey Abrams. She lost by more than 50,000 votes but refused to concede the race. She feels, like Clinton, that she was cheated out of victory—not that running as a Democrat in a red state had anything to do with it. Abrams lost fair and square, but to her, voter suppression, another liberal unicorn, did her in last year. This is what she said on election night: “So let's be clear, this is not a speech of...
  • Worried That Trump Won't Concede? What a Perfect Opportunity For Voter ID by 2020!

    05/06/2019 11:52:10 AM PDT · by Chickensoup · 47 replies
    chickensoup | 05.06.19 | chickensoup
    So Clinton and the Dems are Worried That Trump Won't Secede? What a Perfect Opportunity For Voter ID by 2020! She is claiming she won the election and Trump cheated? She is worried that he might not walk away if he loses? This is a big issue for the Dems? Big issue in general. No one wants cheating on Voting Day. Well the only answer is to make sure our Elections are as clean as can be, with every voter accounted for with VOTER ID. Everyone re-registers and gets a voting card. All voting happens in front of voting officials...
  • Time to Abolish Congress

    05/02/2019 5:57:41 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | May 2, 2019 | Laura Hollis
    Democrats and progressives have been throwing temper tantrums about Donald Trump's election to the presidency since election night 2016. In years past, Democrats may have taken electoral losses on the chin, determined to do a better job persuading the electorate to support their candidate(s). But the present generation shows neither the same pluck nor the same reverence for the rules of the game. If today's Democrats cannot win elections playing by the rules, then it's time to change the rules. First on the chopping block? The Electoral College. The Electoral College has thwarted Democrats' presidential aspirations twice in the past...
  • Blue States Spit in the Face Of Democracy, Taking Trump Off The 2020 Ballot

    04/30/2019 10:49:00 PM PDT · by SimonDaily · 33 replies ^ | 4/30/19 | Simon Daily
    This is ridiculous Liberals are trying to stop Trump from winning in 2020. Where that is no shock, it’s the how that’s bizarre. Instead of relying on Democracy and voting, Dems are attempting to take Trump off the ballot entirely over his tax returns.
  • Commentary: It’s Not ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ It’s a Fever-Fueled Effort to ‘Fundamentally ..

    04/30/2019 8:33:51 AM PDT · by bitt · 20 replies ^ | 4/29/2019 | Karen McQuillen
    The Democrats’ behavior after 2016 is not mass delusion or mass hysteria or Trump Derangement Syndrome, or any of the other psychobabble explanations that dominate our political commentary. My first career was as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and I am not impressed with spraying around clinical terms as a substitute for looking at what is in front of us. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a colorful description for political behavior. It is not an analysis of what causes it. Under Barack Obama, ordinary Democrats became enamored of the narrative that they were the Good People, hence entitled to crush anyone in their...
  • Our Remarkable Electoral College

    04/29/2019 1:32:09 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 12 replies
    ArticleVBlog ^ | April 29th 2019 | Rodney Dodsworth
    The wisdom of our awkward Electoral College (EC) goes far beyond the matter of relative electoral weight between urban and rural voters. Thank the Framers for doing more than diffusing presidential votes across our vast nation. They designated electors to each of the three political branches with the purpose of each institution in mind.1 As opposed to the House and Senate, whose members know their employers and thus whom they must satisfy, the Framers’ President was unbeholden to the people-at-large, states, Congress, faction, or collection of factions – what we know as political parties. Article II outlined a peaceful process...