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  • How to Die of the Corona Virus

    08/05/2020 7:02:18 PM PDT · by Diana in Wisconsin · 44 replies
    321Gold ^ | August 5, 2020 | Bob Moriarty
    *Wear a mask 24/7 *Wear a face shield *Stay at least two meters and better yet 20 meters from anyone *Self isolate at home *Do not go out for any reason The government pays hospitals if you die with the Corona Virus for those who lack insurance. Therefore, if you are shot or born 15 weeks premature, or are in an automobile accident or drink yourself to death or have a stroke or heart attack or suicide you have just died of the Corona Virus. It’s like magic. If you really insist on taking a test for the Corona Virus,...
  • Red States, Blue States, and Zombie States

    08/01/2020 4:46:41 AM PDT · by Kaslin
    American ^ | August 1, 2020 | Barry Paulson and John Merrifield
    Over the past two decades, most states have experienced debt fatigue, allowing debt to increase to levels that exposes them to default. When the ratio of debt to personal income exceeds 10 percent, states risk default on their debt. In our research we designed new fiscal rules called “debt brakes” that can constrain the growth in spending and restore sustainable levels of debt. We explore the potential impact of the debt brakes in the different states. States have responded to the risk of default quite differently; we distinguish between red states, blue states, and Zombie states. Red states are states...
  • Millennials are Caught in the Two Recession Trap: Punished by the Great Recession and now the Great Pandemic

    07/29/2020 7:25:45 AM PDT · by Diana in Wisconsin · 79 replies
    My Budget 360 Blog ^ | July 29, 2020 | MyBudget360
    Covid-19 continues to unleash economic havoc across the world. The financial destruction being caused by the pandemic is shattering already fragile household budgets. In the deep levels of this fog, Millennials continue to face extra layers of pressure from this crisis. This has come in the form of massive levels of student debt, a higher proportion of gig work and retail work, and ultimately no financial cushion of wealth. While some older generations have made it a sport to bash Millennials, they forget that many decades ago a one-income household was enough to purchase a home or that you could...
  • Trump targets Reagan Foundation after it asks campaign, RNC to stop using former president's likeness

    07/27/2020 7:00:43 PM PDT · by AirForceVet1988 · 22 replies
    CBS NEWS ^ | July 27 2020 | Melissa Quinn
    Washington — President Trump lashed out at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute and Fox News on Sunday after the presidential foundation requested his campaign and the Republican National Committee stop using former President Ronald Reagan's likeness to fundraise. "So the Washington Post is running the Reagan Foundation, and RINO Paul Ryan is on the Board of Fox, which has been terrible," Mr. Trump tweeted. "We will win anyway, even with the phony @FoxNews suppression polls (which have been seriously wrong for 5 years)!"
  • While Schools Open From Wuhan To Stockholm, California Shuts Theirs Down

    07/21/2020 6:58:12 AM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 14 replies
    thefederalist ^ | 07/21/2020 | Scott J Street
    Gov. Gavin Newsom made what may go down as the biggest public policy blunder in California history last Friday when he essentially ordered schools in most of the state to close their doors for the fall semester. Newsom’s order requires schools within counties on the “Monitoring List” to remain completely closed. The list is determined not by coronavirus cases among children, but by increases in the number of overall infections per 100,000 people, changes in the rate of hospitalization, and increases in positive test results, among other factors. For counties where students are permitted to return to school, all children...
  • Ballot Access Laws and Our Posterity

    07/20/2020 11:05:55 AM PDT · by Fester Chugabrew
    Self | 7/20/2020 | Self
    Ever since witnessing Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s film, The Silent Scream, I have been galvanized to speak up on behalf of those little ones whose screams will never be heard. They are our posterity. They are the very same people whose lives are to be safe and secure under the Constitution of the United States, as stated in its preamble: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do...
  • Welcome to the Crazed, Frantic Demise of Finance Capitalism

    07/19/2020 6:56:25 AM PDT · by Diana in Wisconsin · 34 replies
    Of Two Minds Blog ^ | July 17, 2020 | Charles Hugh Smith
    The cognitive dissonance required to ignore the widening gap between the real economy and the fraud's basic machinery--speculation funded by "money" conjured out of thin air--has reached a level of denial that can only be termed psychotic. When scams start unraveling, the scammers become increasingly frantic to maintain the illusion of legitimacy and the delusion of guaranteed gains that are the lifeblood of every scam. One sure sign that the flim-flam is about to collapse is the manic rise of FOMO, fear of missing out, as the scammers jam the Ponzi scheme's stellar returns to new extremes. What greedy human...
  • HR bill proposed to audit US gold holdings

    07/12/2020 9:55:26 AM PDT · by delta7 · 32 replies
    GATA, US Congress ^ | 12 July 2020 | Mooney
    56a ET Sunday, July 12, 2020 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Surreptitious intervention in the gold market by the U.S. government is the target of legislation introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Alex X. Mooney, R-West Virginia. In a letter to House colleagues seeking support for his Gold Reserve Transparency Act, H.R. 2559, Mooney writes: "Because there are concerns the U.S. Treasury may have sold, swapped, leased, or otherwise placed encumbrances upon some of America's gold, H.R. 2559 also requires a full accounting of any and all sales, purchases, disbursements, or receipts; a full accounting of any...
  • Government health care restrictions are costing lives; Doctors who want to prescribe drugs like Hydroxychloroquine to patients with Coronavirus are forbidden from doing so

    07/01/2020 6:06:36 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 12 replies
    The Hill ^ | 07/01/2020 | BY CHRISTINA HERRIN
    Free to Choose Medicine (FTCM) is a policy proposal that would lower the cost of pharmaceutical drugs while expediting approval of potentially life-saving treatments. In short, FTCM would relieve needless pain and suffering and save lives. So, why is the government anti-FTCM? FTCM allows health care choices to be made by patients and doctors, not the federal government. In the drug approval process, after Phase I safety testing, and at least one Phase II efficacy test, drugs that are awaiting approval in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug approval pipeline would be available to patients via a Free to...
  • The Science is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses

    06/26/2020 8:50:20 PM PDT · by Grandpa Drudge · 218 replies
    SOTT Signs Of The Times ^ | April 20, 2020 | Dr. Denis G Rancourt, PhD
    (excerpt copied from this article) Conclusion regarding masks that do not work No RCT study with verified outcome shows a benefit for HCW or community members in households to wearing a mask or respirator. There is no such study. There are no exceptions. Likewise, no study exists that shows a benefit from a broad policy to wear masks in public (more on this below). Furthermore, if there were any benefit to wearing a mask, because of the blocking power against droplets and aerosol particles, then there should be more benefit from wearing a respirator (N95) compared to a surgical mask,...
  • Pride Month 2020 [Ex occidente lux]

    06/26/2020 12:14:36 AM PDT · by Freelance Warrior · 24 replies
    Today, the U.S. Embassy in Russia displays the LGBTI Pride Flag. The LGBTI flag was created by American artist and activist Gilbert Baker and was first raised as a symbol of hope and diversity on June 25, 1978, during the Gay Freedom Day parade in San Francisco. June is Pride Month and we celebrate that everyone deserves to live a life free from hatred, prejudice, and persecution. As Ambassador Sullivan has said, “LGBTI rights are human rights. And human rights are universal. It’s as simple as that.”
  • 89% of Americans wear masks in public as the coronavirus pandemic persists: POLL

    06/25/2020 8:30:51 PM PDT · by AirForceVet1988 · 208 replies
    ABC News ^ | 6-25-2020 | Kendall Karson
    An overwhelming majority of Americans say they've worn a face mask in public in the last week, as the coronavirus pandemic persists and infections reach new highs in more than a dozen states, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds. Nearly nine in 10 Americans (89%) who left their home in the last week said they wore a face mask or a face covering, compared to only 11% who said they did not. The latest poll, . . .
  • Undercover Investigation: Minneapolis riot was preplanned [check out ]

    06/17/2020 7:13:59 PM PDT · by FrdmLvr · 58 replies
    YouTube ^ | 6-8-20 | Millennial Millie
    Millennial Millie does an expose on who is behind the riot insurrections, the connection with the Green New Deal, the group that recruits school children as young as middle schoolers as foot soldiers in the ranks of Antifa and BLM, and who have gotten 16 of the 30 Democrat candidates they promoted elected in 2018 including Cortez, Omar, Talib and Presley. A must see.
  • Evangelical millennials perceive the advantages of living in a Christian society

    06/18/2020 11:07:08 AM PDT · by Teleios Research · 4 replies
    Teleios ^ | Teleios
    Teleios conducted a survey regarding the benefits of Christian society. Respondents (n=565) indicated that living in a Christian society was important and advantages to living in a Christian society are: stronger moral and ethical base, and a greater amount of love among people. While the advantages of a Christian society to government were: keeping societal order, maintaining individual rights and reducing corruption. In summary, young Christians believe the importance of living in a Christian society and that it provides multiple advantages to the country’s population and government in keeping a strong moral and ethical base and maintaining order. More at...
  • Some Principles for the Great Relocation

    06/17/2020 7:44:45 PM PDT · by Politically Correct · 14 replies
    Blog and Mablog ^ | 17 Jun 2020 | Douglas Wilson
    The Departure Many thoughtful Christian residents of our blue states have toyed with the idea of relocating for years now. But, as Newton taught us, an object at rest tends to remain at rest. There were real annoyances associated with staying put, but that is what they were thought to be — annoyances. The taxes were high, the governments were incompetent and officious, regulations were increasingly intrusive, and so on. And so the thought of maybe someday was constantly in the back of a lot of minds. And then 2020 hit us amidships, and this brought with it a dark...
  • Don't Just Trust. Verify.

    06/15/2020 4:40:41 AM PDT · by Old Yeller · 3 replies
    RR ^ | 6/14/20 | Rob Pue
    It seems like the so-called “Progressives” have gotten just about as much “mileage” out of the coronavirus/COVID-19 exercise (at least for now) as they’ve been able to, so it appears it’s time to move on to the next thing. Following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” rule number 7, “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag,” and clearly, the “virus” has dragged on a little too long. Most people are literally sick of it. Most of us are waking up to the fact that we’ve been lied to, played for fools and suffered the loss of many freedoms,...
  • How The Slow Spread Of Radicalism Made Portland Ungovernable

    06/12/2020 8:06:43 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 18 replies
    The Federalist ^ | June 12, 2020 | Brian Knotts
    Portland, a smallish Pacific-Northwest city in a state once known for its moderate politicians, is now become an epicenter of radical activism. Some violent protests, starting in Minneapolis and rapidly expanding to cities all over North America and abroad, have challenged local governments’ ability to keep the peace over the past two weeks. It was unsurprising that chaos erupted in Portland, Oregon.How did Portland, a smallish Pacific-Northwest city in a state that was once known for its moderate politicians, become an epicenter of radical activism and inadequate governance?Starting with the Wobblies in the early 20th century, a thread of radicalism...
  • Contractors Can Save Taxpayers Billions, Bureaucrats Permitting

    06/11/2020 9:52:49 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | June 11, 2020 | Ross Marchand
    With the federal deficit quickly approaching $4 trillion, the Trump administration and lawmakers must find ways to get costs under control – and quickly. One of the best tools for accomplishing this end is contracting out services to private providers, who can fulfill essential governmental services at a fraction of ordinary costs. While federal contracting has expanded significantly over the past few decades, flimsy lawsuits promulgated by the Department of Labor (DoL) threaten to unravel these hard-won cost savings. These lawsuits allege discrimination, undoubtably a pressing problem in America today. But the DoL’s actions sabotage the struggle for genuine equality...
  • Chicago mayor and alderman exchange profanities over concerns about looters in leaked audio

    06/10/2020 2:05:53 AM PDT · by a little elbow grease · 18 replies ^ | 6/9/20 | Emma Colton
    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was recorded during a heated and expletive-ridden exchange with a city alderman while addressing protests that turned violent after George Floyd’s death. During a May 31 conference call with 50 aldermen, Alderman Raymond Lopez told Lightfoot that the city was unprepared for the demonstrations, according to a recording of the call obtained by a CBS affiliate in the city. “When downtown is in lockdown, our neighborhoods are next, and our failure to fully get ready for what’s going on in the neighborhoods, we’re seeing this destruction, and we’re thinking that it’s going to somehow end tonight....
  • The State’s Priority Is Protecting Itself, Not You

    06/04/2020 6:39:10 AM PDT · by Mr. Jeeves · 5 replies
    The Libertarian Institute ^ | 06/03/2020 | Bradley Thomas
    Murray Rothbard pointed out in his book Anatomy of the State how the state is far more punitive against those that threaten the comfort and authority of government institutions and workers than they are against crimes against citizens. This, according to Rothbard, exposed as a myth the notion that the state exists to protect its citizens. “We may test the hypothesis that the State is largely interested in protecting itself rather than its subjects by asking: which category of crimes does the State pursue and punish most intensely—those against private citizens or those against itself?” Rothbard wrote. “The gravest crimes...