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Posted on 04/02/2006 2:13:59 PM PDT by SunkenCiv

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To: gleeaikin; Founding Father

Founding Father posted the link, I found it while doing the GGG Digest (#204):

> Reading the super volcanos article above reminded me the following is a decent site for volcano information:

201 posted on 06/13/2008 10:15:55 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ( updated Friday, May 30, 2008)
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topics from 2007:

Global warming debate ‘irrational’: scientists [GW caused by sun]
Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, Canada) | April 26, 2007 | Stephanie Stein
Posted on 04/26/2007 10:29:28 AM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet

Sunspots reaching 1,000-year high
BBC News | Tuesday, 6 July, 2004 | Dr David Whitehouse
Posted on 04/10/2007 7:30:56 AM PDT by George W. Bush

Solar peak expected in 2011-2012
CNN | April 26, 2007 | AP - CNN
Posted on 04/26/2007 1:01:47 PM PDT by Islander7

Ocean currents to blame for [global]warming: expert
The Daily Telegraph (Australia) | April 30, 2007 | Dab Elliott in Denver
Posted on 04/30/2007 12:56:24 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet

Climate change hits Mars
The Times (UK) | 4/29/07 | unknown
Posted on 04/29/2007 5:02:15 PM PDT by Jewels1091

from beeber’s:

202 posted on 06/20/2008 7:16:10 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ( updated Friday, May 30, 2008)
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guaranteed to upset Bill Gates' love slave wannabees

203 posted on 10/11/2008 12:37:34 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ( hasn't been updated since Friday, May 30, 2008)
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To: Berosus; Fred Nerks; Swordmaker

Well, we all missed it I think:

Archaeology museum to present ‘Venus’
Aileen B. Flores / El Paso Times Staff
Posted: 05/15/2009 12:00:00 AM MDT

EL PASO — “Venus: Divine Star of Ancient America” by Marc Thomson, El Paso Museum of Archaeology director, will be presented from 2 to 3 p.m. Sunday at the museum, 4301 Trans Mountain Road.

The program is the last in Thomson’s “Southwest Iconography Explored” series. It will feature paintings, pottery figures and murals of Venus.

Thomson will interpret the meaning of these images dating back to A.D. 800 in Mexico and continuing in use in the Jemez and Zuni pueblo cultures. According to Thomson, images of Venus can be found on modern Mescalero Apache dance shields.

204 posted on 05/25/2009 12:14:28 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ( Profile updated Monday, January 12, 2009)
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To: 75thOVI; aimhigh; Alice in Wonderland; AndrewC; aragorn; aristotleman; Avoiding_Sulla; BBell; ...

Happy Independence Day, all!

The 15th anniversary of the SL-9 impacts on Jupiter approaches. Bravo, congratulations, and kudos to Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker and David Levy! Eugene Shoemaker died later in the 1990s, as a result of an auto accident which also injured Carolyn.
Remnants of 1994 Comet Impact Leave Puzzle at Jupiter
by Robert Roy Britt
August 23 2004
From July 16 through July 22, 1994, more than 20 fragments of Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with the gaseous planet, all coming in at about the same latitude, 45 degrees south. Fragments up to 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) sent plumes of hot gas into the Jovian atmosphere. Dark scars lasted for weeks.
Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9
Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 (images)
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205 posted on 07/04/2009 5:45:19 AM PDT by SunkenCiv ( Jan 3, 2004__Profile updated Monday, January 12, 2009)
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To: SunkenCiv
S-L put on quite a show, and was IMHO the igniter of concerns about comet/meteor catastrophes. Combined with the Alvarez's theory about the K/T extinction it created concern in the general public previously limited to readers of science fiction.
206 posted on 07/04/2009 4:01:08 PM PDT by Lucius Cornelius Sulla ("men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters." -- Edmund Burke)
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To: Lucius Cornelius Sulla

Over the long weekend I wound up with History Channel’s “Prehistoric Megastorms” or something like that, has seven or eight episodes, each one about different disasters, including the K-T extinction, the Clovis Comet, Toba (heh heh), etc. Most of them were about impacts from space, which (until 1994) were mostly pooh-poohed even by astronomers, geologists, etc. It took Apollo 17 to nail the coffin shut on the supposedly dominant role of volcanism on the lunar surface, but until 1994, Shoemaker’s impact models for Berringer Crater and the Ries Basin remained underdiscussed curiousities.

207 posted on 07/05/2009 3:37:59 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ( Jan 3, 2004__Profile updated Monday, January 12, 2009)
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To: Swordmaker; Fred Nerks
It's Tesla's birthday!
nikola tesla

208 posted on 07/10/2009 1:00:42 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ( Jan 3, 2004__Profile updated Monday, January 12, 2009)
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Saturn, chrono sort:
209 posted on 07/27/2009 7:57:11 AM PDT by SunkenCiv ( Jan 3, 2004__Profile updated Monday, January 12, 2009)
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all keyword topics, brief links, chrono sort, almost no other editing:
210 posted on 08/22/2009 6:47:10 AM PDT by SunkenCiv ( Jan 3, 2004__Profile updated Monday, January 12, 2009)
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To: 75thOVI; aimhigh; Alice in Wonderland; AndrewC; aragorn; aristotleman; Avoiding_Sulla; BBell; ...


The University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory... hour-long lectures begin at 7 p.m. in the Room 308, the Kuiper Space Sciences Building lecture hall. The Kuiper Space Sciences Building is located on the UA campus at 1629 E. University Boulevard... Planetary sciences professor Renu Malhotra will speak on “Migrating Planets” on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

211 posted on 09/14/2009 6:19:51 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ( Jan 3, 2004__Profile updated Monday, January 12, 2009)
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To: SunkenCiv

Thanks. Fascinating . . . particularly given the Biblical end times prophecy about a mountain falling out of the sky.

212 posted on 09/14/2009 8:31:23 PM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Quix

Oh hey Quix.

If you are interested in this subject, check out these movies:




213 posted on 09/15/2009 7:03:37 AM PDT by Outership (Looking for a line by line Book of Revelation Bible study?
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To: Outership


putting with the Word doc with the UFO ping lists.

214 posted on 09/15/2009 9:44:32 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Quix

Oh cool. If you like that I have more.

The work that Velikovsky started is still going on. There has been a ton of new discoveries. If you are looking for the latest in this branch of cosmology, check this site:

Read these books:



Check this site for further books and DVDs to get (you can get the full version of Mythscape: Remembering the End of the World here too):

And of course, watch those movies from the other post.

215 posted on 09/15/2009 10:38:44 AM PDT by Outership (Looking for a line by line Book of Revelation Bible study?
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To: Outership


Probably won’t get to all that in this lifetime at the rate things are going.

Still, have pasted into a saved file.

216 posted on 09/15/2009 11:47:29 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Quix

Well, the movies are short and fun. Let me know what you think of them.

217 posted on 09/15/2009 12:01:08 PM PDT by Outership (Looking for a line by line Book of Revelation Bible study?
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To: SunkenCiv


Maybe I should throw that list into Word or Excel and alphabetize it for you.

Let me see . . .

218 posted on 09/15/2009 12:23:03 PM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: SunkenCiv

HERE THEY ARE ALPHABETIZED . . . several “...”’s are first, however. Decided to leave as were for title accuracy.


• “Dino Killer” Asteroid Was Half the Size Predicted?
• “Dinosaur Mummy” Has Skin Like Birds’ and Crocodiles’
• “Global Warming Is Real” - Dispatches from the International Conference on Climate Change
• “Missing” Moons, “Dirty” Ice Among Jupiter Flyby Finds
• “Planemos” May Give Rise to Planets, Moons
• “Super volcano” could dwarf Indonesia’s earthquake catastrophes (4/2/05)
• “Super volcano” could dwarf Indonesia’s earthquake catastrophes: expert
• “Volcano Cure” for [Global] Warming? Not So Fast, Study Says
• [Bitpig] Science Fiction And The Future: So What?
• 100 Explosions On The Moon
• 100 years on, mystery shrouds massive ‘cosmic impact’ in Russia
• 11 Billion Year-Old Massive Gamma Ray Burst Recorded
• 12,900 Years Ago: North American Comet Impact Theory Disproved
• 128 Million Square Kilometers Were Covered By Snow At China (up to 20 inches)
• 1600 Eruption Caused Global Disruption (Peruvian eruption)
• 1709: The year that Europe froze (even the Mediterranean iced over)
• 2 Studies Challenge Notion of Rise in Atlantic Storms
• 2000-Year-Old Meteors to Rain Down on August 31, 2007
• 2007 VK184 Earth Impact Risk Summary [ 1 on the Torino Scale ]
• 2008 Ends Spotless and with 266 Spotless Days, the #2 Least Active Year Since 1900, Portends Cooling
• 2008 will be coolest year of the decade
• 3 new bacteria species found (not on earth, either...)
• 35.5m yr old global cooling caused by sharp decline in CO2 (Maybe cooling caused a drop in CO2?)
• 50 Billion Suns! -The Biggest Single Object in the Universe -A Galaxy Insight
• 75 years later, peak feels ‘Big Wind’s’ impact
• A Big Boom in a Quiet Galaxy
• A Celestial Collision
• A cold spell soon to replace global warming
• A Cooling Trend Toward Global Warming
• A distant comet explodes, another Red Sox omen?
• A few thoughts on Mass Extinctions [ 2003 ]
• A Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field
• A giant planet embedded in the magnetosphere of its star [ tau Bootis ]
• A Mammoth Discovery (evidence of the flood?)
• A Meteoroid Hits the Moon
• A Much Earlier Start for Animals
• A Mysterious Darkness: The Day the Sun Went Out in New England
• A possible impact crater for the 1908 Tunguska Event
• A potential fallacy in ice core studies?
• A Real Whopper: Black Hole Is Most Massive Known (M87 - HUGHer by 2 or 3 times than speculated)
• A Real-Life Jurassic Park
• ìSpace rockî reveals life’s origins
• AAS Meeting: Milky Way on Collision Course With Andromeda Galaxy
• Active Aleutian Volcanoes: Okmok, Kasatochi
• ‘Active glacier found’ on Mars
• After the Codyssey, the Eeliad: an epic tale of survival and the sea
• Air Force Dismisses Mystery Light As Russian Rocket
• Al Gore and Venus Envy
• Alaska’s Redoubt volcano erupts three times
• Alien Impact Poisons Canadian Town[Meteorite]
• Aliens ‘may be living among us’ undetected by science
• Almighty Smash Left Record Crater On Mars
• Alpine melt reveals ancient life [ Schnidejoch glacier ]
• Alp-sized peaks found entombed in Antarctic ice
• Amateur astronomer spies gassy “cosmic ghost” (”Hanny’s Voorwerp”)
• Amateur Geologist Makes Suprising Find (Japan)
• Amazing pictures: The lightning storm that engulfed an erupting volcano
• Amazing Volcano Photo Reveals Shock Wave (Pic from the ISS/Nasa)
• Amazon River Once Flowed in Opposite Direction
• American Adults Flunk Basic Science
• AMO, The Key Global Climate Indicator
• An ancient bathtub ring of mammoth fossils
• An Antimatter Cloud Around Galactic Center
• An Argument for the Cometary Origin of the Biosphere
• An Impact Event in 3114BC? The beginning of a Turbulent Millennium.
• An inconvenient film
• An Iron Key to High-Temperature Superconductivity?
• Ancient Antarctic Mountains Found Under Miles of Ice
• Ancient Bronze Coffin Discovered In Ibb Province (Yemen)
• Ancient Cataclysm Rearranged Pacific Map, Study Says
• Ancient Climate-Change Event Puzzles Scientists
• Ancient Crash, Epic Wave
• Ancient documents portend major earthquake
• Ancient Drought And Rapid Cooling Drastically Altered Climate
• Ancient Eclipse Found in “The Odyssey,” Scientists Say
• Ancient Flood Brought Gulf Stream To A Halt
• Ancient fortress city unearthed in Egypt
• Ancient fossil forest found by accident (potential major out of order problem for Darwinists)
• Ancient Global Dimming Linked to Volcanic Eruption (The Dark Ages)
• Ancient Greenland was actually green!
• Ancient Imbalances Sent Earth’s Continents “Wandering”
• Ancient impact may have bowled the Moon over
• Ancient mega-lake discovered in Darfur
• Ancient Mexican City Raises Questions About Mesoamerica’s Mother Culture
• Ancient microbes made giant magnets - Magnetic fossils show how climate change creates new extremes.
• Ancient military town dating back to 26th Dynasty discovered in Ismailiya
• Ancient NY Tsunami May Have Been Caused By Asteroid
• Ancient supernova is oldest and most distant found
• Ancient supernovae may be recorded in Antarctic ice
• Ancient Supervolcano’s Eruption Caused Decade Of Severe Winters
• Ancient tsunami ‘hit New York’
• Ancient Vegetation, Insect Fossils Found in Antarctica
• Ancient Volcanic Eruptions Caused Global Mass Extinction
• Ancient Volcano, Seeds And Treerings, Suggest Rewriting Late Bronze Age Mediterranean History (More)
• Andes Mountains Are Older Than Previously Believed
• Another great flood: time to build an ark?
• Antarctic Seafloor Core Suggests Earth’s Orbital Oscillations May Be The Key To What Controlled Ice
• Antarctic volcanoes identified as a possible culprit in glacier melting
• Antarctic Warming: Another Mann-made Climate Change, Says SPPI
• Aphrodite’s Blazing Mane
• Aphrodite’s Blazing Mane
• Apocalypse how? Revealing the next catastrophic threat to our world
• Apocalypse soon?
• Appalachians Triggered Ancient Ice Age (Smoky Mountains)
• Approaching Comet (inter solar system)
• Archaeologists Discover Temple That Sheds Light On So-called Dark Age
• Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Maritime Spice Route Between India, Egypt
• ARCHAEOLOGY: New Carbon Dates Support Revised History of Ancient Mediterranean
• ARCHAEOLOGY: Stone Age World Beneath the Baltic Sea
• Arctic tundra emits methane even in winter
• Are Planetary Systems Filled to Capacity?
• Are Volcanoes Melting Arctic?
• Are You Cereous? Life Came from an Asteroid?
• Area youth’s toothy find spurs archaeological inquiries
• Argentine glacier advances despite global warming
• Arguments that Prove that Climate Change is driven by Solar Activity and not by CO2 Emission
• As Ice Melts, Antarctic Bedrock Is On The Move (Updated methods invalidate computer models)
• Asteroid Belt Loaded with Former Comets
• Asteroid Breakup May Have Doomed Dinosaurs
• Asteroid Collision Fueled Ancient Dust Storm on Earth
• Asteroid Cruises Past Earth ... With a Partner!
• Asteroid ‘Hit Northern Russia’
• Asteroid Juno Has A “Bite” Out Of It
• Asteroid to hit Earth’s atmosphere in hours
• Asteroids Spoelhof and Griffioen
• Astrobiological Prospects for Faster Evolution and Importance of Cold Conditions
• Astronomers Catch Images of Giant Metal Dog Bone Asteroid [ from 2000, 216 Kleopatra ]
• Astronomers detect most distant cosmic explosion (~13 billion years old)
• Astronomers discover youthful icy objects in outer solar system
• Astronomers Find a New “Minor Planet” near Neptune
• Astronomers Find Unusual New Denizen Of The Solar System
• Astronomers Monitor Asteroid To Pass Near Mars
• Astronomers unravel a mystery of the Dark Ages
• Astronomy Picture of the Day
• Astronomy Picture of the Day
• Astronomy: The rock that fell to Earth
• At 2.8 km down, a 1-of-a-kind microorganism lives all alone [descende, Audax viator ...]
• At Galilee Site, Solving A Mystery From The Time Of Solomon
• Bacteria froze the Earth, researchers say ~~ CO2 saved it....
• Bang goes that theory: Dinosaur extinction ‘occurred 300,000 years AFTER asteroid impact’
• Battle of the climate scientists - Gray versus Hansen part 2 (Hansen formally trained in astronomy)
• BBC: Sea reptile is biggest on record ( measured 15m (50ft) from nose to tail - alligator jaws)
• Believers In The Lost Ark (Noah’s)
• Bent tectonics (How Hawaii was bumped off)
• Berkeley Study Of Lunar Cratering History Finds Surprising Increase at Time of Cambrian Explosion
• Biblical Plagues and Parting of Red Sea caused by Volcano
• Big Bangs: ‘Stirring’ Secrets Of Deadly Supervolcanoes Uncovered
• BIG Earthquake in Japan Just Now! Predicted in Advance by Two Minutes (Live)
• Big Earthquakes Spark Jolts Worldwide
• Big new asteroid has slim chance of hitting Earth
• ‘Big one’ may hit close to Seattle
• ‘Big Wave’ Theory Offers Alternative to Dark Energy
• Biological Big Bang: Another Explosion at the Dawn of Life (things couldn’t be worse for Darwin!)
• Bjorn Lomborg: Obama and global warming
• Black Hole Creates Spectacular Light Show (HST-1, enigmatic blob in the center of the M87 galaxy)
• Black Hole Expelled From Its Parent Galaxy [Max Planck Institute]
• Black Hole’s ‘Birth Scream’ Heard Across Universe
• Blame sunspots for cool winter, spring weather
• Blowing a Hole in a Comet: Take 2
• ‘Blue Needle’ Presents New Challenge for Theorists
• Bogeymen of the C02 hoax losing ground
• Boundary Between Earth’s Upper Atmosphere And Space Has Moved To Extraordinarily Low Altitudes...
• Boy Hit By Meteorite Travelling At 30,000mph
• Bracing the Satellite Infrastructure for a Solar Superstorm
• Bright Spot on Venus Stumps Scientists..... (No Clue)
• Britain’s Drowned Landscapes (Ice Age Melt)
• Brooklyn College Anthropologist Identifies New Prehistoric Monkey
• BUSY SUN (or...not so much)
• Cal Scientist: Jupiter Has Core 2X as Big as Thought
• Can aircraft trails affect climate?
• Can Hydrocarbons Form in the Mantle Without Organic Matter?
• Can lunar cycles affect the taste of wine?
• Can moon cycles predict droughts, wet weather?
• Can we detect asteroid impacts with rocky extrasolar planets?
• Canada To Launch First Space Mission To Hunt Asteroids
• Canadian navy reports a “catastrophic volcanic eruption” on Red Sea island off Yemen
• Cantabrian cornice has experienced seven cooling and warming phases over past 41,000 years
• Carbon 14 — The Solution to Dating David and Solomon?
• Carbon dioxide did not end the last Ice Age (WELL, DUH!)
• Carbon dioxide not to blame in ice age mystery
• Carolina bays gouged into the ground at a magnetic reversal
• Cassini Captures Best View Yet Of Saturn’s Ring Currents
• Cataclysm 3.9 Billion Years Ago Was Caused By Asteroids, Not Comets
• Catastrophic Coincidence: Second Ever Example Of Contemporaneous Meteorite...
• Catastrophic Flooding From Ancient Lake May Have Triggered Cold Period
• Catastrophism
• Cave’s climate clues show ancient empires declined during dry spell
• CBS News sinks to new low; publishes crackpot global warming story, attributes it to AP, kills it
• Census Of Modern Organisms Reveals Echo Of Ancient Mass Extinction
• ‘Chemical equator’ protects Antarctica’s clean air
• Chesapeake Bay Crater Offers Clues To Ancient Cataclysm
• Chilling News: ìSunspots May Vanish by 2015î (counter CAGW)
• China volcano may have caused mass extinction
• Chinese earthquake may have been man-made, say scientists
• Clandestine comets found in main asteroid belt - Earth oceans origin
• Clare Places: Islands: Mutton Island or Enniskerry (9th century catastrophe in Ireland)
• Clay tablet holds clue to asteroid mystery
• Climate change by Jupiter
• Climate Cycles in China as Revealed by a Stalagmite from Buddha Cave(Journal Review)
• Climate may have caused Rome to fall
• Climate of Fear
• Climate Skeptics Reveal ‘Horror Stories’ of Scientific Suppression (NYC Conference Report)
• Closest Asteroid Yet Flies Past Earth
• Clues To A Secret Of Life Found In Meteorite Dust....
• CO2 a pollutant? ‘Ridiculous,’ says scientist
• CO2, Temperatures, and Ice Ages
• Coast-2-Coast AM 10.29.08 Mike Heiser -Ancient Ghosts-
• Coils Of Ancient Egyptian Rope Found In Cave
• Cold and Ice, and Heat, Episodically Gripped Tropical Regions 300 Million Years Ago
• Cold water ocean circulation doesn’t work as expected (N. Atlantic conveyor belt)
• COLORADO SUPERBOLIDE (huge meteor lights up sky! -caught on video)
• Colossal Flare Erupts from EV Lacertae
• Comet Brightens Mysteriously By A Factor Of A Million
• Comet Collides With Solar Hurricane
• Comet compositions show striking differences
• Comet Holmes is Bigger than the Sun
• Comet or Meteorite Impact Events in 1178AD?
• Comet put on list of potential Earth impactors
• Comet Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter [July 16 through July 22, 1994]
• Comet smashes triggered ancient famine [ March 536 AD ]
• Comet Theory Collides With Clovis Research, May Explain Disappearance of Ancient People
• Comets And Disaster In The Bronze Age
• Comet’s course hints at mystery planet [ from 2001 ]
• Comets may be spawned when mum breaks up [circling the wagons cont’d]
• Comets ‘not cause of extinctions’
• Comets spread Earth-life around galaxy, say scientists
• Comets,Meteors & Myth: New Evidence For Toppled Civilizations And Bibical Tales
• Comets: The Loose Thread
• Common Sense Makes a Mockery of Global Warming and Climate Change
• Composition of a Comet Poses a Puzzle for Scientists
• Concern Over “Heat Sink” Near Fillmore
• Confusing Patterns With Coincidences (Earthquakes)
• Consensus or Censorship?
• CORE Leader Blasts Global-warming Alarmists
• Correlation demonstrated between cosmic rays and temperature of the stratosphere
• Cosmic blast may have killed off megafauna
• Cosmic blast may have killed off megafauna
• Cosmic Cloud on Collision Course
• Cosmic Hole-in-One Captured Over Antarctica
• Could An Asteroid Hit Planet Earth, Again?
• Could the Mystery of the Milky Way hold the Key to Future Life on Planet Earth?
• Cracking the Mystery (Cretaceous, Great Dying, Chicxulub)
• Crater From 1908 Russian Space Impact Found, Team Says (Tunguska)
• Cray Supercomputer... Discover Origin Of Mysterious Glass Found In King Tut’s Tomb
• Crusty Old Discovery Reveals Early Earth’s History (3.8 billion years old outer crust)
• CU-Boulder study shows 53 million-year-old high Arctic mammals wintered in darkness
• Cultivation changed monsoon in Asia
• Cuneiform clay tablet translated for the first time
• Dan Rather Memorial Award for Stupidest Analysis [MRC DisHonors Awards]
• Danube Delta Holds Answers to ‘Noah’s Flood’ Debate [science]
• Dark green (Starring Gaia as Medea)
• Darvaza: The Door to Hell
• Death in the deep: Volcanoes blamed for mass extinction
• Death Spiral: Why Theorists Can’t Make Solar Systems
• ‘Death Star’ Gamma-Ray Gun Pointed Straight at Earth
• Death toll approaching 100 in Italy earthquake
• Debate Rages Over Moon Water
• December 21st earth to be hit directly by *Solar Flare*
• Deep Volcanic Fizz Forces Earth to Burp
• Deep-ocean vents are a source of oil and gas (evidence of abiogenic hydrocarbons)
• Deniers of Ancient Israelite History Exposed
• Details of Snowfall on Mars Explained (Phoenix Mars Lander - “ice crystals sparkling in the air”)
• Diamonds Linked to Quick Cooling Eons Ago
• Diamonds Rained Down During Ice Age
• Diamonds Rained Down During Ice Age ($$$)
• Diamonds Tell Story Of Earth’s Beginning
• Diamonds tell tale of comet that killed off the cavemen
• Did a Comet Cause a North American Die-Off around 13,000 Years Ago?
• Did A Comet Cause The Great Flood?
• Did a Comet Hit Earth 12,000 Years Ago?
• Did A Giant Impact Create The Two Faces Of Mars?
• Did A Mega-collision Alter Venus?
• Did a Tsunami Wipe Out a Cradle of Western Civilization?
• Did an ancient impact bowl Pluto over?
• Did an Ancient Volcano Freeze Earth?[74K Years Ago]
• Did an Asteroid Impact Cause an Ancient Tsunami?
• Did Asteroids And Comets Turn The Tides Of Civilization?
• Did Comets Cause Ancient American Extinctions?
• Did Comets Contain Key Ingredients For Life On Earth?
• Did comets flood Earth’s oceans?
• Did Earth’s Twin Cores Spark Plate Tectonics?
• Did iron cyclones give Earth a wonky core?
• Did Noah’s Flood start in the Carmel?
• Did Noah’s Flood start in the Carmel?
• Did Noah’s Flood start in the Carmel?
• Did Pluto Take a Punch? [from 2003]
• Did Volcanoes Spark Life on Earth?
• Dinosaur Burrow Find Gives Climate Change Clues
• Dinosaur creche was a no-frills business [123 myr old PsitTACOsaurus fossils in lava floe]
• Dinosaur Deaths Outsourced to India?
• Dinosaur fossils suggest speedy extinction - Arctic find challenges the idea that the massive...
• Dinosaur Graveyard May Unearth New Reasons For Their Extinction
• Dinosaur killer may have struck oil
• Dinosaur Soft Tissues: They’re Real!
• Dinosaurs’ den unearths new theory on extinction
• Disaster May Have Killed Ancients
• Disaster That Struck The Ancients
• Discovered: A sunken island, an Indian Ocean Atlantis?
• Discovered: Cosmic Rays from a Mysterious, Nearby Object
• Discovery of Vast Tail on Dying Star Promises Clues to Solar Birth
• Dispatches from the bottom of the earth: At AGAP camp at last
• Distant object found orbiting Sun backwards [ 2008 KV42 ]
• Distinctive Dinosaur Death Throes [opisthotonos]
• Do nuclear decay rates depend on our distance from the sun?
• Do nuclear decay rates depend on our distance from the sun?
• Does a giant crater lie beneath the Antarctic ice?
• Double Star Disks [ V4046 Sgr ]
• Double vortex at Venus South Pole unveiled!
• Double whammy causes mass extinctions
• Drained Lake Holds Record Of Ancient (Warmer) Alaska
• Dramatic climate shift didn’t kill Neanderthals
• Drilling Finds Crater Beneath Va. Bay
• Drilling Hits an Active Magma Chamber In Hawaii [good news for science]
• Drought That Destroyed A Civilisation
• Dwarf planet ‘becoming a comet’ [ 2003 EL61 ]
• Early Earth Likely Had Continents, Was Habitable, According To New Study
• Early volcano victims discovered
• ‘Earth 2100’: the Final Century of Civilization?
• Earth Losing Atmosphere Faster than Venus, Mars
• Earth may collide with Venus
• Earth may face freeze worse than Ice Age—study
• Earth oxygen existed 2.5 billion years ago
• Earth Playing Cosmic Roulette With Asteroids [ 2002 ]
• Earth Quake in Mexico City
• Earthquake Activity Is Frozen By Ice Sheets
• Earthquake Experts At Tel Aviv University Turn To History For Guidance
• Earthquake Magnitude 6.6 - CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
• Earthquake Swarm at Yellowstone Supervolcano: Update (top scientist Volcano Observatory)
• Earthquakes Became Five Times More Energetic Due to Global Warming
• Earth’s Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says
• Earth’s Hum Sounds More Mysterious Than Ever
• Earth’s Moon is ‘cosmic rarity’
• Earth’s Moon is Rare Oddball
• Earth’s most prominent rainfall feature creeping northward
• Earth’s Oldest Tree Had Fronds, Not Leaves (Believed Absorbed CO 2, Cooling Earth)
• Earth’s orbit creates more than a leap year
• Earth’s Plate Tectonics May Eventually Stop
• Earth’s Screams Recorded in Space
• Earth’s Volcanism Linked To Meteorite Impacts
• Ebb and flow of the sea drives world’s big extinction events
• Eccentric Exoplanet Gets Hot Flashes [ HD 80606b ]
• Eden Restored (Iraq’s Marsh Arabs)
• Edward Lorenz, Father of Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect, Dies at 90
• Egypt archaeologists find ancient painted coffins
• Egyptologists: It is Time to Prove Your Claims
• EIFFEL LIGHTNING BOLT (French Zottedness)
• Einstein’s Gravity Protects Earth [Celestial Mechanics Porn]
• Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe
• Electric Space Weather Baffles Scientists
• Electrical Activity on Titan Confirmed: The Spark for Life?
• Emory paleontologist reports discovery of carnivorous dinosaur tracks in Australia
• End of an empire? Blame it on the weather
• End of World Has Already Begun, U of WA Scientists Say in Book ‘The Life and Death of Planet Earth’
• Energy simulation may explain turbulence mystery
• Energy Update - Only 34% Now Blame Humans for Global Warming
• Enigma of Uranus solved at last
• Enigmatic Discovery (Granite Nubian Head)
• Erupting Volcano Anak Krakatau
• EU: Earth warming faster
• Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago
• Evidence Found for Ancient Mars Lake
• Evidence of the ‘Lost World’ — did dinosaurs survive the end Cretaceous extinctions?
• Evidence Of Tunguska-Type Impacts Over The Pacific Basin Around The Year 1178 AD
• Excavations Reveal Ancient Egyptians Were Master Dam Builders
• Expert: Small Ark. earthquakes could be warning
• Expert: Volcanoes in Today’s India Wiped Out Dinos
• Experts confirm meteorite crash in Peru
• Experts offer scaled-back sea level rise forecast
• Exploding Asteroid Theory Strengthened By New Evidence Located In Ohio, Indiana
• Exploration of the Bimini Underwater Rectangles Yields Stunning Finds (Art Bell history)
• Exploration of underwater forest [Loch Tay]
• Explosions in the Sky: Supernovae Imminent?
• FAA: Falling Metal Did Not Come From Airplane (Obama makin’ it rain Hot Metal Alert)
• Famed Hurricane Forecaster William Gray Predicts Global Cooling in 10 Years
• Fantastic Phobos
• Far side of the moon ‘could have been visible from earth’
• Far-Flung Space Crash May Help Solve Mystery of Moon’s Formation
• Fast-spinning black holes might reveal all
• Fathers Of The Zodiac Tracked Down
• Fear Lurks in Chile Volcano’s Shadow
• Fearmongers Never Quit
• Fire under the ice
• Fireball as unidentified flying object crashes into mountain
• ‘First Americans Were Australian’
• First Direct Evidence Of Lightning On Mars Detected
• First Humans To Settle Americas Came From Europe, Not From Asia....
• First measurements of Earth’s core radioactivity
• First movie of ‘tsunami’ on Sun
• First Stellar Outcast Discovered by Astronomers (Intergalactic traveller)
• Fixed Cam Captures Moment of Mt. Sakurajima Volcanic Eruption in Japan - Video 3/10/09
• Flaring Temper Causes Sun to Quake
• Flux Transfer Events (Sun to Earth)
• Flyby of Mercury Answers Some Old Questions
• Forbidden Arkeology: “The Riddle Of Ararat”
• Force of nature parts the Red Sea (Geologists believe they are witnessing the creation of an ocean)
• Forecasting Guru Announces: ìno scientific basis for forecasting climateî
• Forecasting Tsunami Threats Through Layers of Sand and Time
• ‘Forensic evidence’ of undiscovered planets
• Forests Frozen In Time
• Former astronaut scoffs at global warming
• Fossil magnetism helps prove mass extinction theory
• Fossilized cashew nuts reveal Europe was important route between Africa and South America
• Fossils found in Tibet by FSU geologist revise history of elevation, climate
• Fragments of Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Found [ Turin Kinglist ]
• Freak wave ‘hot spots’ identified
• Free Republic “Bump List” Register
• Frozen baby mammoth to be sent to Japan for research(near-perfect preservation: photo)
• Galapagos volcano erupts, could threaten wildlife
• Gamma-Ray Burst Aimed Directly at Earth
• Gamma-Ray Burst Caused Mass Extinction?
• Ganymede Age Threatened by Magnetism (moon does not fit old-age view of our solar system)
• Gas Giants Jump Into Planet Formation Early
• Gas-belching volcanoes may have killed dinosaurs
• Geminid Meteors Seen Striking The Moon
• Gene Reveals Mammoth Coat Colour
• Geochemical Evidence for a Comet Shower in the Late Eocene
• Geologist Predicts Earthquake, Meteorologist Says The Pattern is Right
• Geologists push back date basins formed, supporting frozen Earth theory (basins in India)
• Geology Picture of the Week, 09/30 - 10/6, 2007: When a Meteor Hits Mud (plus great volcano video!
• Geology Picture of the Week, April 19-26, 2009: Lava ocean entry (with links to video)
• Geology Picture of the Week, April 27-May 3, 2008: Giant’s Causeway, Ireland
• Geology Picture of the Week, June 14-20, 2009: Living on volcanoes (+ bonus)
• Geology Pictures of the Week, April 12-18, 2009: A Tale of Two Eruptions
• Geology Pictures of the Week, June 29-July 5, 2008: Thera (Santorini) unusual view
• Geophysicist Discovers Why Earth ‘Wobbles’ [ 2004 ]
• GEOPHYSICS: Ancient Cataclysm Marred the Med
• Ghost Cities Of 2100
• Giant asteroid rocked Antarctica
• Giant blob found deep beneath Nevada
• Giant Bones Challenged 18th-Century Intellectuals
• Giant Chinese dustball circles the Earth
• Giant Clams Fed Early Humans (Better to be a late human)
• Giant Crater Found [in Antarctica]: Tied to Worst Mass Extinction Ever [Permo-Triassic]
• Giant deposits of ice found by Mars orbiter
• Giant Solar Twists Discovered
• Giant solar waves spew more energy than 10 bn atom bombs
• Giant star Betelgeuse mysteriously shrinking: study
• Giant Tsunami Once Washed Over New York Area
• Giordano Bruno, the June 1975 Meteoroid Storm, Encke, and Other Taurid Complex Objects
• Glacier Girl
• Glaciers Can Melt in a ‘Geologic Instant’ (Ooops, there goes another evolutionary ASSUMPTION)
• Glaciers show north-south climate divide
• Global Cooling Earth’s Little-Known Threat
• Global cooling/global waming: The sun and the missing data
• Global Warming - Cause Orbital Cycle? False Signal in Temperature Data?
• Global Warming Is Caused by Computers
• Global Warming May Become the Instigator of World War IV (Green-Moonbat barf)
• Global warming predictions are overestimated, suggests study on black carbon (Cornell University)
• Global Warming Ruled a Religion by British Judge
• Global Warming: No Match for the Coming Ice Age
• Global Warming: On Hold? (Ooops)
• Global warming: Our best guess is likely wrong
• Global warming? More doubts
• God’s global warming worked just fine
• Going Into The Water: A Survey Of Impact Events And The Coastal Peoples Of South-East North America
• Grains Found in Ga. Traced to Asteroid
• Gravity ball
• Gravity Wave ‘Smoking Gun’ Fizzles: Gravitational Radiation Can Be Produced More Than One Way
• Great beasts peppered from space
• Great Impact Debate Part I: The Benefits of Hard Bodies
• Greece Is The Word For Volcanoes (Thera)
• Greenhouse gases could have caused an ice age, claim scientists
• Greenland Ice Core Analysis Shows Drastic Climate Change Near End Of Last Ice Age
• Greenpeace says French wine is at risk without climate pact
• Ground-based bacteria may be making it rain
• Half Of The Oil In The Ocean Bubbles Up Naturally From Seafloor
• Half-baked Asteroids Have Earth-like Crust
• Has an alien comet infiltrated the solar system?
• Has NASA’s Hansen Finally Lost His Mind? (BTW, half of the article’s links are pdf links.)
• Haumea [ Mike Brown’s Planets ]
• Headless Comets Survive Plunge Through Sun’s Atmosphere
• Headquarters of pharaohs’ army found
• Hidden Ocean in Saturn’s Moon? New Clues
• Hidden Planet Pushes Star’s Ring A Billion Miles Off-center
• High-Speed Crash Makes Hot, ‘Sterile’ Galaxies
• Historic Himalayan Ice Dams Created Huge Lakes, Mammoth Floods
• Holy Moses! PBS documentary suggests Exodus not real
• Homebuilt Radiation Belt
• Hope for Earth: Planet Survives Star’s Death Throes
• Hot And Cold: Circulation Of Atmosphere Affected Mediterranean Climate During Last Ice Age
• Hot tempers on global warming
• Hotter than the sun - Researchers directly observe AlfvÈn waves, which keep the corona sizzling
• Houston, We Have a Sunspot
• How a Volcano Eruption Wiped Away Summer (Tambora)
• How it happened: The catastrophic flood that cooled the Earth
• HOW LIFE WORKS (immutable laws of life point to Creation/Intelligent Design)
• How much cooling is enough? Lawmakers are rushing ‘cap and trade’ in attempt to thwart truth
• How Old Tree Rings And Ancient Wood Are Helping Rewrite History
• How The Peruvian Meteorite Made It To Earth
• Hubble Finds a Mystery Object (something that astronomers cannot make any sense of)
• Hubble observations confirm that planets form from disks around stars [ Epsilon Eridani b ]
• Hubble pictures Jupiter’s ‘scar’
• Hubble trains its eye on an astronomical mystery~periodic comet Holmes (17P) brightened .. million X
• Hubble yields direct proof of stellar sorting in a globular cluster
• HuffPo: Gore Should Apologize for Spreading Climate Hysteria
• Huge Ancient Lake Discovered in Russia
• Huge Crater Found in Egypt - Kebira
• Huge Eruption May Have Been Bigger (Super-Volcano)
• Huge gamma-ray blast spotted 12.2 bln light-years from earth
• Huge gas cloud will hit Milky Way
• Huge ice chunk can’t top Waco whopper of 1930s
• Huge Impact Crater Uncovered in Canadian Forest
• Huge undersea mountain found off Indonesia: scientists
• Human Presence May Be Increasing The Lifespan Of Earth
• Human role in big kangaroo demise
• Humans to Blame for Extinction? - Not Necessarily So ...
• I read that the Sun’s brightness increased by 0.036 percent from 1986 to 1996. Can this be a...
• Ice Age Australians Sheltered In Caves
• Ice Age Ends Smashingly: Did A Comet Blow Up Over Eastern Canada? (More) (Carolina Bays)
• Ice Age Features Found at World Trade Center Site
• Ice Age May Be Starting now
• Ice Age Survivors Found In Iceland
• Ice ages linked to earth’s travels through galaxy
• Ice at the North Pole in 1958 and 1959 - not so thick
• Ice Cores Unlock Climate Secrets
• Ice Sheets Can Retreat ‘In A Geologic Instant,’ Study Of Prehistoric Glacier Shows
• Icelandic Volcano Caused Historic Famine In Egypt
• Icy Active Mars
• If not for us, it would be very, very cold, University of Wisconsin-Madison study says
• Impactor Ejects Mighty Water Mass
• In 1900, Galveston was nearly erased
• In the shadow of the Moon
• Incoming Asteroid Under Close Watch (in 2029)
• Indonesia May Face a “Supercycle” of Devastating Earthquakes
• Indonesia on top alert for volcanic eruption (Mt. Kelud can erupt anytime)
• Ink found in Jurassic-era squid (150 mya squid “can be dissected as if they are living animals”)
• Insect Attack May Have Finished Off Dinosaurs
• Inside, Outside: Where Did the Early Israelites Come From?
• Invisible waves shape continental slope (climate related)
• Io Creates Spots on Jupiter (glowing spots come from electron beams whipping around moon Io)
• Iron meteorites may be solar system boomerangs
• Is a Nearby Object in Space Beaming Cosmic Rays at Earth?
• Is a New Solar Cycle Beginning?
• Is Comet Holmes bigger than the Sun? (Yes!)
• Is Ice a Catalyst for Life Throughout the Universe?
• Is this Atlantis?
• It Came from Outer Space?
• Italians Dig Deep to Reveal Forgotten Roman City
• Jamie’s dig unearths a monster
• Japan: Water vapor column shoots 1 kilometer into air over Pacific Ocean: Report
• Japanese Shipwreck Adds To Evidence Of Great Cascadia Earthquake In 1700
• Japan’s Scientists: Global warming isn’t man-made
• Java [Indonesia] mud volcano seems unstoppable
• Jordan site may be Biblical city of Sodom
• Journalists protest Global Warming spin cycle
• Jupiter and Saturn full of liquid metal helium
• Jupiter Hit by an Astronomical Object
• Jupiter Impact Confirmed
• Jupiter Increases Risk Of Comet Strike On Earth
• Jupiter: Our Cosmic Protector? (How the planet protects us from cosmic disaster)
• Jupiter’s Little Red Spot Growing Stronger
• Jupiter’s Third Red Spot Destroyed
• Kepler, SETI and Ancient Probes
• Kilauea Volcano Blows Plume Of Ash (Rare Activity)
• Kinks in Saturn’s Rings
• ‘Kitchen science’ reveals dinosaurs died in agony
• Kremmling Cretaceous Ammonite Locality takes trekkers 72 million years into the past
• Krill Discovered Living In The Antarctic Abyss
• La Silla Celebrates 40th Anniversary
• Landforms on Mars Add to Evidence for Recent Water
• Landscapes from the ancient and eroded lunar far side
• Landslide At Mt. Etna Generated A Large Tsunami In The Mediterranean Sea Nearly 8,000 Years Ago
• Large meteor crosses Israeli skies
• Large Meteor over Eastern NY
• Laser mapping may help solve the mystery of the Mima Mounds
• Lasers Uncover Craters
• Last Ice Age happened in less than year say scientists
• Late Pleostocene Human Population Bottlenecks. . . (Toba)
• Lava Left It’s Mark On Grand Canyon
• Layers of mystery: Archaeologists look to the earth for Minoan fate
• Leaking Earth could run dry
• Leonid Predictions for 2001 - BIG meteor shower
• Let There Be Aluminum-42: Experiment creates surprise isotope
• Life Survived Catastrophic Space Rock Impact [Chesapeake Bay area]
• Like the fist of an angry god (Did something just hit Saturn’s rings?)
• Living Fossils, Rooted in Antiquity
• Lizards Rapidly Evolve After Introduction to Island
• Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages — may also help predict future
• Long-Destroyed Fifth Planet May Have Caused Lunar Cataclysm, Researchers Say
• Long-lost, Dangerous Asteroid Is Found Again
• Lord Lawson claims climate change hysteria heralds a ‘new age of unreason’
• Lord Nelson and Captain Cook’s shiplogs question climate change theories
• Lorne Gunter: Thirty years of warmer temperatures go poof
• Loss of Musk Ox Genetic Diversity at the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition
• Lost Civilisation From 7,500 BC Discovered Off Indian Coast
• Lower temperatures grist for global warming debate
• Lucky break allowed dinosaurs to rule Earth: study
• ‘Lunar Ark’ Proposed In Case Of Deadly Impact On Earth
• Magma Surge Causes Record Rise At Yellowstone
• Magnetic Portals Connect Sun And Earth
• Magnetic Reconnection ñ Reinventing the Wheel
• Magnitude 6.9 - SOUTHWESTERN RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN (Near Okinawa)
• Magnitude 7.1 - OFFSHORE HONDURAS
• Making Waves Over Noah’s Flood.
• Mammoth dung, prehistoric goo may speed warming
• Mammoth graveyard may someday be open to public
• Mammoth Herds ‘Roamed Fertile Bering Strait In Ice Age’
• Mammoth Mystery: The Beasts’ Final Years
• Mammoths wiped out by ‘perfect storm?’
• Man-made Global Warming debate stifled by censorship & intimidation
• Man’s contribution to climate change is negligible in geologic time
• Marine ‘jelly balls’ found off Australian coast could combat global warming
• Marine plankton found in amber
• Marine Team Finds Surprising Evidence Supporting A Great Biblical Flood
• Mars atmosphere - 95% Carbon
• Mars’ Victoria Crater Seen from New Angle
• Mars’ Water Appears To Have Been Too Salty To Support Life
• Mars, Like Earth, Has Cyclical Ice Ages, Study Says (”Global Warming” On Mars)
• Mass Extinctions: The New Catastrophism in the History of Life
• Mass limit on Nemesis
• Massive deep-water oil find in Brazil challenges technology
• Massive Egyptian Fort Discovered
• Massive New Zealand quake moves country west
• Massive Squid Washes Up on Beach in Quake Aftermath
• Massive volcano exploded under Antarctic icesheet, study finds
• Mayan calender hints at apocalypse, set for 2012
• Maybe an Asteroid Didn’t Kill the Dinosaurs
• Maybe Chicken Little Wasn’t Paranoid After All
• Media Credibility, Not Ice Caps, In Meltdown
• Median Era Ring Discovered In Iran
• Mediterranean Sea Dried Up Five Million Years Ago
• Megaherbs Flourished In Antarctica
• Mega-Tsunami Theory Disputed (Australia)
• Meltdown! A solar superstorm could send us back into the dark ages - one is due in just THREE years
• Melting Glacier Reveals Ancient Tree Stumps
• Melting ice caps could suck carbon from atmosphere
• Melting Ice Caps May Trigger More Volcanic Eruptions
• Melting ice under pressure
• Mercury’s spin reveals molten, not solid core
• Meteor brilliantly lights up sky - and breaks into pieces ( Video that works ....)
• Meteor Clue To End Of Middle East Civilisations
• Meteor seemed really close, many western Canadians report
• Meteor seen across wide swath of Pacific Northwest
• Meteor Shower Could Spur Bright Fireballs (”Halloween fireballs” aka Taurid meteors Nov. 5-12)
• Meteorite sheds light on birth of the solar system
• Meteorite Strikes, Setting Off a Tsunami: Did It Happen Here?[NY]
• Meteorite Triggered Ancient New York Tsunami?
• Meteorite yields life origin clue
• Meteorites delivered the ‘seeds’ of Earth’s left-hand life
• Meteorites From Under The Pyramids
• Meteors’ Mysterious Origin Traced To 1490 Event
• Methane bursts from frozen tundra - Ice build-up may squeeze greenhouse gas from cold soil.
• Methane-producing mineral discovered on Mars
• Mexico City hit by strong earthquake (5.8) [America to blame]
• ‘Micro’ Earthquake Hits Northern Virginia
• Microbe Wakes Up After 120,000 Years in Ice
• Microbe Wakes Up After 120,000 Years in Ice....
• Military Covering Up Fireballs From Space
• Military Covering Up Fireballs From Space
• Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified
• Military probes mystery blast in Arctic[Canada]
• Milky Way could hold hundreds of rogue black holes: study
• Milky Way may have a huge hidden neighbour....
• Milky Way’s monster black hole awoke 300 years ago
• Missing: Large lake in southern Chile
• MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data
• Monolith Found on Mars (Pics)
• ‘Monster’ Arctic reptile remains found
• Moon Chemistry Confirms Violent Origin
• Moon Has Iron Core, Lunar-Rock Study Says
• Moon Is Younger And More Earth-Like Than Thought
• Moon over Chicxulub: Will Night Finally Fall on the Dinosaur-Extinction Debate?
• Moses’ Comet
• Mount Sinai Was A Volcano In Saudi Arabia, Says Scientist (Exodus)
• Move Over, Pompeii
• Moving the Orbits of Planets
• Mt. Redoubt Volcano Has Finally Erupted
• Mudstones Make Ripples (several Evo geologic, fossil, and dating assumptions in for major upsets!)
• Mutations: evolution’s engine becomes evolution’s end! (estimates time to extinction)
• Mysterious bright spot found on Venus
• Mysterious deep-space object raises questions on Solar System’s origins
• Mysterious Falling Ice Chunk Leaves Man’s Car On The Rocks (Tampa, FL)
• Mysterious glowing aurora over Saturn confounds scientists
• Mysterious Haze Found on Venus
• Mysterious Meteorites Stymie Scientists
• Mysterious tremors detected on San Andreas Fault
• Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits village
• Mystery of infamous ‘New England Dark Day’ solved by 3 rings
• Mystery of Landlocked Sockeye in the Fossil Record (British Columbia)
• Mystery of Saturn’s Two-Faced Moon Solved
• Mystery of the Earth’s Oldest Trees Unraveled
• Mystery of the Missing Sunspots, Solved?(No, not Rove)
• Mystery Roar from Faraway Space Detected
• Mystery Spot On Jupiter Baffles Astronomers
• Mystery waves hit Maine
• ‘Naked eye’ gamma-ray burst was aimed almost directly at the Earth
• Napoleon and America (Review of museum exhibition)
• Nasa aims to move Earth
• NASA Astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt Disputes Global Warming in Letter to Planetary Society
• NASA digital images discover ancient “Ramayana” bridge between India, Lanka
• NASA now saying that a Dalton Minimum repeat is possible
• NASA Orbiter Finds Possible Cave Skylights on Mars
• Nasa ‘short of money to watch asteroids heading to Earth’
• NASA Spacecraft Make New Discoveries about Northern Lights
• NASA Spots Mysterious ‘Spider’ on Mercury
• NASA Still Hiding Correlation Between Solar Activity & Temperature
• NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming
• NASA Urged to Debunk the Current Hysteria Over Global Warming
• NASA: Ionosphere not where it should be
• NASA’s curious climate capers ( Computer Models say it is warming....?)
• Native Americans Recorded Supernova Explosion
• Native Lore Tells Tale: There’s Been A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Seattle Area)
• Neighboring planet could hit Earth...eventually! We’re doomed!!!
• Nemesis: Does the Sun Have a ‘Companion’?
• New 3-D Quake Models Debut
• New Arctic oasis found
• New black spot on Jupiter (asteroid impact?)
• New blow for dinosaur-killing asteroid theory
• New climate record shows century-long droughts in eastern North America
• New clues to 2bn-year-old murder
• New Comet Dust Mineral Discovered
• New data challenge Earth atmosphere theory
• New Data on Sea Ice Contradicts Media Climate Change Reporting
• New Dinosaur Species Found in India
• New evidence for the Moon’s soft middle
• New Evidence for the ‘Solar Oxygen Crisis’¬â€
• New Evidence From Excavations In Arcadia, Greece, Supports Theory Of ‘Birth Of Zeus’
• New Finds Worldwide Support Flood Myths
• New Ice-Core Evidence Challenges the 1620s age for the Santorini (Minoan) Eruption
• New ideas emerge about old empires [ Jared Diamond wrong, sez Norman Yoffee ]
• New Madrid fault system may be shutting down
• New NASA Images Indicate Object Hits Jupiter
• New Observations Slightly Decrease Mars Impact Probability
• New Picture Of Earth’s Lower Mantle
• New red spot appears on Jupiter
• New Religious Education Guidelines on Creationism & Atheism
• New Report Calls into Question ‘Man-Made’ Climate Change
• New Report Predicts “New Global Ice Age”
• New Solar Cycle Predictions
• New theory on largest known mass extinction in the history of the earth
• New Theory: Catastrophe Created Mars’ Moons
• New Trojan Asteroid Hints At Huge Neptunian Cloud
• New World post-pandemic reforestation helped start Little Ice Age, say Stanford scientists
• New York City’s harbors house 1,600 bars of silver, and 4-foot-long, wood-eating worms
• New Zealand & New Caledonia Geographically Connected: Ocean’s Journey Towards the Center of Earth
• Newfound ancient African megadroughts may have driven the evolution of humans and fishes
• Newfound Planet Orbits Backward
• Niue ‘flattened’ by tsunami-type waves [blast from the past]
• No archaeological studies to support existence of Ram Sethu
• No big bang: Asteroid will miss Mars
• ‘No concrete global warming proof in polar region’
• No Kidding! Climate Change Spreads To Jupiter, Mars
• No Naked Singularity After Black Hole Collision
• No second chance?
• Noah’s Ark Flood Spurred European Farming
• Noah’s Ark Flood Spurred European Farming
• Noah’s Ark Found?
• Noah’s Ark nestled on Mount Ararat
• North America’s Wind Patterns Have Shifted Significantly In The Past 30,000 Years
• North By Northwest
• Northern Crater Shows Prehistoric Deep Impact
• Northern sea baffles archaeologists
• Not by Fire but by Ice -—— THE NEXT ICE AGE - NOW!
• NOVA | Mystery of the Megaflood | PBS
• NSF Press Release: Comet May Have Exploded Over North America 13,000 Years Ago
• NYT: Maybe Greenland Isn’t Melting After All
• Ocean Hidden Inside Saturn’s Moon
• Oceans charge up new theory of magnetism
• Oldest DNA Ever Recovered Shows Warmer Planet: Report (hundreds of thousands of years ago)
• On a planet 4C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction
• On The Road To Roswell 2007: A Discussion With Dr. Tom Van Flandern
• Once Lush Sahara Dried Up Over Millennia, Study Says
• One Indonesian Volcano Erupts, Another Quiets Down
• One is the loneliest number for mine-dwelling bacterium
• One More Nail in Global Warming Coffin
• Origin Of The Celts - Caucasian, Not European
• Outlook for Oceans Bleak as Sea ‘Deserts’ Grow
• Oz dino bone defies drift theory
• Past Climate Change: Continental Stretching Preceding Opening Of The Drake Passage
• Past warming shows gaps in climate knowledge - study
• PBS’ ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets’: Seek and ye shall find?
• Peer Review Needs Improvement (’peer review’ is often equated with ‘gold standard’. Far from it)
• Permian Extinction: The Origin of Specious Geological Events
• Philistines, But Less And Less Philistine
• Phivolcs raises Mt. Mayon alert status to level 2
• Photo Essay: Spectacular eruption of an underwater volcano
• Photo: Liquid Water Recently Seen on Mars?
• Photo: sea levels actually lower than 1841!
• PHOTOS: Mountains fed Amazon’s poison frog diversity
• PHOTOS: Odd, Identical Species Found at Both Poles
• Pick of The Week [coronal mass ejection (CME) from far side of the Sun]
• Planet Mercury is shrinking, volcanic
• Planetary line-up excites the sun (Sunspot source found?)
• Planetary science: Tunguska at 100
• Planetary System Formation [observed data challenges present theories]
• Planets Around Planets?
• Planets Can’t Grow Past the Electric Fence
• Planets Might Orbit Backward around Odd Star
• Planet’s Strange Orbit Points To Planetary Billiards
• Planets Thought Dead Might Be Habitable
• Plowing The Ancient Seas: Iceberg Scours Found Off South Carolina
• Plumes of methane identified on Mars - Finding could influence choice of landing site for Mars...
• Plumes spewing from Saturn moon may contain water (More evidence of a younger Solar System)
• Pluto’s Planet Status / String Theory
• Poison bacteria set up worst extinction
• Polar creatures squeaked through last ice age ( Invasion of the killer crabs )
• Polar Dinosaurs Endured Cold Dark Winters
• Polar Meltdown? NOT!
• Pollen Grain Study Yields New Picture Of Ice Age [ Sweden ice-free 59K-40K ]
• Polluted Dead Star Indicates Planets Like Earth May Have Formed Around Other Stars
• Pompeii’s Burial Not Its First Disaster
• Possible Link Between Dam and China Quake
• Possible Mars Impact Highlights Risk To Earth
• Powerful earthquake rocks western Indonesia
• Powerful Earthquake Shakes Mexico City (Major Earthquake in Mexico City)
• Powerful Quake Shakes Seabed Near Vanuatu
• Predictions, Falsifiability and the Standard Model of Stellar Evolution
• Prehistoric Disaster: An Alpine Pompeii from the Stone Age
• Prehistoric forest discovered off Key West — on sea bed (under 40 feet of water)
• Prehistoric giant animals killed by man, not climate: study (Tasmania)
• President ‘has four years to save Earth’—More James Hansen Idiocy
• Professor Says Mayan Calendar Does Not Portend Earth’s Doom (2012AD)
• Proof that at least one of two (evolution, ice age) key theories is false
• Prophets of environmental doom sound a new call
• Pumace As A Time Witness (Archaeology)
• Quakes Came Just Over Four Hours Apart
• Quakes triggered by tides of solid Earth
• ‘Quiet Sun’ baffling astronomers [SUN SPOTS HAVE DISAPPEARED]
• Rabbit-Size Elephant Ancestor Found — Oldest Known
• Race to preserve the world’s oldest submerged town [ Pavlopetri in Greece ]
• Radar Reveals Five Double Asteroid Systems Orbiting Each Other Near Earth
• Radio Storms on Jupiter
• Raiders Of The Faux Ark
• Raising Alexandria [ from 2007 ]
• Rare fossil octopuses found: 95 million-year-old
• Rare Meteor Shower To Shed Light On Dangerous Comets
• Rare Microorganism That Produces Hydrogen May Be Key To Tomorrow’s Hydrogen Economy
• Ready to Explode: Inside Look at an Unstable Star (Eta Carinae)
• Real Death Star Could Strike Earth (fiery pinwheel in space could zap us with ‘gamma ray burst’)
• Real or Fake? The Frightening Creatures of ‘10,000 BC’
• Recent Crash Created Youngest Known Asteroid Family
• Recent News! They discover proof that Atlantis did not submerge complete but only one part...
• Recipe for Life: Water and a Little Lava
• Record cold temperatures bring snowfall [Australia]
• Recovering From A Mass Extinction
• Red Planet’s Ancient Equator Located
• Red Sea Volcano
• Relic of ancient asteroid found ..punched 160km-wide (100 miles) hole in the Earth’s surface
• Remote Lake May Be Treasure Trove of Climate Data
• Rep. Conyers wants science to be secretÖ or you will pay
• Report: Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months
• Reports: ‘Fireball’ Crashes into Water Off New Jersey
• Research Team Discovers Village (Ancient Bering Sea Island)
• Research Team Says Extraterrestrial Impact To Blame For Ice Age Extinctions (More)
• Research: Asteroids pose greater danger
• Researcher Predicts 80-year “Little Ice Age” to begin soon.
• Researchers: Asteroid Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
• Rethinking Jupiter
• Reworked images reveal hot Venus
• Rewriting ‘Out of Africa’ theory [ 1.83 million years ago in Malaysia ]
• Rhythmic Submarine Volcanos And El El NiÃ’os
• Right Before Our Eyes (Pulsar started emitting powerful bursts of x-rays like a magnetar.)
• Rocky Finding: Evidence of extrasolar asteroid belt [ Zeta Leporis ]
• Roger Revelle & Al Gore: Coleman’s Video Report, 3/6/09 [history of CO2 “global warming”]
• Rogue Planet Find Makes Astronomers Ponder Theory
• Roman Comet 5,000 Times More Powerful Than A-Bomb
• ‘Royal granddaughter’s tomb’ found near Cairo
• Rurudyne’s Daily Global Cooling Watch
• Russian Scientists In Bid To Solve Tunguska Event
• Rutgers scientists debunk a life-origin theory
• Sandia supercomputers offer new explanation of Tunguska disaster
• Satellite Sees Atmospheric Asteroid Strike (Oct 7); Ethiopian Volcano Lava Covers 115 Square Miles
• Saturn Moon Rhea May Have rings (Neat!)
• Saturn Moon’s Geysers Explained
• Saturn Ring Shrinkage Result of Global Mating
• Saturn Space Probe to Dive Through Moon’s Geysers
• Saturn’s Auroras Defy Scientists’ Expectations
• Saturn’s Electric Moons
• Saturn’s Monstrous South Polar Storm - 5000 Miles across
• Saturn’s Moon Iapetus Is the Yin-and-Yang of the Solar System
• Scandinavian Fireball Sightings
• Scared Senseless (book review)
• Scars linger from killer Montana earthquake of ‘59
• Science slows global warming!
• Scientific Scenario Of A Comet’s Impact And The Wormwood Star Prophecy
• Scientist proposes explanation for puzzling property of night-shining clouds at the edge of space
• Scientist Says Ice Meteors a Sign of Climate Change (Environut alert)
• Scientist: Asteroid May Hit Earth in 2029
• Scientist: Comets Blasted Early Americans
• Scientist: My quake prediction was ignored
• Scientist: ONE IMPACT ONLY (Yucatan) Killed Off Dinosaurs
• Scientist: Parting of Red Sea Was Possible
• Scientists angry after feds ax forest study (Free Air CO2 Enrichment released CO2 near trees)
• Scientists Break Record By Finding Northernmost Hydrothermal Vent Field
• Scientists Capture Volcano’s Lightning [Stunning Pic in URL]
• Scientists Determined To Unearth The Origins Of The Iturralde Crater (Bolivia)
• Scientists Discover Lost World (8,000 Years Old)
• Scientists Find Fossil Proof Of Egypt’s Ancient Climate
• Scientists find signs of 13,000-year-old extinction event
• Scientists Find That Saturn’s Rotation Period Is A Puzzle
• Scientists find what makes the solar wind howl (Alfven waves)
• Scientists Get Clues on How Planets Form
• Scientists have new theory on ice age
• Scientists probe ‘hole in Earth’
• Scientists say asteroid may hit Mars in late January (1 in 75 chance on Jan. 30, 2008)
• Scientists say comet killed off mammoths, saber-toothed tigers
• Scientists Say ‘Super Volcano’ May Be Brewing Beneath Mount St. Helens
• Scientists say there is 4 percent chance asteroid could hit Mars (Odds improve, still a longshot)
• Scientists snap first images of brown dwarf in planetary system
• Scientists Studying Two Big Craters on Earth Find Two Causes
• Scientists Uncover ‘Deep Impact’ Disaster From Space
• Scientists warn of ‘global catastrophe’ (Extensive fires burning underground )
• Scientists: Fissure Could Become New Ocean (Ethiopia)
• Sea floor records ancient Earth
• Seeing Red: Intrinsic redshifts, stable universe
• Shedding light on deep-sea thermal vents
• Sick Rams Used As Ancient Bioweapons
• Signs Of An Eruption
• Silent spring
• Simple Life Form May Have Existed 700 Million Years Earlier Than Previously Thought
• Sinai pumice linked to ancient eruption [...not!]
• Sinai’s turquoise goddess
• Single Boulder May Prove That Antarctica And North America Were Once Connected
• Site Provides Evidence For Ancient Comet Explosion (Topper - SC)
• Six Mysteries of Our Solar System: Its history raises a lot of questions
• Six North American sites hold 12,900-year-old nanodiamond-rich soil
• Sizzling Comets Circle a Dying Star
• Sky-High Icebergs Carried Boulders From The Rockies To In South-Central Washington
• ‘Sluggish’ jet streams linked to quiet Sun
• Small Asteroid Passes Between Satellites and Earth
• Small Comets and Our Origins
• Snapshot Of Past Climate Reveals No Ice In Antarctica Millions Of Years Ago
• Snowball fight erupts over frozen Earth theory
• So, where did the water on Mars come from?
• Society Insults Members by Honoring Hansen
• SOHO celebrates 1500th comet discovery
• Solar Activity Diminishes
• Solar Activity Diminishes; Researchers Predict Another Ice Age
• Solar Flares: Solar Sigmoids Explained
• Solar Storms: Coronal Mass Ejections Viewed In Detail By NASA Spacecraft
• Solar ‘superflare’ shredded Earth’s ozone
• Solar system could go haywire before the Sun dies [Uh-oh!]
• Solar system similar to ours discovered: US astronomers
• Solar wind weakest since beginning of space age
• Solar wind weakest since beginning of space age...
• Solving Solar System Quandaries Is Simple: Just Flip-flop The Position Of Uranus And Neptune
• Some Dinos May’ve Survived the Cataclysm
• Some of the world’s deadliest natural disasters (of past 40 years)
• Some unanswered questions [This Dynamic Earth, USGS]
• Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh
• Source of Moon’s Magnetism Found
• Southern California Hot Spot Hits 812 Degrees, Baffles Experts
• Space Data Unveils Evidence of Ancient Mega-lake in Northern Darfur
• Space Explosion Is Farthest Thing Ever Seen (gamma-ray burst about 13 billion light-years away)
• Space impact creates giant mushroom cloud
• Space shuttle science shows how 1908 Tunguska explosion was caused by a comet
• Space Station Photos : Mysterious ‘ice circles’ in remote Siberian lake baffle scientists
• Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe
• Spitzer Sees the Aftermath of a Planetary Collision
• Spitzer’s eyes perfect for spotting diamonds in the sky
• Spotless Sun: Blankest Year of the Space Age
• Star Caught Smoking: VLTI Snapshots Dusty Puff Around Variable Star [ R Coronae Borealis ]
• Star explodes halfway across universe (NASA’s Swift detects star’s GRB; reached Earth early Wed.)
• Steep oxygen decline halted first land colonization by Earth’s sea creatures
• STEREO Hunts for Remains of an Ancient Planet near Earth
• STEREO Hunts for Remains of an Ancient Planet near Earth...
• Stonehenge Beneath the Waters of Lake Michigan
• Story Details for Roland Emmerich’s 2012! (Doomsday movie)
• Strange Space Pinwheels Spotted
• String theory ìphilosophyî challenged
• String theory hints at explanation for superconductivity
• Strong 7.1-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Tokyo Area
• Strong Earthquake Rocks Puerto Rico
• Strong ocean tidal flow and heating on moons of the outer planets
• Strong quake hits Italy, at least 6 dead
• Struggle Seen As Sun Switches Magnetic Field Polarity [ 2001 ]
• Study finds Arctic seabed afire with lava-spewing (and “huge volumes of CO2”)
• Study finds CO2 didn’t end ice age
• Study finds troubling pattern of Southern California quakes
• Study illuminates star explosion from 16th century
• Study of 2004 Tsunami Forces Rethinking of Giant Earthquake Theory
• Study Puts Solar Spin On Asteroids, Their Moons & Earth Impacts
• Study Says Near Extinction Threatened People
• Study: Dinosaurs Died Within Hours After Asteroid Hit
• Study: Earth’s magnetic field is changing
• Study: Global cooling a 1970s myth
• Study: Global warming sparked by ancient farming methods
• Study: Humans Almost Went Extinct 70,000 Years Ago
• Study: Large Earthquake Could Strike New York City
• Study: Nature responsible for global warming, not man
• Studying Evidence From Ice Age Lakes
• Stunning New Evidence of a Higher Ancient Sea Level
• SubQuantum Kinetics, wide ranging unifying cosmology theory by Dr. Paul LaViolette
• Suggestive correlations between the brightness of Neptune and Earth’s temperature
• SUN heats EARTH, EARTH heats ATMOSPHERE - NOT The Other Way Around
• Sun leaves Earth wide open to cosmic rays
• Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century (start of a mini-ice age?)
• Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century [possible mini-ice age]
• Sun Oddly Quiet — Hints at Next “Little Ice Age”?
• Sun Seems Eerily Calm
• Sun Stealing Earth’s Atmosphere
• Sun survey reveals least activity since 1913
• Sun’s Behavior Flummoxes Solar Scientists
• Sun’s low magnetic activity may portend an ice age
• Sun’s Movement Through Milky Way... Comets Hurtling...Life Extinctions
• Sun’s Not Screwy, Scientist Says
• Sun’s protective ‘bubble’ is shrinking
• Sunspot Delay Due to Sluggish Solar “Jet Stream”?
• Sunspot-hurricane link proposed
• Sunspots and global cooling: Clear connection?
• Sunspots May Cause Climate Fluctuations (Duh!)
• Sunspots, climate change and the sleepy sun: Some deeper science
• Superfast secret of northern lights revealed
• Supernova Birth Observed for First Time
• Supernova debris found on Earth
• Supernova Outbreak: X rays signal earliest alert
• Supernova poised to go off near Earth
• Supernova Storm Wiped Out Mammoths?
• Supernova Storm Wiped Out Mammoths?
• ‘Supersize’ lions roamed Britain
• Surprise Comet Streaks Into Solar System
• Surprise Finds At Egypt Temple “Change Everything”
• Surprise! Saturn has small moon hidden in ring
• Survey Shows Gap Between Scientists and the Public
• Surveys of flora and fauna may be flawed - Bat study raises doubts over our understanding of...
• Sweden’s ozone layer thickest in decades: institute
• Teacher finds new cosmic object
• Team Detects High-Speed Hydrogen Atoms Coming From the Moon
• Team finds Earth’s ‘oldest rocks’
• Team finds largest exoplanet yet [ TrES-4 ]
• Teens’ far-out find [Cordova High students discover asteroids KO7D84U KO7C54Q and KO7D84W]
• Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling
• Testimony of Russell Schweickart, Hearing on Near-Earth Objects
• The “Gullies” of Russell Crater on Mars(2)
• The African Source Of The Amazon’s Fertilizer
• The Baigong Pipes- Nature or OOPart?[China]
• The Biocentric Universe Theory: Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself
• The Carolina bays: Explaining a cosmic mystery
• The Chaotic Genesis of Planets [ FREE PREVIEW ]
• The Chilling Stars A new theory of climate change (Book Review)
• The Classroom Without Reason
• The Climate Change Climate Change
• The climate change e-mails EPA doesn’t want you to see
• The Climate Purge
• The collectivist challenge to Darwinism (Evos admit that they may be forced to ditch neo-Darwinism)
• The Comet and the Future of Science
• The Coming Ice Age
• The Conyers bill is back [restricting access to research we paid for]
• The Curious Case of Missing Asteroids
• The Dangers of Disputing Global Warming Orthodoxy
• The Dark Ages: Were They Darker Than We Imagined?
• The Dark Ages: Were They Darker Than We Imagined?
• The Dark Side of the Rings of Uranus
• The Day The Earth Fell Over
• The Day the Sun Brought Darkness[Canada]
• The Don Imuses of Environmentalism
• The Earth-Moon system during the Late Heavy Bombardment period
• The earth’s magnetic field impacts climate: Danish study
• The Eerie, Bizarre Sounds of the Saturnian System
• The Eltanin Impact Crater
• The End of Eden: The Comet That Changed Civilization
• The Exploding Star That Everyone Missed
• The Global Warming Hypothesis and Ocean Heat
• The Great Dying 250 Million Years Ago
• The Great Planet X Debate,11p-12a PST,coast to coast
• The Green Sahara, A Desert In Bloom
• The Hazard of Near-Earth Asteroid Impacts on Earth
• The Ice Age Cometh: Experts Warn of Global Cooling
• The inescapable apocalypse has been seriously underestimated
• The iron record of Earth’s oxygen [ banded iron formations ]
• The Kapok Connection: Study Explains Rainforest Similarities
• The King Herself [ the pharaoh Hatshepsut ]
• The magnitude 5.5 event occurred 26 km (16 miles) WNW of Ludlow, CA.
• The Medieval Warm Period linked to the success of Machu Picchu, Inca Empire
• The Moon And The Magnetotail
• The Moon reveals its weirder side - SELENE mission reports on gravity anomalies.
• The Moon’s Craggiest Stretch Comes Into Focus
• The Mystery of Global Warming’s Missing Heat
• The Mystery Of Mammoth Tusks With Iron Fillings
• The New Dissidents (Global Warming Deniers)
• The Next Ice Age
• The ‘Old’ Consensus? (1971 NASA’s scientist James Hansen pushed human caused ice age)
• The Peekskill Fireball (October 9, 1992)
• The Planet Cools While Romm Burns
• The plate tectonics of alien worlds
• The Pleistocene Extinction
• The Reality of Ancient Catastrophism
• The Rise of Oxygen Caused Earth’s Earliest Ice Age
• The role of astronomy in antiquity examined in new book [ archaeoastronomy ]
• The Sea Peoples
• The Search for the Missing Amazon Meteor
• The Search for the Solar System’s Lost Planet
• The Settled Science of Global Warming
• The silent Sun’s uncertain course
• The Sky Is Falling
• The Sky is Falling or on Revising the Nine Times Rule (Part I of V)
• The Star That Ate a Mars
• The Sun (Seriously cool pics!)
• The Sun Proves an Embarassment to Climate Orthodoxers and Carbon Hysterics
• The Sun Shows Signs of Life
• The Sun Shows Signs of Life
• The Surface Of The Sun
• The Upright Ape
• The Warming Earth Blows Hot, Cold and Chaotic
• The wave that destroyed Atlantis [Destroyed by a giant tsunami?]
• The Web Bot foresees a West Coast/Vancouver area large-scale earthquake around December 12, 2008
• The Weirdest Object in the Solar System?
• The ‘wobble’ that wipes out life on Earth every 2.5m years
• The world has never seen such freezing heat
• The world’s biggest meteor crater [ Vredefort Dome, South Africa ]
• The World’s Largest Fossil Wilderness (Coal mine)
• The Year the Global Warming Hoax Died
• Theory of the sun’s role in formation of the solar system questioned
• Thera eruption in 1613 BC
• Thieving dwarves cause supernovae
• Those Enigmatic Erratics: Out-of-Place Artifacts or Out-of-Whack Chronology
• Threat of Cometary Impacts may be Underestimated
• Tourists hurt by giant wave after Arctic glacier breaks
• Toxins may have doomed ancient forests
• Tracing Our Interstellar Relatives
• Tracking down abrupt climate changes (Rapid natural climate change 12,700 years ago)
• Tracking Myth to Geological Reality
• Tracking the next big Mideast quake [VIDEO]
• Trees Won’t Stop Tsunamis, Scientists Warn
• Trio of Galaxies Play Tug of War
• Tropical Turtle Fossil Found in Arctic
• Tsunami invisibility cloak, dark energy v. the void, sorting nanotubes with light, and more
• Tsunami linked to Yellowstone crater (~13,000 years ago)
• Tsunami Or Melting Glaciers: What Caused Ancient Atlit To Sink?
• Tsunami Risk Of Asteroid Strikes Revealed
• Tsunami that devastated the ancient world could return
• Tsunami Threat Hangs Over Southern Italy
• Tsunami Warning After 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off New Zealand
• Tunguska, A Century Later
• Turtles Island-Hopped Their Way Across a Warm Arctic
• U.S. tsunami threat higher than thought (Ca, Or, Wa)
• UCF Professor Finds That Hottest Measured Extrasolar Planet is 3,700 Degrees [ HD 149026b ]
• UN Climate Panel in ‘Panic Mode’ as Earth Fails to Warm, Scientist says
• Undersea ‘Black Smokers’ Found Off Arctic
• Undersea slide set off giant flow
• Unearthing Clues Of Catastrophic Earthquakes ‘An Inviting Tale Of Destruction’ (Archaeoseismology)
• Unexpected detail in first-ever Venus south pole images
• Unique fossil discovery shows Antarctic was once much warmer
• University of Colorado team finds definitive evidence for ancient lake on Mars
• University of Toronto archaeologists find...cuneiform tablets in 2,700-year old Turkish temple
• Unseen dark comets ‘could pose deadly threat to earth’
• ‘Uplift’ baffles scientists, transforms area beach...
• US Navy Physicist warns of crushing cold temperatures
• UW Scientist: Sea Level Changes a Driving Force in Mass Extinctions (of Humans!)
• Valley Networks On Mars Formed During Long Period Of Episodic Flooding
• Vampire Astronomy
• Vanity: Did anyone see flash in the sky.
• Velikovsky, Hero or Villain? Plasma Cosmology Astronomy -YouTube video
• Ventura County hot spot puzzles experts
• Venus’ double vortex raises new mystery
• Venus Express Sees Right Down To Planet’s Lead-Melting Hot Surface
• Venus’ Tail of the Unexpected
• Venus: Hothouse Planet (or Venus vs. Uniformitarianism)
• Video captures massive meteor as it lights up sky in Canada
• Viking Farms Tell Cautionary Climate Tale
• Viruses are hidden drivers of ocean’s nutrient cycle (CO2)
• Volcanic Ash Fall - Anchorage
• Volcanic eruptions reshape Arctic ocean floor: study
• Volcanic eruptions reshape Arctic ocean floor: study
• Volcanic eruptions wiped out ocean life 93 million years ago (major source of today’s petroleum)
• Volcanic Eruptions, Not Meteor, May Have Killed The Dinosaurs
• Volcano erupts in Chile, covering area in ash
• Volcano erupts in Galapagos Islands
• Volcano erupts near Tokyo
• Volcano ‘poses tsunami threat’ in Caribbean
• Volcano Theory of Dino Die-Off Gets New Support
• Volcano’s Eruption Creates Colorful U.S. Sunsets
• Volunteers uncovers 58th Mammoth at the Mammoth Site (Hot Springs, SD)
• Waking the Baby Mammoth
• Warming’s Icy Reputation - A Cooling Trend Afoot?
• Warning Of Tsunami Greater Than 2004
• Was a ‘Mistress Of The Lionesses’ a king in ancient Canaan?
• Was Bristol Hit By A Tsunami? (1607)
• Was Mercury a ‘hit-and-run’ planet?
• Was Universe 1.0 Destroyed by Dark Matter?
• Water Experts Find Earth’s Warming, Rainfall Linked to Sun
• Water forms floating ‘bridge’ when exposed to high voltage
• Water gushes created “staircases” on Mars: study
• Waxman promises quick action on climate
• Way Under the Sea, Violent Eruptions From Volcanoes
• We may all be space aliens: study
• Weather stations give flawed temperature data, meteorologist claims
• Web surfer spots mysterious crater
• Weimar Inflation in America
• Welcome to Solar Minimum
• Were dinosaurs done in by gas?
• Were Mercury and Mars separated at birth?
• Wetlands likely source of methane from ancient warming event
• What Else Are We Wrong About? (Newsweek challenging global warming orthodoxy?!)
• What is the Difference between a Cyclone, Typhoon and Hurricane?
• What killed the mammoths and other behemoths?
• What’s painting dark streaks on Mars?
• When Comets Attack: Solving the Mystery of the Biggest Natural Explosion in Modern History
• When Did Humans Return After Last Ice Age? (UK)
• When Humans Faced Extinction
• When the Days Were Shorter
• Where Are They?
• Where Did Venus’s Water Go?
• Where Was Atlantis? Sundaland Fits The Bill, Surely!
• Who Were the Hurrians?
• Why are the sun and moon the same size in the sky?
• Why Didn’t the US Media Report This?
• Why is the Earth moving away from the sun?
• Will Krakatoa rock the world again?
• Will Krakatoa rock the world again?...
• Will the Ice Caps Melt?
• Woman’s terror over ball lightning[UK]
• Wooden Beam Of Noah’s Ark On Mount Ararat
• Workshop speaker: Sunspots, not fossil fuels, agents of climate change
• World-first technology enables study of ancient bacteria [Bermuda Triangle too]
• Worlds in collision [planets 300 ly distant, inferred from extraordinary quantity of dust]
• World’s oldest telescope? [ Assyrian telescope? ]
• WTF was that? Loud rolling booming noise North San Diego
• Yellowstone Caldera Resources
• Yellowstone caldera’s pushing earth
• Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm Puzzles Scientists
• Yellowstone Earthquake Update
• Yellowstone Earthquakes: Supervolcano Update
• Yellowstone goes, we all go
• Yellowstone supervolcano is only lukewarm
• Yellowstone Update: 22 more quakes in last 6 hours
• Young Planet Challenges Old Theories [from 2004]



Will try again.

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Can anyone tell me how to copy that list in a way that copies the underlying links so I can paste them into Word or Excel and alphabetize and recopy then with the links and paste back into a post???

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