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Michelle Obama On "Court Ordered Inactive Status" [Disbarred?] (Yet another scandal)
Atlas Shrugs ^ | December 25, 2008 | Pamela Geller

Posted on 12/26/2008 1:29:40 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet

First off, the biggest a$$-kissing media refers to Michelle Obama as a 'distinguished attorney" despite the fact that Michelle Obama has been"inactive" since 1993. Click here: ARDC | Lawyer Search

ARDC - Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois !

Click to enlarge image. Everyday another Obama skeleton comes careening out of the closet.

This ADRC is for discipline reasons...not for those volunteering to stop practicing. It is COURT ORDERED...not "Michelle Obama ordered." Their website is very clear about their function and why they step in. (see below)

If this was a Republican, the Democrooks would have her up on charges already.

Schmoo, an attorney, points out, "sounds more to me like she was drummed right out of the practice of law. I am just dying to know what she did... she ran to have a court ordered inactive status done...and then no malpractice report needed to be provided.

She wanted this to 'go away" fast and furious and the details not come out in depositions, courtroom documents, rulings for the client/plaintiffs...etc..

I would love to know what she did. I believe barack obummer himself was also disciplined--I know his law license is on "inactive" he lied about ever going by any other names when he applied for bar application. He also failed to state any prior drug use...(which he admitted in his books...and he had outstanding tickets that were never paid)."

Michelle Obama on court ordered inactive status with the Illinois State Attorney hat tip schmoopett


Michelle Obama is on COURT ORDERED INACTIVE STATUS--order said since she has been placed INACTIVE that "no malpractice record required."


What Is the ARDC? (this is NOT the Illinois Bar-where one can voluntarily be inactive) As our name implies, the ARDC is the agency of the Supreme Court of Illinois which registers attorneys and investigates complaints of misconduct filed against attorneys holding a license to practice law in Illinois.

Our principal purpose is to assist the Supreme Court to determine a lawyer's fitness to practice law in Illinois. If a complaint is made that an attorney, licensed to practice law in Illinois, has engaged in illegal, unethical or dishonest conduct, we will investigate and, if warranted, bring formal disciplinary charges. The Supreme Court of Illinois will then ultimately decide if a lawyer should be censured (publicly rebuked), suspended (having the law license to practice either taken away for a certain period of time or placed on a probationary period) or disbarred (having the law license taken away indefinitely).

We cannot impose fines, imprison, obtain monetary damages, enforce remedies between the lawyer and client, or seek civil or criminal relief against a lawyer as part of the disciplinary process. We can affect only the lawyer's ability to practice law in Illinois.

We are not funded by taxpayers' money. We are funded entirely by the annual registration fees paid by attorneys authorized to practice law in Illinois.

What Is a Request for an Investigation of an Attorney?

It is a request to us that we look into the conduct of an attorney who you believe has acted improperly. We will review your request to determine if an investigation is warranted. In most cases, we will initiate an investigation where the information you provide us suggests that the attorney engaged in illegal, dishonest or unethical conduct. Filing a request accusing an attorney of unethical conduct is a serious matter to the lawyer. We recommend that, whenever practical, you try to resolve any differences or disputes that do not concern claims of unethical conduct directly with the lawyer.

How Do I Request an Investigation of an Attorney?

By mailing to our office, either in Chicago or Springfield, a request that you want an attorney to be investigated by our office. Your request should be in writing. No special form is necessary. For your convenience, you may download a Request for Investigation form. Please return the Request by postal mail or hand-delivery. The ARDC does not accept an e-mail transmission of a Request for Investigation.

UPDATE: Scmoo the attorney adds: an attorney I am telling you that people can "choose" to not pay their registration fees or take their continuing education of the bar and therefore go on "suspension...or inactive status that goes thru the CAL BAR--the California Bar association

UPDATE: What was little Michelle from the Southside of Chicago doing in 1993?

1993: Public Allies Chicago with 30 Allies is launched by founding Executive Director Michelle Obama. President Clinton names Public Allies a model for national service. First Lady Hilary Clinton hosts Rose Garden reception for Public Allies at the White House. Say what? Michelle and Hillary go back that far?

Shmoo finds more:

In 1992 Michelle Obama left her job at Sidley Austin to launch a career in public service, serving as an assistant to Mayor Daley and then as the assistant commissioner of planning and development for the City of Chicago. (ask yourself how did a 2-3 year attorney...just wound up being Mayor Daleys "assistant" just like that...and what did she do as an "assistant" what does that even mean when you are a harvard trained attorney?)

Too close for comfort. Coincidental?

Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers wife was at Sidley Austin--- a law firm in Chicago from From 1984 to 1988. Dohrn was employed by the law firm Sidley Austin although her criminal record has prevented her from being admitted to either the New York or Illinois bar. (source: wikipedia)

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KEYWORDS: bernardinedohrn; billayers; chicago; disbarrment; hillary; michelleobama; obama; scandal
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To: Lancey Howard

I think “The Smartest Woman in the World” failed the D.C. bar.

21 posted on 12/26/2008 3:37:33 PM PST by lonestar
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To: x
Public Record of Discipline and Pending Proceedings: None

The Disciplinary Counsel proceedings are not public. At least in my state of SC, if you call the Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court and ask if a lawyer has ever had any complaints file against him, doesn't matter if 20 complaints have been filed, they would tell you that is not public record or "no".

Also, generally if a lawyer is facing disbarrment, they'll usually hire another lawyer to represent them before the Counsel and negotiate the terms, like "inactive status" or some such.

If a lawyer is sued in civil court, those records are public and would then show up as a public record.

How much does a Harvard law degree cost? Any law degree? It would be highly unusual to just chunk it aside after only a few years, unless you found a cash cow that was more lucrative than lawyering. I know lots of lawyers who are not practicing law who still keep their bar license up to date.

Something is wrong with this, IMO, just don't know what.

22 posted on 12/26/2008 3:43:29 PM PST by PistolPaknMama (Al-Queda can recruit on college campuses but the US military can't! --FReeper airborne)
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To: PistolPaknMama

I was involved in a malpractice suit against a NJ lawyer a few years ago. She was suspended from both the PA and NJ bars and the info was in a public database. One of the high points was sitting in on the deposition and hearing her say, “I never thought it would come to this.” I’m glad to say my efforts personally forced the bitch into bankruptcy. It took several years but it was worth it.

There should be a way of finding out what the truth is about Michelle’s record. A connected PI in Illinois would be the best bet.

23 posted on 12/26/2008 4:00:49 PM PST by meatloaf
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Another installment in the Obama Derangement Syndrome novel . . .

Seriously, folks, there are REAL issues we need to focus on with this man about to assume the Presidency, and FReepers shouldn’t be distracting themselves with endless repetitions of silly, easily refutable tales of alleged little wrong-doings by the Obamas. It was not illegal to scatter his grandmother’s ashes off the Hawaii coast, and “court-ordered inactive status” means Michelle sent in a form asking to be put on inactive status because she wasn’t practicing law, and didn’t want to keep paying dues and getting notices that she had to fulfill those silly “continuing education” requirements every year.

Could we please focus on REAL issues, like the very real danger that Obama will drag our medical care system further into the dangerous swamp of socialism? Or that he will successfully push “stimulus” measures that result in major inflation, decimating the buying power of people who are close to or already in retirement (thus causing them all to vote for more socialist measures, because they can’t figure out how they’ll eat or heat their homes otherwise)?

24 posted on 12/26/2008 4:16:16 PM PST by GovernmentShrinker
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To: meatloaf
She was suspended from both the PA and NJ bars and the info was in a public database.

If she was suspended, then yes that would be in a public database, just as Michelle Obama's suspension is public. I'm talking about private reprimands or the reason that shows on the public record, which is sometimes negotiated and not the real reason.

It is highly suspicious to me that she'd throw away a law degree after only 3-4 (?) years. If something was going on that might jeapordize her license, she could just not pay her bar dues in January and by March she'd be disbarred for non-payment, rather than have the disbarrment show up as another reason publicly. By the time the Disciplinary Counsel starts its investigation, it could be 12-18 months or longer before it reaches a decision. You could head that off at the pass by just not paying your dues when the time came. Then they can't disbar you for another cause since you aren't even a member of the Bar any longer.

I'm speculating on that as a possibility. Not saying it's so! :-)

25 posted on 12/26/2008 4:19:29 PM PST by PistolPaknMama (Al-Queda can recruit on college campuses but the US military can't! --FReeper airborne)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Her IARDC record says she is VOLUNTARILY inactive and no public disciplinary action is on her record.

26 posted on 12/26/2008 4:27:03 PM PST by FocusNexus
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

On their website it says the IARDC is an “Attorney REGISTRATION and Disciplinary... etc.”

Looks like attorneys have to REGISTER with IARDC.

27 posted on 12/26/2008 4:31:12 PM PST by FocusNexus
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To: GovernmentShrinker

What needs to be taken “Seriously” here is the inability of FReepers like you who assume they can stop BO from dragging the system through...what did you call it....dangerous swamp of socialism?

Many Americans and elected officials both believe they want these changes. How do you plan on stopping it?

We, with “Obama Derangement Syndrome” believe the only way to stop the destruction of our Nation by BO, is to (try and try again) to make at least one of these crimes or allegations known to the public and make it stick.

Bringing him down will have to be done by shedding light on his unethical practices and on his lies.

There is no other way, than to take him completely down, to stop him and his socialist comrades in the house and senate from pushing and passing his socialist agenda.

28 posted on 12/26/2008 4:36:03 PM PST by Aurorales
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To: FocusNexus; JennysCool; ButThreeLeftsDo; Lady GOP; Aurorales; 2ndDivisionVet; Dick Bachert; ...
Though IANAL, it seems that voluntarily going to inactive status prior to 1999 was a Court-ordered I have that right?

From RULE 770 INACTIVE STATUS info from the ARDC website:

Prior to November 1, 1999, former Supreme Court Rule 770 provided for a proceeding in the Court for any voluntary transfer to inactive status, whether because of some incapacitating condition or solely as a matter of the lawyer's preference because the lawyer would not be practicing law.
Let's be sure we're not being as bad as the MSM; let's check the target before pulling the trigger.

The hugh part is the tie-in with Hillary back in the early 90s, IMHO.

29 posted on 12/26/2008 6:12:18 PM PST by Gondring (Paul Revere would have been flamed as a naysayer troll and told to go back to Boston.)
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To: Gondring

Thank you.....

30 posted on 12/26/2008 6:20:41 PM PST by ButThreeLeftsDo (MERRY CHRISTMAS!!)
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To: Gondring
Prior to November 1, 1999, former Supreme Court Rule 770 provided for a proceeding in the Court for any voluntary transfer to inactive status,

This states, simply, that before 1999 SCR 770 required a proceeding if one voluntarily wished to transfer to inactive status. Admittedly I'm multitasking right now, but I don't follow what this has to do with anything. It says: if a lawyer says "I don't want to be a lawyer any longer", there is a proceeding for that. MO's status is "inactive" not "voluntarily inactive" (which there is no such thing). Again, the public record of a suspension can be negotiated. This I know for sure.

We're all entitled to our own opinion, which is based largely on our own experience. Mine is that these people smell to high heaven so about anything they do contributes to the stink factor. As I said before, nobody just throws away a Havard law degree after 3-4 years and goes to inactive status unless a) it was taken away or; b) something more lucrative came along.

31 posted on 12/26/2008 7:17:14 PM PST by PistolPaknMama (Al-Queda can recruit on college campuses but the US military can't! --FReeper airborne)
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To: PistolPaknMama

When did she start the hospital gig? Maybe that working
the hospital was much less taxing than actually working
as a lawyer. Then after a while at the hospital, low and
behold....big fat raise. Just wondering here.

32 posted on 12/26/2008 7:33:19 PM PST by jusduat (wondering,questioning,searching)
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To: jusduat

On some of the long 0bama birth cert threads it’s explained. When 0bama became Illinois state senator, he finagled some big pork money (or something of that nature) for the hospital, so they tripled her salary by way of a thank you.

33 posted on 12/26/2008 8:01:01 PM PST by little jeremiah (Leave illusion, come to the truth. Leave the darkness, come to the light.)
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To: PistolPaknMama


34 posted on 12/26/2008 9:27:11 PM PST by Gondring (Paul Revere would have been flamed as a naysayer troll and told to go back to Boston.)
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To: PistolPaknMama

Ceasing to practice law after a few years doesn’t constitute “throwing away” the degree. Having a Harvard law degree on your resume is incredibly valuable, regardless of whether the holder is practicing law or pursuing some other type of employment.

I have a law degree from a second tier law school, and have never practiced law or even taken the bar. The law degree has been key to getting other jobs, including as a banker, which is what I’ve done for the past 14 years. No way was I going to land the banking job based on my undergrad history degree (and I am thankful every day that it was never necessary for me to practice law to earn a living). My boss graduated from a top tier law school, practiced law for one year, hated it, and switched to banking. He hardly “threw away” his law degree, but rather used it to land his first banking job, and as a credential to drive his many promotions and new jobs with other major international banks. Practicing law generally sucks, and lots of people with law degrees avoid it if they possibly can.

35 posted on 12/28/2008 8:00:50 AM PST by GovernmentShrinker
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Whats even more concerning is that a good number of Republicans (including McCain) were likely aware of these problems with the Obama’s and didnt fight it or expose it.

This can only mean one thing, the horse race was basically fixed (as much as they can fix any alleged open election)

Obama, the new messiah, was supposed to win. Whenever McCain appeared to gain strength, he would do something stupid to eliminate his edge. Financial crisis, timing wise, to ensure Obama’s victory.

It may seem farfetched; but there are just way to many unexplained coincidencies.

36 posted on 07/18/2009 9:38:05 PM PDT by majorx
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To: 2ndDivisionVet


This is a tidbit we might want to keep active until we find out exactly WHY MeeShell is no longer a “practicing” attorney.

37 posted on 10/26/2009 7:35:17 AM PDT by HighlyOpinionated (Abortion-Euthanasia kills the very people for whom Social Justice is needed.)
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Thought you might be interested.

38 posted on 02/18/2010 3:59:12 PM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March (AyersKKKByrdFALNpardonsBpantherNightsticks.AmyBishopDelahuntDNCisTerrorismParty.)
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To: Arthur Wildfire! March
Did Bernardine Dohrn Mentor Michelle [Robinson] Obama at Chicago Law Firm?

"The media has been very gentle on Michelle Obama, but one blogger asks a very interesting question about Bernardine Dohrn's possible mentoring of Michelle at Sidley Austin in Chicago, where Dohrn worked as a paralegal [her felony conviction meant she couldn't pass the Illinois bar exam] while Michelle was an intern during summers while in law school. Michelle was later taken into the prestigious firm when she graduated from Harvard Law. Michelle in turn mentored Obama in '89 & they eventually married.

The MSM will never ask any questions about Dohrn & Michelle [Robinson] Obama intersecting at Sidley Austin. It would be nice if Republicans had more investigative reporters because my inquiring mind would like to know.

It might be that the Ayers-Dohrn relationship with the Obamas goes back earlier and the relationship could be much more extensive than previously reported."

39 posted on 02/18/2010 4:11:29 PM PST by ETL (ALL (most?) of the Obama-commie connections at my FR Home page:
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TY FRiend. Copying ....

40 posted on 02/18/2010 4:15:10 PM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March (AyersKKKByrdFALNpardonsBpantherNightsticks.AmyBishopDelahuntDNCisTerrorismParty.)
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