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  • Why is Mueller Afraid to Produce the Original Flynn 302 Form?

    12/17/2018 4:38:57 AM PST · by EyesOfTX · 9 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) Why is Robert Mueller so desperate to keep the original Flynn 302 hidden?: Andy McCarthy, who teams with Victor Davis Hanson as the only two writers worth reading anymore at The National Review, has a piece out this morning in which he asks the single most key point in the effort to frame General Mike Flynn: Where is the FBI’s 302 form from his January 24, 2017 “interview” with Peter Strzok and another agent? In their most recent court filing submitted on Friday, Mueller and his team did present a “302” form...
  • France Latest: Macron's Popularity Still Tanked After His Speech To Mollify Yellow Vests

    12/16/2018 2:00:24 PM PST · by Nextrush · 14 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/16/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    The popularity rating of France's Emmnanuel Macron remains at its lowest. 23% is his approval rating in the December polling from IFOP. For this poll its two percent lower than November's 25%. The disapproval rating for December in this poll is 76%, up from 73% in November. Some opinion polls have placed Macron's popularity even lower than this one does at 23%. The IFOP poll also asked about a potential presidential contest among French voters between December 11th and 13th........
  • There Was Asbestos Was In Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

    12/16/2018 5:27:30 AM PST · by gaggs · 40 replies
    Johnson & Johnson Hid For Decades That There Was Asbestos Was In Their Baby PowderJohnson & Johnson reportedly has known about asbestos in Baby Powder since the early 1970s. From Reuters: Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its Baby Powder Facing thousands of lawsuits alleging that its talc caused cancer, J&J insists on the safety and purity of its iconic product. But internal documents examined by Reuters show that the company's powder was sometimes tainted with carcinogenic asbestos and that J&J kept that information from regulators and the public. Darlene Coker knew she was dying. She...
  • President Trump’s War of Attrition vs. The Deep State

    12/16/2018 5:10:41 AM PST · by EyesOfTX · 5 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) Paris Burning Update: Things got calmer on the streets of Gay Pareee this weekend, as 8,000 heavily-armored riot police became more efficient and effective with their use of tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons to placate the masses. Officials estimated the crowds of Yellow Vest protesters mounted to “just” 66,000 or so, about half of what they had to deal with last week, and by the end of Saturday had arrested only 168 souls. This is what boy Prime Minister Emanuel Macron and his Climate Change enforcers call “progress.” It’s a...
  • France Breaking: Protests Across Country Involved At Least 66-Thousand Protesters

    12/15/2018 5:48:53 PM PST · by Nextrush · 16 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/15/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    The government felt good about the pictures coming from the media in Paris where the yellow vests were much less numerous this week. 168 arrests were made in Paris. It had been suggested that protesting in Paris "was a trap" before December 8th's massive police operation there against protesters. While today's protest brought some to Paris with the estimate of some 1-thousand, others protested in other locations like Bordeaux where 4,500 protesters gathered and 27 were arrested and 22 injured. At Saint-Etienne 1,500 protesters with 52 arrests reported. In Nantes, 1,200 protesters were reported. 16 arrests there with six injuries....
  • ObamaCare’s On-Again Off-Again Constitutionality Is Off-Again, For Now

    12/15/2018 5:23:38 AM PST · by EyesOfTX · 5 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) Huh. Guess congress did something about ObamaCare after all. – The stain on our nation’s healthcare system that his ObamaCare was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in Texas on Friday, and you’ll never guess why. Remember last year, when we were all complaining that the Republican congress had failed to do anything effective to get rid of the atrocity? Remember when John McCain proudly cast the deciding vote in the dead of night, sneering in his belief that he had, in his final major act as a senator, saddled the nation...
  • Breaking News: In France Phase Five Of The Yellow Vests Protests

    12/14/2018 11:11:32 PM PST · by Nextrush · 21 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/14/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    Back in 1968 the May student protests eventually sputtered as public opinion moved away from their protest. But the presidency of Charles de Gaulle was doomed. He would resign within a year in the middle of a then seven year term..... Back to France today and we are about to see what will happen in Paris and other places today Saturday December 15th......
  • Video: Melania Trump Blasts Media for Attacks on Son Barron—'Children Should be Off Limits'

    12/14/2018 8:12:13 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 16 replies
    Newsweek ^ | December 14, 2018 | Chantal Da Silva
    First lady Melania Trump attacked the media for mentioning her son, Barron, in its coverage of the Trump family, in a two-part interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity. "It does make me angry, because children should be off limits," said the first lady. Asked if her 12-year-old son should be shielded from the media's spotlight, Trump said: "I protect him, and I want to give him as normal a life as possible. This is not a normal life, but I like to protect him and give him the childhood he deserves." The first lady said that despite the media...
  • Comey Defends Actions Against Trump [semi-satire]

    12/14/2018 6:36:32 PM PST · by John Semmens · 9 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 16 Dec 2018 | John Semmens
    Fired FBI Director James Comey followed up his amnesiac performance in his testimony before House Judiciary and Oversight committees with a bit of self-congratulatory boasting about his cleverness. "While I couldn't remember the answers to most of the questions the dim-witted Republicans were asking me, I do recall some of the high points of my covert efforts to save the nation from the misrule of Donald Trump," Comey said. "Publicly exonerating Secretary Clinton in July 2016 was probably the hardest punch I threw. By clearing her of all charges I neutralized a lot of the criticisms Trump and the Republicans...
  • France Breaking: Phase Five Of Yellow Vests In Hour, Journalists Allege Police Attacks

    12/14/2018 2:00:48 PM PST · by Nextrush · 39 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/14/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    The Yellow Vests are planning protests with specific sites given in Paris as the Champs-Elysees at 930am tomorrow (330 am Eastern US). Protesters are set to be at the Palace de l'Opera between 1030am and 1230pm. Another gathering for protest set at the Port Maillot-Gare Saint Lazare at 10am. Protests are set in other cities like Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nantes. A protest is set for the Mont-Blanc tunnel and there are other locations listed. BFM-TV in France reports that fewer buses have been chartered to bring protesters to Paris tomorrow. 24 journalists in France have filed complaints against police...

    12/14/2018 1:08:50 PM PST · by Dick Bachert · 7 replies
    Self ^ | 12/13/2018 | Dick Bachert
    THE BORDER WALL: What it's REALLY ABOUT! As anyone with a brain saw during the “Kavanaugh Klusterhump”, the Marxist/Socialist Democrats on the Left (but I repeat myself, thrice) will do ANYTHING to seize and retain P.O.W.E.R. Senator Graham got it exactly right during that would-be lynching. In addition to their having philosophically captured HUGE slugs of the academic, judicial, administrative and, yes, ecclesiastical sectors beginning back in the Wilson and Roosevelt eras, their Marxist Socialist Utopia was not developing quickly enough for them. Comes then the so-called “Feminist Revolution” of the 70s during which the Left convinced millions of American...
  • Why are CNN and MSNBC Such Cesspits of Racism and Bigotry?

    12/14/2018 5:12:48 AM PST · by EyesOfTX · 22 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) News you can’t trust, from NBC. – The Daily Caller has a great piece of actual journalism up this morning, detailing how the dishonest fakenews hacks at NBC created a false narrative by misquoting a Republican Senator, ran with it all day long and still refuse to properly correct their multiple “errors.” It takes about 5 minutes to read the piece in full, and it will be the best 5 minutes you spend today – well, except for the 8 minutes you’re about to spend reading the rest of Today’s Campaign Update,...
  • France Latest: Phase Five Of "Yellow Vests" Protest Set For Tomorrow

    12/14/2018 2:33:37 AM PST · by Nextrush · 9 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/14/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    "The people will demonstrate on Saturday" Maxime Nicolle speaks for the "yellow vests" in Versailles, France 12/13/2018 Even before Tuesday's terrorist attack in Strasbourg, the call was out for the next phase of the 'yellow vests' protest on Saturday December 15th. In the aftermath of the attack, France's Justice Minister said that it was time to end the protests in light of what happened in Strasbourg. But there were questions and controversy over the government's tactics, which presents a message saying that since President Macron's speech on Monday offering concessions and the Tuesday terrorist attack, it is time for the...
  • The Democrats’ “Biggest Stars” Just Keep Growing Dimmer

    12/13/2018 4:26:01 AM PST · by EyesOfTX · 28 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ted, you’re not supposed to say that out loud. – California Rep. Ted Lieu is one of the most execrable members of congress. In addition to the mere fact of being a Democrat, Lieu joins Maxine Waters in combining the worst combination of character traits any human being can possess: Overwhelming arrogance mixed with massive stupidity. On Wednesday, these traits led Lieu to let one of the many Democrat unspoken cats out of the bag on national television, telling CNN’s vapid host Brianna Keiller the following: “I would love...
  • Theresa May Wins But With Strong Opposition

    12/13/2018 3:58:17 AM PST · by Nextrush · 4 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/12/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    "The result of this #ConfidenceVote confirms that the Tory Party is institutionally Europhile. The only hope for Brexit is for the 17.4 million to back the only notable party which backs it 100% and that is UKIP-the party of Brexit" United Kingdom Independence Party leader Gerard Batten On Twitter 12/12/2018 "Mrs. May limps on to her next failure, the deal won't pass and the real crisis is close" "Mr. Brexit" Nigel Farage On Twitter 12/12/2018 In the end there were 117 votes against her among the 300 or so Conservative members of the House of Commons. That was over one-third...
  • News Summary-Intelligence Report Wednesday 12/12/2018

    12/12/2018 5:18:22 AM PST · by Nextrush · 8 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/12/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    Police in France are looking for the suspect in a terrorist attack near a Christmas market in Strasbourg that killed three people and wounded 12 others. The terrorist suspect is known to French authorities who raided his home yesterday. Authorities revealed today that the attacker shouted "Allahu Akhbar".... Laurent Nunez, France's Secretary of State for the Interior, says he hopes that the "yellow vests" protests will be fewer this Saturday saying there is a need for responsibility after the terrorist attack.... The Battle of Brexit. British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a leadership challenge from within her own party....
  • Dear Media: That Oval Office Dust Up Is Why Trump Won

    12/12/2018 4:41:53 AM PST · by EyesOfTX · 23 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) Beto Mania Update: A guy calling himself “Michael Falotico” (it may be his real name, but you just never know on social media these days) on Twitter responded to my “Day of Beto” yesterday by saying “Yes, I agree with you that Beto will be the Democrats’ nominee for President in 2020. I may differ with you, however, in that I think he could win the whole thing, i.e., get elected President.” Well, we don’t differ at all, Michael. Sitting here almost two years prior to Election Day 2020, I also think...
  • The Battle Of Brexit, Will Theresa May Do What Margaret Thatcher Did Or......

    12/12/2018 2:35:03 AM PST · by Nextrush · 4 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/12/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    In just hours (1pm Eastern Time US) the Conservative Party MP's are holding a snap vote on Theresa May's leadership of the Conservative Party. Enough Tory MP's signed letters (48) to trigger the vote in opposition to her Brexit plan. In 1990 the pro-European Union forces triggered a leadership vote in opposition to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Even though Thatcher won a majority of the vote, but needed a second ballot to get a bigger majority, she ended up deciding to leave. If May wins the vote, will her political operatives spin the tale that she won a great victory...
  • And Just Like That, Beto Leaps Into The Lead

    12/11/2018 2:57:26 PM PST · by EyesOfTX · 44 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    The Evening Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) Beto Mania Update: As if on cue with this morning’s Campaign Update, a new poll commissioned by has Irish Bob O’Rourke surging into the lead in the 2020 Democrat nominating contest even before he formally announces his inevitable candidacy: David Blackmon @GDBlackmon He's a looooser, and he's not what he appears to be... Beto O'Rourke narrowly tops wide-open MoveOn 2020 presidential straw poll; Biden is runner-up … via @nbcnews 4:36 PM - Dec 11, 2018 Twitter Ads info and privacy Beto O'Rourke narrowly tops wide open MoveOn 2020 presidential...
  • The Beto Mania “Victory” Tour Goes On, Only Without That “Victory” Part

    12/11/2018 4:26:11 AM PST · by EyesOfTX · 15 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) Looking to burnish his street cred, Irish Bob O’Rourke met with an anti-Semitic racist in New York over the weekend. Yes, friends, if you want to be the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee, you must kiss a lot of highly distasteful rings, none moreso than the many, many rings of lifelong race-baiter and perennial MSNBC host Al Sharpton. Sharpton became just the latest stop on the Irish Bob “I’m Ready Even Though I’m a Loooooooser” victory tour of grand Democrat Poobahs and big Muckety-Mucks as he preps the January announcement of his candidacy....