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Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation

Posted on 03/09/2007 8:53:08 PM PST by mom4kittys

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Thread Number Two

Thread Number One

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To: All; msgumshoe

Ha ha. Our own ms gumshoe has posted over at the ctv message boards that professional HK$ pr people are posting on his behalf.

13,801 posted on 03/29/2007 6:45:27 AM PDT by mom4kittys (If velvet could sing, it would sound like Josh Groban)
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To: All

--Ellyn Garofalo - CA - represents Dr. Sandeep Kapoor
--Shane Kelley - FL - admin Ad Litem for FL burial custody
--Jerry McDevitt - Cyril Wecht's atty - not going to sue ANS for not getting paid for Daniel autopsy
--Joseph Farzam - lawyer for plaintiff Janet Luna and her 3 guardians in lawsuit against TrimSpa and ANS, alleging misrepresentation of the product
--Willie Gary - FL - atty for Shane Gibson, suing media for libel 2-26-07
--Ronald Jason Palmieri - CA - attorney who has represented Gabor and von Anhalt for 15 years
--Chris Fields - CA - newer atty for von Anhalt
--Edward Lee - CA - another von Anhalt attorney, suing Bill O'Reilly for $10 million for calling Prince a liar about ANS stuff
--Cyrus Nownejad - CA - represents Alexander Denk, who had worked as a bodyguard for Smith, in potential paternity suit
--Aldo G. Frustaci - Bensonhurst NY - representing the Auto Body Shop worker who found the 9 month pregnant drugged out Anna video tape, intertwined with some bubble wrap that was wrapped around a car bumper that came to the Auto Body Shop via FedEx.
--Fran Humphries - SC - Horry County Deputy Solicitor, overseeing transfer of property evidence from sheriff to Seminole PD
--David P. Shebby - CA - former law partner of HKS; partnership ended quickly because HKS brought in no income
--Fayne Thompson - Bahamas - local lawyer who in Nov 2006 wanted ANS stripped of her permanent residency status and asked to leave The Bahamas
--Claire Hepburn - Bahamas - attorney for Doctors Hospital in Daniel's inquest
--Michaela Sumner-Budhi - Bahamas - attorney for Doctors Hospital in Daniel's inquest

--Judge Larry Seidlin - Broward County Circuit Court - Ft. Lauderdale; presided over televised hearing on custody of ANS body for burial and determination of place of burial
--Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez - Bahamas - in charge of the inquest into Daniel's death - to convene 3-27-07
--Judge Robert A. Schnider - Los Angeles Superior Court - presided over paternity hearings in CA
--Judge Stephen Isaacs - Bahamas - Supreme Court Justice; granted the injunction preventing HKS from taking Dannielynn off-island; presiding over the paternity suits
--Judge Lawrence Korda - FL - Broward Co. circuit court - family court judge who presided over hearing for temporary stay of embalming for securing ANS DNA sample; decided jurisdictional ruling on custody of DNA samples being held; caught smoking pot in a public park in Hollywood, FL, on 3-18-07
--Judge Mike Wood - TX - July 2001, vacated the large award made to ANS by CA bankruptcy court, ordering ANS to pay over $1 million in fees and expenses to Pierce's legal team; threatened in court to have HKS disbarred in CA
--Samuel L. Bufford - CA - Bankruptcy Magistrate who received stolen confidential financial information from HKS on Pierce Marshall's wealth, which he then posted on a public website
--Judge David O. Carter - TX - Houston judge who presided over Pierce Marshall's defamation trial against ANS's attorneys; Pierce won
--17th Judicial Circuit of Florida - in charge of chain of custody issues on property retrieved from Horizons and given to Horry Co. Sheriff for transfer to Seminole Police Dept., FL, for ANS death investigation
--Senior Justice Anita Allen - Bahamas - heard the proceedings relating to the disputed ownership of Horizons
--FL appeals court - three-judge panel comprised of Justices Barry Stone, Mark Polen and George Shahood heard Virgie's appeal of Seidlin's ruling awarding custody of ANS body to Milstein for burial
--Supreme Court Justice Jeanne Thompson - Bahamas - heard ANS counterclaims to Horizons home
--Chief Justice Sir Burton Hall - Bahamas - the one who fired Linda Virgill as chief coroner and returned the dept to having rotating duty for magistrates as coroners
--Chief Judge Dale Ross - FL - Broward Co. Courts System - received FOIA request to show Judge Seidlin's emails during the ANS hearing, possibly to see if he was contacted by media for an on-air slot; also orchestrated the switch of Seidlin's and Korda's court positions, to probate and family matters, respectively
--Bernard Turner - Bahamas - director of public prosecutions; spoke to press about case management of Daniel's inquest

13,802 posted on 03/29/2007 6:45:41 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All


--Charlie Tiger - FL - Seminole Tribal Police Chief
--Matt Phillips - FL - Hollywood Fire Rescue
--Capt. Dan Fitzgerald - FL - EMT
--Capt. Tony Rode - FL - spokesperson for Hollywood Police Department, Hollywood, FL - provided media with the 2nd 9-1-1 call, which came to them from the Seminole PD
--Gary Bitner - FL - spokesperson for the Seminole PD and the Seminole Hard Rock
--Reginald Ferguson - Bahamas - assistant Police Commissioner, Royal Bahamas Police Force - took HKS complaint of burglary at Horizons on 2-9-07
--Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson - Bahamas - apparently her husband Max is no relation to Shane/King Eric Gibson family, unless distant
--Paul Farquharson - Bahamas - Royal Bahamas Police Commissioner
--Ron Ishoy - FL - spokesperson for the Broward County state attorney's office
--Hulan Hanna - Bahamas - Chief Superintendent, Royal Bahamas Police Force - official spokesperson for the RBPF
--Chief Inspector Bradley Neely - Bahamas - chief inspector of the coroner's office; slated to lead the questioning of witnesses in Daniel's inquest
--Inspector Walter Evans - Bahamas - Police Press Liaison Officer - reported the death of Daniel
--Detective Kathy Frank - FL - Seminole PD; responded to death scene at Hard Rock
--Detective Marian Bryant - FL - Seminole PD; responded to death scene at Hard Rock
--Sgt. Mike Jacobs - FL - Seminole PD; responded to death scene at Hard Rock
--Inspector Cleophas Cooper - Bahamas - in the Central Detective Unit's Homicide Division, Nassau; inquest witness
--Inspector Deveaux - Bahamas - RBPF - investigated Daniel's death; inquest witness
--Officers A. Saunders, C. Findlay, Quinn - Bahamas - RBPF - investigated Daniel's death; inquest witnesses
--Marva Gibson - Bahamas - immigration officer; inquest witness
--Sergeant 1498 Perpall - Bahamas - RBPF - inquest witness
--Chief Superintendent Quinn William McCartney - Bahamas - inquest witness
--Inspector Ricardo Taylor - Bahamas - inquest witness

--Sheriff Ken Jenne - FL - Broward County sheriff
--Broward Co. Sheriff Department - chief investigative unit assisting Seminole Police Dept in ANS death investigation
--Det. Rich Engels - FL - CSI for BrowCo. Sheriff's Office; on-scene at Hard Rock, present at ANS autopsy
--Sheriff Phillip Thompson - Horry Co. Sheriff's Dept - SC - Myrtle Beach jurisdiction where Ford Shelley and Ben Thompson turned over items retrieved from ANS's Bahamas home, at her request "in event of emergency" such as her death, to preserve chain of custody issues on computers and video tapes turned over to FL authorities
--Harris Co. Sheriff's Dept - TX - employer of Virgie Arthur for 28 years before her retirement

--Dr. Joshua Perper - FL - Broward Co. Medical Examiner - former Allegheny coroner in PA, worked under Wecht, then had falling out - elected coroner when Wecht was ousted, then Wecht re-elected and Perper went to Broward
--Dr. Govinda Raju - Bahamas - forensic pathologist who conducted the original autopsy on Daniel, Sept 12, 2007, at Princess Margaret Hospital, Nassau
--Rand Memorial Hospital - Bahamas - pathology lab in Freeport, Grand Bahama, was used for autopsy tests on Daniel
--Dr. Cyril Wecht - PA - pathology expert-for-hire - did private 2nd autopsy on Daniel
--Robert A. Middleberg, Ph.D. - PA - toxicologist on Daniel's 2nd autopsy; with NMS Labs, Willow Grove, PA
--Dr Gertrude M. Juste - FL - Broward Co. Assoc. ME under Perper; present at ANS autopsy, visited death scene at Hard Rock
--Dr. Predrag Bulich - FL - BrowCo assistant ME; observed ANS at MemHosp after death pronounced; present at ANS autopsy
--Dr. Harold Schueler - FL - BrowCo. chief toxicologist; present at ANS autopsy
--Dr. Stephen J. Cina - FL - BrowCo. deputy chief ME; present at ANS autopsy
--Irma Motem - FL - a BrowCo. autopsy technician; present at ANS autopsy
--Dean Reynolds - FL - BrowCo morgue supervisor
--Dr. Reinhard W. Motte - FL - BrowCo. associate ME; present at ANS autopsy
--Linda P. Virgill - Bahamas - former Bahamas coroner who first termed Daniel's death "suspicious" and was demoted
--Michael Leonard Baird - Ohio - DNA expert used by Virgie's legal team
--Dr. George Duncan - FL - supervisor of the Broward Co. Sheriff's Office DNA Unit
--Broward Co. Sheriff's Crime Scene Unit - FL - investigated the scene of the death; found no evidence of illegal drugs
--Bob Kransey - FL - CSU collected death scene evidence
--Winnard Johnson - FL - Broward Co. chief medical investigator
--Wendy Crane - FL - a Broward Co. medical investigator
--Joe Anderson and Jim Fleurimond - FL - Broward Co. imaging technicians
--Sherry Baker - FL - secretary to Dr Joshua Perper
--Outside forensic experts to Broward County - did voluntary work on ANS autopsy investigation: Dr. Stephen J. Nelson, forensic neuropathologist; Dr. Michael Bell, forensic cardiologist and chief medical examiner of Palm Beach county; Dr. Azorides Morales, cardiopathologist, chairman and professor of pathology in the department of pathology at the University of Miami; Dr. Gordon Dickinson, professor and chairman, Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Miami; Dr. Margaret Gorensek, chairman of infectious diseases at the Florida branch of Cleveland Clinic; Dr. Michael Bayerl, an assistant professor of anatomic pathology at the Milton Hershey Medical Center College of Medicine
--Danny Garcia - FL - supervisor, Miami-Dade Police Dept, Forensic Computer Lab Section; managed examination of the two ANS laptops
--Modesta Ampie - FL - morgue technician in Broward ME's office

--Aycock Funeral Home - Jupiter, FL - Robert Cherubini and Dan D'Andrea handled ANS embalming and funeral arrangements; Cherubini fired for talking to media
--East Sunrise Mortuary - Bahamas - on Rosetta Street in Nassau - did final preparations for funeral service
--Pedro Ferguson - Bahamas - funeral director for ANS funeral, managing director of East Sunrise; president of the Bahamas Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association; still owed $30,000 by Milstein as of 3-21-07

--Shane A. Miller - Asst Registrar, registered Dannielynn birth certificate

13,803 posted on 03/29/2007 6:46:55 AM PDT by Rte66
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Comment #13,804 Removed by Moderator

To: All

MEDIA - skipping this one for now

--ANS Interactive - Anna's website company; sketchy testimony at the burial hearing stated forged signatures on checks written in the Bahamas on this company had cash winding up in Santa Monica, Calif (where HKS keeps a home); no further details yet
--Hot Smoochie Lips Inc. - corporation for ANS's modeling work
--Cracker Inc. or Cracker's Inc. - Bahamas - rumored to be the name of a recently created ANS or HKS corporation which owned the house being remodeled in Nassau's Coral Harbour area and the 10-year-old 39-foot Carver sport yacht purchased from Reel Deal and christened the "Cracker"
--Reel Deal Yachts - FL - boat dealership where ANS new boat was being picked up by HKS when she died
--V&G Yachtworks - FL - boat detailer where ANS new boat was being outfitted
--Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino - FL - Hollywood, FL, hotel where ANS was staying in Room 607 when she died
--Suite 607-609 - Three-room suite where ANS's room was located at HardRock
--TrimSpa Inc. - marketer of diet aids; ANS began as spokesperson in Oct 2003; she claimed to have lost 70 lbs using TrimSpa products; a TrimSpa event in which ANS was to participate was coming up Feb 21 at the HardRock, which hosted a number of TrimSpa events and was featured in the company's TV commercials; TrimSpa was paying Khris Eroshevich as a consultant to stay in Bahamas with ANS after Daniel's death
--Butler Funeral Homes - Bahamas - handled Daniel's embalming and preparation for flight to CA, when plans changed to burial in Bahamas
--Lakeview Cemetery and Mausoleum - Nassau - burial place of ANS and DWS; 4 plots bought by HKS in October @ $3600 for 2 of them
--White Dove Wedding Chapel - where ANS married JHM in June 1994, Houston, TX
--Marshall Petroleum Inc. - main company owned by JHMII
--Koch Industries - oil & natural gas industry conglomerate which is privately and closely held; JHMII was one of the original partners with the Koch family; major portion of Marshall estate is in this non-transferrable stock
--Hallock Healey Entertainment - collaborated with Smith and Stern, to pitch a reality show centered on Anna's quest to find a husband
--Gigi's Cabaret - strip joint in Houston where ANS got her start
--Playboy Enterprises - gave ANS her first big publicity boost with cover photos and later centerfold nude layouts
--Guess? Jeans - gave ANS an entry into modeling as their featured model in 1992-93
--Lane Bryant - plus-size clothing manufacturer which hired ANS as a model when she was overweight
--E! Networks - ran the Anna Nicole Smith reality TV show, 2002-2004
--PETA - ANS appeared in a number of their publicity campaigns
--Mt Horeb Baptist Church - Nassau - ANS's funeral service held in sanctuary
--Valley College of Los Angeles - CA - college Daniel was attending before he died; also the college where HKS's mother Broncha Stern had been a professor for 25+ years before retiring
--International Body Guards Security Company - Bahamas - private body guard service which provided security for Mt Horeb church
--Laurence School - Valley Glen, CA - private school where HKS brother Gary is principal
--National Medical Services - Willow Grove, PA - used by CWecht for autopsy testing in Daniel's death
--Broward Removal Service - FL - company that transported ANS's body from Memorial Hospital to ME's office
--Esso On-the-Run Café - Bahamas - fast food place where HKS went out for food from hospital while Daniel visited; on Thompson Blvd in Nassau
--Universal Rarities - NJ - a "fine collectibles and memorabilia company" which auctioned off ANS diaries
--Tattoo King Parlor - Bahamas - downtown Nassau tat joint where in Dec 2006, ANS allegedly got the large tats of herself, Daniel and Dannielynn across the top of her back, of which photos and video were shown in Jan 2007, but which were not described in her autopsy with all the other tattoos which were listed

--Hollywood, FL - town where Seminole Hard Rock is located
--Broward Co., FL - county of jurisdiction where ANS died
--Seminole Nation - Indian tribal jurisdiction in which ANS died
--Nassau, The Bahamas - town on New Providence island where ANS and HKS lived
--Horizons - name of the home where ANS and HKS were living
--Villa Florentine - mansion in Ocean Club Estates, Atlantis Resort, Nassau, where post-burial reception was held
--New Providence - name of the Bahamian island where Nassau is located
--Burbank, CA - part of Los Angeles where Birkhead lives
--Studio City, CA - part of Los Angeles where ANS used to live
--Sherman Oaks, CA - part of Los Angeles where Stern grew up and parents still live
--Beverly Hills, CA - part of Los Angeles where Bonnie Stern, Khristine Eroshevich, Pol Atteu and Patrik Simpson live, among others
--Brentwood, CA - part of Los Angeles where 200 Ashdale Ave is located, site of a home purchased by JHM for ANS; also the basis for a fictitious address on some drug orders for ANS
--Bel Air, CA - part of Los Angeles close to the Ashdale Ave home - sometimes referred to as the home's area rather than Brentwood, because it was very close to the Bel Air Country Club
--Mexia, TX - small town in central TX where Daniel was born; usually given as ANS's birthplace, but wasn't; a memorial service for Daniel was held there on Oct 7, 2006, attended by about 50 people, including Billy Wayne Smith, Daniel's father
--Santa Monica, CA - area of Los Angeles where HKS still keeps an apartment
--Santa Monica Shores Towers -- 2800 Neilson Way, Santa Monica - complex where HKS's condo apt is located
--Marathon, FL - in the Keys, location of another vacation home belonging to the G Ben Thompson family - ANS visited there after Myrtle Beach, staying with Ben Thompson's mother and another adult son, his wife and their children, before going to The Bahamas by plane with Ben and his mother, and Ford Shelley to get situated there, July 18, 2006, in a temporary rental home at Ocean Club Estates - without HKS
--Dubai - UAE - seaside city in the United Arab Emirates that serves as a hot spot for the rich and famous; reportedly ANS's next stop in a bid to get away from drugs
--Peninsula Beverly Hills - a five-star hotel just a few miles west of Hollywood Boulevard; ANS and her then-BF overdosed in a room at the hotel in 1995; a man named Mace Howell of Arkansas, died of a drug overdose there in Room 140 in Oct 2002, sharing his room was Kooros James Khavarian, one of the two witnesses to ANS's 2001 will; in an odd twist, Howell went straight from the Betty Ford Center to the Peninsula, but ANS went from the Peninsula to Betty Ford, with a hospital stop in between

--The Cracker - FL/Bahamas - name allegedly given to the boat ANS bought in Miami, said to be her nickname for Daniel, even tho she always said she called her son "Pumpkinhead" - cracker also means a white person living in a black community, so some have reasoned that it was an inside joke about herself, not Daniel - also rumored to have inspired a corporate name of Crackers, Inc. in which the Coral Harbour home is said to be registered - unconfirmed
--Margaritaville - Bahamas - name of the catamaran on which the commitment ceremony was held
--Lucayan Lady - Bahamas - King Eric's racing sloop
--Miami International Airport (MIA) - FL - ANS, HKS and Khris E arrived there at 7:30PM on Mon Feb 5, 2007; ANS body flown out of MIA on private air charter Fri Mar 3, 2007; Daniel had layover there before arriving in Nassau
--Nassau International Airport/Lynden Pindling Intl Airport (NAS) - Bahamas - origin of ANS flight to MIA and destination of Daniel's flight from CA on Sept 9, 2006
--Jim Joseffy - FL - managing director of IBC Airways, which operated the flight that carried ANS's body to Nassau

13,805 posted on 03/29/2007 6:49:21 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All

Thanks everybody for waiting! I appreciate your patience!

13,806 posted on 03/29/2007 6:50:16 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All
Who was Daniel seeing for his depression? And who prescribed the meds for Daniel? I don't think we know either fact.

What we do know is that KE asked Daniel what he was taking BEFORE HE LEFT FOR THE BAHAMAS (nad right after leaving Anna and HOWARD) and I believe she named it.

We're missing something important in our thoughts...When KE left each time, she didn't leave Anna, she left Anna and HOWARD.

She said Anna practically begged her to stay....But Howard apparently wasn't upset about her leaving. HE say nothing even though Anna had been sick "out of her mind."

Both had a duty to take her to the hospital. She could refuse treatment THERE if she wished.

13,807 posted on 03/29/2007 6:52:18 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: Kimberly GG
"Cyril Wecht ain't on it either!"

But he could've been if he'd asked to.

That's just unbelievable to me...and what it may tell us, is that there are going to be no discrepancies between Wecht's report and the one done in the Bahamas.

That's probably why he didn't ask to.

13,808 posted on 03/29/2007 6:53:17 AM PDT by uncitizen (Set my baby free!)
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To: TexKat
You know that he was. And I do not hold out any hope for this tape, it is probably all positive toward Howard.

AbsoANNAlutely, and then there's the thing about Anna having amnesia about the time of Daniels death. How could we trust what her statement says?

13,809 posted on 03/29/2007 6:55:03 AM PDT by uncitizen (Set my baby free!)
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To: All

Cheat Sheet:

13,810 posted on 03/29/2007 6:56:02 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: Rte66

Thank you for such excellent research!!

13,811 posted on 03/29/2007 6:56:02 AM PDT by Kimberly GG (DUNCAN HUNTER ' TO TAKE BACK AMERICA)
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To: Rte66
Cracker...There was a detective program on the other night. The dude they stopped said to a cop: "What are you now, a cracker??" Maybe that has something to do with Howard and not Danny.....because Howard was spending so much time "researching" etc....

I'm going to see if I can dig up some inference on the word.

13,812 posted on 03/29/2007 6:56:11 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: TexKat

Poor people FED UP!!! And we tired of these stupid, crooked, lying, thiefing, sell out politicians. Politicians, this is a warning: The Evolution Has Begun!!!

HA!!! HKS has personally started a revolt of an entire country against their corrupt government for sale. Wow, first he's in the law books of every law student to learn how NOT to write a will, and now this.

13,813 posted on 03/29/2007 6:56:25 AM PDT by Southerngl
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To: Sacajaweau
Remember the video of him yelling at the baby...Mommy's dead...

There's a VIDEO of that!?

13,814 posted on 03/29/2007 6:56:32 AM PDT by uncitizen (Set my baby free!)
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To: Rte66

Thank you!

13,815 posted on 03/29/2007 6:56:52 AM PDT by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: Sacajaweau
Disgusting that the Seminole police obviously just blew this off.
13,816 posted on 03/29/2007 6:57:26 AM PDT by roses of sharon
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To: Lizarde

There wasn't one shred of evidence connecting him to KE. This thing gets copied all over everywhere and I don't want stuff just out of the blue.

13,817 posted on 03/29/2007 6:57:26 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: uncitizen

It goes with the bit that was flashed on TV: "If I had anything to do with Daniel's death, do you think Anna would protect me?" (Or something like that)

13,818 posted on 03/29/2007 6:58:13 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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Comment #13,819 Removed by Moderator

To: Sacajaweau

I still think it's weird that ANs herself called him "My Pumpkinhead" and had that tattoo'ed on her body - then HKS tells us "Cracker" was her nickname for him, without any explanation as to why, except that she considered herself and him to be "hicks" as a joke.

That's a stupid reason to name a boat that! Why not the "IMAMAROON"?

13,820 posted on 03/29/2007 7:00:54 AM PDT by Rte66
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