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Occupy Wall Street and the Bankers
A Whig Manifesto ^ | October 21, 2011 | Chuck Morse

Posted on 10/20/2011 9:25:48 PM PDT by Chuckmorse

The ugly language used by Occupy Wall Street activists and by liberals such as radio talk show host Thom Hartmann to describe bankers is disgraceful and dangerous. When one replaces the word “banker” with the word “Jew” in the Occupy Wall Street rhetoric, one glimpses at the true nature and intent of the assault. Simply put, the Nazis and the German Communists portrayed Jews in virtually the same light as Occupy Wall Street activists are now portraying bankers. In reality this is the same assault on private ownership as was the one engaged in by the 20th Centuries two great socialist experiments, Nazism and Communism.

There are obviously individual bankers and financial managers who could be described as greedy and corrupt, George Soros comes to mind. And yes there are banking and financial institutions that have engaged in corrupt practices such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were bailed out by the American taxpayer to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. Greed and corruption have always been with us and will remain as long as we remain fallible human beings who at times succumb to temptation or who embrace false ideologies. In the case of Fannie and Freddie, the public was unaware, until it was too late, that these banking behemoths were guaranteed by the taxpayer in case they failed. This was not a case private banks taking risks but rather these were agencies that were protected by the governments that were charged with carrying out social experiments. Many of the complaints lodged by Occupy Wall Street, on the surface, are legitimate and those include railing against the contracted American economy and the lack of opportunity to make a living. Yet Occupy Wall Street supports ideas that have contributed to the problem when they call for tax increases and more government regulation while they denigrate successful people who are already carrying the weight. If Occupy Wall Street actually wanted to create an atmosphere that would lead to success they would support deregulation of business as a means to promote creativity and low taxes as a means to allow for savings, capital formation and investment. Rather than supporting needless infrastructure projects paid for with taxpayer money, Occupy Wall Street might get behind domestic oil, gas, and coal exploration and development which would lead to infrastructure improvements paid for out of private capital.

Occupy Wall Street is motivated by utopian notions of changing human nature through “democracy” and collective decision making. This is nothing more than a marketing job to convince people to surrender their freedom for the good of the so-called collective however it is defined at a given time. Without property, without the right to earn profit and without a system that promotes private profit, there is no freedom. There is no such a thing as a “collective” only individuals living free and voluntarily working from time to time on common projects for a common purpose. Occupy Wall Street holds ideals that run contrary to human nature.

And this is why Occupy Wall Street requires a scapegoat, whether that scapegoat is the Jews, who Karl Marx called “self-interested hucksters” who would have to be “annihilated” in order for human society to progress, or whether the scapegoat is bankers. By concentrating on a manufactured enemy that becomes the foci of hate, the advocates of collectivism convince their followers to surrender their individual rights for the so-called greater good. President Obama and the liberal Democrats in Congress used this trick when they demonized the insurance companies in order to push through their freedom crushing health-care laws.

American bankers, Wall Street corporations, and private enterprise in general represent the greatest institutions ever known to man. Corporations have done more social good by hiring people, creating goods and services, and creating capital and wealth, than have any government or group in history. While rules are needed, especially in the financial services industry, to insure that business is done openly and up-front and that investments benefit the American economy, business must remain free to do what it does best and to make money in the process.

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1 posted on 10/20/2011 9:25:56 PM PDT by Chuckmorse
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To: Chuckmorse
“Most Wall Street guys, they feel like they’re going to be burned in effigy,” said Anthony Scaramucci, managing partner of SkyBridge Capital, who gave to Obama in 2008 but is now fundraising for Mitt Romney. Some moderate donors, who have given to both parties, “fled from Obama in his support of the Wall Street protests,” he said.

Obama has hauled in $3.9 mil from the finance, insurance and real estate sector this year, says Center for Responsive Politics; but outpaced by Mitt Romney receiving $7.5 mil from the sector.

Goldman Sachs employees contributed more than $1 mil to Obama in 2008— now spending more on Romney than Obama- $352,200 from Sachs employees : Obama receiving $49,125 so far. Democrats now trail far behind Republicans in Wall Street support.

Excerpted from Wall Street furious with Dems
Thu, 10/20/2011 - 2:20pm by Tom Knighton AT
United Liberty.Org

2 posted on 10/20/2011 9:46:01 PM PDT by fight_truth_decay
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To: Chuckmorse


3 posted on 10/20/2011 9:46:34 PM PDT by Chattering Class of 58
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To: Chuckmorse
You mentioned F&F but fail to mention the TBTF banks that were aided by Gov't. Those 'bankers' get to have suckers cover that risk, while enjoying profits and protection from failure.

The suckers, I mentioned is the US taxpayer. The suckers to get to cover these latest actions:

Here's The Fed Speech That Has Everyone Buzzing About 'QE3' Tonight

'the Fed is considering large-scale mortgage purchases' - Must be sweet to own some toxic assets.

Bank of America Deathwatch: Moves Risky Derivatives from Holding Company to Taxpayer-Backstopped Depository

'So this move amounts to a direct transfer from derivatives counterparties of Merrill to the taxpayer, via the FDIC' - Thanks again 'bankers'

4 posted on 10/20/2011 10:24:56 PM PDT by FritzG
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To: fight_truth_decay; All

Obama raked in $15.6 million, compared to Romney’s $7.5 million.

$11.7 million will go to the Democratic Party.

In the article, there is a banking exec who raises money for Obama, who basically said hat the reports that Wall Street is angry with Obama are exaggerated and overblown, and that it looks better if Obama isn’t seen as being too cozy with Wall Street. Anyway, you can see for yourself what he said.

5 posted on 10/21/2011 3:56:57 AM PDT by Laissez-faire capitalist
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To: Chuckmorse

Read post #5.

Very important.

The MSM is trying to fool the public into thinking that Obama only raised $3.9 million from Wall Street versus $7.5 million that Romney raised.

The Washington Post has a news article (which I gave a link to) that shows that Obama actually raised $15.6 million. The DNC will get $11.6 million, and the MSM knows, yet intentionally misreported it.

6 posted on 10/21/2011 4:03:09 AM PDT by Laissez-faire capitalist
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To: Laissez-faire capitalist article pretty much quoting the Washington Post story disputing the story previously run that Wall Street is not happy with Obama in contribution size. "Contributions came from just a few individuals"

"The Dodd-Frank legislation which Obama happily signed effectively grants too-big-to-fail status to the largest banks, which allows them to raise money more cheaply than their smaller competitors and tends to ratchet up the value of their stock."

"JPMorgan Chase's talented CEO Jamie Dimon seems to have gone off the Obama reservation because of this, and there are surely many others--but they are also willing to fund the Obama campaign"

BUT remember we do not have ONE candidate yet chosen to run against Obama. Obama is a KNOWN candidate but the Republican side is still UNKNOWN and if people like me now give to the candidate and NOT the Party. We also must remember business still needs to pay PROECTION money to the Government for favoritism rights..this Administration is still in Power.

Government has become so corrupt, we need not look past our shores to find it elsewhere unto foreign governments.

Give the People Heath Care, free this, free that..and that leader can pretty much do anything unethically or immorally that Leader and his Party want. History of dictators tells us that.

I liked what Herman Cain said in he had "moved off the Democratic Plantation a long time ago".

Presently I am in a State under the strong leadership of new Republican governor who is making great strides to bring down our debt[$4B pension] and has, allow consumers to buy heath care over state lines and make it easier for small businesses to combine for rates, removing regulations from unfounded restrictive reasoning to bring back business to the state and it has created jobs, a bill coming which will not longer allow the unions to take automatic payroll deductions, eliminate the requirement that all state workers pay a portion of union dues even if they are not union, education is key so students will have two years of college under their belts when leaving high school..the list is ongoing with LePage in his bills, preparing a BUDGET and other accomplishments of paper mill reopening, closed bases vitalized, Bigelow Labs Marine Microbiology and new Blue Biotechnology research center, all lead to better jobs; but still Lepage must continue his task of cleaning up after many years [40+] of fiscal abuse under a Democratic controlled government. However, I might add everyone on both sides have been getting along after the disruption of the Liberal media push at the onset of LePage's honeymoon into office on the union murals [$66K] in the multi office commerce building. The NAACP scurried away unsuccessful in trying to show racism by the governor on MLK day when he would not attend lunch with the visiting black advocacy group, as was to be present at a funeral for a law enforcement person. Welcome Business to Maine sign taken down by union mural supporters to be replaced by a new sign from private donors to its old RT95 location.

I have to focus now on my State as the only safe and positive haven away from this melee of Federal Government-corruption, media included which has lost their own integrity along the way.

I look at Romney and think in my state many do not want to be like Massachusetts, perhaps NH [bedroom community for MA] says it does, but then many of those voters work in MA and are transplants from....................... But, I rant..........sorry

Note: Were you aware that our Northern boarders are VIDEO- protected with remote control predator drones [based out of ND], the Canadian border said more worrisome than the southern borders.

7 posted on 10/21/2011 10:47:24 AM PDT by fight_truth_decay
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