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The Dead Continent (Vanity Commentary on Europe)
Conservative Beacon USA ^ | 3/24/2014 | Me

Posted on 03/24/2014 1:15:20 PM PDT by Viennacon

Today, it has been reported that British state-run hospitals, under the direction of the National Health Service, incinerated dead children lost in abortions and miscarriages in order to heat hospitals. The babies were discarded like so much clinical waste, to be burned.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is satanic. This is lower than the practices of most Third World countries. They kill children with abandon in Sudan, where government-funded militiamen use guns and slashing weapons to slaughter non-Arabs in the Darfur region. Yet even in Sudan, they do not incinerate the children as fuel. You see, even radical Muslim fanatics do not sink to these levels of depravity.

Some history.

Leviticus 18:28 - So do not defile the land and give it a reason to vomit you out, as it will vomit out the people who live there now.

God said unto the Israelites plainly, that should they fail to obey his statues, should they do detestable things in His sight, as the Canaanites had done before them, they would be torn asunder and cut from the land they had defiled. Despite God's warning, the Israelites did exactly that, giving themselves over to the licentious corruption that had consumed the people before them, particularly in the worship of false gods. The Lord had blessed them, and they had rebuked him. And so God broke Pagan armies upon them like water on rock, and over years they were enslaved and toiled in hardship until their nation was finally scattered to the four winds.

It's amazing how history repeats itself, is it not? God also blessed the Europeans, backward, barbaric peoples who were civilized through Christ after the collapse of the Roman Empire to hordes of goths and vandals. He delivered them from idolatry and wickedness to spiritual renewal, and through them, whole continents were delivered to Him.

But things change. Like Ancient Israel, Europe has become decadent and depraved in its wealth and security. It has fallen away from God, giving itself over to the worst elements of the so-called 'Enlightenment'. I will expand on this in further posts, but it is important to note that it is in around the late 1800s that these men begin to turn their back on the Lord. They set themselves up for huge wars and genocide, worshiping at the altars of self-made gods like the charismatic Adolf Hitler, and when millions were dead (thanks in part to Neiezschean nihilism and the science of eugenics) they dusted themselves down and felt now a more peaceful, civilized Europe could emerge. This was not the case.

An illusion was crafted through institutions like the bureaucratic dictatorship of the European Union that the sins of Germany, Italy, and the communist regimes in the east were things of the past and Europeans could now speak with a new sense of moral authority. But this was not authority grounded in God. It was instead grounded in the vague notion of 'human rights'. A notion to be molded to mean whatever the politburo decided. So what are 'human rights' in this new Europe that political commentators desperately want to protect from aggressors?

In Sweden today, there is a systematic effort to ethnically exterminate the native population. This might sound like something from a conspiracy website, but here it is in their own words, stating that they intend for the future to be one where Muslim immigrants are the majority.

“We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.” - Jens Orback, Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration and Gender Equality

Sweden today gives no rights of parenthood to fathers without the mother's consent. Criticism of feminism is a hate crime. Children can be seized from their parents if they are not sent to government controlled schools, as in the tragic case of Dominic Johansson. Schools teach depraved sex acts to very young children, and a gender sterile regime has been adopted by schools who will conduct compulsory 'dress like a girl' days for boys. This is child abuse. There is no other word for it, but state-sanctioned child abuse. Norway and Denmark are not far behind when it comes to insane feminist abuses conducted by the government, nor are their hands clean when it comes to intent to ethnically cleanse the native white population. In fact, this is what gave rise to Anders Breivik's mass murder of left wing youth on the island of Utøya. His government had indeed engaged in a war upon its own people. Germany maintains its ban on homeschooling, a ban which was instituted under the aforementioned Adolf Hitler. You have no choice but to send your children to the government's schools, as the Romeike family found out before they got asylum in the United States (though not without massive harassment from the Department of Injustice). Belgium now allows families to murder their own children in hospital. Adoption by homosexuals is permitted in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Spain. In Sweden, a recent court decision allowed for convicted child molesters and child pornographers to adopt. Can Britain be far behind with pedophiles running the BBC (its state run news agency), infesting its music industry, and most disturbingly now, its own parliament, as leading members of the Labour Party were found to have connections to a pedophile advocacy organization? 2/3 of Britain's dwindling Christian population stated in a recent poll that they feel part of a persecuted minority. This number is likely higher than what would be found if studies were conducted on Christians in Middle-Eastern countries like Jordan and Lebanon.

And on top of all that, Britain has been exposed as a nation that likes to burn dead babies for fuel.

On the heels of this news, it is time to drop all pretenses. Europe is not a priority of conservatives in the United States. It is morally unconscionable to make it one. We have no more justification to defend Europe from Russian aggression than we have justification to defend Sudan from an Egyptian invasion. With this said, there are still nations in Europe who have not been swallowed in darkness. A handful of countries in Eastern Europe have resisted the tyranny of secular humanism and the abominable society it creates, and we do see faint signs of resistance in Italy and elsewhere, but make no mistake about it, the continent is largely dead. We battle an insidious enemy right here at home. Obama and his acolytes told us they would 'fundamentally transform' America, and now we know what they want to transform us into.

At least 15 of the 28 NATO member countries I would classify as being total enemies of conservatism and Christendom. We have no obligation to be advocates of such an alliance. Let the progressives do that. Conservatives should make our political alliances based on ideological similarity, rather than rose-tinted spectacles permanently fixed on yesteryear. The United Kingdom today is a very dark shadow of its former self. Not a single one of its political parties defends the family or the lives of children, and the story is much the same across mainland Europe. Can we continue to spend money stationing troops in Germany for example? What are we defending other than the new incarnation of the Third Reich, masterminded from Brussels? Europe is Orwell's world. Up is down, down is up, 2 + 2 = 5. American conservatives cannot justify safeguarding the world of 1984, neither from Russian imperialism nor Islamic fundamentalists.

I began this piece by speaking of history, of Israel's disobedience and the pride it took in its wickedness. God kept his promise. He sent Pagans to tear the nation asunder. If we take Britain as a case study, we see that native Brits are now a minority in their capital city of London, and a large and thriving minority who are pushing them out are fundamentalist Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan. In certain sectors, these Muslims enforce Sharia law. We can no longer say these Muslims are not as bloodthirsty as their Taliban counterparts in Afghanistan. Not after the public beheading of soldier, Lee Rigby by two Nigerian Muslim converts. Leading the charge to 'Islamify' Britain is quixotic lawyer, Anjem Choudary. Choudary has justified through Jihad the 7/7 bombings on London transport services as well as the execution of Lee Rigby. He encourages Muslims to outbreed the native population, infiltrate the institutions of power, and work towards the goal of turning Britain into a Sharia compliant state. And he's happy to know that the Muslim population of the UK roughly doubles every decade, and he will have battle-hardened Jihadists from the failed Syrian civil war returning to the UK soon. Choudary is a maniac. He is a cold-blooded fanatic and terrorist who intends to destroy Britain, allowed into the country thanks to the generous welfare state and the totalitarian doctrine of 'multiculturalism', themselves products of 'progressivism'. Worse still, he's not alone. Similar people infest Austria, Sweden, Belgium and beyond.

History has a habit of repeating itself. The Babylonians were brutal foreigners who laid waste to Israel. Is it not possible we are seeing this process repeat itself in Europe today? Ancient Israel was not saved because it was not worth saving, because it had turned its back on God. Can we say Western Europe is worth saving now in the modern world, nations that glorify the perverse and use human beings as fuel? Conservatives must ask this question to themselves whenever Europe is a foreign policy discussion. To do otherwise is to deny reality.

TOPICS: Government; Politics; Religion
KEYWORDS: abortion; britain; europe; islam

1 posted on 03/24/2014 1:15:21 PM PDT by Viennacon
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To: Viennacon

I read the incinerator headline today and was horrified.

But I do have a serious question - what is the proper way to dispose of a baby from a miscarriage?

Does it get a burial?

Many years ago my wife was pregnant. A few weeks in, she started bleeding badly...turns out it was a miscarriage. Now this was so early on, there wasn’t any ‘tissue’ that was visible to the naked eye. And frankly...she ran to the toilet...and that’s where everything went. We thought it was a complication and went to the doctor - tests were done and it had actually been a miscarriage.

I never gave it a second thought (as far as disposal was concerned). Until today.

2 posted on 03/24/2014 1:32:34 PM PDT by lacrew (Mr. Soetoro, we regret to inform you that your race card is over the credit limit.)
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To: lacrew

I think them iscarriages referred to in the article would not be early ones, when there is not a lot of matter left, but ones late into the pregnancy, where the body must be removed. A friend of the family recently had a miscarriage right at the moment of birth, and they had a cremation service. I am not opposed to cremation.

This was not cremation. This was incineration. This was taking a shovel, dipping it into a bag of ‘medical waste’ and throwing the bodies of murdered and miscarried children into a fire in the basement. In some cases, the families of miscarried children were not even informed. Auschwitz exists in Britain today.

3 posted on 03/24/2014 1:37:27 PM PDT by Viennacon
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To: Viennacon

What's next?
4 posted on 03/24/2014 1:37:43 PM PDT by dblshot (I am John Galt.)
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To: Viennacon

Sounds pretty disgusting, baby’s are used for heating. Now all they need is the gas chambers to kill the babies. Smells like Hitler all over again.

5 posted on 03/24/2014 2:06:51 PM PDT by Vinylly (?)
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To: Viennacon

Yes I understand that the article was about larger just got me wondering about the prescribed process for very early miscarriages.

6 posted on 03/24/2014 2:29:30 PM PDT by lacrew (Mr. Soetoro, we regret to inform you that your race card is over the credit limit.)
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To: Viennacon

“ order to heat hospitals”

The movie The Matrix is no longer fiction.

7 posted on 03/24/2014 3:28:42 PM PDT by SgtHooper (If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.)
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