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White House taking impeachment seriously
The Hill ^ | July 25, 2014 | Alexander Bolton

Posted on 07/25/2014 7:10:57 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet


Senior White House advisers are taking very seriously the possibility that Republicans in Congress will try to impeach President Obama, especially if he takes executive action to slow deportations.

Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to Obama, said Friday that the White House is taking the prospect of impeachment in the GOP-controlled House more seriously than many others in Washington, who see it as unlikely.

Pfeiffer noted that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has a large following among Tea Party conservatives, has called for Obama’s impeachment and a large block of the GOP’s base favors it.

“I saw a poll today that had a huge portion of the Republican Party base saying they supported impeaching the president. A lot of people in this town laugh that off. I would not discount that possibility,” he told reporters Friday at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor.

Pfeiffer said Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) decision to file a lawsuit against Obama over his use of executive actions increased the chance of impeachment proceedings in the future.

He said that possibility could become more likely if Obama takes executive action to halt the deportations of illegal immigrants who have strong ties to the United States, such as those who have family members who are U.S. citizens.

“I think Speaker Boehner, by going down the path of this lawsuit, has opened the door to Republicans possibly considering impeachment at some point in the future,” he said.

Palin wrote an op-ed for Breitbart earlier this month calling for Obama’s impeachment because of his handling of the surge of unaccompanied minors from Central America on the Texas border, calling it the “last straw that makes the battered wife say ‘no mas.’

She has also criticized Boehner’s lawsuit as a weak move.

Boehner has pushed back against pressure from Palin and other conservatives.

“I disagree,” he told reporters this month.

A poll by CNN/ORC International released Friday shows a majority of the U.S. public say Obama should not be impeached.

Two-thirds of the survey’s respondents said they opposed impeachment, while 35 percent endorsed it.

But nearly 60 percent of Republicans said they would support impeachment proceedings against Obama. More than a third of independents, and 13 percent of Democrats also want to see Obama impeached.

The House, then controlled by Republicans, impeached former President Bill Clinton in 1998, but the GOP-controlled Senate acquitted him in 1999.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who at the time was a member of the House and served as a prosecutor in Clinton’s impeachment trial, warned this summer that there would be calls for impeachment if Obama released more prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay prison camp without first informing Congress.

Obama has dismissed the impeachment talk as lacking merit.

“You hear some of them: ‘Sue him! Impeach him!’” Obama said in Austin, Texas, recently. “Really? For what, doing my job?”

Conservatives in Congress, however, have become increasingly agitated by what they say is the president’s Obama failure to follow the law.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Obama’s executive order to defer the deportations of illegal immigrants who came to the country at a young age spawned the Texas border crisis. He argues it is part of a broader pattern.

Cruz released a report in May that listed 76 examples of what he called Obama’s “lawless” acts.

“The pattern of lawlessness by this Administration should concern every citizen, regardless of party or ideology,” Cruz said. “Rule of law means that we are a nation ruled by laws, not men.

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KEYWORDS: immigration; impeachment; obama; palin
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Could the Christian Science Monitor be any further in the tank for them?
1 posted on 07/25/2014 7:10:57 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Impeachment is their only hope..... It allows the White House racists to claim they are being attacked by the repubbies.

2 posted on 07/25/2014 7:12:26 PM PDT by Robert A Cook PE (I can only donate monthly, but socialists' ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE

I’d rather criminally charge and convict Obama after he leaves office. Impeachment would just drag on till the end of his presidency anyway.

3 posted on 07/25/2014 7:14:09 PM PDT by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

They are not taking it seriously. The are trying to make it an election issue.

4 posted on 07/25/2014 7:17:20 PM PDT by Protect the Bill of Rights
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE

This fits the democrats game plan ( those racist Republicans). The money obama is running around stuffing in the Democrat coffers won’t hurt either.

2014 is a very important election. We must take the Senate.

5 posted on 07/25/2014 7:17:55 PM PDT by Irish Eyes
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I am definitely AGAINST impeachment. I would rather watch the imp twist in the wind for two more years along with the enablers of his psycho party. Let this nation get it’s fill socialism, nothing will bring them to the right faster.

6 posted on 07/25/2014 7:18:11 PM PDT by Toespi
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To: Protect the Bill of Rights

Yes, I know. They’ve got Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell’s numbers.

7 posted on 07/25/2014 7:18:25 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself.)
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE

There you go- zactly right. They seem awfully uptight and all in for for manufacturing more chaos and to keep it coming, even if they have to make it up as they go.

8 posted on 07/25/2014 7:18:41 PM PDT by RitaOK ( VIVA CRISTO REY / Public education is the farm team for more Marxists coming.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Saul Alinsky

“The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

9 posted on 07/25/2014 7:20:12 PM PDT by rdcbn
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To: cripplecreek

He can’t leave office fast enough for me.Once he does I hope he’s shunned by everyone and treated like a pariah.

10 posted on 07/25/2014 7:21:52 PM PDT by jsanders2001
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
I think that 0bama’s handlers have planned on impeachment long ago and probably have several pans to work form and unimaginable dirty tricks to pull.
11 posted on 07/25/2014 7:22:02 PM PDT by mountainlion (Live well for those that did not make it back.)
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To: cripplecreek

Impeachment would just drag on till the end of his presidency anyway.

I agree. The GOP need to focus on defeating Obama by trying to reverse the damage created by this traitor through dismantling Obamacare. Sometimes I think Obama is daring them to start impeachment proceedings.

12 posted on 07/25/2014 7:22:54 PM PDT by Huskrrrr
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To: Huskrrrr

I just think we have a better chance of seeing him convicted outside the political arena than within it.

Its why we see all the slow walking and foot dragging on the IRS, VA, Fast and Furious etc. They’re just trying to last to the end of Obama’s term and the republicans will let it all drop.

13 posted on 07/25/2014 7:27:48 PM PDT by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Democrats can use the specter of impeachment to whip up their base and their donors for this election cycle, but things are moving in that direction.

Just a 15% shift in the support for impeachment which the Christian Science Monitor currently reports, would put a majority of the public in favor of impeachment. Some of those not currently in favor might think it justified, but just think it won’t work right now.

If the senate turns over to the Republicans in November, that will further increase the feasibility of impeachment (even though 2/3 is needed to convict).

Finally, scandal could erupt, and the White House staff has mighty guilty consciences - they are constantly scrambling to cover-up misconduct, and never know when they will get caught red-handed.

14 posted on 07/25/2014 7:31:12 PM PDT by BeauBo
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To: BeauBo; All

Muslim Obama has loosed the Muslim GITMO FIVE, and like clockwork, ISIS and Hamas have obeyed their GITMO FIVE cell phone orders from Qatar, almost immediately!

Muslim Obama is helping Hamas and ISIS win by bleeding Israel and the USA dry.

Israel and the USA have lots of toys of War to play Obama’s favorite game of “Whack-a-Mole,” but Hamas and ISIS have many, many more people.

Where is the Obama failure in the Middle East?

Obama is a Muslim, and the Muslims in the Middle East are WINNING!

How can that be a failure for Muslim Obama?

Muslim Obama last year abandoned former Ally Iraq to the “Our Goal is 72” Muslims.

Certainly that act of betrayal to a former ally must count for something on the Muslim Street!

Muslim Obama promises to abandon present Ally Afghanistan just as soon as he raises enough money from Democrat Oligarchs to insure victory for the Candidates in Mormon Reid’s Personal Senate.

Speaker “Blank Check” Boehner keeps Obama in power by not Impeaching Obama.

Reid shuts down the Muslim Obama Government, (MOG), anytime that Boehner refuses to write Obama a Blank Check.

It is a perfect storm of Muslim Win-Win on “both sides” of The Pond!

Muslim Obama is happy enough to play hooky from his day job to raise Campaign money for Mormon Reid’s Senate Candidates.

Well, to be fair, Obama’s attempts to promote the Muslim Brotherhood did take a minor setback in Egypt, but ISIS has more than compensated for that temporary Muslim “speed bump.”

Hear ye, hear ye! ‘ Obama is in charge, and the Muslims are on the FORWARD RUN! ‘ ( To paraphrase a pre-Benghazi Democrat Campaign slogan from 2012).

Iranian-born Muslim Valerie Jarrett, is probably shopping right now for her fashion statement: yup, a Red White and Blue Burka!

When Obama promises that he will send in no US Forces, the “Our Goal is 72” Muslims ALWAYS believe Obama, because Obama is a Muslim, and the number 72 has something to do with bringing sexual harm to young, innocent girls.

When Muslim Obama speaks to his Muslims, the lights go out in Christendom, - - - all over the Middle East.

The Democrat’s Left Stream Media are speechless, in awe of the raw power of Obamanation.

The Muslims in the Middle East seek Sharia Law, and Obama seeks Michelle-Jarrett Law.

The way things are going so smoothly now, the Muslims on both sides of The Pond will achieve their goals very, very soon.

BTW; will Speaker “Blank Check” Boehner have to convert to being an official Muslim, or will he just have to pay a tax?

Probably the latter, as Boehner can just write another Blank Check - - - - .

15 posted on 07/25/2014 7:38:16 PM PDT by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Anything they say, the opposite is always true.

16 posted on 07/25/2014 7:42:21 PM PDT by CincyRichieRich (Refuse to remain silent.)
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE

I think it goes a bit further than just dangling the race card out there. An impeachment provides the press something to chew endlessly on, while in the shadows Zero and crew keep on dancing. Maybe it’s better to keep the air clear so we can see through those shadows.

17 posted on 07/25/2014 7:46:03 PM PDT by blueplum
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To: cripplecreek
Impeachment would just drag on till the end of his presidency anyway.

Way too late and it would carry on past 2016 which would do no good. Hold off and then bring criminal charges for his disobedience to the law and charge him with treason or something.

18 posted on 07/25/2014 7:46:24 PM PDT by Logical me
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To: Graewoulf


19 posted on 07/25/2014 7:52:27 PM PDT by apocalypto
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To: cripplecreek

Impeach him now, When they take control of the senate try him as a traitor. Bring his birth certificate finally as his rope.

20 posted on 07/25/2014 7:55:21 PM PDT by OftheOhio (never could dance but always could kata - Romeo company)
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