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Taglinus FreeRepublicus - 42nd Edition
FreeRepublic ^ | August 1-31, 2004, A.D. | Numerous Freepers

Posted on 09/14/2004 7:37:45 PM PDT by jigsaw

Taglinus FreeRepublicus (42nd Edition)

Recent taglines exhibiting Freeper wit, compassion, curiosity, brilliance, modern fonts, proper kerning, etc.

I think, therefore I love America.   ~LurkedLongEnough

Kerry salutes like a girlyman.    smith288, 08/01/04

If only hamsters could vote.......    Brad's Gramma, 08/01/04

Department of Homeland Security Plank Owner.    68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub, 08/01/04

Pundit on Kerry: "Intelligence but not wisdom. Opinions but not convictions. Rhythm but not soul."    CedarDave, 08/01/04

I don't burn the flag because I can. I will burn the flag if I can't.    Charlotte Corday, 08/01/04

Going partly violent to the thing since Nov. 25, 2000.    Dave in Eugene of all places, 08/01/04

I will not be terrified or Kerrified.    Martin Tell, 08/01/04

Semper Fi ... "The terrorists will be defeated, there can be no other option." ~Colin Powell.    NormsRevenge, 08/01/04

Nothing like a near-death experience to change bad habits...    null and void, 08/01/04

Tagline on vacation.    olde north church, 08/01/04

Listen here President Bush..You'd better win and win big because if you don't we're toast.    OpusatFR, 08/01/04

Hillary's heart is blacker than the Pacific's Monterey Canyon.    Osage Orange, 08/01/04

Don't confuse disagreement with argumentation.    Paladin2, 08/01/04

REPUBLICAN as of July 23, 2004. I have my blueprint now!    rdb3, 08/01/04

H.W.O.V. [How Would Osama Vote?]    Rebelbase, 08/01/04

John actually picked John before he picked John.    ShandaLear, 08/01/04

strategery + schadenfreude = stratenschadenfreudery.    spokeshave, 08/01/04

YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID.    UltraKonservativen, 08/01/04

Liberals cannot lead, if we refuse to follow..........    Viking2002, 08/01/04

Kerry--- "The Frenchurian Candidate" ~NormsRevenge.    backhoe, 08/02/04

Some of my best friends are white, middle-class males.    DaughterOfAnIwoJimaVet, 08/02/04

A young man defended his country for 4 months then dedicated his life to enabling her enemies.    F.J. Mitchell, 08/02/04

IF IT'S KERRY.....HELL IS ON THE WAY.    OldFriend, 08/02/04

Jihads Are Us -- JUST IN -- While supplies last. Bomb vests in those hard to find infant sizes!    OSHA, 08/02/04

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room.    Poohbah, 08/02/04

POX on posters who's political bent causes them to refuse to be confused by the FACTS!!!!!!    PRO 1, 08/02/04

Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl.    Shryke, 08/02/04

Hey, maybe "Jihadists For Kerry" is what "JFK" really stands for. ~Blood of Tyrants.    Slings and Arrows, 08/02/04

I'm more frustrated than a legless Ethiopian watching a doughnut roll down a hill.    TheBigB, 08/02/04

Peace without victory is procrastination.    timpad, 08/02/04

Have a burger and a beer and enjoy your liquid vegetables.    Vigilantcitizen, 08/02/04

Keep paying those taxes California. Mexico thanks you.    xusafflyer, 08/02/04

The RAT ticket got a lead balloon bounce from their convention.    Arrowhead1952, 08/03/04

Doug from Upland -- International Criminal.    doug from upland, 08/03/04

Why has John "Fning" Kerry accused me of being a War Criminal? Viet Nam APR 70- NOV 71.    dts32041, 08/03/04

God Bless, My Nephew, SGT Adam Estep 2nd Bat, 5th Cav reg died Thurday April 29, 2004, Baghdad Iraq.    glaseatr, 08/03/04

Liberals are like catfish [all mouth and no brains][bottom feeders.]    HuntsvilleTxVeteran, 08/03/04

1xy1xx    ItsOurTimeNow, 08/03/04

Platoon leader, TreadHead aerial demonstration team. Ever do an Immelman or a Split-S in a tank?    Professional Engineer, 08/03/04

John Kerry: Frank Burns with Charles Winchester's pedigree.    Sloth, 08/03/04

Tagline currently on sabbatical withuot spellcheck.    we_will_prevail, 08/03/04

Who among us doesn't know Kedwards is the caterpillar in our buttermilk?    BigWaveBetty, 08/04/04

Finally an answer for the prisoner problem at Abu Ghraib: Don't take any.    chemicalman, 08/04/04

9-11 is your Peace Dividend.    Erik Latranyi, 08/04/04

A porkchop a day keeps the Mullahs away.    FreedomAvatar, 08/04/04

Kerry, skipper of the Ship of Fools. "See us steam around in circles...."    gunnygail, 08/04/04

Stupid people get on my nerves; for real.    no dems, 08/04/04

It riles them to believe that we perceive the web they weave.    notforhire, 08/04/04

It's a man's life in the Cardiff Rooms, Libya.    Petronski, 08/04/04

Wow, what a crapweasel. ~Frank_Discussion.    RUCKUS INC., 08/04/04

We're sorry, all taglines are currently busy. Please hang up and try again later.    visualops, 08/04/04

It's not our job to forgive them. Only God can do that. Our job is to arrange the meeting.    Wolfhound777, 08/04/04

If I wanted to see Horsesh!t, I could go out to the barn and see it for free.    A. Morgan, 08/05/04

Have you hugged your soldier today?    AQGeiger, 08/05/04

Why watch sitcoms? Just listen to Rush talk about left wing wackos and surf the FR.    Arthur Wildfire! March, 08/05/04

It is not a CHOICE - It is a CHILD.    buffyt, 08/05/04

Canada is like "Fance Lite."    Conservative_boy_in_Bangkok, 08/05/04

John Kerry, Unfit to be Commander in Chief.    Cuttnhorse, 08/05/04

The Difference Between a Democrat and a Communist Is????    datura, 08/05/04

Rules cannot substitute for character.    day10, 08/05/04

McDonald's has the Hamburglar...Kerry has Sandy the Burglar...    edhammond, 08/05/04

........."Yo" is "Oy" spelled backwards.........    EggsAckley, 08/05/04

Band of Lawyers.    finnman69, 08/05/04

John, Terezaaa and Jane Fonda caught in menage a trois. Jane on top. News at 11.    gunnygail, 08/05/04

I hate going to places like Austin and Dubuque to raise large sums of money. But I have to. ~Kerry.    Hillarys Gate Cult, 08/05/04

Removed a brutal dictator, liberated millions....our thriving economy....Yep, it's Bush's fault.    Jenya, 08/05/04

God's purpose is never the same as man's purpose.    KJacob, 08/05/04

Christ is wonderful.    Luke21, 08/05/04

Liberal Rule: When faced with facts, call them lies.    petuniasevan, 08/05/04

Islam is as Islam does.    presidio9, 08/05/04

John Kerry reported to sick bay for a band aid or a medal, and surprise, he got both.    Radix, 08/05/04

There is no doubt in my mind that we did the right thing. ~Chaplain Bratton [ret], back from Iraq.    Ragtime Cowgirl, 08/05/04

I will never relent in bringing justice to our enemies... ~President Bush.    ride the whirlwind, 08/05/04

Democrats aren't playing with a full deck; they only use the race cards.    RightthinkinAmerican, 08/05/04

Kerry/Edwards: Hating America One Vote at a Time.    RobFromGa, 08/05/04

Kerry/Edwards: More Affordable Hair Care for America.    scott7278, 08/05/04

You WILL respect my authoritaaah!    SilentServiceCPOWife, 08/05/04

Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism. ~George Washington.    The Mayor, 08/05/04

I am here because abortion use to be illegal.    tuckrdout, 08/05/04

Try a better [free + open source] browser -> Mozilla Firefox @    USA_Soccer, 08/05/04

John Kerry has a plan. So does Al Qaeda. We KNOW what theirs is. What's Kerry's?    Use It Or Lose It, 08/05/04

It's my turn to decide what the "common good" should be. My turn. My turn. My turn.    VRW Conspirator, 08/05/04

YOU could have been aborted, and you wouldn't have had a CHOICE about it.    weegee, 08/05/04

@Chris Mathews Is A Total    YaYa123, 08/05/04

Hey, Move! I did, why can't you?    alwaysconservative, 08/06/04

I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed!    AZamericonnie, 08/06/04

I question the timing of this tagline release!    BallyBill, 08/06/04

Consensus is the negation of leadership. ~Margaret Thatcher.    Born Conservative, 08/06/04    Brett66, 08/06/04

Stop, hey, what's that sound, it's just John Kerry flip-flopping around!!!    Brytani, 08/06/04

Blank by popular demand.    conservonator, 08/06/04

Tagline Abuse is an under-reported crime. Please help abused taglines today. Call 1-999-TAG-ABUZE.    Darksheare, 08/06/04

John Forbes Kerry: thirty years of experience in treason and sedition against America.    dufekin, 08/06/04

Islam IS a terrorist support network.    Freebird Forever, 08/06/04

No one works harder for his money than the man who marries it.    Happygal, 08/06/04

Let me take yet another opportunity to tell the "moderates" to shove it ....... then twist it.    Jaysun, 08/06/04

Duck the Femocrats.    JusPasenThru, 08/06/04

Let he who has ears to hear, hear. Support the heroes of the SwiftBoat Vets.    JustaCowgirl, 08/06/04

The flags the dems waved at the convention were left on the Fleet Center floor.    maica, 08/06/04

In memory of Walton Wayne Callahan, I love you forever.    MOgirl, 08/06/04

Total Waste: Using your God given intelligence to reason Him out of existence.    OSHA, 08/06/04

Kerry/Liberal Rule: Use threats & intimidation against those who publish [non-liberal] free speech.    petuniasevan, 08/06/04

Real women don't like girly men.    Samwise, 08/06/04

When Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq, his son murdered 2,000 people in the Abu Gharib prison in *one* day.    swilhelm73, 08/06/04

We are a nation that has a government - not the other way around. ~Ronald Reagan, first inaugural.    Timeout, 08/06/04

Meanwhile, the Midvale police visit his locker and find out why they call him 'Buzz'...    TomServo, 08/06/04

Requiescat in pace, President Reagan.    Tree of Liberty, 08/06/04

Yeah, I have a 1998 signup date. So?    truthkeeper, 08/06/04

Ultimate Flip Flop->I support the Troops but not their mission.    armymarinemom, 08/07/04

Repent, for the coming of the Lord is nigh!    Battle Axe, 08/07/04

No Hamster Aspirators Here! -Vote Dubya, he doesn't artificially aspirate hamsters.    Darksheare, 08/07/04

John Edwards is to Dick Cheney what Potsie was to the Fonz.    Hildy, 08/07/04

Contents: Rope, tree, liberal. Adult assembly required.    Lurker, 08/07/04

CPR for hamsters, nothing for the Unborn!    MadelineZapeezda, 08/07/04

Did I mention I'm peddling a book?    Mike Bates, 08/07/04

In TX, orange alert means releasing the safety on your shotgun.    mlbford2, 08/07/04

I question the timing of this post.    thoughtomator, 08/07/04

The choice is clear. Big tent or no tent.    tkathy, 08/07/04

My name is Vision Thing, and I'm a Freepaholic.    Vision Thing, 08/07/04

3! ~ Psa. 12 8 The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.    WKB, 08/07/04

Saving Private Hamster.    Howlin, 08/08/04

It only takes one idiot to raze a village.    68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub, 08/09/04

Come November, send the *ss back to M*ss!    alwaysconservative, 08/09/04

Gnawing at the shinbone of the democratic party since 1991. [And no it does not taste like chicken.]    Americanwolf, 08/09/04

As God is my witness, I thought hamsters could fly.    AmishDude, 08/09/04

Fox Chapel is the place to be . . . hard livin' is the life for me . . .    AmishDude, 08/09/04

President Reagan gave us back our confidence. Now, let's help Bush to carry on Reagan legacy!    AReaganGirl, 08/09/04

John Kerry is part of the problem, not part of the solution.    auboy, 08/09/04

Deja Moo.... the feeling you have heard this bull before.    backinthefold, 08/09/04

Liberals - The Other White Meat.    Chad Fairbanks, 08/09/04

Kerry: a strange man with nothing to say about anything that has happened since the early 1970s.    Choose Ye This Day, 08/09/04

Roe v. Wade and Endangered Species Act both passed in 1973, Murder Babies/save trees, birds, algae.    Coleus, 08/09/04

I'm Conspiracy Guy and I approve this message. "John Kerry is a liar!"    Conspiracy Guy, 08/09/04

Here, bite down on this.    cripplecreek, 08/09/04

John Kerry has fought harder for the Vietnamese communists than he fought against them in Vietnam.    exhaustedmomma, 08/09/04

Knowledge cures liberalism. Oh, and smoking cures ham.    getitright, 08/09/04

A! Elbereth Gilthoniel!    grellis, 08/09/04

God doesn't call the qualified - He qualifies the called.    ItsOurTimeNow, 08/09/04

Series taglines for series Freepers.    jigsaw, 08/09/04

The Islamic Jihad and the Homosexual Jihad both want to destroy us.    little jeremiah, 08/09/04

Been there, done that, got the refrigerator magnet.    martin_fierro, 08/09/04

I've got two Viking Kittens locked and loaded, and I'm not afraid to use 'em. Back off!    Moose4, 08/09/04

With Specter as Judiciary Chair, how do the Bushbots propose we get a conservative onto the Court?    nonliberal, 08/09/04

Want to live in a socialist state now? Vote [D]. Want to live in a socialist state soon? Vote [R]...    null and void, 08/09/04

A Lance Corporal in the MARINES was promoted more times than Lieutenant junior grade John F'n Kerry.    OneLoyalAmerican, 08/09/04

Liberal tagline: Friends don't let friends make up their own minds.    petuniasevan, 08/09/04

My name is Schrodinger, Erwin Schrodinger. I might have killed a cat once. I might not have.    Professional Engineer, 08/09/04

The FOURTH ESTATE is the FIFTH COLUMN!.....    Red Badger, 08/09/04

Warning: Politicians can be hazardous to your wealth.    SAMWolf, 08/09/04

If we were as good as our dogs think we are, what a wonderful world we'd have!    sinkspur, 08/09/04

Nine out of the 10 recessions since World War II have occurred after a big run-up in oil prices.    snopercod, 08/09/04

Let's give a jeer, and 1 jeer more, for the ersatz hero of Swift 94. He IS a flipping man.    syriacus, 08/09/04

Worrying about President Kerry is like worrying about President Dukakis.    Terpfen, 08/09/04

I made my Fortune selling Sugar Coated Cat Turds on a Stick at the DNC Convention.    TexasTransplant, 08/09/04

K-Billy's 'Super Hits of the 70s Weekend' just keeps on truckin'!    The Scourge of Yazid, 08/09/04

Kill Bill Does Pyongyang.    The Scourge of Yazid, 08/09/04

You mean Maura Tierny isn't a real doctor? Then who the hell gave me that prostate examination?    The Scourge of Yazid, 08/09/04

aka Coco ** Love, Freeping & Nascar >>>>>>>> How Bad Have You Got It????    WestCoastGal, 08/09/04

• Veni • Vidi • Vino • Visa •   "I came, I saw, I drank wine, I shopped"    7.62 x 51mm, 08/10/04

Really only two things matter, sex & politics. At least I'm getting politics!    AZamericonnie, 08/10/04

I resent Kerry telling me that his values, not mine, are the only true American values.    bayourod, 08/10/04

When the chips were down, you could not count on John Kerry. ~Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.    Dan from Michigan, 08/10/04

A Proud member of Free Republic -- The New Face of the Fourth Estate since 1996.    Ernest_at_the_Beach, 08/10/04

Shove it John and John!    eyespysomething, 08/10/04

The constitution may be flawed but it's a whole lot better than what we have now.    festus, 08/10/04

I'm fresh out of tags. I'll pick some up tomorrow.    Ghost of Philip Marlowe, 08/10/04

What are you? omnipivoyant or sumthin?    glock rocks, 08/10/04

John, the people are complaining. -- "Screw em, let them eat cake!"    gunnygail, 08/10/04

"Oh Bother", said Pooh, as he chambered another round.    HolgerDansk, 08/10/04

Leftists - not even remotely approaching the intellectual firepower of toejam.©    JoJo Gunn, 08/10/04

Kerry: Unreliable in Vietnam, unfit for the White House.    Libertina, 08/10/04

Democrats are just Communists in metro-sexual clothing.    MamaTexan, 08/10/04

John Kerry Says he Would Conduct a More Thoughtful and Sensitive War on Terror.    MJY1288, 08/10/04

A Progressive is only a Liberal with an Earl Scheib paintjob.    NaughtiusMaximus, 08/10/04

John Kerry represents the common man...ask any billionaire gigilo!    NewLand, 08/10/04

Semper Fi .. Proud member of the FR Special Ops manuremovers crew .. moving manure&opinion since '96.    NormsRevenge, 08/10/04

JFKerry: It Takes An Idiot To Raze A Village!    Old Sarge, 08/10/04

JohnKerry -- the standard bearer for the unbearable.    onyx, 08/10/04

Law of Institutional Food: Everything, even corn flakes, is greasy.    petuniasevan, 08/10/04 the real John Kerry.    RVN Airplane Driver, 08/10/04

Even Kerry admits that Democrats can't think in a crisis.    Samwise, 08/10/04

Murder and Weather are our only news.    satchmodog9, 08/10/04

Benedict Arnold was for American independence before he was against it.    wagglebee, 08/10/04

And a hamster in every pot.    Watery Tart, 08/10/04

It's not an optical illusion. It just looks like one.    woofie, 08/10/04

War IS the answer -- when the alternative is even worse...    Zhangliqun, 08/10/04

Hitlery Recently Seen Throwing Banana Peels in Front of Kerry and Edwards' Residences.    AmericanInTokyo, 08/11/04

Armored Pest Control.    aviator, 08/11/04

Can we really think of hiring a President who faked his resume?    Baynative, 08/11/04

John Kerry - Dawn of a New Error.    Blzbba, 08/11/04

John Kerry- "A Hamster Tale.."    cardinal4, 08/11/04

DNC- "We have made a clone. We shall call him Minnie Dukakis."    Conservative_boy_in_Bangkok, 08/11/04

John Kerry is a sports fan like Lorena Bobbitt is a surgeon.    doug from upland, 08/11/04

A students end up teaching. B students end up working for C students.    Egon, 08/11/04

Barack Obama ~ Just Another Liberal Honkey With A Tan.    fieldmarshaldj, 08/11/04

Kerry/Edwards = "Tax 'em & Sue 'em". Vote Bush/Cheney '04.    Huber, 08/11/04

Many will kill for socialism, few will die for it.    Jim Noble, 08/11/04

BREAKING NEWS...Kerry elected to lead the lemmings off the cliff!    LakeLady, 08/11/04

We'll leave the light on next time, John. signed - Cambodia.    LasVegasMac, 08/11/04

Kerry spells "Fine Dining."    Nachum, 08/11/04

Arab nutball bumper sticker ..... "My other wife is a goat."    Nam Vet, 08/11/04

GIVE APPEASEMENT A CHANCE! ~John Kerry.    NEBO, 08/11/04

I don't have time in my life to read potato chips. ~Netmilsdad.    netmilsmom, 08/11/04

Ignorance is "bliss"; and every Democrat I know is "bliss-tered".    no dems, 08/11/04


Vietnam vets kept silent as they were maligned...the time has come to set the record straight.    SamAdams76, 08/11/04

My opponent has good intentions, but intentions do not always translate to results. ~GWB.    SJackson, 08/11/04

This election is a choice between a War on Terror and a Negotiation with Terror.    The G Man, 08/11/04

White Castle?! What do I look like, some kind of super-genius Korean astronaut or something?    The Scourge of Yazid, 08/11/04

If we don't get out to vote, the anti-Americans will win, and we will loose everything!    TMSuchman, 08/11/04

WARNING: Incorrigible punster. Do not incorrige.    Watery Tart, 08/11/04

My BIGGEST fear? Getting canned! I work at a food processing plant.    w_over_w, 08/11/04

The Great Experiment is over and the Constitution is dead.    zeugma, 08/11/04

When danger rears its ugly head, brave Sir Robin turned and fled.    Anvilhead, 08/12/04

Jury Duty REJECT - Perfect 0 and 11 record stands.    asgardshill, 08/12/04

You're the gayest thing since gay came to gaytown. ~Master Shake [resident of NJ, by the way.]    Big Guy and Rusty 99, 08/12/04

The idea around which liberalism coheres is that NOTHING actually matters but PR.    conservatism_IS_compassion, 08/12/04

Conspiracy Guy, Secretary of Humor and Tomfoolery.    Conspiracy Guy, 08/12/04

Why some Republicans want to give up before the fight is beyond me.    dubyaismypresident, 08/12/04

Flee...into the peace and safety of a new dark age. ~Lovecraft.    Gefreiter, 08/12/04

Kerry being called a war hero is "a colloquialism."    Howlin, 08/12/04    Jeff Head, 08/12/04

Teresa at Wendy's: My husband had chili ... and he had one of those Frosteds. <dismissive shrug>    jennyp, 08/12/04

What did Bergler stow - and when did he stow it?    Libloather, 08/12/04

What have you done for your country today?    MikeWUSAF, 08/12/04

When it came to Intelligence, Kerry was absent.    NonValueAdded, 08/12/04

Liberalism is a learning disorder.    petuniasevan, 08/12/04

The press is no longer free. Its bias exacts a heavy price with every report.    Prime Choice, 08/12/04

So many questions for Kerry - so few answers from Kerry.    ProudVet77, 08/12/04


Joe Wilson is a LIAR-but since he is a democrat-the mainstream press is OK with it.    Republic, 08/12/04

Anybody but Bush! ~Al Qaida.    Savage Beast, 08/12/04

Charity should be a LOCAL program, not a FEDERAL one. Protect America - ban Islam.    Semper Vigilantis, 08/12/04

Has anybody noticed that Iraq is using Saddam's "God is Great" flag again?    snopercod, 08/12/04

If I can just get off of this LA freeway without getting killed or caught.    socal_parrot, 08/12/04

Kerry and The Taxocrates must be defeated! "Kerry wasn't in Cambodia before he was in Cambodia."    stockpirate, 08/12/04


@Gag Me With A Feather    YaYa123, 08/12/04

I'm just a gigolo, and everywhere I go, people know I'm lyin' about 'Nam.....    ABG(anybody but Gore), 08/13/04

This stay home mom is dangerous!    Babsig, 08/13/04

Moderator: I liked the old comments archive much better.    Baynative, 08/13/04

Davis College Republicans [Best Party on Campus.]    Better Dead Than Red, 08/13/04

Beware of altruism. It is based on self-deception, the root of all evil. ~Lazarus Long.    CanisRex, 08/13/04

Try the new and improved Hippie-B-Gone Soap!    Chad Fairbanks, 08/13/04

I'll bayonet your snowmen and beat you down with a chinese yo-yo!!    Darksheare, 08/13/04

Theresa can afford John Kerry. America cannot.    E Rocc, 08/13/04

Kerry in 1970: Don't suppose he voted FOR assassinating our leaders, before voting against it...    Egon, 08/13/04

Click on my name!!! I dare you!!!    flashbunny, 08/13/04

I went to Cambodia with the CIA and all I got was a hat. ~Kerry.    GeronL, 08/13/04

Political math: Jk= [Ag +Bd] x 10 ^ Jc    GulliverSwift, 08/13/04

Please don't read this tag's not quite ready    Humbug, 08/13/04

By God, I pity those poor bastards we're going up against. By God I do.    IGOTMINE, 08/13/04

Who would the terrorists vote for?    Jet Jaguar, 08/13/04

Liberals lie at the premise, accept their premise and you can only lose the argument.    Jim_Curtis, 08/13/04

JFKerry has fewer days at work this year than he has houses. ~Tom DeLay.    kayak, 08/13/04

This tagline was censored by!    Lunatic Fringe, 08/13/04

PROUD WIFE of MSgt Edwards USMC.    M0sby, 08/13/04

Verry/Backwards.    marktuoni, 08/13/04

Hippies.They're everywhere. They wanna save the earth, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.    Modernman, 08/13/04

ZOT 'em all, let MOD sort 'em out!    Old Sarge, 08/13/04

Glad that Prime Choice is back!!    pbear8, 08/13/04

Fahrenheit 451...Today's Temperature is hotter than you think...    Portnoy, 08/13/04

iDiOT + iDiOT = DemOcraTS..Just connecting the DOTS.    rock58seg, 08/13/04

Verry Leftwards '04    smith288, 08/13/04

Illegally invade Cambodia....John Kerry said "Send Me."    socal_parrot, 08/13/04

Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks - Read Daniel Chapter 9.    tang-soo, 08/13/04

Don't underestimate the power of a muffin and a prayer card.    Tax-chick, 08/13/04

God is so Good!!!    The Game Hen, 08/13/04

Well, if I called the wrong number, why did you answer the phone?    upchuck, 08/13/04

I love this job more than I love taffy, and I'm a man who loves his taffy.    Xenalyte, 08/13/04

Ministrix of ye Chace [recess appointment], TTGC Ladies' Auxiliary.    AnAmericanMother, 08/14/04

1990's? Decade of Frauds. 2000's? Decade of Lunatics...    backhoe, 08/14/04

This is my truth. I am a football fan American. ~R.L. 8/13/04.    dubyaismypresident, 08/14/04

Loose Change Club report.: $6.91 since last Freepathon. Average 2.30/week. Painless!    Exit148, 08/14/04


One good term deserves another! Take W-04....Across America!    JulieRNR21, 08/14/04

Time's fun when you're having flies. ~Kermit the Frog.    Keith in Iowa, 08/14/04

Truth is light - Is that why Kerry is so shady?    LakeLady, 08/14/04

There's nothing sadder than seeing a group of great ideas being murdered by a bunch of brutal facts!    Positive, 08/14/04

Proud to be a FR Calvinist -    RnMomof7, 08/14/04

God shed His grace on thee.    Sea2ShiningSea, 08/14/04

Don't want you to hate me. I want you to know you educate me. And make me wanna say, You're bitchin.    The Scourge of Yazid, 08/14/04

So perish all Thine enemies, O the Lord. ~Judges 5:31    yonif, 08/14/04

Oppose Left Wing Anti-American 'Hatriotism.    CT, 08/15/04

You cannot start with a false premise and arrive at a valid conclusion.    evad, 08/15/04

You might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment.    francisurquhart, 08/15/04

All DemocRATS are either relativists, libertines or anarchists.    Matchett-PI, 08/15/04

John F'n kerry reminds me of a horse, I'm just not sure which end.    Not now, Not ever!, 08/15/04

That loud sucking sound is the sound of Jim McGreevey leaving Trenton!    olde north church, 08/15/04

How do the gauges look? Jr "They're silver and they all have nice little red needles…" GO JR!!!!!    WestCoastGal, 08/15/04

@Blame Edwards...He Invited The    YaYa123, 08/15/04

@No Katie    YaYa123, 08/15/04

Tereeza Pleease...I need more allowance so I can hire someone to teach me how to throw like a boy.    codyjacksmom, 08/16/04

Hate is a DNC Family Value.    guitfiddlist, 08/16/04

Liberalism chokes the life out of free enterprise.    petuniasevan, 08/16/04

@The New York Times...Let's Pretend It Doesn't    YaYa123, 08/16/04

From an old commercial: "Don't forget between the toes, Johnny."    Bob, 08/17/04

John Kerry is a Vietnam Traitor.    Bommer, 08/17/04

US socialist liberalism would be dead without the help of politicians who claim to be conservatives    DoughtyOne, 08/17/04

Kerry is a Left-Wing Dinosaur.    etradervic, 08/17/04

Geez, I had no idea ALL women washed their hair on Friday nights...    Fintan, 08/17/04

No, this is Shineola.    FreedomFarmer, 08/17/04

Viking Kitties have won the GOLD MEDAL in the 2,000 meter ZOTTING.    GeronL, 08/17/04

Kerry's allies? The awesome power of Belgium, the courage of Spain, and the moral clarity of France.    gunnygail, 08/17/04

GEORGE WASHINGTON is nothing like a communist tyrant as stated by sKerry.    HuntsvilleTxVeteran, 08/17/04

When it comes to newborns getting stabbed in the head, Kerry cares...about drowning hamsters.    L.N. Smithee, 08/17/04

Triskaidekaphobia ? Never heard of it !    LayoutGuru2, 08/17/04

Liberalism: The philosophy of no consequences.    petuniasevan, 08/17/04

I remember when John Kerry last lied to us. It is seared into my mind.    Prime Choice, 08/17/04

It's God's job to forgive Bin Laden, it's our job to arrange the meeting.    StarCMC, 08/17/04

On Christ, the solid rock, I stand—all other ground is sinking sand.    The Mayor, 08/17/04

If there are two Americas, John Edwards isn't qualified to lead either of them    atomicpossum, 08/18/04

John Kerry: Better than Ted Kennedy!    Bogey78O, 08/18/04

Truth : Liberal as Kryptonite : Superman.    Brad Cloven, 08/18/04

A gun owner voting for John Kerry is like a chicken voting for Col. Saunders. [bye bye .30-30]    Dan from Michigan, 08/18/04

Terrorists don't need to be treated with sensitivity..they need to be destroyed. ~Cheney.    Jemian, 08/18/04

Guns Before Grey Poupon.    jigsaw, 08/18/04    kinghorse, 08/18/04

Morality anchored to the 'definitions' of man is not anchored at all. ~Petronski.    Ladysmith, 08/18/04

First algore invented everything, then Kerry smuggled it to Cambodia.    Petronski, 08/18/04

Tipper to Al on first date: I've got skin and you've got bark. What's the difference in the dark?    snopercod, 08/18/04

Oompa-loompa, doopity-doo. I've got another puzzle for you. You can live in happiness too if you...    The Scourge of Yazid, 08/18/04

Making Al Gore regret inventing the internet, one post at a time.    Trampled by Lambs, 08/18/04

USAF Tuy Hoa AFB RVN 68-69 NOT FONDA KERRY!    afnamvet, 08/19/04

The Republican's best weapon lies midway between John Kerry's nose and lower chin.    asgardshill, 08/19/04

Viet Nam Vet, USN Coastal Div. 13, Cat Lo, XO USCG patrol boat, 1968: No atrocities on my watch!    CedarDave, 08/19/04

Dug in and not budging an inch.    combat_boots, 08/19/04

If a tree fell on a mime in the forest, would he still taste like chicken?    Darksheare, 08/19/04

I Just fell off the boat!! Kerry I need you! Uh..nevermind, it's only hip deep...right now.    Focault's Pendulum, 08/19/04

Vote BUSH the PROVEN leader.    kitkat, 08/19/04

In Pelosi, Kerry and the Blow Fish [Kennedy] We Mis-Trust.    MN_Mike, 08/19/04

FR NEWS ALERT .... John Kerry over dosed on Botox and thinks he's Bob KerrEy.    Mo1, 08/19/04

Bush: Genuine F-102 Fighter Jock.    narby, 08/19/04

Cocaine is a powerful drug, b*tches. ~R.I.P. Rick James.    Owl_Eagle, 08/19/04

War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, Diversity is strength.    Owl_Eagle, 08/19/04

Liberalism: Unbridled emotion fueled by unbridled greed.    petuniasevan, 08/19/04

What's the difference between a democrat and a congenital liar?    Prost1, 08/19/04

The Swift Boat Veterans' story remains the same - Kerry's changes daily. Is there any doubt who's lying?    Quilla, 08/19/04

Need an experienced computer tech in the DC Metro area? I'm looking. Freepmail for details.    Riley, 08/19/04

It's a grown up thing. Libs wouldn't understand.    Shortwave, 08/19/04

Kerry Lied, 1,800,000 Cambodians died.    SpeakingUp, 08/19/04

Are you getting ready for tolerance day? -- "I've already picked out a tree."    The Scourge of Yazid, 08/19/04

Your opinion means nothing to me in terms of how I live. But thanks for playing!    TheBigB, 08/19/04

If I must choose between righteousness and peace, I choose righteousness. ~TR    abnegation, 08/20/04

McGeevy hiding behind a shirtless wacko in purple shorts who hates America and won't speak English and who takes pills for the CIA to keep his skin dark for covert operations.    Arthur Wildfire! March, 08/20/04

Let’s not forget: The Clintons’ marriage is a dynastic marriage of ambitious swine.    Celtic Conservative, 08/20/04

Reporting live from the Holy Barbecue City of Wilson, NC...    Constitution Day, 08/20/04

Free speech only for the veterans who agree with Kerry. All others must be silenced.    Drango, 08/20/04

Funding the American troops in combat should never be a complicated issue. ~D. Cheney 8-12-04.    eyespysomething, 08/20/04

That is before the Marxist baby boomer idiots are gumming oatmeal, sitting around in Depends.    Ghengis, 08/20/04

OJ was innocent because Mark Furhman said the "N" word.    Guillermo, 08/20/04

I was born a Democrat..but then I grew up.    JimVT, 08/20/04

Secretary - CHS Young Republicans.    K1avg, 08/20/04

Element Liberalium is twice as dense as lead and reacts violently when exposed to truth.    petuniasevan, 08/20/04

Hillary has a Coke Bottle figure....3 LITER!    Red Badger, 08/20/04

If you wait, all that happens is that you get older. ~Mario Andretti.    snopercod, 08/20/04

The issues surrounding Kerry in Vietnam is a smoke screen! The real issue is VVAW and the FBI docs!    stockpirate, 08/20/04

Kerry knows he's a loser, that's why he won't give up his Senate seat.    tertiary01, 08/20/04 Judge Greer allows violations of Florida Statutes.    tutstar, 08/20/04

I drank what? ~Socrates [469-399 BC]    wasp69, 08/20/04

The artist formerly known as Goodie D.    Awestruck, 08/21/04

Is Karl Marx's grave a Communist plot?    Bernard Marx, 08/21/04

This tagline has been removed under threat of legal action by the DNC and Kerry-Edwards campaign.    Boss_Jim_Gettys, 08/21/04

How does one 'accidently' steal documents 5 times??    Eric, 08/21/04

Bias is not necessarily propaganda. HOWEVER, bias is necessary to propaganda.    exhaustedmomma, 08/21/04

I will never reference my tag line in my posts.    Flyer, 08/21/04

Democrat platform: Hate, hate, hate, hate, tolerance, hate, hate, hate, hate.    formercalifornian, 08/21/04

I'm a donor to the Swift Boat Vets fund. Have you donated? If not, please do it now!    Grampa Dave, 08/21/04

If you don't like what somone's saying about you, sue them. ~John Kerry.    Guillermo, 08/21/04

Kerry couldn't have gone to Sears in Cambodia Christmas day! They were closed!    JoeSixPack1, 08/21/04

Vulcans never bluff.    JusticeTalion, 08/21/04

I'm voting Republican. That dumbocrat left a bad taste in my mouth. ~Monica Lewinsky.    LakeLady, 08/21/04

Grab a couple feet of tagline and jump right in.    Liberty Valance, 08/21/04

Hell starts at home.    Lockbar, 08/21/04    Nick Danger, 08/21/04

Where one burns books, one eventually burns people. ~Heinrich Heine.    Petronski, 08/21/04

So now slimeKerry is THREATENING President Bush? Bring it on, wonder boy! Crash and burn!    petuniasevan, 08/21/04

Democrats. They want to have their cake and eat yours too.    Prime Choice, 08/21/04

Mother Nature is a hanging judge.    Publius, 08/21/04

Our regularly scheduled Tag Line has been pre-empted by a poor substitute.    Radix, 08/21/04

If somebody could sneak up behind Kerry now with a Karl Rove mask on and go boo he would be institutionalized.    Semper Paratus, 08/21/04

Free Republic is not a liberal debating society. ~Jim Robinson, founder of FR.    stands2reason, 08/21/04

Soldiers bled! Kerry fled!    The G Man, 08/21/04

antidisestablishment libertarian.    thoughtomator, 08/21/04

Hanoi Jane and Hanoi Kerry sitting in a tree F-R-E-N-C-H-I-N-G.    68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub, 08/22/04

He [Chris Matthews] is the Jerry Springer of political talk.    beyond the sea, 08/22/04 -- NOT!    christie, 08/22/04

Oil field trash [and proud of it] turned pharmacist.    cpdiii, 08/22/04

President Bush: The only way to Peace is through Victory!    CyberAnt, 08/22/04

I wish they had a delete button on LexisNexis. ~John F'n Kerry 6/1/03.    Dajjal, 08/22/04

Lee Harvey Oswald Served With Honor.    Deb, 08/22/04

Time has come for the Kweery campaign to take its long awaited dirt nap.    dominic housatonic62, 08/22/04

USAF..408th MMS...Ubon, Thailand "69" ..."Wolfpack".night line delivery "Doogle"    Doogle, 08/22/04

I think Sen. Kerry needs to talk about his Senate record, which is pretty thin. That's probably why he's talking about his war record, which is pretty confused. ~Bob Dole.    Drango, 08/22/04

UNFIT FOR COMMAND: Buy it - Read it.    G.Mason, 08/22/04

This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole....    hosepipe, 08/22/04

That's allowed, as long as we all vote for W.    jocon307, 08/22/04

Donate to the Swifties, once again serving the nation selflessly.    jwalsh07, 08/22/04

Faith is a beautiful thing.....    marmar, 08/22/04

w: 7 minutes of composure. kerry: 37 minutes of paralysis.    phxaz, 08/22/04

Dare to hate that which hurts what you love.    Porterville, 08/22/04

Liberals are human wreckage.    Reactionary, 08/22/04

My opponent was for 527 ads before he was against them. ~What GWB should say.    Rokke, 08/22/04

If Clinton did a good job stopping the Millenium Bomber, I've got 2 Towers in NYC to sell you...    Tallguy, 08/22/04

God gives grace for this life and glory in the life to come.    The Mayor, 08/22/04

Vote for anyone but Darlin' Arlen in November.....    TOUGH STOUGH, 08/22/04

My hair is turning white but my neck's always been red.    wardaddy, 08/22/04

I have half a was given to me by a CIA guy as we went into Cambodia.    wtc911, 08/22/04

Conspiracy Guy, PBWD, Secretary of Humor and Tomfoolery.    Conspiracy Guy, 08/23/04

Allah FUBAR!    dennisw, 08/23/04

Bill Clinton has just signed to be the national spokesman for Hummer..    ken5050, 08/23/04

Kerry is Toast du Francai'    ProudVet77, 08/23/04

Arm Tibet!    rabidralph, 08/23/04

This tag line is tuna-free!    reagan_fanatic, 08/23/04

Texas, Love & a .45-- What more could you want, campers? };^    sonofatpatcher2, 08/23/04

I have posted nothing but BTTT over 1000 times!!!    spodefly, 08/23/04

When the going gets tough-John Kerry gets going-far away.    Wild Irish Rogue, 08/23/04

If only hamsters could talk...THEY'D tell you the truth that Upland IS in Pennsylvania!    Brad's Gramma, 08/24/04

His memories of Vietnam aren't always accurate, but they are always self-serving.    Callahan, 08/24/04

If he had shown up for Intelligence Committee hearings he would notice he wasn't vice chairman.    Dog, 08/24/04

We are free to draw our conclusions as to who's credible. I can't help it if your perception is wrong.    evad, 08/24/04

Kerry helped move jobs to china -    flashbunny, 08/24/04

I’m John Kerry and I approve this message: "I am a pinko punk azz."    Imaverygooddriver, 08/24/04

Every Word From Kerry's Mouth is a Dishonorable Discharge.    IncPen, 08/24/04

The era of the Old Media monopoly is over - America's Berlin Wall has been torn down!    Jeff Chandler, 08/24/04

John Kerry: A Loser of One.    jigsaw, 08/24/04

My Father was 10x the hero John Fraud Kerry is.    justshutupandtakeit, 08/24/04

Semper Fi ...... Hairy Kerry now ..... pay thru the nose later.    NormsRevenge, 08/24/04

Liberalism: Social Carcinogen.    petuniasevan, 08/24/04

Real issue is Kerry attended meeting where VVAW discussed killing 7 US Senators! 11/71    stockpirate, 08/24/04

Liberals never take responsibility. They twist facts until they can blame others and play the victim.    tkathy, 08/24/04

Kerry wears a tutu, TeRAYza wears the pants.    Veto!, 08/24/04

A “sensitive war” will not destroy the evil men who killed 3,000 Americans.    Aeronaut, 08/25/04

To insist on not war-mongering. It is peace-mongering. ~Barry Goldwater.    Aeronaut, 08/25/04

Go go Bush!! But don't turn your back on America with "immigrant amnesty".    AgThorn, 08/25/04

Get thee to and contribute to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.    alnick, 08/25/04

John Kerrry, the Rice A Phony, the Cambodian treat.    AmericanMade1776, 08/25/04

Terrorists have Mosques to hide in and keep shooting. Liberals have court rooms.    Baynative, 08/25/04

Stay Prayed Up.    Diver Dave, 08/25/04

Proud widow of a Vietnam War and Korean War veteran.    dstarr, 08/25/04

We owe it to Osama to kill him. ~Gen. Tommy Franks.    Dutchgirl, 08/25/04

A Feral Republican.    elbucko, 08/25/04

It's only your fault if you don't hate yourself enough to do something about it.    feinswinesuksass, 08/25/04

Liberals - fully au fait with their 'rights', utterly ignorant of their responsibilities.    Happygal, 08/25/04

Christian First, American Second [Conservative Anti-Smoker]    HawkeyeLonewolf, 08/25/04


The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. ~W. B. Yeats    jalisco555, 08/25/04


Those who beat their swords into plow shears….will plow for those who don’t.    Nasty McPhilthy, 08/25/04

Just cause you think you can box, doesn't mean you're ready to climb in the ring with Ali.    normy, 08/25/04

Kerry is using Liberal Tactic #9: If you can't refute the message, attack the messenger[s].    petuniasevan, 08/25/04

John Kerry is finally not going to do a 180, especially when it comes to releasing his form 180!    Radix, 08/25/04

No, brave, free, reporter in Baghdad, reading daily AP news wires - that is *not* "ALL from Iraq."    Ragtime Cowgirl, 08/25/04

Nuance is the French word for "Gobbledegook."    RebelBanker, 08/25/04

But three Purple Hearts and never bled that I know of. ~Bob Dole on John Kerry.    redrock, 08/25/04

John, YOU were the wrong one, here. ~Bob Dole.    reformedliberal, 08/25/04

Kerry is The Meringue Candidate.... pretty stories with no actual substance.    Tamsey, 08/25/04

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105824749445923 . . .    the lone highschooler, 08/25/04

In the Kingdom of the Deluded, the Most Outrageous Liar is King.    TheSpottedOwl, 08/25/04

FR is the engine and transmission which harnesses the output of all of the blogs he mentioned.    Travis McGee, 08/25/04

The answers are out there; Wisdom is gained by asking the right questions.    Wings-n-Wind, 08/25/04

Ye shall know the truth, and it shall make you mad. ~Aldous Huxley.    YoungHickey, 08/25/04

Formerly known as VC-- - - - - - Combat Dog.    Dog, 08/26/04

In Memory of Sgt. James W."Billy" Lunsford..KIA 11-29-69 Binh Dinh S. Vietnam.    LisaMalia, 08/26/04

Kerry was in the Senate???    NonValueAdded, 08/26/04

Rome wasn't burnt in a day.    asmith92008, 08/27/04

Visit to see John Kerry's positions filleted - and to see our lovely spokesmodel.    crushkerry, 08/27/04

Gun-control is leftist mind-control.    Excuse_My_Bellicosity, 08/27/04

These are the two worst candidates for President in a very long time.    Guillermo, 08/27/04

Kerry broke the faith, pure and simple.    Mr. Jazzy, 08/27/04

It's not always being fast or even accurate that counts... it's being willing.    phasma proeliator, 08/27/04

Dems investigate for pre 9/11intel - but now we've LOTS of Intel and they claim politics.    prophetic, 08/27/04

I oil, lube, service & remotely operate the Republican attack machine!    RightthinkinAmerican, 08/27/04

Just because the SwiftVets are out to get him doesn't mean he's not guilty.    RS, 08/27/04

Does Rice show up on X-Rays??    sissyjane, 08/27/04

Looks like the Swifties snookered the dims ...    snooker, 08/27/04

Hillary Clinton is to politics as Helen Thomas is to beauty.    badgerlandjim, 08/28/04

I once opposed keelhauling but have recently come to my senses.    BIGLOOK, 08/28/04

I wanna find your Inner Child and kick its little A$$. Get over it.    CholeraJoe, 08/28/04

John Kerry cried and asked TaRAYaz to make the SwiftVets stop.    doug from upland, 08/28/04

Lieutenant Ricebottom reporting for duty.    Jeff Chandler, 08/28/04

John sez: NO BLOOD FOR PURPLE HEARTS!    Nakatu X, 08/28/04

Kerry: the first self-confessed war criminal to be nominated for president. ~Mark Steyn.    Savage Beast, 08/28/04

Ask your favorite leftist: "If there is another civil war, who do you think will win?"    starvingstudent, 08/28/04

What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn't work? ...a stick.    woofie, 08/28/04

I keep wanting to type "Feral" government instead of "Federal". Is that a freudian slip?    AdequateMan, 08/29/04

John Kerry thinks YOU are an idiot.    cripplecreek, 08/29/04

Liberals really aren’t bad people. It’s just that they know so much that simply ISN’T true!!    GeorgeW23225, 08/29/04

John F'n Kerry is a self promoting scumbag!    Little Bill, 08/29/04

John Kerry, sign form 180.    Rebelbase, 08/29/04

What's the point in being Pope if I can't wear the tiara? ~Cardinal Fanfani.    sinkspur, 08/29/04

Hey, Hey J-K-F, How Many Vets did you Diss Today!    The Great Yazoo, 08/29/04

2/504 PIR - 'Devils In Baggy Pants'    airborne, 08/30/04

Psychiatrists describe Kerry's thought process as 'magical thinking.'    BigWaveBetty, 08/30/04

THIS President, THIS Time!    BunnySlippers, 08/30/04

The economy won't matter if you're dead.    cripplecreek, 08/30/04

John Kerry = Paris by Proxy.    CurlyBill, 08/30/04

History? I love history! So sequential....    Diddle E. Squat, 08/30/04

A song & smile in your soul ~~ gifts from God.    DollyCali, 08/30/04

Canteen wOOhOO Consultant and person - Faith makes things possible, not easy.    Fawnn, 08/30/04

Democrats piss me off! ~Cartman.    GeorgiaYankee, 08/30/04

Ol' Johnny-boy is up a Cambodian creek without a swiftboat.    getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL, 08/30/04

I will not vote for Gene Kerny or Mr. Stu Ped.    God'sgrrl, 08/30/04

The Left failed to Vietnamese the WOT, but succeeded in the Vietnamization of the Election. ~Mark Steyn.    Gritty, 08/30/04

No nation or state ever taxed itself into prosperity.    iceskater, 08/30/04

Semper Fi .... ..... 'The New Soldier' in pdf format.    NormsRevenge, 08/30/04

Vulcan/Tribble hybrids think in fuzzy logic.    petuniasevan, 08/30/04

sKerry is sKrewwy.    prairiebreeze, 08/30/04

When your circus has a big tent, you can fit a lot of clowns inside.    Protagoras, 08/30/04

Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open.    Rivendell, 08/30/04

If you're happy and you know it, clank your chains.    Salamander, 08/30/04

When the situation calls for panic, never let it be said I did nothing.    stylin19a, 08/30/04

The Lord cares for all who willingly and humbly receive their physical and spiritual food from Him.    The Mayor, 08/30/04

If John Kerry loses, it will be the parade we never had. ~Anonymous Vietnam Vet.    Timeout, 08/30/04

Making one's enemies suffer is currently an under-valued activity.    tsmith130, 08/30/04

My anti-terrorism platform: Nip it! [in the bud]    wimpycat, 08/30/04

First come smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire. ~Roland Deschain.    Alcibiades, 08/31/04

Let's respect "holy" Muslim sites like they respected those giant Buddhist statues in Afghanistan!    broadsword, 08/31/04

CNN [Purveyors] says: SBVFT=Partisan Propaganda & clear to tell which side ads support. WTF ever!    exhaustedmomma, 08/31/04

John Kerry: Working For Nixon Before Nixon Was Working!! Cambodia, Christmas 1968.    Marie, 08/31/04

Pound any key to a pulp to continue.    petuniasevan, 08/31/04

The message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing...    Rutles4Ever, 08/31/04

Dork, dufus, dolt, dummy, dope, dweeb, Democrat — ain't alliteration grand!    Wolfstar, 08/31/04

[Referring to courier message intercepted on way to bin Laden]: The message was "Wait for Kerry - Hope is on the way."    Izzy Dunne, 08/31/04

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This Thread Is Dedicated To All Our Troops And Their Families And To You Courageous Swift Boat Vets.

Thank You From Our Grateful Hearts.

You Are In Our Prayers Every Day.

May God Bless Each And Every One Of You!

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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; 7.62 x 51mm; A. Morgan; ABG(anybody but Gore); abnegation; AdequateMan; ..

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Woo, Hoo, jigsaw!

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8 posted on 09/14/2004 7:52:26 PM PDT by Eastbound ( "Ne'er a Scrooge or a Patsy be")
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To: All
Thou art all most welcome!   Enjoy!   :-)
9 posted on 09/14/2004 7:52:27 PM PDT by jigsaw (Emperor Dan Has No Pajamas.)
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To: jigsaw


10 posted on 09/14/2004 7:53:44 PM PDT by Feiny (Here's to swimmin with bow legged women!)
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11 posted on 09/14/2004 7:53:56 PM PDT by yonif ("So perish all Thine enemies, O the Lord" - Judges 5:31)
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To: jigsaw

I didn't see mine, guess it was a little too over the top........(rejection still hurts, though..)

12 posted on 09/14/2004 7:56:44 PM PDT by dirtbiker (Solution for Terrorism: Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!)
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To: jigsaw

CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.

13 posted on 09/14/2004 7:59:43 PM PDT by A. Morgan ( If I wanted to see Horsesh!t, I could go out to the barn and see it for free.)
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To: jigsaw
I'd like to thank my parents...and for all those on FR that voted for and encouraged me!!!!

I feel so accepted now as a full fledged FReeper now that I am published as a Taglinus Award Recipient!!!
14 posted on 09/14/2004 8:00:07 PM PDT by codyjacksmom (A hugh series Stuned beeber user since 08/04.)
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To: jigsaw
Kerry/Edwards -- Tax 'em and Sue 'em.


15 posted on 09/14/2004 8:00:07 PM PDT by Ciexyz ("FR, best viewed with a budgie on hand".)
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To: jigsaw

Thank you!

16 posted on 09/14/2004 8:06:58 PM PDT by Sea2ShiningSea (God shed His grace on thee.)
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To: jigsaw

Thanks mucho, Jig!!

17 posted on 09/14/2004 8:08:55 PM PDT by reagan_fanatic (The Heavens proclaim His glory!)
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To: dakine
I finally won!!! hahaha Guess miracles do happen.
18 posted on 09/14/2004 8:15:03 PM PDT by codyjacksmom (A hugh series Stuned beeber user since 08/04.)
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To: dirtbiker
I didn't see mine, guess it was a little too over the top.

If it's not here, then I didn't see it either. Sorry.

(Hint: Next time, contact Dan RATher and he can submit anything for you at anytime.)

19 posted on 09/14/2004 8:15:32 PM PDT by jigsaw (Emperor Dan Has No Pajamas.)
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To: jigsaw

The new Taglines are here! The new Taglines are here!

20 posted on 09/14/2004 8:16:17 PM PDT by Professional Engineer (CBS ~ All The News That's Fit to Fake.)
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To: jigsaw

Guess I need to post more......keep me in mind for the next addition.....

21 posted on 09/14/2004 8:17:32 PM PDT by dirtbiker (Solution for Terrorism: Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!)
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To: jigsaw

I feel so unneccessary. NOT!

22 posted on 09/14/2004 8:20:01 PM PDT by F.J. Mitchell (What America really needs to know about the Candidates is: the age each mastered potty training.)
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To: jigsaw
(Hint: Next time, contact Dan RATher and he can submit anything for you at anytime.)

You mean, Dan Rather (NOT, if it will help a Republican!)

23 posted on 09/14/2004 8:20:06 PM PDT by dirtbiker (Solution for Terrorism: Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!)
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To: jigsaw

Some of these are fantastic!!

24 posted on 09/14/2004 8:20:34 PM PDT by lawgirl (It's not about Vietnam- it's about John Kerry's lies about Vietnam.)
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To: jigsaw

I feel unworthy. Some of these tags should be in a museum.

25 posted on 09/14/2004 8:21:12 PM PDT by Radix (You are reading this Tag Line. You have found Free Republic and tag lines abound.)
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To: jigsaw

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

26 posted on 09/14/2004 8:21:27 PM PDT by MadelineZapeezda (Brought back by popular demand: CPR for Hamsters.... Nothing for the Unborn!)
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To: jigsaw

I didn't see mine, whine, whine, whine.

27 posted on 09/14/2004 8:21:48 PM PDT by ladyinred ("John Kerry reporting for spitball and typewriter duty.")
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To: jigsaw

I didn't make the list? (sniff, sniff) Somebody call me a Waaaaaaaaambulance! Waaaaaaaaaaa.

28 posted on 09/14/2004 8:23:25 PM PDT by Enterprise (The left hates the Constitution. Islamic Fascism hates America. Natural allies.)
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To: jigsaw

This is almost as good as winning the Lottery! (taxation on the stupid) Your taglinus is soo fun thanks for what you do. It gives me the opportunity to read so many creative tags. We really have alot of creative minds on FR!

29 posted on 09/14/2004 8:26:09 PM PDT by AZamericonnie (49 more days.....)
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To: dirtbiker
Was that my 15 minutes?

Damn, missed it by that much...

30 posted on 09/14/2004 8:27:06 PM PDT by Trampled by Lambs ("Making Al Gore regret inventing the internet, one post at a time")
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To: feinswinesuksass

How generous can one be when someone else picks up the tab! LOL

31 posted on 09/14/2004 8:29:08 PM PDT by AZamericonnie (49 more the end of the madness! (I hope))
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To: jigsaw

Cool! Thanks! I'm up to 2!

32 posted on 09/14/2004 8:29:28 PM PDT by Egon (It's starting to look like the Poodle has finally screwed the pooch.)
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To: jigsaw

Second time in a row. Thank you!

33 posted on 09/14/2004 8:32:09 PM PDT by Terpfen (Liberals want "anyone but Bush." Tell them you're voting for Ashcroft. Watch them cringe.)
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To: jigsaw; Red Badger
The FOURTH ESTATE is the FIFTH COLUMN!..... Red Badger, 08/09/04

How un-original ;)

I think someone stole my tagline!

34 posted on 09/14/2004 8:34:09 PM PDT by rllngrk33 (The fourth estate in this country has become a fifth column.)
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To: glaseatr
glaseatr tagged: God Bless, My Nephew, SGT Adam Estep 2nd Bat, 5th Cav reg died Thurday April 29, 2004, Baghdad Iraq.

Belated condolences for your loss and God Bless your nephew for giving his life for the freedom of others.

35 posted on 09/14/2004 8:36:12 PM PDT by NonValueAdded (hey, hey, ho, ho ... Kerry, sign the one-eight-oh!)
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To: dirtbiker
...keep me in mind for the next addition.

Actually, any new taglines on these Taglinus threads automatically go into the next edition, so you're guaranteed.

36 posted on 09/14/2004 8:36:38 PM PDT by jigsaw (Two-thirds of CBS is BS.)
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To: jigsaw; ladyinred
I didn't see mine, whine, whine, whine.

There's always next year. Please, try again...

37 posted on 09/14/2004 8:45:48 PM PDT by Libloather (After all these years, Jim Robinson, AT LEAST, owes me a new car...)
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To: rllngrk33
I didn't have your tagline listed in my master list (it'll be included in the next edition.).

Anyway, because the wordings are a bit different, both would be included.

Besides, it appears Red's was typed on an IBM Selectric and yours on a computer .... or is it the other way around?   ;-)

I note that it's surprising how many apparently unintentional duplicate taglines there are, especially well-known quotes. Duplicates and near-duplicates have become very common.

38 posted on 09/14/2004 8:49:39 PM PDT by jigsaw (Two-thirds of CBS is BS.)
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To: jigsaw

Thanks again for the honor

39 posted on 09/14/2004 8:51:58 PM PDT by Coleus (STOPP Planned Parenthood
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To: jigsaw

I am honored and humbled to be on this list.


40 posted on 09/14/2004 8:56:42 PM PDT by day10 (Rules cannot substitute for character.)
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To: jigsaw

Another two-tart month! THANK YOU!

41 posted on 09/14/2004 8:58:17 PM PDT by Watery Tart ( herself, a "strainge wuhmmuhn taken wit' lyin' in ponds distributin' swords...".)
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To: All

BTW, with duplicate taglines and nearly-duplicate taglines, I include just the first one I see, which usually has the earliest date anyway.

42 posted on 09/14/2004 9:01:58 PM PDT by jigsaw (Two-thirds of CBS is BS.)
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To: jigsaw

BTW, what is the best way to nominate someone for the list? I mean, other than having J effin' K write it up, I mean.

43 posted on 09/14/2004 9:02:51 PM PDT by Watery Tart ("Lady of the Rain-slicked Tarmac", She who Sharpens the Vorpal Hockey Stick)
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To: jigsaw
Beautiful, another grand slam collection jigsaw! :)

must clean off monitor and refill coke now. :)
44 posted on 09/14/2004 9:03:24 PM PDT by Americanwolf ("Be vwey vwey quite! I am hunting DU Trolls! ---Elmer Fuwd Free republic member and cartoon icon)
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To: jigsaw

Too flattering, and I stole mine from another freeper, I think it must have been Cinncinatus' wife.

"Peace without victory is procrastination." This one is most brilliant.

45 posted on 09/14/2004 9:09:33 PM PDT by jocon307 (Ann Coulter was right)
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To: jigsaw
How nice of you to include mine.

However, it is not my original. I can't say where I first heard it but it was years ago.

46 posted on 09/14/2004 9:19:31 PM PDT by TOUGH STOUGH (Go George go!)
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To: jocon307
It is brilliant indeed.

I also like this one,"If John Kerry loses, it will be the parade we never had." ~Anonymous Vietnam Vet. Timeout, 08/30/04

47 posted on 09/14/2004 9:23:25 PM PDT by TOUGH STOUGH (Go George go!)
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To: Watery Tart
what is the best way to nominate someone for the list?

The best way is to simply Freepmail me the entire tagline, such as:

2posted on 09/14/2004 10:57:37 PM EDT by FreeperX (May God Bless The Swift Boat Vets.)

48 posted on 09/14/2004 9:27:20 PM PDT by jigsaw (Two-thirds of CBS is BS.)
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To: jigsaw

One good term deserves another! Take W-04....Across America! JulieRNR21, 08/14/04

Thank you, jigsaw.

I finally changed it in response to 'anybody but bush'.

49 posted on 09/14/2004 9:28:25 PM PDT by JulieRNR21 (I trust NOBODY BUT BUSH! Take W-04....Across America!)
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To: Aeronaut; AnAmericanMother; armymarinemom; CholeraJoe; Conspiracy Guy; Darksheare; Diver Dave; ...

Conratulations Foxholers!

Aeronaut (2)
Conspiracy Guy (3)
Darksheare (4)
Diver Dave
jigsaw (3)
Professional Engineer (2)
Radix (3)
Ragtime Cowgirl (2)
Samwise (2)
snopercod (4)
The Mayor (4)

50 posted on 09/14/2004 9:28:42 PM PDT by SAMWolf (13 Witches in a hot tub - a self-cleaning coven!)
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