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Why the U.S. and the Vatican Must Be Destroyed
JESUS BE WITH US | Published May 21st, 2009 | By Ben Fisher - Jesus Be With Us

Posted on 05/23/2009 7:53:11 AM PDT by Siobhan7

The Catholic Church and the United States must be Destroyed

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The Catholic Church and the United States must be destroyed as world powers for the one-world government or the new economic order to emerge.

Are you OK with that? If not, it’s time to continue your preparations (the 6 B’s — Beans, Bandaids, Bullets, Bullion, Buddies, and Bibles — more on this in another article).

A Little Background - Who’s Doing the Destroying? If you haven’t heard of the Bilderberg group, for a free brief lessons click here, here, and here after reading this.

Suffice it to say the Bilderberg group includes the highest and the mightiest of the wealthy and political in this world. They meet regularly to plan out the new world order.

And they don’t shop where we shop. They don’t eat where (or what) we eat. They don’t worship where we worship. They don’t vacation where we do. And their children don’t attend the schools our children do.

Most of the places they shop, eat, travel to, etc. are places you and I have never heard of, nor for the most part stand a chance of ever experiencing.

To equal the wealth of some Bilderbergers, it would take millions of us working many years. That’s how wealthy they are.

Yet the Bilderberg Group is one among many planning the new world order. Evil likes to spread itself out far and wide, like a multiheaded snake, so that if one head is lost, the beast can continue its rampage.

How the Bilderberger’s relate to other one-worlders like the Tri-Lateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations are best described in Ted Flynn’s book, Hope of the Wicked. Trust me that other snake heads exist aiming for the same thing.

Included in the groups are small snakes like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, not one of the uber rich but a serpent willing to help ruin America’s economy so that he can take the crumbs from his masters’ plates.

Millions of lines of theories, wild theories, conspiracy theories, and WAY WAY OUT THERE theories have been written about the Bilderberg and other groups.

But one truth about the Bilderbergers was confirmed in a candid admission this week. As reported by the World News Daily,

Former British cabinet minister, Lord Denis Healey, one of the founders of the group, explained the purpose of (the Bilderbergers): “Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”

Those two sentences are a startling confession to the Bilderberg intent:

1) The ‘powers that be’ fight among one another for power, ‘killing people and rendering millions homeless’ in this ruthless pursuit.

That’s been a truism since the beginning of kings, but it’s refreshing to have the superclass admit they think of you and your family as canon fodder for their power lusts.

2) From the goodness of their hearts, they ‘felt that a single community throughout the world’ would be a good thing.

That’s the one world government we’ve all been warned about. No scary surprise there.

But what’s really scary is how secure the conspirators feel to freely admit it!

Why the U.S. and the Catholic Church Must be Destroyed Before one world government and the new economic order can come about, all competitors for allegiance and banking must be destroyed.

Currently there are four major world entities preventing the formation of a one world government and the new economy, because their populations hold strong allegiances to the entities, not to the one-worlders.

Entity 1 - China China’s rise to economic, political, and soon military equality has been breathtaking. But atop China’s success are corrupt Communists looking to retain power and make money.

Two probable futures await these masters of China, one in which their nationalism and hubris lead them to believe they can defeat the one-worlders. They then seek to overpower the West and we’re either back into a cold or hot war.

Or second, perhaps their greed becomes all consuming and they seek to cooperate with the one-worlders to make even more money, selling out their nation of 1.3 billion.

Entity 2 - The Muslim Caliphate The death of the Ottoman Empire last century saw the death of the last Caliph, a position in the Muslim world akin to combining the power of the Pope with the power of a political king: politics and religion ruled in one man’s seat.

Al-Qaeda, Iran and their allies seek to bring about a new Caliphate, uniting all Muslim lands into a single country/church. That is their ultimate goal, aside from bringing all of the world under the heel of Islam.

Many people are betting against Al-Qaeda and Iran, believing that the West will defeat Al-Qaeda through attrition, much like the 70’s terrorist groups faded away as the West overcame them. But remember, the one terrorist group the West did not overcome was the People’s Liberation Army, the PLO of Arafat fame. And neither did Israel, the country the West seems to be happy to let keep Iran at bay.

I wouldn’t count out the rise of a new Muslim Caliphate. And if it rises, the one-worlders must defeat it.

Entity 3 - The United States The United States, a beacon of democracy and can-do philosophy, with it’s huge economy and military, WAS the single greatest impediment to the one worlders. Once the one worlders coopted Washington (see the Trilateral commission), they were able to advance their agenda for many years.

And the U.S. dollar served as a de-facto world currency, from which the Federal Reserve and its elite have made billions off of our backs by inflation. Basically, inflation is man-made, and the men associated with the Federal Reserve make unimaginable fortunes managing the U.S. dollar.

But now the U.S. is no longer needed, as much of the Western world has been convinced we are entering into a new age where national allegiances shouldn’t matter any longer.

So the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar must be destroyed.

Destroy the economy and the U.S. can no longer afford a powerful military.

Destroy the U.S. dollar and the one-worlders can implement a single, world currency, making money not only off the backs of U.S. citizens, but all world citizens.

It would be Satan’s dream come true — total economic domination of the world. And it’s about to come true.

The one worlders have almost attained their anti-US goals via four projects:

1. Destroy political allegiance to the idea of a free, unique America. This was accomplished through our public school system, where children have been indoctrinated that they are citizens of the world, not the U.S. Ask any U.S. high-schooler what is the greater good, a strong U.S. or total equality among all nations, especially Africa and Third-World?

2. Destroy the economic might of the U.S. so that it is not a leader, but an equal or lesser to other nations. This has been accomplished via Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, who are in the process of destroying our national currency and America’s economy (and here’s why you need bullion!).

3. Destroy the American family (or occupy its time). There is no stronger uni than a close-knit family. One-worlders have been hard at work for years to unknit the family, promoting abortion and the idea of one-parent families. They’ve provided welfare programs so that family members no longer have to depend on their kin for support, thus removing yet another family tie. And finally, for those families that remain close, the one worlders seek to occupy their time, either through entertaining distractions such as television and professional sports, or by destroying the American standard of living so that both parents must work so hard as to not have time, nor energy to oppose the destruction of America.

4. Destroy the U.S. military. It’s often written that we have the mighteist

military in the world, capable of anything. And while I TOTALLY support our men and women in uniform, think about this. In the same amount of time it took us to fight and win World War II against the Japanese and Germans, we’ve sunk more money and time into conquering and ruling Iraq, a second world country with no engineering capacity like the Japanese or Germans had! And the Iraq military and Arab jihadists are a pushover compared to the Japanese and Germans.

The destruction of the U.S. military is being accomplished in two ways. The ruling elite demand ever more expensive and complicated weapon systems.

And then they destroy our economic base.

We cannot have an champagne military and a light beer economy.

We can no longer afford our military and Barack O’Bilderberg’s new agenda of free health care, free mortagages, free roads, and free money to all the broke banks in New York.

Thus, the U.S. military’s dominance will be defeated without a shot being fired.

Entity 4 - The Catholic Church Finally, the last obstacle to one world government: the Catholic Church.

For a one-world government to succeed, its citizens must have no other authority to look to than the one-world government.

The world rulers will provide moral, economic, and political guidance that keep the masses at bay and the Satanic superclass on their kingly thrones.

Yet the Catholic Church teaches what Christ taught, that the secular world is not the real world to which we owe our allegiance and souls, but that we are creatures and subjects of the Holy Trinity, and all honor and glory belong to Them.

So you can see, for the Satanic superclass to succeed, the Church must be destroyed. Both the Church and one-world government cannot live side-by-side for very long, since each is the anti-thesis of the other.

Hence, the ongoing attacks on the Pope and the Church, be it the frantic rantings for a woman’s right to contraception or abortion, or the dignified and cold stabs of atheistic science.

In many different ways, the one-worlders seek to weaken and eventually disperse the Church.

And they’ve made fantastic progress. Witness that over 50% of Catholics voted for Barack Hussein Obama!

The Final Fight Has Yet to Occur You will know that the final stage of the one-worlder’s plans has been hatched when the violence starts. They would much rather a bloodless coup occur, so they could ascend to world dominance without the distraction of blood-soiled regal vestments.

But that’s not going to happen.

The violence against the rising Muslim Caliphate began directly after Sept. 11, 2001, a casus belli if there ever was one (and it’s still open to debate as to who actually WAS the cause of 9/11).

The violence against the Chinese will only commence if the masters of China cannot be convinced to share in the one-world spoils and want it all for themselves. Then war (cold or hot) with China will occur.

And in America? There is zero chance of a bloodless coup for the one-worlders.

The love for Christ and for freedom is still abundant in many parts of America. And those parts are not in the cities, but in the rural areas. And those rural areas are armed to the teeth.

Before America finally falls, the one-worlders must convince urban Americans that their rural brethren must be defeated and broken.

That’s Obama’s and the Democratic Congress’ job, along with Hollywood.

Once they convince the cities that Christian America is in imminent danger of revolting, the one-worlder’s will light the match and the rural purge will begin. Remember that DHS memo a month ago?

That is, of course, unless Christian freedom fighters strike first as a group and rise up to relentlessly purge the evil affecting America.

So it is a sad welcome to the Second American Civil War, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

And as for the Catholic Church, we already know the ending to that story.

Though the church may be assailed and even evicted from Rome itself (one smart-bomb of sufficient size can destroy all of Vatican City), what ties the Church together is the Holy Spirit—a force who cannot be defeated.

Christ has already conquered death, the Holy Spirit has already been loosed upon both Jew and Gentile for two thousand+ years, and the prophecies in Revelation already tell us that God Almighty will eventually have His say on the final day.

So what are we to do?

I say don’t fear the one-worlders, simply prepare for the secular fight.

And fear not their Satanic master, the devil himself, for Christ has already defeated him.

Christ’s church will survive in one form or another.

The question is, however, will it survive in a free or tyrannical world?


1 posted on 05/23/2009 7:53:11 AM PDT by Siobhan7
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To: Siobhan7

2 posted on 05/23/2009 7:54:52 AM PDT by MrEdd (Heck? Geewhiz Cripes, thats the place where people who don't believe in Gosh think they aint going.)
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To: Siobhan7


3 posted on 05/23/2009 7:56:04 AM PDT by Psycho_Bunny (ALSO SPRACH ZEROTHUSTRA)
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To: Siobhan7

Duuuugh.. Most Roman Catholics voted for Barry Half-White..

4 posted on 05/23/2009 7:56:35 AM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole....)
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To: Siobhan7

5 posted on 05/23/2009 7:57:58 AM PDT by seatrout (I wouldn't know most "American Idol" winners if I tripped over them!)
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To: Siobhan7

Cite your sources.....kkthx.

6 posted on 05/23/2009 7:58:18 AM PDT by cranked
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To: hosepipe

I suspect the RCs voted for the black half. ;^)

7 posted on 05/23/2009 7:59:36 AM PDT by tioga
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To: Siobhan7

8 posted on 05/23/2009 7:59:57 AM PDT by NautiNurse (Obama: A day without TOTUS is like a day without sunshine)
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To: hosepipe

Why destroy the Catholic Church? With all of the Illegal aliens they are giving sanctury to and their Marxist Liberation Theology teachings, I would think they fit right in to the One World Government!!

9 posted on 05/23/2009 8:01:02 AM PDT by chicagolady (Mexican Elite say: EXPORT Poverty Let the American Taxpayer foot the bill !)
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To: MrEdd

I’m guessing someone didn’t read the article....

10 posted on 05/23/2009 8:01:06 AM PDT by CaspersGh0sts
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To: Psycho_Bunny

So the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar must be destroyed.

You can check this one off the “to do list”

11 posted on 05/23/2009 8:01:16 AM PDT by LtKerst (Lt Kerst)
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To: Siobhan7

Christ will deal with them at Armageddon. Thoroughly.

Will, IIRC, even wipe out all earthly record/evidence of their ever having existed.

Between now and then, however, will get very ugly.

BTW, it appears increasingly that the Vatican has been co-opted by the oligarchy and may already be largely in their service.

12 posted on 05/23/2009 8:01:43 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: NautiNurse


13 posted on 05/23/2009 8:01:45 AM PDT by chicagolady (Mexican Elite say: EXPORT Poverty Let the American Taxpayer foot the bill !)
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To: Siobhan7

It’s time for the author of this to get back on their medications.

14 posted on 05/23/2009 8:03:27 AM PDT by MindBender26 (The Hellfire Missile is one of the wonderful ways God shows us he loves American Soldiers & Marines)
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To: Quix

BTW, it appears increasingly that the Vatican has been co-opted by the oligarchy and may already be largely in their service.


15 posted on 05/23/2009 8:03:48 AM PDT by chicagolady (Mexican Elite say: EXPORT Poverty Let the American Taxpayer foot the bill !)
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To: MindBender26

He is on his Medication....He’s doing DOWNERS

16 posted on 05/23/2009 8:04:49 AM PDT by chicagolady (Mexican Elite say: EXPORT Poverty Let the American Taxpayer foot the bill !)
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To: hosepipe
I'M...puttin' on my tin-hat,
Tying up my lead tie,
Camouflage my trails.
I'm duding up my vestfront,
Loading up the magazines,
Lacing up hobnails,
I'm stepping out...
17 posted on 05/23/2009 8:05:52 AM PDT by Sudetenland (Palin is an intellectual light weight. She's an object of adoration for a cult of personality.)
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To: seatrout

18 posted on 05/23/2009 8:07:52 AM PDT by bdeaner (The bread which we break, is it not a participation in the body of Christ? (1 Cor. 10:16))
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To: Sudetenland


19 posted on 05/23/2009 8:08:16 AM PDT by chicagolady (Mexican Elite say: EXPORT Poverty Let the American Taxpayer foot the bill !)
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To: Siobhan7; Quix
Preaching to the choir PING!

Nice assessment!

20 posted on 05/23/2009 8:09:40 AM PDT by wolfcreek ("unnamed "right-wing extremist")
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To: Siobhan7
In my own view...

Wasiofjnagkl ghjiela lsk lfsdl. Dpaei yh8ero erll sk d akl;az ;adlkdhsde.

Wajkssdklsd rrsd klxc asdrklasd dksd ksd; asd lasdkasd. Rf ak gasdklasr dlaki f;lsks dksdl.

...It makes just as much sense.
21 posted on 05/23/2009 8:11:53 AM PDT by Sudetenland (Palin is an intellectual light weight. She's an object of adoration for a cult of personality.)
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To: chicagolady

1.1 billion who don’t want to live in a secular world. (give or take the 50+% who are blinded by the ONE.)

22 posted on 05/23/2009 8:13:18 AM PDT by wolfcreek ("unnamed "right-wing extremist")
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To: wolfcreek

there are Christians who are not Catholic as well...

23 posted on 05/23/2009 8:14:37 AM PDT by stefanbatory (Do you want a President or a King?)
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To: Quix

“it appears increasingly that the Vatican has been co-opted by the oligarchy and may already be largely in their service.”

Yes, indeedy.

24 posted on 05/23/2009 8:15:06 AM PDT by wolfcreek ("unnamed "right-wing extremist")
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To: Sudetenland
“It makes just as much sense.”

You have a better scenario?

25 posted on 05/23/2009 8:16:43 AM PDT by wolfcreek ("unnamed "right-wing extremist")
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To: stefanbatory
Like those awful rural Americans.
26 posted on 05/23/2009 8:17:47 AM PDT by wolfcreek ("unnamed "right-wing extremist")
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To: wolfcreek

some of whom are trapped in urban America...

27 posted on 05/23/2009 8:18:48 AM PDT by stefanbatory (Do you want a President or a King?)
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To: stefanbatory

We’re sort of on the edge of rural.

Keep a heads up and prepare to evacuate.

28 posted on 05/23/2009 8:22:45 AM PDT by wolfcreek ("unnamed "right-wing extremist")
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To: Siobhan7
A few questions:

1) Does the tin foil hat have to be a Faraday cage to be fully effective?

2) Does the tin foil hat have to be grounded and will power system ground suffice to enable mobility?

3) Does the tin foil hat have to by pyramid shaped?

4) Have you checked your computer for something screwy between the keyboard and the chair?

29 posted on 05/23/2009 8:25:25 AM PDT by Natural Law
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To: Siobhan7

One World Order, huh...

I bet they have really cool uniforms and a very colorful currency, coupled with a “right on” Constitution.

Sheesh, how does this nonsensical drivel even get on this forum? Are the mods asleep???

30 posted on 05/23/2009 8:25:53 AM PDT by CTOCS (Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge. Others just gargle.)
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To: chicagolady

I wish the evidence didn’t increasingly go there. But it does.

31 posted on 05/23/2009 8:26:23 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Siobhan7; informavoracious; larose; RJR_fan; Prospero; Conservative Vermont Vet; ...

Freep-mail me to get on or off my pro-life and Catholic List:

Add me / Remove me

Please ping me to note-worthy Pro-Life or Catholic threads, or other threads of interest.

Obama Says A Baby Is A Punishment

Obama: “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

32 posted on 05/23/2009 8:26:30 AM PDT by narses (
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To: wolfcreek


33 posted on 05/23/2009 8:27:04 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Sudetenland


Not big on researching the facts in this field, I see.

34 posted on 05/23/2009 8:27:36 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: wolfcreek


35 posted on 05/23/2009 8:28:00 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: wolfcreek

How far away from a four lane hiway do we need to go before we are safe?

36 posted on 05/23/2009 8:28:27 AM PDT by x_plus_one ("Salvation comes about though change in individual lives, not through the ending of unjust society")
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To: Natural Law

Have you read even 10% of the quotes of our leaders since 1900 ref’d in my tagline?

If not, your ignorant assertion is beyond laughable.

If you have and still are of such an opinion . . .

it’s inexplicably Twilight Zone bizarre.

Are you aware that there’s an appointed, oligarchy Selected Marxist, traitor, moon-god worshipping, clueless robotic idiot ruling and reigning in the White House?

Are you awake?

Are you logged in?

37 posted on 05/23/2009 8:31:41 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Siobhan7
Woo-HOO, finally - IBTZ.

38 posted on 05/23/2009 8:33:00 AM PDT by Condor51 (The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits)
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To: Siobhan7
Utter codswallop.At least you waited several months to show your true colors. It shows a degree of patience and self-control that most trolls don't have.
39 posted on 05/23/2009 8:39:35 AM PDT by Malacoda (CO(NH2)2 on OBAMA.)
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To: seatrout


40 posted on 05/23/2009 8:46:04 AM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: CTOCS; MrEdd; Psycho_Bunny; hosepipe; seatrout; cranked; tioga; NautiNurse; chicagolady; ...
Wellllllllll for the terminally uninformed and willfully blind . . .


they'll read even 15% of the below quotes from our leaders . . . the blindness, deafness and ignorant cluelessness will be measureably decreased. I realize that in such tough cases, there's no guarantee. Yet, we can hope: POPE PAUL VITH'S quote is below in red from 1967:

= = = = = = =

"One August 1989 morning in Kennebunkport, Maine, Pres Bush (Sr) took his national security adviser, Brent Scowcroft, for a ride on the presidential speed boat, Fidelity. Four hours later, the president came ashore with a ringing slogan that Scowcroft had offered: "The New World Order" Ever since, the goal of a "new world order" has been the theme of Bush's Foreign policy pronouncements.----LA Times Feb 24, 1991

But this term has actually been used for generations by individuals seeking one-world socialist rule.


Nov 27, Columbia University president Nicholas Murray Butler (on the executive committee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) delivered an address, "A New World Order is Being Born" to the Union League of Philadelphia in which he stated: "The old world order changed when this war storm broke--the old world order died with the setting of the day's sun and a New World Order is being born while I speak."


A book entitled The New World Order by Samuel Zane Batten is published by the American Baptist Publication Society. In this book, Batten declares: "The old order passes from view, the new world rises upon our vision....We have vindicated the right of social control.....There must be developed a national spirit of service....Society must break the stranglehold of capitalism....The natural resources of the nation must be socialized....The state must socialize every group....Men must learn to have a world patriotism. World patriotism must be a faith....


A book entitled The New World Order (International Organization, International Law, International Cooperation) by Frederick Charles Hicks Doubleday 1920. He is law librarian of Columbia University, and in this book he suggests that among the most powerful few of the Great Powers, the example must be set to "cooperate, here and there, piece by piece, in limiting the exercise of their sovereign rights."


The Christian Science Monitor (August 8) quoted from an address to the World Federation of Education Associations (WFEA) by Dr. Augustus Thomas (commissioner of education for Maine) at their Toronto congress: "If there are those who think we are to jump immediately into a new world order, actuated by complete understanding and brotherly love, they are doomed to disappointment." He says the world must go through a long process of education


A book entitled The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution by socialist H. G. Wells is published.

He declares that "..The political world of the Open Conspiracy must weaken, efface, incorporate and supersede existing governments....The Open Conspiracy is the natural inheritor of socialist and communist enthusiasms, it may be in control of Moscow before it is in control of New York...."


Historian Arnold Toynbee delivers a speech to the Institute for the Study of International Affairs at Copenhagen in which he explains:

"We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. All the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands,

because to impugn the sovereignty of the local nation states of the world is still a heresy for which a statesman or publicist can perhaps not quite be burned at the stake but certainly be ostracized or discredited." --International Affairs (journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, i.e. the British version of the Council on Foreign Relations) Nov 1931, "The Trend of International Affairs Wince the War"


A book entitled, The New World Order by H.G. Wells, in which Wells claims:

"It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go....We are living in the end of the sovereign states....In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish....Countless people...will hate the new world order....and will die protesting against it."


July: The CFR's Foreign Affairs publishes "A New World Takes Shape" by Sir Harold Butler in which he asks: "How far can the life of nations, which for centuries have thought of themselves as distinct and unique, be merged with the life of other nations?

1948 - UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy by Fabian Socialist Sir Julian Huxley is published

in which he proclaims that UNESCO "...In its education program it can stress the ultimate need for world political unity and familiarize all peoples with the implications of the transfer of full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization..."


Towards World Understanding, vol. V, is published by UNESCO, and in this volume one reads:

"As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results....

For the moment, it is sufficient to note that it is most frequently in the family that the children are infected with nationalism by hearing what is national extolled and what is foreign disparaged....The activity of the school cannot bring about the desired result unless, repudiating every form of nationalism..."

1951 - July 31: The Chicago Tribune publishes an article, "OWI (office of war information) Propaganda machine Linked to Rhodes (Rhodes scholars) Men," stating: "Those who absorbed the Elmer Davis(Rhodes scholar and head of OWI), Office of War Information training have pushed the British concept of policing the world with American soldiers and economic aid

and have fought for a world federation under which the United States would surrender its sovereignty."


The Impact of Science on Society by Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell is published in which he declares: " I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology....Various results will soon be arrived at: that the influence of home is obstructive....although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen....Educational propaganda, with government help, could achieve this result in a generation. There are, however, two powerful forces opposed to such a policy: one is religion; the other is nationalism....A scientific world society cannot be stable unless there is a world government.


In Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.'s The Coming of the New Deal he quotes Machiavelli at the front of the book saying, "There is nothing...more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things." And at the end of the book, he quotes Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells describing FDR as: "The most effective transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order....He is continuously revolutionary in the new way without ever provoking a stark revolutionary crisis."

1959 - The West in Crisis by James Warburg is published, in which he proclaims that: "...a world order without world law is an anachronism....A world which fails to establish the rule of law over the nation-states cannot long continue to exist. We are living in a perilous period of transition from the era of the fully sovereign nation-state to the era of world government." James Warburg is a CFR member and founder of United World Federalists. He is also the son of Paul Warburg, an architect of the Federal Reserve.

1960 - The United States in the World Arena by Walt Rostow (CFR) is published. In the book he declares: "It is a legitimate American objective to see removed from all nations--including the United States--the right to use substantial military force to pursue their own interest. Since this residual right is the root of national sovereignty and the basis for the existence of an international arena of power, it is, therefore, an American interest to see an end to nationhood as it had been historically defined."

1962 - March 10 State Department Study Memorandum No. 7, "A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations, " written by CFR member Lincoln Bloomfield, in which he states: "A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which "world government" would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by mandatory universal membership and some ability to employ physical force....(But) if the communist dynamic was greatly abated, the West might lose whatever incentive it has for world government" [EDITOR, I THINK] It looks as if now the "communist menace" has been replaced by the "terrorist menace". And of course they can switch back to the communist menace or any other kind of menace whenever they want to.

1962 - A lecture given by CFR member Nelson Rockefeller at Harvard University in which he says that there is"...a new and free order struggling to be born....(There is a )fever of nationalism....(but) the nation-state is becoming less and less competent to perform its international political tasks....These are some of the reasons pressing us to lead vigorously toward the true building of a new world order....(with)voluntary service...Sooner perhaps than we may realize,....there will evolve the bases for a federal structure of the free world."

1967 - March 26: Pope Paul VI writes Populorum Progressio and states: "Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a world authority capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political planes? Delegates to international organizations, public officials, gentlemen of the press, teachers and educators--all of you must realize that you have your part to play in the construction of a new world order.

1968 - The Subtle and Leisurely Penetration, a reference report from the George Mason School of Correspondence, is published by Education Information, Inc., of Sacramento, CA. It mentions that the thirty-two Americans to be Rhodes Scholars this year have been selected, and then states: "The stated objectives of Cecil John Rhodes and his friend, Sir Andrew Carnegie, included the reduction of the United States to a colony of the New World Order."

1970 - Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era by Zbigniew Brzezinski is published. He is a CFR member who will become the first director of the Trilateral Commission and President Carter's national security advisor. In this book he states: "Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision. Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief.....Human beings become increasingly manipulable and malleable...

Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites....whose ties cut across national boundaries....The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty....Further progress will require greater American sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken.”

1972 - Pres Nixon's speech giving in Peking from UPI 2-25-72......."and the hope that each of us has to build a new world order....."

1973 - August 10: The New York Times publishes "From a China Traveller" by David Rockefeller, who writes about Communist China: "One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony....There is a very real and pervasive dedication to chairman Mao and Maoist principles. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive....The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly from the singleness of ideology and purpose....The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in history."

1990 - Mikhail Gorbachev quoted in Washington Post Feb 25 1990 "...A new world order is taking shape so fast that governments are well as private citizens find it difficult just to absorb the gallop of events....."

President Bush (SR) quotes on new world order and United nations:

"Time and again in this century, the political map of the world was transformed. And in each instance, a new world order came about through the advent of a new tyrant or the outbreak of a bloody global war, or its end." Feb 28, 1990---this quote is six months before Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August.

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective--a new world order--can emerge...... We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders." --Sep 11 1990

1992 - July 20 Time magazine published "The Birth of the Global Nation" by Strobe Talbott (Rhodes scholar roommate of Bill Clinton at Oxford University, CFR director, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace board of directors member, and Trilateralist from a wealthy Ohio investment banking family), in which he writes: All countries are basically social arrangements....No matter how permanent or even sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary....Perhaps national sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all....But it has taken the events in our own wondrous and terrible century to clinch the case for world government."

1992 - August 26: The New York Times publishes "The World Needs an Army on Call" by U.S. Senator David Boren (Rhodes Scholar 1963, CFR member, and member of "Skull and Bones") in which he states: "In the aftermath of World War II, President Truman wanted to empower the United Nations to create a new world order....Richard Gardner proposes that forty to fifty member nations contribute to a rapid-deployment force of one hundred thousand volunteers that could train under common leadership....It is time for us to create such a force....The existence of such a force would go a long way toward making the "new world order" more than just a slogan."

1993 - April 21: General Colin Powell receives the United Nations Association-USA's Global Leadership Award, and he remarks: "The United Nations will spearhead our efforts to manage the new conflicts (that afflict our world)....Yes the principles of the United Nations Charter are worth our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

1993 - July 18: CFR member and Trilateralist Henry Kissinger writes in The Los Angeles Times concerning NAFTA: "What Congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement but the architecture of a new international system....a first step toward a new world order."

1994 - the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor March 19**95 quotes Vladimir Zhirinovsky on Nov 9 at a press conference at the U.N. said, "There has long been a hidden agenda to merge America and Russia under the New World Order."

1995 - July/August: In the CFR's Foreign Affairs, prominent CFR member Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. exclaims: "We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money."

1996 - May 11 Journalist Joan Veon interviews David C. Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World (19**95) and former Ford Foundation project specialist in Manila. In this interview, Korten claims that: "the World Trade Organization is creating a world government in which one organization which is totally unelected, wholly secretive....with the power to virtually override any local or national laws if those in any way inconvenience global corporations....It was a terrible shock (to those of us who supported Bill Clinton) when Clinton came in and GATT and NAFTA became the centerpieces of his policy....And in a sense, there was almost a seamless transition from President Bush to President Clinton in that regard....Our democracy has been rendered meaningless by big money. The truth is there are politicians (who) are owned lock, stock and barrel by the big money interests....Our elections create, to some extent, a facade of choice."

1996 - October 23: On "The Charlie Rose Show" on the Public Broadcasting System, Mikhail Gorbachev states: "We are part of the Cosmos. Cosmos is my God. Nature is my God....The future society will be a totally new civilization which will synthesize the experience of Socialism and Capitalism...."

1972 - Oct, page 28 "There should be no surprise for longtime readers of the Bulletin....that those plans include the conversion of the United States into a socialist nation....and the merger of that enslaved segment of mankind with other Communist nations into a New World Order. That goal, under that very name -- originally written in bastardized Latin as novus ordo seclorum -- has been envisioned by a Master Conspiracy for the past two hundred years as the ultimate product of all its crimes against humanity, and of all its subversive onslaughts against western civilization."

Are you awake yet?

41 posted on 05/23/2009 8:50:53 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Condor51; Cicero; Malacoda

Ping to post #41.

Pope Paul VI th’s quote is in red at the 1967 point in the timeline of quotes.

I’ve heard it’s possible for even some RC’s to wake up.

42 posted on 05/23/2009 8:52:43 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Siobhan7
Why the U.S. and the Vatican Must Be Destroyed

The only problem for the bildenba$tards plan is the fact that Jesus said, "On this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell WILL NOT prevail against it."

43 posted on 05/23/2009 8:53:15 AM PDT by GinaLolaB (=^..^=)
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To: Siobhan7

Hopefully we’ll wake up before then. b4its2late

44 posted on 05/23/2009 8:54:18 AM PDT by b4its2late (There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.)
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To: Quix; chicagolady
BTW, it appears increasingly that the Vatican has been co-opted by the oligarchy and may already be largely in their service

Really? How so. I'm dying to see what MSM dreck you've been reading that leads you to such a foolhardy conclusion.

45 posted on 05/23/2009 8:58:04 AM PDT by Claud
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To: chicagolady

Rule # 47: “Never buy psychotropic drugs by just the lowest price!”

46 posted on 05/23/2009 8:59:02 AM PDT by MindBender26 (The Hellfire Missile is one of the wonderful ways God shows us he loves American Soldiers & Marines)
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To: GinaLolaB; Alamo-Girl; airborne; AngieGal; AnimalLover; annieokie; aragorn; auggy; backhoe; ...

. . .

Except . . . that



to do with Peter

nor with the bureaucratic political monstrosity vain gloriously cobbled together in Rome several hundred years later.

The Vatican Edifice is NOT EQUAL to the Church of Christ Universal—not by a long shot.

47 posted on 05/23/2009 8:59:07 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Claud

I’ll point you to the quote of

Pope Paul VIth in post #41 above . . .

The rest you can dig out for yourself . . . the puzzle pieces have not been in neon lights nor even in the MSM that I’m aware of.

Least not often.

They are, however, available.

BTW, Cluelessness is not good insurance.

48 posted on 05/23/2009 9:00:51 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: MindBender26

Rule #12?

Avoid drinking the Kool Aid of ignorance.
Avoid drinking the Kool Aid of bureaucratic group-think—regardless of how holy one thinks a bureaucratic political—RELIGIOUS—group is.

49 posted on 05/23/2009 9:02:18 AM PDT by Quix (POL Ldrs quotes fm1900 2 presnt:
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To: Quix

The Roman Catholic Church has withstood the Communists, the Nazi’s, the Muslim hoards, and many different empires over the last 2,000 years. They will still be standing long after you and I are gone, dude.

50 posted on 05/23/2009 9:04:08 AM PDT by GinaLolaB (=^..^=)
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