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Hansen: US Democracy Not Competent To Deal With Global Warming Calls on China to “Save Humanity”
hauntingthelibrary ^ | 1/13/2011 | hauntingthelibrary

Posted on 01/13/2011 4:44:19 PM PST by Signalman

The NASA scientist at the heart of the global warming fiasco seems set to stir more controversy after declaring in an op ed piece for The South China Morning Post and a personally published follow-up that American democracy is not competent to deal with global warming, and communist China now represents the world’s “best hope”.

In the op ed piece for the Chinese newspaper, which he entitled Chinese Leadership Needed to Save Humanity (published as The Price of Change) Hansen placed the blame for the vast majority of Co2 emissions supposedly causing global warming on his home country of America, and appealed to China not to follow the same path. Hansen said that China was the world’s “best hope” and called for them to “lead the world through the most dangerous crisis that humanity and nature have ever faced”.

In a follow-up article published on his website Hansen calls Americans “barbarians” and slams American democracy, calling for China to raise tariffs on American-made products until such time as America falls into line.

He recalls with some bitterness how the findings on fuel efficiency that he and his “A-Team” (as he calls it) of crack scientists came up with were held up for years by the democratic and judicial process in the United States:

We “won” the court case, yet appeals stretched the time of action for years. I came away feeling that not only is it nearly impossible to get effective legislation through Congress, but that the special interests can prevent implementation almost interminably. Democracy of the sort intended in 1776 probably could have dealt with climate change, but not the fossil-money-’democracy’ that now rules the roost in Washington.

James Hansen, China and the Barbarians.

The declaration that American ‘democracy’ (as he sarcastically refers to it as) cannot cope with climate change, and that the world must look to the Chinese communist dictatorship to “lead” is bound to be controversial.

What is potentially even more controversial is that Hansen goes on to condemn the current democratic system in America as “dysfunctional” as it will not enact the carbon taxes he has been calling for. All is not lost, though, as he advises the Chinese government what to do about Congress in a truly incredible passage in his letter:

However, there is a way around that, which becomes obvious with the realization that an initially modest carbon fee is in China’s own interest. After agreement with other nations, e.g., the European Union, China and these nations could impose rising internal carbon fees. Existing rules of the World Trade Organization would allow collection of a rising border duty on products from all nations that do not have an equivalent internal carbon fee or tax.

The United States then would be forced to make a choice. It could either address its fossil fuel addiction with a rising carbon fee and supportive national investment policies or it could accept continual descent into second-rate and third-rate economic well-being.

My reading of this is that Hansen is advising a foreign, communist dictatorship how to circumvent American democracy and “force” (his word) America into either kow-towing over carbon taxes, or “accepting continual descent”. It is truly breath-taking that a federal employee seems able to get away with such seemingly unpatriotic activity without any reprimand or disciplinary action.

Hansen concludes his remarkable personal advice by expressing his hope that China will be able to find “good barbarians” (i.e. compliant Westerners) to help it “participate in effective policy”. As he observes, the great thing about China is that they are not bound by the inconveniences of democracy, such as elections and accountability and can simply impose decisions by diktat:

I have the impression that Chinese leadership takes a long view, perhaps because of the long history of their culture, in contrast to the West with its short election cycles. At the same time China has the capacity to implement policy decisions rapidly.

Hansen also claimed that if no action was taken, and all fossil fuels were burnt, then sea levels would rise by 75 metres (246 feet).

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1 posted on 01/13/2011 4:44:22 PM PST by Signalman
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To: Signalman

Why is this man still employed by the US?

2 posted on 01/13/2011 4:47:09 PM PST by golfisnr1
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To: Signalman

And there we go.... Hanson loves communists. Not that I am shocked.

3 posted on 01/13/2011 4:52:00 PM PST by Dutch Boy
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To: Signalman

So Hansen is a Communist traitor. Gee. What a surprise.

4 posted on 01/13/2011 4:52:21 PM PST by justa-hairyape
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To: Signalman

VENEZUELA: Chavez calls for global offensive for socialism
August 31, 2005


"The environment is suffering damage that could be irreversible — global warming, the greenhouse effect, the melting of the polar ice caps, the rising sea level, hurricanes — with terrible social occurrences that will shake life on this planet."

"I believe this idea has a strong connection with reality. I don't think we have much time. Fidel Castro said in one of his speeches I read not so long ago, 'tomorrow could be too late, let's do now what we need to do'."

"I believe it is time that we take up with courage and clarity a political, social, collective and ideological offensive across the world — a real offensive that permits us to move progressively, over the next years, the next decades, leaving behind the perverse, destructive, destroyer, capitalist model and go forward in constructing the socialist model to avoid barbarism and beyond that the annihilation of life on this planet."

--Hugo Chavez, at the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, held in Caracas on August 8-15, 2005

Obama and his 'climate team' are on the same page with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez:

From The Washington Times, January 12, 2009

Obama climate czar has socialist ties
Group sees 'global governance' as solution

by Stephen Dinan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Until last week, Carol M. Browner, President-elect Barack Obama's pick as global warming czar, was listed as one of 14 leaders of a socialist group's Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for "global governance" and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change.

By Thursday, Mrs. Browner's name and biography had been removed from Socialist International's Web page, though a photo of her speaking June 30 to the group's congress in Greece was still available.

lots more...

5 posted on 01/13/2011 4:54:30 PM PST by ETL (ALL (most?) of the Obama-commie connections at my FR Home page:
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To: Signalman

If Hansen were a Chinese scientist begging the U.S. to save the globe from China, he’d be liverless and kidneyless by now. And the authorities would be charging his family for the executioner’s bullet.

6 posted on 01/13/2011 4:55:12 PM PST by rfp1234 (Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' badgers!)
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To: Signalman

Another leftist loon. Maybe he should be thrown in a cell with that Jared kook.

7 posted on 01/13/2011 4:56:21 PM PST by dforest
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To: FReepers
The Wolves Are At The Door!

Stop Them With The Truth

Donate To Free Republic

8 posted on 01/13/2011 4:56:39 PM PST by DJ MacWoW (America! The wolves are at your door! How will you answer the knock?)
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To: Signalman
James Hansen (quote), from October 2004:

"Several years ago I received the Heinz Environment Award. I don't know who nominated me for that award or how the selection works."

"I am confident that it has no impact on my evaluation of the climate problem or on my political leanings."

"In the upcoming election I will vote for John Kerry."

Source: Columbia [pdf]:

Also see: Teresa Heinz Kerry: Bag Lady for the Radical Left:

NASA's Hansen Mentioned in [George] Soros Foundation's Annual Report:

"Hansen is best known for his research in the field of climatology, his testimony on climate change to congressional committees in 1988 that helped raise broad awareness of global warming, and his advocacy of action to limit the impacts of climate change."

9 posted on 01/13/2011 4:56:52 PM PST by ETL (ALL (most?) of the Obama-commie connections at my FR Home page:
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To: Signalman

They don’t call ‘em “useful idiots” for nothin’.

10 posted on 01/13/2011 4:59:14 PM PST by Flag_This (Real presidents don't bow.)
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To: Dutch Boy
Yep. Hansen has always seemed to be an authoritarian; I'm not surprised by this.

If you won't do what I tell you you must do, then I'll find someone to force you to do it.

Time for the new Republican Congress to defund this clown's research and send him to his beloved Red China.
11 posted on 01/13/2011 5:07:59 PM PST by Sudetenland (TSA - Theatrical Security Affectation)
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To: Signalman
Why is the US taxpayer still supporting this incompetent fool?

Who is his boss? Does he ever do any actual work?

Seems to me that the greenie neurotics should be the ones signing his checks...

12 posted on 01/13/2011 5:08:37 PM PST by Publius6961 ("In 1964 the War on Poverty Began --- Poverty won.")
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To: Signalman
If he doesn't believe that human beings have certain inalienable rights, then that belief would certainly apply to him as well.

That means he doesn't believe that he himself has a right to life, etc.

Who are we to disagree?

13 posted on 01/13/2011 5:28:18 PM PST by E. Pluribus Unum ("If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." -- Barry Soetoro, June 11, 2008)
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To: Signalman
Does this jerk have ZERO clue about the environmental damage China is doing????? Ask honest person who has visited any Chinese city about the gray smog. Look at the cancer rates down river from their industrial facilities. Look at the unscrubbed coal and industrial plants.

Leftist are a danger to themselves and the rest of the world. freaking, American hating and self loathing idiots.

14 posted on 01/13/2011 5:43:45 PM PST by FreeAtlanta ($10 bucks and a nod, Mr. Obama, and this would all be cleared up.)
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To: Signalman; enough_idiocy; meyer; Normandy; Whenifhow; TenthAmendmentChampion; Clive; scripter; ...

Tim Wirth and James Hansen knew how to better stage a climate fraud show for maximum effect way back in 1988:

Timothy Wirth, former Senator (D, Colorado) and current president of the U.N. Foundation, describes how the Senate hearing room was rigged to be artificially as hot as possible in 1988 for the roll-out of climate-superstitionist/astronmer James Hansen's testimony.

Video (0:51 in length) from a PBS Frontline program in 2007. Partial transcript here.

The smirk on this Wirthless jackass as he describes this caper is priceless.

Click image to launch:
"Global Warming - the padding of an agenda"

Wirth's comments from above video:

"...we asked him if he (James Hansen) would testify."

"uuuuh , we called the Weather Bureau and found out what historically was the hottest day of the summer. Well, it was June 6 or June 9 or whatever it was, so we scheduled the hearing that day, and bingo: It was the hottest day on record in Washington, or close to it. "

"... What we did it was went in the night before and opened all the windows, I will admit, right? So that the air conditioning wasn't working inside the room and so when the, when the hearing occurred there was not only bliss, which is television cameras in double figures, but it was really hot. ..."

15 posted on 01/13/2011 5:46:57 PM PST by steelyourfaith (ObamaCare Death Panels: a Final Solution to the looming Social Security crisis ?)
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16 posted on 01/13/2011 5:46:58 PM PST by SC_Pete
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To: Signalman

and more...

17 posted on 01/13/2011 5:47:27 PM PST by FreeAtlanta ($10 bucks and a nod, Mr. Obama, and this would all be cleared up.)
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To: Signalman
Hansen calls Americans “barbarians”

This man should be fired and sent to China to live the rest of his life breathing smog.

18 posted on 01/13/2011 5:56:56 PM PST by SteamShovel (Beware the RINO-VIRUS...It will kill the TEA Party movement.)
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To: Signalman

Scientist gone bad ping for later

19 posted on 01/13/2011 6:15:36 PM PST by NewHampshireDuo
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To: Signalman; Miss_Meyet; NormsRevenge; steelyourfaith; Grampa Dave; SierraWasp; tubebender; ...

Added some keywords....Hansen needs to be shown the door...

20 posted on 01/14/2011 11:46:28 AM PST by Ernest_at_the_Beach ( Support Geert Wilders)
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