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Thread Fourteen:

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Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat - Thread Thirteen
WND ^ | 7-11-04 | N/A

Posted on 07/11/2004 12:55:04 AM PDT by JustPiper

Picture credit: TheCabal

"I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat"




Backup electrical systems failed to kick in

A mysterious power failure at Logan Airport that delayed dozens of flights for more than five hours has still not been explained – six days later.

Airport officials insist airline security was not compromised during the blackout Monday at Logan International's Terminal E, but backup electrical systems failed to kick in as they are programmed under such circumstances.

We are the "Stotters" who make ourselves aware of the enemy who wishes to do us harm

Meet It!
Greet It!
Defeat It!

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: News/Current Events; War on Terror
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"Threat Matrix is a politically incorrect zone"
From TM'er and Freeper ~Oorang~


“No arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.”

Jill St Claire's HomelandSecurity.NET


This website contains RAW data from suspected terrorist websites and its contents at times can be alarming and graphic. Parental discretion is advised.

Anything posted on this site which contains a threat to US interests, Weapons of Mass Destruction or the potential for loss of human life has been submitted to federal authorities BEFORE being posted here.

This site is monitored by federal Intel and military agencies!


Iranian Alert Daily Threads Day By Day


The Threat Matrix would like to welcome a Champion for the cause on the WOT:

Laurie Roth is "Annie Oakley of the Airwaves"

You try to thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. It is not in our nature to be the "Game"

Defense and National Security News - From Washington










FREE Online Version


This is the official website of investigative journalist Jayna Davis who has uncovered compelling indicators of Middle Eastern complicity in the 1995 Oklahoma bombing















The National March Against Terror is a grassroots event made up of individuals, businesses, and organizations committed to vigilance against terrorism.


May God bless a sovereign Iraq.
May God bless the coalition forces.
May God bless our U.S. forces.
May God bless President George W. Bush.
May God bless America!

From TM'r and Freeper ~Velveeta

1 posted on 07/11/2004 12:55:04 AM PDT by JustPiper
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2 posted on 07/11/2004 1:00:02 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to our 13th Thread !!!)
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As I sit here with my 6 month old daughter on my lap, I try to think of her future. I look at my boys, 3 and 11, and wonder what goblins they will have to face.

How can I possibly explain to them that there are people that want them dead? My 11 year old is having a hard enough time learning the difference between good and bad vs. right and wrong. He has a tough time with things that can be both bad and right, (1st amendment protected speech with bad content but right in its allowance).

I look around and see news of people being assaulted outside of movie theatres, because they disagree with paper hangers. I see some of our more visible citizens going to enemy countries, begging for forgiveness from tyrants. I see airport security skipping over ME type males, and strip searching 80 year old women, so as not to violate anyone's rights. I am bombarded with twisted headlines and deliberate misrepresentation of truth, by people whose agenda is more important than the truth. I can see pictures of people protesting at the funeral procession of my only modern hero, President Ronald Wilson Reagan. I see intolerant people calling all others intolerant for simply disagreeing.

I see all these things, but I'm not totally disheartened. We have managed to survive this far; I can look at the words of the people here and feel bolder. I know that I'm not alone; I know that there are others who see a ray of hope as well, and are willing to fight the good fight in the face of many enemies. This is a major crisis, and it's the ONLY crisis that faces us today, in spite of what Presidential candidates may say to the contrary.

I have no way to explain this to my young children; I have no way to prepare them. All that I can do is protect them through my actions. There is not a torch for me to pass; if there was one, I'm sure that I would keep it anyway. As I see the sweetest, bright eyed smile of an angel on my lap, her eyes filled with trust and playfulness, I know that I can only tell them about this when it's all over.

May we be successful here, so that our children never have to face the demons that we are facing today.

I love my God, I love my Country, I love all of you.

~by HipShot

3 posted on 07/11/2004 1:00:51 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to our 13th Thread !!!)
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From TM'r WestCoastGal AKA CoCo



Things to Look Out For: Be Observant:

Multiple sightings of the same suspicious person, vehicle or activity at the same location;

Individuals or activities that don't "fit" into the surrounding environment;

Individuals sitting in a parked vehicle for an extended period of time;

Individuals or several people sketching or taking notes, photographing or videotaping areas or buildings not normally associated with tourist activity;

Clothing out of place for the weather, such as someone wearing a heavy coat in hot weather;

Individuals or people carrying unusually heavy bags or backpacks;

Vehicles -- especially vans, U-Hauls or delivery trucks -- improperly parked or parked in locations not normally associated with deliveries;

Follow your instinct. If something doesn't look right, it might not be.

4 posted on 07/11/2004 1:01:40 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to our 13th Thread !!!)
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To: JustPiper


Well done with great improvements, as usual.

Heading off to bed.


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To: Cindy; nw_arizona_granny; freeperfromnj; Rutles4Ever; ExSoldier; KylaStarr; Oorang; knak; ...
6 posted on 07/11/2004 1:04:24 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to our 13th Thread !!!)
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To: All
"ARE THEY FOR US OR AGAINST US?" (Updated Daily - Click Here.)


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: "ATTACK ON AMERICA!" (Updated) (Click Here.)



HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? (VIEW PHOTOS HERE.) - War On Terrorism: "SEEKING INFORMATION" (View Posters. Read More...) "MOST WANTED TERRORISTS" (View Posters. Read More...)

DHS.GOV - "STATEMENT FOR SECRETARY TOM RIDGE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY" (STATEMENT SNIPPET: "Efforts each of you make to be vigilant -- such as reporting suspicious items or activities to authorities -- do make a difference. Every citizen using their common sense and eyes and ears can support our national effort to stop terrorists. Thank you for your continued resolve in the face of the ongoing threat of terrorism. We must continue to work together -- to ensure that the freedom we just celebrated continues as the hallmark of this great Nation, the United States of America.") (July 8, 2004) (Read More...)

7 posted on 07/11/2004 1:05:53 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: appalachian_dweller; thecabal; WestCoastGal
8 posted on 07/11/2004 1:07:03 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to our 13th Thread !!!)
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To: JustPiper

Thanks JP

9 posted on 07/11/2004 1:07:27 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: Quix; Jill St Claire; StillProud2BeFree; Calpernia
10 posted on 07/11/2004 1:11:15 AM PDT by JustPiper
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To: little jeremiah; HipShot; ganeshpuri89
11 posted on 07/11/2004 1:13:14 AM PDT by JustPiper
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To: MamaDearest; GorillaMa; Domestic Church; Chaos; teachexcellence; Sabertooth; Honestly; ...
12 posted on 07/11/2004 1:18:26 AM PDT by JustPiper
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To: Quix

Thank you Q, sleep well!

13 posted on 07/11/2004 1:21:02 AM PDT by JustPiper
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To: Cindy

I swear I heard two explosions about 15 min apart...was not thunder, was not any fireworks, then I heard choppers in a distance, we'll see {nervous Nelly}

14 posted on 07/11/2004 1:22:35 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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To: Cindy

From the Thread Mama to the Link Queen
~your welcome and thank you!~

15 posted on 07/11/2004 1:23:29 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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Alleged Columbian drug lord caught in Cuba

Luis Hernando Gomez Bustamante, who is also wanted by the United States, was arrested after entering Cuba on a false Venezuelan passport, police said.

Gomez Bustamante is the alleged head of the Cali-based Norte del Valle gang that is suspected of smuggling some $10 billion worth of cocaine into the United States.

U.S. officials had offered a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture.

16 posted on 07/11/2004 1:26:10 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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To: WestCoastGal; B4Ranch

U.S. pastor group supports Castro
Say Bush should go, not Cuban dictator

A group of U.S. pastors has arrived in Cuba, some wearing T-shirts reading: "Regime change in U.S., not in Cuba."

It's the 15th trip to the island police state for Pastors for Peace, who travel there in violation of U.S. law by going through Mexico.

17 posted on 07/11/2004 1:27:52 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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To: JustPiper

Mail Call

18 posted on 07/11/2004 1:30:22 AM PDT by HipShot (All of our ammunition should be dipped in pig fat)
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Source: Infectious Diseases Weekly Report Japan(IDWR), Infectious Disease
Surveillance Center (IDSC), National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID)
NOTE:[in Japanese]

Re the official report to WHO by Japan of 18 cases & 18 (?) deaths from cholera from 27 Jan-22 Jun 2004

a total of 30 cases, with no indication of any fatalities

Visit ProMED-mail's web site at

19 posted on 07/11/2004 1:32:54 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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Bookmark. Hope all is well with the bangs and helicopters.

20 posted on 07/11/2004 1:35:07 AM PDT by HipShot (All of our ammunition should be dipped in pig fat)
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Kerry returning to Boston on Sunday, day ahead of schedule to receive national security briefing. Comes after headlines from CNN/Kerry interview: 'Well, I haven't been briefed yet...They have offered to brief me. I just haven't had time'...

21 posted on 07/11/2004 1:35:11 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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Army to Recruit 'Downsized' Airmen, Sailors

By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

22 posted on 07/11/2004 1:38:17 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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{{{On Monday, July 12}}},
the national spotlight will be on more than half-a-million Grassfire petitions during a major press conference
in the U.S. Capitol!

This incredible event is part of our national "Save Marriage" campaign and will include Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist--
the very man initiating the historic vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment (scheduled for Wednesday, July 14). He will be accepting hundreds of thousands of grassroots petitions from Americans who are eager to see the sanctity of marriage protected.

Then, immediately following our news conference and petition
presentation at the Capitol, these same petitions will be hand- delivered by senate staffers to each of the 100 Senate offices-- while the debate is underway in the Senate!

By signing our "Save Marriage" petition right now, you too can be prominently included in this presentation and delivery! But hurry, we have only 48 hours before we begin processing the petitions for delivery. Take action by clicking here:

23 posted on 07/11/2004 1:41:24 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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Chapter 1 - WOULD YOU BELIEVE? - “When Allah wants to frighten his slaves, the sun falls out of its chariot. This is a full eclipse, a misfortune for the sun.”

CHAPTER 2 - DEVILS, DECEPTIONS & BACKRUBS - “Because Allah afflicted Eve, all the women of the world menstruate and they are stupid.”

CHAPTER 3 - I DON'T NOAH 'BOUT THIS - “He prayed that the African’s color would change so that their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs and Turks.”

CHAPTER 4 - DISHONEST ABE - “Abraham was tested by circumcision, shaving his pubic hair, washing the fore-part and rear, using a toothstick, and plucking his armpits.”

CHAPTER 5 -CAN QUSAYY SCAM? - “Qusayy purchased the custodianship of the Ka’aba for a skin full of wine and a lute.”

CHAPTER 6 - HEART OF DARKNESS - “I fear that a demon has possessed him.”


CHAPTER 8 - THE ABUSED ABUSER - “Seize him, manacle him, chain him and cast him into the blazing fire of hell.”


CHAPTER 9 - DEMENTED DEITY - “Systematically by degrees, step by step, We shall punish them in ways they cannot even imagine.”

24 posted on 07/11/2004 1:44:40 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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To: Cindy; HipShot

Going nye nye and hoping I hear no bad news here, wish I didn't borrow out my scanner!

25 posted on 07/11/2004 1:53:05 AM PDT by JustPiper (Welcome to Thread 13 Crew !!!)
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To: JustPiper

Goodnight JP.
Sleep well.

26 posted on 07/11/2004 1:56:03 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: JustPiper

Mystery blackout at Logan Airport
Backup electrical systems failed to kick in

Posted: July 11, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2004

A mysterious power failure at Logan Airport that delayed dozens of flights for more than five hours has still not been explained – six days later.


27 posted on 07/11/2004 5:27:46 AM PDT by jstolzen (All it takes for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke)
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To: jstolzen


28 posted on 07/11/2004 5:40:20 AM PDT by Labyrinthos
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To: JustPiper

Add me to your ping list,,,,Thanks!

29 posted on 07/11/2004 5:49:47 AM PDT by CharlotteVRWC
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To: All

Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi in London to Establish 'The International Council of Muslim Clerics'
By: Steven Stalinsky*

This is an article from about what's going on in London today.

30 posted on 07/11/2004 6:08:43 AM PDT by British chick
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To: JustPiper; All

This is a must read from another thread. Note the part about the suicide/murders. That's pretrty much what I've been saying the last few days about the ability -- or should I say inability -- to protect against terror attacks in NYC.

31 posted on 07/11/2004 6:11:46 AM PDT by Labyrinthos
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To: jstolzen

Hmmm indeed. Five hours without power could allow a lot of unobserved activity.

32 posted on 07/11/2004 6:11:53 AM PDT by Sender (Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. -Tolstoy)
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To: JustPiper; All
JP you've been a busy girl.

Thread 13 looks fabulous.

Thank YOU for all your hard work. And, once again thanks to ALL who add links/news, other information, ideas, searches, translations etc.

It's hard to believe (I know I say this everytime) that we are up to thread 13 and nothing has happened. So far so good she says with trepidation.


33 posted on 07/11/2004 6:51:27 AM PDT by WestCoastGal (aka Coco~~~~~~>Freeping & Nascar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> How Bad Have You Got It????)
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To: JustPiper

Thanks, JP. As always, much appreciated.

34 posted on 07/11/2004 7:45:50 AM PDT by crabbie
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To: JustPiper


SITE Institute

SITE Institute,7/8/2004 - As a preview of the upcoming Sout Al Jihad, an interview with the new leader of the mujahideen in Saudi Arabia, Saleh al-Oufi, was posted to a Jihadist website at the end of June. Al-Oufi, one of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted individuals, took over the position as head of the mujahideen after the recent killing of former commander Abdel-Aziz Al-Muqrin by Saudi security forces in June. In the interview, Al-Oufi describes how he fought with the mujahideen in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Chechnya, and exhorts the mujahideen to fight Westerners by remaining in Saudi Arabia rather than travel to Iraq.

Below is the SITE Institute’s translation of the entire interview.

NOTE: The following materials are for informational purposes only and may not be copied, reproduced, or transmitted without the explicit permission of the SITE Institute nor without specific attribution to the SITE Institute.

Message was posted on a Jihadist Website on June 25, 2004

In an attempt to bring to light the truth about the Mujahideen, their goals and their demands, “Sout Al Jihad” magazine aims at meeting with the Mujahideen, and tries to get to know their personalities. Today it is introducing Al Muqrin’s successor in the leadership of the Mujahideen in Saudi Arabia, “Abu Abdullah” [nickname].

Sout Al Jihad [SAJ]: We welcome the Mujahid brother Saleh Al Oufi, God bless him, and ask him to introduce himself to the readers:

Al Oufi [AO]: In the name of God, Most Beneficent and Most Merciful; thanks to Him who is the ruler of those who fear Him; prayer and peace upon the Messenger of the Sword for the mercy of the subjects, Mohammad Bin Abdullah, all his companions and followers. Nothing is possible without His command …
My name is Saleh Bin Mohammad Bin Awadallah Al Oufi. I was born in “Al Madina Al Nabawiyya” [Prophetic City] at the end of 1391 [Hijri year]. I am married and have two daughters and a son, may God show them the right path of pride and dignity. I dropped out of school in my second year of the secondary school. Afterwards, I joined the military for one and a half years approximately. God provided me guidance and I knew the road to pride and dignity. I had my own trade business, and God rewarded me greatly, to the extent that I kept lending money to my brothers who were employed with salaries ranging between 6,000 and 15,000 [Riyals]. Thanks to God. As the Iman “Malik” said (Trade represents nine tenth of earning a living).

SAJ: What are the war fronts that you participated in? And which one you feel is closest to your heart?

AO: In the name of God, thanks and praises to Him, after He showed me the right way, I knew that, the Jihad for God and the preparation for His way is every Muslim’s duty at this time, in order to recover the Muslims’ country and liberate it from the occupation. These are the “Fatwa”s [advisory opinions] of the truthful scholars. God blessed me with my involvement in Afghanistan, with the hero “Abu Maaz Al Khawasti”, may God accept him as one of the martyrs and allow us to follow him to Heaven above. Then I served in Tajikistan with the hero “Khattab”, may God accept him as one of the martyrs and allow us to follow him to Heaven above. Afterwards, I took part in the Jihad of my brothers in Chechnya against their enemies, the Crusaders. Then God allowed me to be part of the Jihad in the “Islamic Principality” against the international crusade. In this war front, He granted us the blessing of defending the one and only Islamic State. In this State, the Mullah Mohammad Omar favored the other world over the earthly world, and sold everything he owned in order to please his God and support His oppressed subjects. For this reason, this front is the closest to my heart, for I saw in it the Islamic State. This State is formed by the boundaries of God and the succession of His subjects, and is opposed to His enemies. I ask God to enable us very soon, to erect the State of Islam one more time, for He is generous and powerful.

SAJ: What is your evaluation from the military point of view of the confrontations between the soldiers of the Idols’ regime in the Arab Peninsula and the heroic Mujahideen?

AO: In the name of God, Most Beneficent and Most Merciful; thanks to Him. First, I would like to remind of what God above had commanded in his Noble Book (those who have believed fight for the sake of God, and those who have blasphemed fight for Idols. You must fight Satan’s subjects, for the craftiness of Satan is weak). Then, I warn that, initially, the Mujahideen have not entered into confrontations with the regime’s soldiers on purpose. The confrontations that took place with the permission of God above, may He be praised, were attacks carried out by the enemies against the Mujahideen in their homes. Despite that, the regime and its soldiers are inflicted with great losses. Although sudden attacks should be in favor of the attacker, however, due to God’s will first, and the Mujahideen’s capability to maneuver and fight, their experience, their love for martyrdom for the sake of God, and their eagerness to meet Him, always have the final word in favor of the Mujahideen, even if some of the brothers are killed in the confrontations… Despite the regime’s efforts to lift the spirits of their soldiers and encourage them, we find that they are afraid to die, as they are only fighting for their salaries. Otherwise, what are the rewards and the promotions for? (Such was the case with the Pharaoh, when the magicians asked him if they would compensated in case they won, and he said: Yes, and you shall be close to me). This is what is happening today, and is the case of the Mujahideen in their confrontations with the regime’s soldiers.

SAJ: What is your advice to the comrades who, using trivial excuses, abandoned their weapons, quit fighting and blocked their ears to the call for the Jihad in the Arab Peninsula?

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him. Firstly, I would like to remind of God’s saying in His Noble Book, may He be praised: (Those who fight for the Jihad, do it for themselves, as God does not need His subjects’ support). Secondly, I remind them of Mohammad’s saying, prayer and peace upon him: (Those who abandon the Jihad shall not escape humiliation). This is obvious in the case of our brothers who left their dignity and honor behind, and dropped their weapons. If we look at them, we find them afraid and humiliated. They are afraid of the policemen, and humiliated every time they are called by them, or when they have to go weekly to stamp their signature. This is humiliation and cowardice in their most meaningful senses. I say to them: Go back to your honor and dignity. Go back to your religion and your Jihad; then you will be highly regarded in this and the other worlds. You will be feared by those who are humiliating you, and you humiliate them instead. You will avenge your Religion and yourselves. Either have a life that pleases your friends, or die from what enrages your enemies. I pray that God show them the right way and brings them back in a nice way.

SAJ: How do you feel after your name has appeared on the first and second lists of the “wanted” by the Ministry of Interior? Has this action had any effect on your Jihad course?

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him. When we came back to this country and participated with our brothers in the Jihad in the “Islamic Principality”, we expected anything from this regime except the issuance to the names and the release of the pictures, because America is looking for many of those heroes, we ask God to protect them. When my name was on the first and second lists, I was grateful to God and did not condemn it for three reasons:

1. Because, in fighting the truthful Mujahideen, the regime is trying to put out the light of God by blindly following America and its supporters. The Mujahideen are the first and last danger on the Jews and Christians who are the true strangers, while the Mujahideen belong to the “Al Ta’ifa Al Mansoura” [the victorious sect].
2. Because, thanks to God alone, we were raised above the spearheads of the religion. Therefore, a tax must be paid for this rise; the tax is as high as the level of its payer, hence, it is very expensive.
3. Because God above said in His Noble Book: (Or did you think that you can enter the Heavens without going through the same pains as those before you, who, together with their Prophet, suffered to the extent that they asked when the victory of God would happen. But God’s victory shall happen soon). Also because the Prophet, prayer and peace upon him, said: (One is inflicted misfortunes of his caliber). He said too: (Those who suffered most were the Prophets, then those who are similar to them)… We ask God to raise us in both worlds, and enable us to erect the “Islamic State”. Our gratitude is to him in the beginning and in the end.

SAJ: Do you think that, in order for them to escape imprisonment, it is better for you and your “wanted” brothers to go to Iraq at this time and fight the Crusaders there?

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him. God above said: (Believers, fight the Blasphemers who soften you, let them see the roughness in you, and know that God is on the side of those who fear Him). Based on this, I categorically refuse that I or my “wanted” brothers go to Iraq. Besides, our enemies, the Crusaders, have invaded Iraq through this land. They do not run Iraq’s affairs from there, rather they do it here. The enemies are effectively abundantly present in this Peninsula. Why go follow the Crusaders’ tails when their heads and bases and supports are on this blessed land. As for the fear of imprisonment, this does not discourage the Mujahid from supporting the truth. The Mujahid should pray to God “to keep imprisonment, amputation, and defeat from him”, then rely on Him, may He be praised, go for the Jihad and weaken the Nation’s enemies, without fear of being blamed. If imprisonment was God’s plan for him, and he was loyal, his efforts will not be wasted and God will not let him down unless he drifts from the way. In general, several people who are better viewed by God than us, and more honored such as Joseph from the Prophets, peace be on him, and Khabib, Abdullah Bin Hathafa Al Sahmi, and many others from the Companions, were not influenced by imprisonment. The majority of the truthful, such as Ibn Taymiyya and Ahmed Bin Hanbal, God rest their souls, had been held captive. The honorable Sheikh Abu Mohammed Al Maqdessi is currently in a Jordanian prison, may God protect him. His captivity made him stronger and more determined. Besides, going to Iraq does not prevent imprisonment. It increases the chance of imprisonment as those who go there shall unarmed and without protection. In any case, as I said before, imprisonment does not stand in the way of the Jihad and God knows better.

SAJ: Are you willing to take part in the negotiations initiated by the Minister of Interior, especially that they are conducted by people considered to be part of the Islamic trend?

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him. These negotiations are an indication of a weakness in the regime. As for those who are in charge of them, they are a disgrace to their religion. They are laid back and never fought for or represented the Jihad or the Mujahideen. The Mujahideen will not listen to or obey those who did not cover their feet with dust for the sake of God; our beloved Prophet Mohammad, prayer and peace upon him, did not give disgrace to his Religion. We are following his law, with God’s permission and we will not give infamy to our Religion. As Omar Bin Al Khattab said, God be pleased with him: Messenger of God, aren’t we right whether we get killed or we live? He [the Prophet] said: Yes. He [Bin Al Khattab] said: so, why would there be disgrace in our Religion? Let the whole world know that glory is for God, His Prophet, and the true believers, the Mujahideen.

SAJ: Some think that your being out of sight does not serve the cause, whereas your going to a war front outside the Peninsula would be very helpful. What is your comment on that?

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him… Our stay here is a hardship on the Blasphemers, and a boost to the spirits of our brothers from the Mujahideen who lack a little bit of courage to support God’s Religion. Thanks to God, we are not hiding. We are working day and night to defeat the enemies of God. We do not pay attention to anyone, and view our sleep and awakening as a reward… If the kings and their sons knew how happy we are, they would fight us with the swords have our happiness. We will not leave this land. It is our land, and we are the grandsons of the “Sahaba”. How can we leave it? Who had better leave, us or the rancorous American Crusaders who are occupying our land??!
By God we will not leave this land until the enemies of God do so, and the Religion flag is erected, or otherwise our blood is shed and the land is irrigated with it. We pray that God help us hanging on to this right until we meet Him.

SAJ: Would you like to address a word to the Mujahideen who go to Iraq?

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him. The truth is that there are three categories of Mujahideen who go to Iraq:

1. The first category consists of those who went to Iraq and are now in the battlefield. I pray that God assist them, deceive their enemies, and appease the chests of the Believers through them. They are watching over a great Islamic borderline. May God assist and triumph them soon.

2. The second category consists of those who intended and still sincerely intend to go to Iraq. I tell them the following: “Your country, the Peninsula, is in greater need of your services. There are several borderlines here to protect. The enemy that you want to go to, those who are defaming the honors in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in Palestine, that enemy is here, amongst you. He is on your land, pillaging your Religion and your treasures. It is the lawful duty of a Muslim to close the hole that is nearest to him. Clerics have agreed that, if an enemy occupies one of the Muslim countries, he needs to be pushed away from the nearest point, then the one after that.”

3. The third category consists of the weak, who have not gone to Iraq and will never go. They use going to Iraq as an excuse to relinquish from fighting [in the Peninsula]. {Verses from the Qur’an}…Those must repent to God and remove their sin by the Jihad for the sake of God, and by good intentions. By good intentions I mean, joining their Mujahideen brothers of Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, in their fight against the Jews and the Crusaders. They have been pledging that they will fight for the Jihad on any territory, and that they will support the oppressed anywhere. God will ask them about all that. Let them not be deluded, for God knows their intentions, and sees through the depth of their souls. We pray that God discard our vices, forgive us, show us the truth, and give us His graces.

SAJ: Would you like to address a word to the Mujahideen in the Arab Peninsula too?

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him. To my brothers and beloved, who are patiently positioned in the Arab Peninsula, I say what God has said: “(Believers, be patient in your positions, persevere, fear God, and you might be successful). Rejoice! The strangers are a few, and in the end the “Victorious Denomination” [Atta’ifa Al-Mansoura] will be the few left. Islam will be strange as it started, and a denomination from Mohammad’s Ummah will keep fighting for the truth. They will not be affected by those who deceived or disagreed with them. I remind you that victory comes with patience. It is an hour of patience. Those who fear God will have either one of two fates: Victory or Martyrdom. Both fates are noble. I also remind you that the Prophet, peace and prayer on him, did not announce the conquest of Persia and Rome to his companions, after the erection of the Islamic State. He did so in the most difficult and tough situations, at a time when the hearts of his truthful believing companions were touching their throats [in fear]. At the time, they were having doubts about God. Thanks to God; it is God’s law to give difficult times and lack of support to His fearing adorers…” I pray that God Bless us and our brothers positioned in the Arab Peninsula with truthfulness, patience, and loyalty. He is powerful and generous.

SAJ: Would you like to address a word to the families of the “Wanted” Brothers, after the distortion created by Al Seloul’s media? [By Al Seloul, they mean Al Saud. Al Seloul suggests that they are like tuberculosis].

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him. I say to the Brothers’ families: Seek the truth, you know who is truthful. It is enough for you to know the path of your “wanted” sons and parents and their attachment to God’ Religion. They have left the entire world for the support of the Religion and the oppressed people. Do not be influenced by Al Seloul’s media that has deformed their course and their image. Such is the case of whoever is in conflict with them. Their reputation and their image are deformed. When the conflict is ideological, the deformation is obviously wider. The same thing happened with the most noble prophet, when the Blasphemers in Quraysh distorted his reputation and his clear image, calling him a magician, a liar, and a crazy man. He was far from all those things but the conflict created all that. In the end, I say to the families and to all those got confused in their religion by the media, and its distortion of the Mujahideen heroes’ image without proof, I simply tell them: Look and see who amongst you and your families were pleased with the Mujahideen or who were angry with them?! Who is pleased with Al Seloul’s regime, and who is angry with it? Those who were pleased with the “wanted” are the sincere and truthful individuals. They might be a minority from the Mujahideen and truthful clerics and custodians. However, those who were angry were the Jews, the Christians, and their followers [their tails]. The Jews and the Crusaders such as the Americans are pleased with Al Seloul’s regime, whereas every loyal Mujahid and every true cleric are locked in Satan’s prisons. Our proof comes from God’s Book, by which we measure all the aforementioned (the Jews and the Christians shall not be pleased with you until you join their denomination.

SAJ: Would you like to say a final word?

AO: In the name of God and thanks to Him for every person on the face of this Earth. I would like to address a final word to my own people, whom I know very well and who know me very well. I have walked along their side on the path of glory and pride, and I learned loyalty, innocence, and endurance of harm. Fear God, your Lord. Deliverance comes in fearing Him and obeying His Prophet’s orders, peace and prayer on him. Do not deceive the truth, as you are following the truth. [Quotes from the Qur’an]…

Do not look for the pleasures of the world. You have taught us not to do that. [Quotes from the Qur’an]… Fear God and His punishment. I pray that God gives you and us guidance to reach prosperity in this world and the other world.

35 posted on 07/11/2004 7:47:15 AM PDT by Valin (Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.)
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To: JustPiper; All
Job well done! Your efforts do not go un-noticed and I for one appreciate all of them.

Thirteen eh? Lucky? uh oh . .

36 posted on 07/11/2004 7:48:45 AM PDT by ▀udda▀udd (7 days - 7 ways)
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To: JustPiper

Thx for the ping, here's to a lucky 13. ;)

37 posted on 07/11/2004 8:00:10 AM PDT by nwctwx
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Sensors locked on 13. Bookmarked

38 posted on 07/11/2004 8:02:58 AM PDT by Godzilla (Bush/Cheney 04 - because my life does depend upon it.)
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To: All
Exclusive: Election Day Worries

July 19 issue - American counter-terrorism officials, citing what they call "alarming" intelligence about a possible Qaeda strike inside the United States this fall, are reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election in the event of such an attack, NEWSWEEK has learned.

The prospect that Al Qaeda might seek to disrupt the U.S. election was a major factor behind last week's terror warning by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. Ridge and other counterterrorism officials concede they have no intel about any specific plots. But the success of March's Madrid railway bombings in influencing the Spanish elections—as well as intercepted "chatter" among Qaeda operatives—has led analysts to conclude "they want to interfere with the elections," says one official.

As a result, sources tell NEWSWEEK, Ridge's department last week asked the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel to analyze what legal steps would be needed to permit the postponement of the election were an attack to take place. Justice was specifically asked to review a recent letter to Ridge from DeForest B. Soaries Jr., chairman of the newly created U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Soaries noted that, while a primary election in New York on September 11, 2001, was quickly suspended by that state's Board of Elections after the attacks that morning, "the federal government has no agency that has the statutory authority to cancel and reschedule a federal election." Soaries, a Bush appointee who two years ago was an unsuccessful GOP candidate for Congress, wants Ridge to seek emergency legislation from Congress empowering his agency to make such a call. Homeland officials say that as drastic as such proposals sound, they are taking them seriously—along with other possible contingency plans in the event of an election-eve or Election Day attack. "We are reviewing the issue to determine what steps need to be taken to secure the election," says Brian Roehrkasse, a Homeland spokesman.

—Michael Isikoff
© 2004 Newsweek, Inc.
39 posted on 07/11/2004 8:42:20 AM PDT by milkncookies (In this years election, there will be 18,336,576 in the Voting Age Population missing.)
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To: Godzilla


40 posted on 07/11/2004 8:44:00 AM PDT by null and void (Why is OUR oil under THEIR sand???)
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To: JustPiper

I'll sacrifice a chicken today to ward off any bad luck from this thread being number 13. :)

41 posted on 07/11/2004 8:47:26 AM PDT by Vigilantcitizen ("I believe that what you say about others speaks volumes about yourself." Zell Miller)
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To: Godzilla

7-11 Stores to give away 5,000,000 slurpees today-to the first 1,000 customers at each store.

42 posted on 07/11/2004 8:47:38 AM PDT by Selene
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To: All

PERSECUTION - another day...

43 posted on 07/11/2004 8:51:56 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy
A group calling itself "Kataeb Mujahedeen" has threatened to behead A. Aaron Weisburd, founder of the Cyber-Terrorism watchdog site Internet Haganah - this week if he does not take down the Internet Haganah site. The threat is being taken seriously and authorities have been contacted, according to Mr. Weisburd.

The threat was received July 9th, 2004 at the headquarters of Internet Haganah in Carbondale, Illinois. The letter containing the threat was addressed to Mr. Weisburd, Internet Haganah. The sender portion of the envelope listed "Kataeb Mujahedeen" as the sender and Cherry Hill, New Jersey as the originating city. The envelope post stamp lists Philadelphia as the city of origin and is dated July 6, 2004.

44 posted on 07/11/2004 8:52:48 AM PDT by Vigilantcitizen ("I believe that what you say about others speaks volumes about yourself." Zell Miller)
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To: Vigilantcitizen

Anan: Israel Must Comply with Court’s Ruling
11:15 Jul 11, '04 / 22 Tammuz 5764

( United Nation’s Secretary-General Kofi Anan stated Israel is compelled to adhere to the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague declaring the counter-terrorism fence illegal, calling for its removal and demanding Israel compensate PA residents.

Anan: Israel Drop Dead

45 posted on 07/11/2004 8:59:40 AM PDT by Selene
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To: Vigilantcitizen

He is not going to take down Haganah
web site.
That's that.

So, where's the media on this story?

46 posted on 07/11/2004 9:13:40 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy
He is not going to take down Haganah web site.

Good. He shouldn't. IMO...this is an empty threat anyway.

So, where's the media on this story?

Good question. Cuz you and I both know that if it were an islamcist website owner that was threatened, it'd be all over the news. CAIR would make sure of that.

BTW...Very interesting where the threat originated.

47 posted on 07/11/2004 9:20:56 AM PDT by Vigilantcitizen ("I believe that what you say about others speaks volumes about yourself." Zell Miller)
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To: All


48 posted on 07/11/2004 9:22:25 AM PDT by judicial meanz (When you are stronger, you ought tolerate me....for it is your duty to tolerate truth" Lord McAuley)
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To: milkncookies

OK, one really has to wonder here..

What on earth could be so bad (in terms of an attack) that they are talking about how the election could possibly/legally be postponed?

9/11 (for all the horror of the day) wouldn't have done this. Elections could have conceivably continued.

It would have to be something an order of magnitude larger, wouldn't it?

I'm for one taking this as another "dot" in the "they have suitcase nukes or other WMD and could conceivably use them" category.

As someone what they (the govt) says..not what they do. Add this to Ridge cancelling his visit with Sharon this week, and Daschle's comments (plus Boxers lack of comments), the warning from the Muslims in this weekend's Arabic paper from London ("leave the West..NOW") and something REALLY seems to be up. And it sure sounds like it's pretty significant.

49 posted on 07/11/2004 9:23:16 AM PDT by jstolzen (All it takes for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke)
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To: Cindy
When asked if Internet Haganah would ever consider capitulating to the demands of the terrorists he replied, "Oh yeah, sure thing. As soon as hell freezes. The way to respond to thugs such as these is to stand up to them."

Bravo Mr. Weisburg.

50 posted on 07/11/2004 9:26:29 AM PDT by Vigilantcitizen ("I believe that what you say about others speaks volumes about yourself." Zell Miller)
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