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Pundits are saying democrats can win
email | Ron Miller , GOP Candidate for Congress

Posted on 06/22/2006 4:56:55 PM PDT by Iam1ru1-2

I write to you today with a message of extreme urgency: this year’s Congressional elections are just a few short months away, and the House of Representatives is up for grabs! Democrats everywhere are building confidence, and without immediate action, Republicans - and all American citizens - stand to lose.

Democrats, for all their complaints about “incompetence” and a “culture of corruption”, have shown that they cannot be trusted with the federal government. For example, just take a look at the No. 2 Democrat in the House, Rep. Steny Hoyer.

Hoyer has made a career of writing taxpayer checks to buy votes from the people of Maryland. Unabashedly calling himself a “tax, tax, spend, spend Democrat,” Hoyer ranks “among the House’s 10 most prodigious suppliers of pork,” according to the Washington Post. He wasted $40.8 million of your money on pork projects between 2002 and 2004. For example, (from Citizens Against Government Waste):

$300,000 for grasshopper & cricket control in Nebraska $270,000 for construction at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA $90,000 for the Cowgirl Hall of Fame $800,000 for the GRAMMY Foundation $273,000 to combat "Goth culture" at the Blue Springs Youth Unit in Missouri $150,000 for the International Storytelling Center in Tennessee $2,500,000 for the Alliance for Coastal Technologies $4,500,000 for the Southern Maryland Commuter Bus Initiative $4,000,000 for the Russell Street Viaduct Replacement in Baltimore $800,000 for the Western Maryland Low Impact Welcome Center at Byron Overlook Did he vote against any pork? Yes! He voted AGAINST REDUCING funding for the National Center for Peanut Competitiveness by $300,000.

If you think that’s bad, can you imagine what would happen if he were to become the House Majority Leader? Should the Democrats win the House, he will be the front-runner. And to win, Hoyer is willing to bankrupt the government. That’s why we must act now.

If I do not raise the funds necessary to defeat him, we can expect more votes like when he voted for the continued funding of the following National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants (Vote 352, 7/10/03):

"Mood Arousal and Sexual Risk Taking," "Study on Sexual Habits of Older Men," "Study on San Francisco's Asian Prostitutes/Masseuses," and "Study on American Indian Transgender Research." By the way, the next time you think about jazz music, think of Idaho. Rep. Hoyer voted for an appropriations package containing $700,000 for the Historic Study of Jazz in Moscow, Idaho.

Make no mistake: this election is absolutely crucial. It’s not only a battle between Republicans and Democrats; it’s a choice between statesmanship and political greed - and Hoyer is as greedy as they come.

Regarding Hoyer’s bid for Majority Leader, his press secretary said, “Mr. Hoyer has worked extraordinarily hard to unify the caucus and take back the House for Democrats, and that is his first focus.”

That's right, Steny Hoyer is too focused on partisan politics to address the issues important to the American people, such as:

Protecting our borders from the threats of illegal drugs and terrorism; Empowering our communities through school choice, business ownership, and the creation and protection of generational wealth; Increasing our nation's oil refining capacity to combat high energy prices; Enacting meaningful tort reform; Helping small businesses provide health insurance to their employees; and Providing tax relief. Steny Hoyer has voted against ALL of these measures. Apparently, keeping his job is more important than actually doing it. And now he wants a promotion!

It's time to evict Steny Hoyer from the Capitol. That's why I'm challenging him this November. But I need your help.

While Hoyer uses - nay, abuses - his power in the House Appropriations Committee to buy votes with taxpayer money, I rely on honest, voluntary contributions from people like you to deliver my message to the people.

And my message is the same as that of our Founding Fathers: the vision of a government of, by, and for the people. A government that protects the safety and freedom of its citizens. A government that is responsive, accountable, and humble.

It’s a simple message, but partisan politicians like Rep. Hoyer have completely lost sight of it, serving instead their own political ambitions, at taxpayer expense. That’s why this election is so important. Politicians like Steny Hoyer have no place in the governance of the United States.

This June 30th FEC Report is particularly important because it’s one of the last campaign milestones before we head into summer.

If I can file a report that shows my deep support from conservative Americans like you it will really be a big boost for the campaign.

And even more important your support right now will help me run vital radio and television ads during this defining period before Labor Day.

It’s critically important to the campaign that we have a strong showing on this FEC report.

If you can send $100.00 before June 30th I would be incredibly grateful.

Even a gift of $25.00 or $50.00 will make a difference - as long as we receive it in time.

Whatever you can send, $25, $50, $100, or any other amount, please know that I am incredibly grateful for your generosity and faithful support.

Together we WILL help us cleanse Congress of waste and greed. With your help, we can create a government for the people - not the politicians.

Thank you,

Ron Miller Your Republican Candidate for Congress

P.S. I need to hear back from you within the next 48 hours. Please help me defeat Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi’s dangerous bid to seize control of Congress by clicking here and rushing my campaign an urgent contribution of $25, $50, $100, or even more before this crucial June 30th deadline.

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1 posted on 06/22/2006 4:56:56 PM PDT by Iam1ru1-2
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To: Iam1ru1-2
This is NOT enough to get me to vote for Republicans this time out (not that it makes a lot of diference in Mexifornia). The Republicans have proved, if nothing else, that they can spend with the best of them. They have also proved that on the most important issue to Mexifornians, they have failed utterly.

Tell me what you are going to do, not why I should fear. Any candidate that talks the talk and walks the walk on illegal immigration gets my vote.

2 posted on 06/22/2006 5:05:44 PM PDT by Nachum
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To: Iam1ru1-2
What have the PUBS done to deserve our support?

The WOT yes.

Campaign Finance Reform, denying me free speech. Why should I support people who want to take my freedom?

Permanent tax cuts, hasn't happened yet.

Comprehensive immigration policy. Hasn't happened yet.

Reduced the size of govt. and its control over us, hasn't happened yet.

I don't support the PUBS anymore. I give campaign contributions to CONSERVATIVES.
3 posted on 06/22/2006 5:05:58 PM PDT by wmfights (Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The WAY!)
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To: Iam1ru1-2
Democrats........... have shown that they cannot be trusted with the federal government

As have the republicans

4 posted on 06/22/2006 5:12:02 PM PDT by paul51 (11 September 2001 - Never forget)
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To: Iam1ru1-2

And I can bed supermodels. I'm not saying it couldn't happen I'm just saying it won't.

5 posted on 06/22/2006 5:16:23 PM PDT by CzarNicky (In the magical land of unicorns there's no need for clothes.)
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To: All

Are you all from the democrat underground pretending that you're really conservatives? "For tyrrany to reign only takes good men and women to do nothing!"

I guess Y'all want tyranny. How sad.

6 posted on 06/22/2006 5:32:34 PM PDT by Iam1ru1-2
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To: wmfights

You gotta get the RINO's in the primaries. It's as simple as that. A tough row to hoe, but simple.

7 posted on 06/22/2006 5:36:00 PM PDT by numberonepal (Don't Even Think About Treading On Me)
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To: Iam1ru1-2

Come election day, these idiots will be served up a big dish of pundit pie. Most will receive it in their faces. No way the dems, even with the help of the drive-by media, will become the majority in either branch of our federal government. In fact, they will probably become more of a shrinking minority!

8 posted on 06/22/2006 5:39:21 PM PDT by demkicker (democrats and terrorists are intimate bedfellows)
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To: Iam1ru1-2
Ah, the monthly meeting of the Thurston Howell Numbscull and Boneheads think-tank has gaveled to order, I see. The most elite group of single issue /multiple excuse naysayers and whiners known to exist in plain sight.

Meet. Discuss. Whine. Threaten. Warn.

Notice there is no solution in your list of activities.

9 posted on 06/22/2006 5:49:50 PM PDT by small voice in the wilderness (Quick, act casual...if they sense scorn or ridicule, they'll flee)
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To: wmfights

Interesting schism between the pubs in the House and the pubs in the Senate on all the issues. I'm betting America votes the House way in November.

10 posted on 06/22/2006 5:57:34 PM PDT by gotribe (It's not a religion.)
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To: numberonepal
"You gotta get the RINO's in the primaries."

Yes Sir!

It is through the primary system I am working to support my views. However, I am no longer willing to support RINOS in a general election. I have yet to see them reciprocate when it is a conservative on the ballot.
11 posted on 06/22/2006 6:10:31 PM PDT by wmfights (Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The WAY!)
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To: gotribe

"Interesting schism between the pubs in the House and the pubs in the Senate on all the issues. I'm betting America votes the House way in November."

I think your right. The House is much closer to the American people because they are up for reelection every two years. The Senate is where you see most of the out of touch country club Republicans.

12 posted on 06/22/2006 6:14:53 PM PDT by wmfights (Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The WAY!)
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To: wmfights

The solution to country club Republicans and leaching lifers like Ted in MA...Term Limits! Too bad the "founding fathers" didn't foresee career politicians living off the rest of us. How could they though, they saw it all as a service and sacrifice, not some cushy job with secret pay raises and benefits beyond all belief.

13 posted on 06/22/2006 6:20:03 PM PDT by BonnieJ
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To: BonnieJ

"The solution to country club Republicans and leaching lifers like Ted in MA...Term Limits!"

I knew the RATS wouldn't support it but I'll never forget when Henry Hyde and other career politicians in the PUB party didn't support it after we won the House. I am more concerned with supporting people of like minded values than a party.

14 posted on 06/22/2006 6:29:58 PM PDT by wmfights (Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The WAY!)
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To: Iam1ru1-2

To all these cute remarking thumb suckers who are kicking the floor or beating their chest to show how much more conservative they are that they just CAN'T vote Republican this time: In the House we pick up a net 3 4 or 5. In the senate we pick up a net plus 1 or 2, with or without you.

15 posted on 06/23/2006 5:23:55 AM PDT by jmaroneps37 (John Spencer: Fighting to save America from Hillary Clinton..)
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To: Iam1ru1-2

A few days ago, I received a letter from Ken Mehlman begging for money and wondering what happened to my regular contributions. Here's my reply:

Mr. Mehlman,

Until and unless Congress which, in case you don’t know, IS CONTROLLED BY A REPUBLICAN MAJORITY, closes our southern border against any further invasion by illegal aliens, you can expect NOT ONE DIME from this family.

Further, Republicans are doing nothing – NOTHING – to counter the daily attacks by Liberal / Socialist elements of the Democratic minority in Congress. I realize that the media cheerleads for these folks but, so far, Republicans have been silent.

Republicans in Congress have never fully accepted the fact that they won a majority in the Legislative Branch, and have no idea how to use the power that was given to them by voters such as me.

If you haven’t learned how to use the power you were given, perhaps you are unworthy of it.

In addition to withholding funds from the RNC, I am seriously considering withholding my vote from any and all Republican candidates who fail to take a stand regarding CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES such as border control, abortion, government overregulation, and other principles which seem to have disappeared after Ronald Reagan. This would include Tom Kean, Jr., who doesn’t represent any of my core values. Why is he deserving of my vote? I may vote for a third party that better reflects my values, beliefs, and principles.

The Republican Party, in my opinion, has failed miserably to seize the initiative in Congress, and is unworthy of any donation on my part, financial or otherwise.

When and if the RNC returns to its CONSERVATIVE ROOTS and becomes, once again, the party of Ronald Reagan, I will resume my donations and support.

Thank you for your immediate attention to these matters.


16 posted on 06/23/2006 5:30:39 AM PDT by Peter W. Kessler
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