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McCain Camp Responds to Obama's DOJ Letter
Real Clear Politics ^ | 18 Oct 2008 | BLAKE DVORAK

Posted on 10/19/2008 12:42:05 AM PDT by XHogPilot

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To: Jarhead2844; USMCWriter; 1stbn27; 2111USMC; 2nd Bn, 11th Mar; 68 grunt; A.A. Cunningham; ASOC; ...
Good thread. Best Post
81 posted on 10/19/2008 7:13:25 PM PDT by freema (MarineNiece,Daughter,Wife,Friend,Sister,Friend,Aunt,Friend,Mother,Friend,Cousin, FRiend)
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Great remarks EBH -- really made me think. First we must agree to stop them from defining us. We must decide to become organized... Then, and only then will we begin to be ready to fight the required civic battle. I don't know if we have those kind of leaders.

Yes, "those" leaders exists. Just as yesterday and pray, tomorrow. The enigma of identifying them is part of what you've just posted. The mass of the media and "power centers " are not interested in bringing them to anyones attention. We cannot let our opponents define us, or declare those who represent us.

If this election goes to Obama with a 60 plus Democratic senate there will be a unique opportunity for REFORM within the Republican Party or creation of a new viable national opposition party.

True Constitutional defenders exist today among our states politicians, business community, legal profession, and the military. But altruism is powerless in politics, just look at the Constitution Party or Libertarian Party. How to (re)build a successful supportive national party with great representatives, especially in this hostile environment, is the real problem. Any ideas?

82 posted on 10/19/2008 8:54:32 PM PDT by XHogPilot
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To: PhiKapMom
President who has not been on the side of Republicans for sometime.

I beg your pardon...President Bush has stayed away from Republicans so he will not be used against them. What have we heard for years from the donkeys? He is doing just that to protect them from all those donkey evildoers. It is a strategy, and I'd say a very smart one.

Haven't you noticed how McCain has distance himself from President Bush? It is obvious why and you can bet this was decided by both of them.

83 posted on 10/19/2008 9:11:50 PM PDT by shield (A wise man's heart is at his RIGHT hand;but a fool's heart at his LEFT. Ecc 10:2)
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To: shield

This is not coordinated between the two candidates. After being at a private fundraiser recently, I am not happy with this President. It started after he was reelected and he reached out to Dems more then the GOP. Some things don’t change.

84 posted on 10/19/2008 9:22:53 PM PDT by PhiKapMom ( BOOMER SOONER -- VOTE FOR McCAIN/PALIN2008!
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To: XHogPilot

This seems to be a disturbingly knee-jerk reaction on the part of The Thin-Skinned One.

85 posted on 10/19/2008 9:45:48 PM PDT by Lexinom
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To: XHogPilot

In all of my life, I’ve not seen an election such as this.
Fraud is rampant, and the judiciary seems to be reluctant, at best, to stem it.
It started in earnest with Motor Voter, and has accelerated since.
It’s hard to remember the time when vote fraud wasn’t the norm.

With all of the publicity ACORN is getting, I hope the voters are fed up.

I’m rooting for the Silent Majority.

Thank you for the ping!

86 posted on 10/19/2008 10:10:40 PM PDT by dixiechick2000 (Sarah'cuda Rocks)
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To: jriemer

Those ACORN numbers are simply outrageous. If we lose this election, might as well get an Acorn tattooed on all our foreheads - we’ll probably be working for them.

87 posted on 10/19/2008 10:57:32 PM PDT by GnuHere
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To: XHogPilot
I have no set ideas as of right now. Some loose guidelines we need are already posted.

First we must agree to stop them from defining us. This requires us to come to terms with concise meanings. Meanings that are clearly stated and not easily twisted. An example I gave was capitalism/economy. What we say it is and what it is not. I wish I had tagged the Freeper who wrote it, it was brilliant. We need to make it more concise but as an accepted first draft is gives a strong model and foundation. Since they were able to hang the mortgage fiasco around our necks, it is clear the American public doesn't know what we stand for in our hearts. So what kind of things do we define as conservative? Economics, capitalism, values or more precisely integrity, speech codes, charity, welfare.

We must decide to become organized, not just for a day, but for generations to come. This is where I think we often fail. We're looking for a quick fix when we didn't get to this point overnight. Blame Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism for my view on this situation. He provides a good history lesson on how the left turned things on its head. In order to readjust the country's moral compass we need to be just as organized as they are. We need to get into the schools, support conservative teachers and teachings. We need to work with colleges to provide alternative viewpoints, even in the face of liberal protest. Work with young republican/conservative groups to provide them with a forum in which they can discuss, debate, and plan their future in America. While I understand why many people are homeschooling it is those values that are under fire in the public schools (there is a yet unformulated idea here). We complain about the bias of the mainstream media. I say to heck with them. Let us create our own news media. I often see in coffee shops and gathering places self published news. We can do this too. Internet of course, but print media for distribution.

We need to set a strategy to bring back the Republic, not republican party, the Republic. I am not a strategist, teacher, social engineer, psychologist, psychiatrist, or military background person. There are a lot of things I am not, but I am an American who believes in the values established in both our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We were given a Republic if we could keep it. Without a concerted effort at this point in our history we will lose it. We need an intervention tactic right now and a long-term strategy for generations to come. This must be a goal to be developed within the next 6 months to a year. Keep in mind they only needed 33% of the democrats in congress to be socialist to get us to this point(this took decades to accomplish).

Then, and only then will we begin to be ready to fight the required civic battle.

I don't know if we have those kind of leaders. I honestly don't know if we know how at this point. Some will scream that we cannot copy them, but look at their generational success. We need to appreciate the strategic model they have placed in front of us and now we need to exploit the design.

Who are the leaders and hero's of the left? Think about this answer carefully. Who formed their ideology? What writers are hailed as heros?

Who are they on the Right? What writers from history do we seek to claim, what modern day writers, etc. Limbaugh, Franz, Goldberg, Rand. Who are the local leaders? Are they willing to lead? It is not a quick fix. I accept that I will not see the results of this effort if we undertake it now. I know that if we do nothing and continue behaving in the manner we are will not be the country I wanted for my children, I will have failed my nephew, a Marine, in protecting the homeland while he defended it abroad.

88 posted on 10/20/2008 4:13:17 AM PDT by EBH ( Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. Oct. 1, 2008)
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To: Jim Robinson; XHogPilot
Fellows, the "strong letter" to the DOJ certainly makes good tough reading. But, it has as much to do with shaping opinion among the electorate as a strong letter to my Aunt Fanny.

Where's the TV ad? Where's the radio ad? Where's the full page newspaper ad running nationwide questioning Obama's role in the Kenya elections, and the subsequent massacre of hundreds of Christians and church burnings when his cousin Odinga lost, despite Obama's whirlwind campaign for him and the investment of over $1 million dollars? All of wich, should the DOJ fail to notice, is 100% illegal.

Where's the RNC? Sure, Obama's got more money. But what is the RNC doing with the money it has? The conservative base is there for McC. Now he has to convince the "independents."

89 posted on 10/20/2008 5:37:36 AM PDT by Kenny Bunk (In Kenya, Obama lied and hundreds died)
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To: XHogPilot

Thank God for the Second Amendment. We will need it.

William Shatner shows why the Second Amendment is important:

90 posted on 10/20/2008 8:35:21 AM PDT by Grampa Dave ( Joe the plumber should provide his license right after Obama provides his real birth certificate)
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To: XHogPilot
This isn't going to win Obama any votes.

The wheels are coming off his trolley.

91 posted on 10/20/2008 1:12:47 PM PDT by pray4liberty (The Lord is on the side of the truly righteous. The MSM is not.)
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To: freema

The infiltration continues unabated.

92 posted on 10/20/2008 4:02:56 PM PDT by Marine_Uncle (Duncan Hunter was our best choice.)
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To: nathanbedford

“McCain should seize the moment And Go before the National Press Club and indict Obama on several counts in a gravely serious speech. Let the national media react. If, as anticipated, they react in support of Obama, the matter is nevertheless before the public and Obama is on the defensive. If, perchance, they react in favor of McCain’s position, loose the hounds! Either way the soundbites will be valuable.

McCain can do this out of concern for the Constitution and the principle of free speech and his concern as a patriot who has been tortured for his country and so avoid inevitable cries that he is whining.”

What should McCain do after going to the National Press Club with this story and it is spiked by the National Press Club like so many other stories?

Also, are you sure he has not already gone before the National Press Club with this story? It could have already been spiked.

93 posted on 10/20/2008 9:47:20 PM PDT by mjaneangels@aolcom
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