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To: Aliska

Keep reading.

Once I found Schiff’s associations with Adam Kokesh, I quit the tea party.

Since then, i found out Schiff is EXACTLY like Barney Frank on all moral issues

do the search yourself
Gay rights

16 posted on 06/07/2010 3:12:10 PM PDT by RaceBannon (RON PAUL: THE PARTY OF TRUTHERS, TRAITORS AND UFO CHASERS!!!)
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To: RaceBannon

Keep focusing on moral issues, while the economy tanks

In 20 years when you are digging in trash cans for food, I doubt you’ll really be worried if homosexuals are getting married

18 posted on 06/07/2010 3:13:29 PM PDT by MadIsh32 (In order to be pro-market, sometimes you must be anti-big business)
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To: RaceBannon

Thanx for digging this all up. Shame on those who excuse breaking the law to win.

30 posted on 06/07/2010 3:29:13 PM PDT by Once-Ler (ProLife ProGun ProGod ProSoldier ProBusiness Republican for Palin)
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To: RaceBannon
Hmmmm. Yes, I read about some of that stuff, looked up some of those people, that Kokesh is too much of a firebrand imo. I crossed a line and he's the only one on the abortion issue, don't like it but nothing's going to be done about it anyway.

OK, and his father is in prison, something about against taxes. Didn't know a little of the other but have watched just about every video he's got out there.

You have proof he lost his driver's license? And for what?

I just liked the guy, good speaker, his demeanor, seems like a decent guy, quick thinking, not going to enact legislation but trying to get some rolled back. We'll have to see what happens then.

36 posted on 06/07/2010 3:32:57 PM PDT by Aliska
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To: RaceBannon

The problem with Tea Parties,that people didn’t realize back in March or April 09, was how diverse the different kinds of people would be across the country who would be going to them and running as “Tea Party” Candidates. The problems that have arisen come from different groups being mislead into thinking they all had the same goals.

As such while everyone agrees that Obama’s policies are bad. The problems kick in when people do not agree in the solutions, some of the problems, and platforms of different “Tea Party” candidates.

Thus, right away the idea of a Tea Party might have been a bad idea, in this regards, because it seems the PaulBots who had been doing them prior to Obama, joined the ones in 2009. And as such amid the confusion of 2009, you had people who ran the range of right-wing politics involved in them. Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and even some Democrats against Obama went to them.

The problem therefore is that both the Rinos and the Libertarians are trying to hijack Tea Parties. You have Carly Fiorina on one side being supported by Sarah Palin, while on the other PaulBots have tried to get Adam Kokesh, Debra Medina, and Peter Schiff elected as “Tea Party” Candidates.

And the problem as far as Libertarians and Conservatives go is that both DO NOT See EYE to EYE on many issues. Especially on National Defense and Foreign policy issues.
The PaulBots and Libertarian Republicans want to cut Defense and do not embrace a War on Terror. They want to bring Fiscal policy to the Army and Thus Ron Paul voted more liberals than even most liberals because he supported cutting Defense and thus voted against every Troop increase and funding the war on Terror and invading Iraq and Afghanistan and also is so far out there on these issues he is a Truther.

Thus Libertarians and Conservatives generally don’t agree on those issues. Then if you the fact Libertarians think that everything has to be regulated by the constitution that add another layer.

While Conservatives support the constitution and want it upholded. Libertarians tend to go to and extreme that basically says that even if I don’t agree with what you want to do or have done because I support the constitution I say the constitution grants you the power to do whatever it is you did.

So as such they are always evoking the constitution as a reason for not being able to impeach Obama or whatever.
Thus some PaulBot Libertarians and Libertarian Republicans try to pass themselves off as constitutionalists.

Therefore, my point is There are a host of issues where most Conservatives will not agree with Libertarians. Thus you had the whole mess with Glenn Beck because he plays both sides of the fence. He is the hybrid known as Libertarian Conservative. As such he has offended both sides at times by saying things one side or the other doesn’t like.

But back to my main point, thus the Tea Parties are a bit broken because different ideologies are at play. Mix in dis-effected Obama voters going to them. And you have this current state that we are in as it has become a challenge to agree on some candidates.

190 posted on 06/07/2010 7:48:11 PM PDT by Mozilla
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