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Pat Buchanan Predicts the Death of "Gringos"
La Voz de Aztlan ^ | 12/2/2002 | Ernesto Cienfuegos

Posted on 04/15/2002 10:36:02 AM PDT by A. Pole

Pat Buchanan Predicts
Death of "Gringos"

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - 12/2/2002 - (ACN) It looks like Pzifer's Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) tablets are not working for white men if one is to believe Pat Buchanan's new book titled "The Death of the West" . Mr. Buchanan is predicting the demise of white America, white Europe and even white Israel because of the greater virility and fertility of people of color. He says that by 2050 the USA will be a Third World nation largely because of Mexican immigration and birthrates. Somebody should remind Mr. Buchanan of the great Olmec, Mayan, Teotihuacan and Aztec civilizations that existed in Mexico way prior to the time that his ragged ancestors arrived at Ellis Island starving for lack of potatoes.

Mr. Pat Buchanan is a white racist and a white bigot, plain and simple. He is now a "has been" and is simply race baiting and scaring white people in a last ditch effort to save his political career. It is not going to work. The ex-governor of Alta California, Pete (Pito) Wilson, tried the same thing and now he is a non-entity. The best that Pat Buchanan should hope for is to sell a few of his books to old folks in "white senior care centers" where their ungrateful sons and daughters dump them when they are no longer productive.

Buchanan focuses on La Raza in a chapter he titles "La Reconquista" where he contends that an invasion of the United States is taking place and that America now harbors a “nation within a nation.” We suppose that he means Aztlan. It looks like he flunked US History 101 in college because he does not seem to know that we had missions, pueblos and ranchos around here way before "gringos" ever came to this region. He writes that radical and militant Latino and Mexican leaders are conspiring for the cultural and demographic recapture of the Southwest from America and thus reversing the results of The Mexican War. It must be that he wrote the chapter before Mayor James Hahn declared Los Angeles a Mexican city. Not only is Los Angeles a Mexican city but also San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Antonio, Santa Fe, El Paso, and countless other cities in the southwest. The very names of these cities indicate their history. We have been here all this time. The only difference is that we as a people have now overcome many of the oppressive and racist policies that have been imposed on us by the "gringos" like the Buchanans and the Wilsons of the USA.

Perhaps Buchanan should look elsewhere for the causes of what he perceives to be "The Death of the West" instead of scapegoating people of color and specially us Mexicans in the southwest. Must we remind Mr. Buchanan of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire and other civilizations throughout the history of the human race. Are we responsible for the high homosexual and lesbian rates among white people? This is one reason why white people are not multiplying. How about the corruption in your highest levels of government? Must we remind Mr. Buchanan of the depraved sexual trysts of ex-president Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky in the White House or about Congressman Condit and his implication in the disappearance of Chandra Levy. Are we responsible for white kids committing suicide at such high rates and the shootouts at schools like the one that occurred at Columbine High School in Colorado. These incidents were all a "white thing" and we had nothing to do with them.

Sometimes us Mexicans feel sad for white kids. They do seem like they are dying. A glaring example took place during the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Alta California on New Year's Day. It just happened that the Columbine High School Band made the trip to participate in the parade. Unfortunately the Columbine H.S. Band followed another high school band from Detroit. This band consisted of all black students and they put on quite a show. Watching them marching and playing their musical instruments made one want to dance. They lifted ones spirits joyously. Then came the all white Columbine High School Band. What a sorry sight. One felt sad for them instead of happy. They seemed like people out of the film "Night of the Living Dead." They seemed dead inside with no spirit. No wonder those kids went on a rampage at the high school. I could not help think that there is a very serious "spiritual" problem at Columbine High School and that this was the cause for the shootout and killing of the thirteen students. This very same phenomena can be observed elsewhere throughout white society. Drugs (i.e. Oxycontin), alcoholism, racism, bigotry, hypocrisy, greed, homosexuality and white family incest are but a few manisfestation of the white spiritual problem. Whereas people of color commit economic crimes for survival, white people are committing "spiritual" crimes because of depravity, decadence and other similar factors. Most serial murderers throughout history, including Jack the Ripper have been white. Perhaps the fundamental problem of white people is spiritual in nature and it is this that is causing "The Death of the West". The "West" has lost its moral bearings and it is now devoid of spirituality. People of color have nothing to do with this and, to the contrary, we may be the salvation of the white people who see and understand what is really happening.

TOPICS: Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: america; buchanan; civilisation; mexico; population; west
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Comment #21 Removed by Moderator

To: Hobey Baker
If I were Buchanan, I would pay this A$$HOLE to follow me
22 posted on 04/15/2002 11:22:46 AM PDT by conserve-it
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To: conserve-it
I'm glad I don't have to deal with all of that up here. Lansing has a relativly large Mexican population(12%), but the ones here are no different than anyone else.
23 posted on 04/15/2002 11:23:26 AM PDT by Dan from Michigan
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To: philosofy123
The opposite is correct with most of the BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS HILLBILIES!

Hmm. Maybe you're more "Christian" than those hillbillies?.. Looks like you got another ethnic/religious group you can add to your hate list.

24 posted on 04/15/2002 11:26:03 AM PDT by Nonstatist
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To: Dan from Michigan
It is when they take over cities of 100,000+ that they get mean. There are many cities here from 60-90% Mexican. And they are starting to attack white people,even old ones who can't afford to move.
25 posted on 04/15/2002 11:30:50 AM PDT by conserve-it
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To: philosofy123
We 'Mountain Williams' utterly reject your inane characterizations!

Especially coming from someone who can't spell 'philosophy', and is apparently very, very proud of his attempts at numeracy.

26 posted on 04/15/2002 11:31:42 AM PDT by headsonpikes
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To: A. Pole
Whereas people of color commit economic crimes for survival, white people are committing "spiritual" crimes because of depravity, decadence and other similar factors.

Yes, and the poverty-riddled/sexually rambunctious "people of color" all over the world are going to save us Gringos via their pristine culture? Of all the supposedly white-exclusive sins and crimes listed in this article, we could find the same wherever "people of color" reside. One could argue that we have much more to fear from the millions of "normal" fornicators than any of the esoteric sinners: they alone are producing large numbers of unwanted, unloved, and eventually-bitter, dysfunctional human beings. They can't blame that on white folks, homosexuals OR Jack the Ripper!

Wickedness is truly multi-cultural, so Ernesto I'm not drawn in to your sainted "people of color" tat.

27 posted on 04/15/2002 11:33:20 AM PDT by avenir
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To: A. Pole
Remind me, next time I want some profound insight on social change, to look at a black band and a white band in a parade.
28 posted on 04/15/2002 11:35:18 AM PDT by firebrand
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To: A. Pole
Patrick Buchanan THE DEATH OF THE WEST

Patrick Buchanan THE DEATH OF THE WEST (Introduction pp 8-9)

THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION that began with the storming of the Winter Palace in 1917 died with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The dream of its true believers was to create a new socialist man. But police terror, the camps of the Gulag, and seventy years of indoctrinating children in hatred of the West and the moral superiority of Marx and Lenin did not work. Communism was The God That Failed. When the mighty structure built on a foundation of lies came crashing down, the peoples of Eastern Europe and Russia threw the statues of Stalin and Lenin and the books of Marx and Engels onto the landfill of history without looking back.

But where Lenin's revolution failed, the one that erupted on the campuses in the sixties succeeded. It put down roots in society, and it created a new America. By 2000, the adversary culture of the sixties had become our dominant culture, its victory conceded when the political base camp of traditionalism raised a white flag in Philadelphia. On the moral and social issues-the fight for the sanctity of human life and the return of God to the public square of this land we used to call "God's Country" - the Republican party raised its gloves and pleaded, "No mas. "

In The Death of the West I hope to describe this revolution-what it stands for, where it came from, how it went about dethroning our God, vandalizing our temples, altering our beliefs, and capturing the young, and what its triumph portends. For this revolution is not unique to us; it has captured all the nations of the West. A civilization, a culture, a faith, and a moral order rooted in that faith are passing away and are being replaced by a new civilization, culture, faith, and moral order.

But the title of this book is The Death of the West. And though our culture war has divided us, and mass immigration risks the balkanization of America, a graver, more immediate, crisis is at hand.

The West is dying. Its nations have ceased to reproduce, and their populations have stopped growing and begun to shrink. Not since the Black Death carried off a third of Europe in the fourteenth century has there been a graver threat to the survival of Western civilization. Today, in seventeen European countries, there are more burials than births, more coffins than cradles. The countries are Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Russia.1 Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox-all the Christian faiths are represented in the great death march of the West.

The new hedonism seems unable to give people a reason to go on living. Its earliest fruits appear to be poisonous. Will this new "liberating" culture that our young have so enthusiastically embraced prove the deadliest carcinogen of them all? And if the West is in the grip of a "culture of death," as the pope contends and the statistics seem to show, is Western civilization about to follow Lenin's empire to the same inglorious end?

1 United Nations Secretariat, World Population Prospects, November 24, 1998




So part of this does Pat's critics disagree with?

29 posted on 04/15/2002 11:36:14 AM PDT by ex-snook
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To: Dutchy;Oschisms;paulie;Exit 109; Love America or move to ......
You don't want to miss this one . . .
30 posted on 04/15/2002 11:37:36 AM PDT by firebrand
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To: Dan from Michigan
Who in the blue hell wrote this? The Mexican David Duke?

I hope everyone who agrees with this article knows that the publisher, La Vos de Aztlan, also has a copy of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion on their site. They are nothing but a bunch of Mexican Nazis.

31 posted on 04/15/2002 11:48:04 AM PDT by Dakmar
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To: Poohbah
Remember Quebec a few years ago?
32 posted on 04/15/2002 12:20:17 PM PDT by banjo joe
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To: banjo joe
Looks like my post sailed right over your head :o)
33 posted on 04/15/2002 12:22:47 PM PDT by Poohbah
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To: headsonpikes
I don't know what are you talking about. In grammar school, kids made fun of each others appearance. By you making fun of my spelling, you are simply showing that you did not graduate past grammar school, at least spiritually!
34 posted on 04/15/2002 12:24:27 PM PDT by philosofy123
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To: KC_Conspirator
A big problem the Mexicans had is that prior to the white Americans migrating to the southwest, the Comanche's routinely raided into Mexico, plundering, killing and taking slaves (yes, that's right). The Mexicans were unable to deal with the problem. Only when the Texicanos (gingos in Texas) arrived, and dealt with the Comanche's in two generations was the Mexican's problem solved, giving rise to a new problem: wounded sense of "machismo".
35 posted on 04/15/2002 12:26:30 PM PDT by banjo joe
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To: Junior
"He has no faith in anyone other than white folks to understand and transmit the ideals that made America great."

True, in that regard he might have no faith.

He requires empirical evidence.

36 posted on 04/15/2002 12:33:19 PM PDT by Tauzero
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To: avenir
They can't blame that on white folks, homosexuals OR Jack the Ripper!

Actually, since Jack was never caught we don't have a clue what color he was. Although one popular theory has it that he was Jewish and this was covered up to prevent a popular pogrom. And a lot of bigots (both right and left) refuse to classify Jews as "white."

37 posted on 04/15/2002 12:33:27 PM PDT by Restorer
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To: philosofy123
You apparently dwell in an irony-free zone. Perhaps it's just as well.
38 posted on 04/15/2002 12:35:27 PM PDT by headsonpikes
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To: Dan from Michigan
"Lansing has a relativly large Mexican population(12%), but the ones here are no different than anyone else."

One difference: an ability and willingness to endure freezing temperatures in order to prosper.

39 posted on 04/15/2002 12:36:35 PM PDT by Tauzero
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To: Tauzero
Then he should join the military. There are plenty of non-white folks there maintaining the ideals upon which this nation was founded.
40 posted on 04/15/2002 12:36:46 PM PDT by Junior
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