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Hillary Clinton/Gray Davis "It takes a PILLAGE!" FReep - Saturday (10/5) 4pm - Century Plaza (L.A.)
email | October 5, 2002 | RonDog

Posted on 10/05/2002 3:06:19 AM PDT by RonDog

FReep ALERT!!!

Hillary Clinton and Gray Davis
will be
for a
Get-Out-The-VOTE Rally

on Saturday (10/5) at 4:30 pm
in the sunken plaza (thirty feet below street level) at the
Century Plaza Hotel
2025 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles (Century City)

(That is THEIR rally.)


(Here is OUR COUNTER-rally!)

The "It takes a PILLAGE!" Players
(featuring the Black Pantsuit precision drill team)

the "eGray Hooker"
the "debate CHICKEN" and "Superman SIMON" (The S is for SIMON!)
Bill & Monica!

will be
FReeping them at 4 pm
with a
Throw-The-CROOK-Out PRE-Rally
along the "observation rail" high above them, at street level.

(Plus, see the NEW "Dump DAVIS!" cutouts from FReeper Howie!)

Please join us.

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; Breaking News; News/Current Events; Political Humor/Cartoons; Politics/Elections; US: California
KEYWORDS: calgov2002; dumpdavis; egray; egraydavis; freep; graydavis; hillary; hughhewitt
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To: AnnaZ
Way to go ANNA!!
81 posted on 10/05/2002 4:23:49 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach
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To: bonesmccoy
82 posted on 10/05/2002 4:24:20 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach; All
In the foreground is First Lady Laura Bush, a CREDENTIALED educator. In the background is former First Lady Hillary Clinton, who has NEVER had a credential for education or in children's health care.

Who do you trust with the future of your children?

The person who is a credentialed educator, Mrs. Bush

Or, the person who is NOT! credentialed, Mrs. Clinton


83 posted on 10/05/2002 4:43:06 PM PDT by bonesmccoy
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To: bonesmccoy
Some women have class, some don't don't have a clue. Any that would hang with slick are in the latter category.

I'm stuck down here in Palm Desert, hoping for the best for the brave protesters. That RonDog is a regular attack dog, (thank goodness)!
84 posted on 10/05/2002 4:59:06 PM PDT by Howie
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To: bonesmccoy
"We have weapons the world has not dreamed of!", Adolph Hitler 1939"

He was an early-edition Sadam.

85 posted on 10/05/2002 5:06:28 PM PDT by Howie
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To: feinswinesuksass
I'll watch the 6 o'clock news!!!
86 posted on 10/05/2002 5:09:51 PM PDT by Howie
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To: Howie; RonDog
Hillary Clinton booed by David Letterman’s audience. Bush supporters who are depressed should have been heartened Wednesday night when Letterman on his Late Show, taped in New York City, prompted boos when he brought up Hillary name’s.

    In his opening monologue Letterman set up a joke: "How ‘bout Hillary Clinton?...Remember, we thought it was a joke?" At first the audience clapped, but the clapping was soon overcome by a growing chorus of hisses and boos.

    Letterman joked: "They’re saying already that maybe in 2004 she might run for President. So if you look at it in these terms, listen to this: Becoming the Senator from New York is the first very important step to the Clintons so they can become, perhaps, a two impeachment family."

    And he told another about Hillary: "They’re saying that Hillary has her eyes on the Oval Office for 2004 and I’m thinking, well it’s too bad she didn’t have her eyes on the Oval Office when Bill was nailing Monica."

87 posted on 10/05/2002 5:32:12 PM PDT by bonesmccoy
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To: RonDog
Any news?
88 posted on 10/05/2002 6:46:33 PM PDT by chnsmok
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To: RonDog
Aw, Geeez....missed this exciting thread.... Looking forward to after-action report
89 posted on 10/05/2002 8:35:00 PM PDT by Mediaqueen
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To: Howie
For John Stossel's VH1 editing story, see this link
90 posted on 10/05/2002 8:46:43 PM PDT by bonesmccoy
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To: bonesmccoy
For videotape of Hillary Clinton lying to the American people...
91 posted on 10/05/2002 8:56:00 PM PDT by bonesmccoy
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To: bonesmccoy; Howie; daviddennis
When President Bush appeared at Century Plaza Hotel just a few months ago, the socialists were protesting across the street. There were no demonstrations on the hotel side. If they let you demonstrate on the sidewalk across the street that would be consistent with prior M.O.
You are correct. (But with YOUR help, we broke the "prior M.O." mold into little tiny peices.)

I just got back from the FReep - and post-FReep VICTORY party. :o)

First, I want to say THANK YOU to those of you who contacted the security folks at the hotel on our behalf.
Your efforts certainly DID get results!
(More on that later.)

Second, I want to thank all of the FReepers who made this evening such such an AMAZING success!!!
(More on THAT later, too!)

And, third, I REALLY want to thank the "Chicken Man" (we know who you are!) and his MANY college Republican friends who encouraged us to "push the envelope," and get the BEST turnout, the most PASSION, and far and away some of the most CREATIVE FReeping that I have EVER seen.

Bottom line: I was OVERWHELMED by today's events.
The "Dump DAVIS!" momentum has combined with the "Simon SURGE" to reach a level of critical mass that is much bigger than anything that I can - or WANT to - control by myself.
Bill Simon's campaign is finally going to into HYPERDRIVE, and WE helped!

Today was another "BANNER DAY" in our battle to rid California of its most CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT and thoroughly DANGEROUS governor in hustory.

AnnaZ will post the post-FReep thread, and daviddennis should have some initial images posted online - very soon.

More from me, soon...

92 posted on 10/05/2002 10:02:22 PM PDT by RonDog
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To: RonDog
Today was fantastic. I wish we could have been across the street, but it was alot of fun anyway. We were able to disrupt from above and below....

I was overjoyed to see so many young people. It gave me some hope for Californias future. Those college kids were wonderful. I wish I was that together when I was their age.

93 posted on 10/05/2002 10:12:18 PM PDT by Feiny
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To: feinswinesuksass; AnnaZ; HangFire; Lady Jenn; Tony in Hawaii; Outraged; daviddennis; ...
We made the AP wire!


Hillary Clinton at governor's 'Get Out the Vote' rally in LA


New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told a crowd of supporters Saturday to "send a message to Republicans in Washington" by voting for Democrats in the upcoming elections.

In a 10-minute speech at the Century Plaza Hotel, Clinton sounded more like a candidate herself than a big name draw in the rally for Democratic Gov. Gray Davis' run for a second term. Republican Bill Simon is his challenger.

"There's a sign out here that says: 'It's still the economy, stupid,'" Clinton told an enthusiastic crowd of about 500.

In April, Clinton headlined a fund-raiser for Davis in San Francisco that added about $1 million to his already-fat $28 million war chest. She urged Democratic women to help Davis, who is pro-choice, defeat Simon, who has said he opposes abortion rights.

Davis' campaign plans to spend $2.5 million to $3 million in the remaining weeks before the election. The stream of ads have attack the investment firm, William E. Simon & Sons which Simon co-founded in 1988.

Though she mentioned Davis and some of his policies, Clinton primarily took swipes at President George W. Bush's administration and Republicans.

"They don't just want to roll back on Bill Clinton's policies, they're working on Franklin Roosevelt's and Teddy Roosevelt's as well," she said.

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 45 percent to 35 percent, the Democrats do not seem to be resting on their laurels just yet.

Davis must overcome lackluster popularity ratings, a labor quagmire at the country's two largest ports and a budget deficit created by policies enacted during last year's energy crisis.

Clinton, however, laid the blame for the energy crisis squarely at the feet of energy chief executive officers.

"California taught the rest of the country a lesson before Enron made headlines," she said. "California was dealt a bad hand because we know these energy companies drove up prices."

About 30 protesters carried signs that stated "Davis: A Name You Can Buy," and "Blackout Davis," as they marched across the street from the hotel. Democrats who attended the rally saw them only as they entered the hotel.

The rally inside began with a lineup of party leaders, including Art Torres, head of the California Democratic Party and Terry McAuliffe, the national Democratic Party chairman.

Davis, who spoke for less than 10 minutes, also rattled off a list of his victories during his four years as governor.

"My opponent is a true blue think tank conservative," Davis said. He described improvement of schools as his "passion," and improved health insurance coverage as a key goal.

He portrayed the gubernatorial election as a clear choice for voters.

"This is as clear a contest as you can have. I am for the mainstream values of California, he is for the far right," Davis said.

Published: Saturday, October 5, 2002 20:44 PDT

BTW, here is my first draft at the FReeper "honor roll" of those in attendance.
I KNOW that I am missing many names.

Who ELSE was there, in addition to:

RonDog (as the "eGray Hooker")
Tony in Hawaii
Outraged (dressed as Superman: "The S is for Simon!")
daviddennis (video cameraman EXTRAORDINAIRE!)
The SpottedOwl (at her FIRST FReep!!!)

94 posted on 10/05/2002 10:16:19 PM PDT by RonDog
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To: RonDog
I think you were down changing at the time but Art Torres had to walk right through us to get to the hotel and the look he gave us wasn't a smile!

Typical press reporting, there were over 50 of us there, not 30!
95 posted on 10/05/2002 10:23:06 PM PDT by dalereed
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To: RonDog
Here is a ppartial FReep report from our FRiend Jill (who seems to know MANY FReepers, but does not post here often enough to use the screen name, that I THINK she has...):
today was the best rapid response ever! We had the hooker and superman!! It seems they were laying in wait for the chicken so he just stayed in the coop - but he sent a substitute with a bullhorn:)

The college republicans came out today too - we got so much attention 2 police cars came and parked in the cut throughs of the esplanade on Avenue of the Stars - we were across the street from the hotel and they could hear us on the plaza level where the "GOTV" rally was - rumor had it that Terry McAuliffe was there but I didn't see him on the stage - he's hard to miss but I did have an "obstructed" view - but I saw hitlary and some man with gray hair:)

96 posted on 10/05/2002 10:24:20 PM PDT by RonDog
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To: RonDog; feinswinesuksass; dalereed

97 posted on 10/05/2002 10:26:13 PM PDT by AnnaZ
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To: AnnaZ; All
I had a great time meeting you all :)

Btw saw the local channel 9 news at 9pm. Only protest footage was of Davis supporters...of course.
98 posted on 10/05/2002 10:44:30 PM PDT by TheSpottedOwl
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To: TheSpottedOwl

Only protest footage was of Davis supporters...of course.

But of course.


99 posted on 10/05/2002 10:56:06 PM PDT by AnnaZ
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To: AnnaZ
See the PICTURES at:
CENTURY CITY FREEP: We attack Gray Davis in his own territory-A must-read! ^ | 10/06/2002 | David H Dennis
Posted on 10/06/2002 1:27 AM Pacific by daviddennis

Gray Davis and the Democrats would seem to have had everything on their side. A posh venue with a massive supply of security personnel. Celebrity guests, including Hillary Clinton and Gray Davis himself. The press, prepared to fawn over their every move. And an large crew attending a precision organized, well-financed event. I don't think we could have afforded their sign-printing bill, much less the cost of renting the venue.

Excerpted - Full Article ^


100 posted on 10/06/2002 5:42:47 AM PDT by RonDog
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