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Keep congressional SCUM out of the economy!
Myself | 3 Oct. 04 | bryankdonnelly

Posted on 10/03/2004 8:09:16 AM PDT by bryankdonnelly

"Clean Air Act" causes more problems than it solves. Keep congressional scum out of the economy!

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When a Democratic "feel good" Congress passed the most recent update of the so called "Clean Air Act," in the 1980's, the bill contained a number of sensible cost/benefit analysis provisions (thanks to Ronald Reagan and the Republicans) that the left has been fighting to get removed ever since. Rick correctly points out that, over the last several decades, we have removed something like 90% of air pollutants. But the morally narcissistic absolutist left insists on 100% even though, as one approached that goal, the cost of doing so increases geometrically. Moreover, for most pollutants, medical science has told us that the elimination of the last 2-5% would have exactly no, zero, health advantage. Humans CAN live easily with small amounts of even the most poisonous substances. One is reminded of the folk wisdom in the phrase "You gotta eat a peck of dirt before you die." However neurotic morally narcissistic liberals like Ralph Nader, Jeremy Rifkind, and Al Gore, insist on 100%, never mind the economic cost.

One provision of the "Clean Air" act is particularly laughable; "Clean coal technology." The American West (AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV) is practically COVERED with huge near surface easily and cheaply extracted deposits of practically sulphur free coal. This bonanza feeds the free world's largest coal fired power plant, the Navaho Generating Station, in the northeast corner of Arizona. This plant provides electric power to six states! It is fed by a continuous railroad of coal cars from nearby surface mines. Navaho produces little pollution because it burns almost sulphur free western coal.

This same coal is an excellent alternative for Eastern power plants. Even factoring in the transportation costs, this coal is not only far lower sulphur (and thus pollution) but it actually COSTS LESS delivered to, say Ohio, or Michigan, or New York! Why then don’t we use this seemingly God given resource to solve the Eastern "smoke stack" pollution problem? Congress forbids it!

You see, Western coal has several huge drawbacks. 1. It is not mined in the East. 2. It is so easy to extract, far fewer workers are required. The mines are completely automated. 3. It's well paid miners are not unionized. 4. Western coal miners and producers don't contribute heavily to several influential Democrat Senators.

Yes, during the debate on the "Clean Air Act," several liberal Democratic US Senators (Byrd W.VA., Simon, Ill., Rockefeller, W.Va., and Metzenbaum, Oh. among others) forced a provision which BANNED COAL SUBSTITUTION. So American industry was forced to spend many billions of non productive dollars on stack scrubber technology. Incidentally, the firms which produce this expensive machinery lobbied heavily and contributed heavily to the very same Senators! What a surprise!

But, not to worry, the liberals all FELT GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES because they'd DONE SOMETHING. Now, in the process, they'd killed many thousands of jobs by saddling power generation companies with completely unnecessary expensive (and unreliable) capital equipment. And, outside the Federally subsidized TVA area, they'd saddled every electricity consumer with higher power bills and added substantially to the cost of everything produced with electric power from cars to aluminum. But that's OK! No need to worry, they'd done something about pollution!

Yet another bit of liberal idiocy may be found in the "Clean Air" requirements for gasoline "anti-pollution" additives. The Phoenix area is in a valley surrounded by fairly high mountains. Thus in the winter, like many other western cities with similar geography, it has a pollution "problem." Actually most of this "problem" consists of entirely harmless particulate matter that produces a completely harmless haze. However this haze is UN-ASTHETIC. Its NOT PRETTY, even though it is generally gone by about 10 AM. It HAD TO GO. So the EPA, following the dictates of the "Clean Air' act, required Maricopa County and many other such western metro areas to add MTBE (a petroleum based additive) to the gas in winter. We could have equally well used ethanol (grain alcohol) produced from corn, but apparently the corn state lobbyists were out fought (and spent) by the oil lobbyists in the Senate. So we ended up with MTBE.

The MTBE added about five cents a gallon to the consumer cost, reduced automobile performance noticeably, and also tended to cause mechanical problems. But the people put up with it because, after all, we were "solving the pollution 'problem.'"

A few years ago we discovered that MTBE CAUSED MORE POLLUTION THAN IT SOLVED! And apart from the air problem, the stuff was so corrosive that it was leaking out of gas station tanks and polluting the ground water with it's highly toxic chemicals. So the idiotic EPA then pulled the stuff!

But, when ambulance chasing claims lawyers started SUING the gas stations, oil companies etc. who'd been FORCED TO USE THE GARBAGE, the Democrats in the Senate filibustered to death a bill which would have shielded the industry from lawsuits! Seems the trial lawyers, good Democrats all, didn't want to lose such a promising source of income from legal extortion.

It’s a bit like their opposition to litigation protection for shipyards that had, during and after World War II, used asbestos in the ships they built for the Navy; it was REQUIRED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! So now the trial lawyers are reaping huge rewards through lawsuits against these same companies. After all, millionaire Democrat lawyers need to make a living!

I guess what I'm saying here is that politicians (of either party) should not be permitted to even be involved in such matters at all! Perhaps we should leave such regulation to the Insurance industry; they, after all, would have to provide the money from damages.

Winston Churchill once said, "Democracy is a bad form of government, only all the others are so much worse!" But democracy is a really BAD way to regulate industry. Generally, those elected to office, by the very process of election by the ignorant electorate, become DEMOGAUGIC SCUM! If you had a business and wanted it to prosper, would you choose as the board of directors the 535 members of congress? No way! Small wonder that Social Security is such a complete mess!

We really need constitutional reform to keep politicians completely out of the productive economy. What about necessary regulation? Perhaps it would be best to hand that function over to a non elected body like the Federal Reserve, IMF, or World Bank. A quasi private group less inclined to consult to what Edmund Burke called "the transitory passions of the swinish multitude."

1 posted on 10/03/2004 8:09:17 AM PDT by bryankdonnelly
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To: Brandon36526
Bryan, FEELGOOD is always cool -- as long as it the liberals who feel it. Thank God their flawed concepts of reality are not shared by many.
3 posted on 10/08/2004 4:21:30 AM PDT by Dave Hamilton
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To: Brandon36526
Dear Brandon,

What a pleasant surprise to read your common sense reply.

I do so agree that there is so much uncivilized behavior
amongst people today. This is also my first post and I am glad that I came across your reply.

You asked some pertinent questions and I hope you will get a coherent response.

There are extremists on both sides of the political spectrum,so be aware of it, although I'm sure you already are.

I am a mom of two sons whom were raised to be gentleman. It is apparent that your folks raised you in the same manner.

I work with a man who is interested in alternative energy. His mane is Mike Brown. His website is There are many interesting articles there on alternative energy.

C.mamadeus Corman
4 posted on 10/08/2004 9:38:39 AM PDT by mama liberty
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To: mama liberty

Whoever posted the message up top, kudos to you if you wrote it yourself.

5 posted on 11/12/2004 11:27:56 PM PST by Dozer3
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