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1 posted on 02/01/2002 6:54:54 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Gail Wynand; looscannon; Lonesome in Massachussets; river rat; Freedom'sWorthIt; IVote2; Slyfox...






rodham clinton REALITY CHECK bump!

Clinton's failure to grasp the opportunity to unravel increasingly organized extremists, coupled with Berger's assessments of their potential to directly threaten the U.S., represents one of the most serious foreign policy failures in American history

Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize



Bill Clinton may not be the worst president America has had, but surely he is the worst person to be president.*

---GEORGE WILL, Sleaze, the sequel


Had George Will written Sleaze, the sequel (the "sequel" is, of course, hillary) after 9-11-01, I suspect that he would have had to forgo the above conceit, as the doubt expressed in the setup phrase was, from that day forward, no longer operational.

Indeed, assessing the clinton presidency an abject failure is not inconsistent with commentary coming from the left, most recently the LA Times: "Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize."

When the clintons left office, I predicted that the country would eventually learn--sadly, the hard way--that this depraved, self-absorbed and inept pair had placed America (and the world) in mortal danger. But I was thinking years, not months.

It is very significant that hillary clinton didn't deny clinton culpability for the terrorism. (Meet the Press, 12-09-01), notwithstanding tired tactics (if you can't pass the buck, spread the blame) and chronic "KnowNothing Victim Clinton" self-exclusion.

If leftist pandering keeps the disenfranchized down in perpetuity, clinton pandering,("it's the economy, stupid"), kept the middle and upper classes wilfully ignorant for eight years.

And ironically, both results (leftist social policy and the clinton economy) are equally illusory, fraudulent. It is becoming increasingly clear that clinton assiduously avoided essential actions that would have negatively impacted the economy--the ultimate source of his continued power--actions like, say, going after the terrorists.

It is critically important that hillary clinton fail in her grasp for power; read Peggy Noonan's little book, 'The Case Against Hillary Clinton' and Barbara Olson's two books; it is critical that the West de-clintonize, but that will be automatic once it is understood that the clintons risked civilization itself in order to gain and retain power.

It shouldn't take books, however, to see that a leader is a dangerous, self-absorbed sicko. People should be able to figure that out for themselves. The electorate must be taught to think, to reason. It must be able to spot spin, especially in this age of the electronic demagogue.

I am not hopeful. As Bertrand Russell noted, "Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so. "

Mia T, hillary clinton blames hubby for terrorism

(SHE knew nuttin')

Meet the Press, 12-09-01



*George Will continues: There is reason to believe that he is a rapist ("You better get some ice on that," Juanita Broaddrick says he told her concerning her bit lip), and that he bombed a country to distract attention from legal difficulties arising from his glandular life, and that. ... Furthermore, the bargain that he and his wife call a marriage refutes the axiom that opposites attract. Rather, she, as much as he, perhaps even more so, incarnates Clintonism

Q ERTY3 co-rapist  bump!
CLINTON-WAS-AN-UTTER-FAILURE Containment Team Scheme Fails Again
Ollie North Laughs Ann Lewis Off Stage
Helen Thomas Syndrome: THE SYMPTOMS
Will Riefenstahl-esque "editing to perfection" resurrect the clintons?
Frankenstein, The Sequel:
'Black Hawk Down' Was Set to Blame Clinton for 9/11
hillary's head revisited:
hillary clinton's brain (such as it is) II
Buddy Death Report Raises More Questions Than It Answers
"The Daschle Scheme"


Analyzed and Annotated

2 posted on 02/01/2002 6:56:26 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
I always like this Posted Source.

But I gotta tell you, the Font and color mix is hard to read. What I do is save the article as text and then convert all the text to a single sized font face. usually arial.

That complaint aside. Yet another excellent Post!
3 posted on 02/01/2002 7:01:52 AM PST by vannrox
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To: Mia T
States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil,...

Edited, right? The President named the countries.

Sign: Thread Police.



6 posted on 02/01/2002 7:20:57 AM PST by M Kehoe
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To: Mia T
Thanx, Mia T!
7 posted on 02/01/2002 7:21:06 AM PST by FryingPan101
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To: Mia T
Your transforming graphic,'Clinton to Mushroom Cloud' is startling!

Good work!

9 posted on 02/01/2002 7:29:25 AM PST by headsonpikes
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To: Mia T
The Carville/Shrum/Greenberg strategy won't work, but it's the only one they have--for now.

You know what will happen between now and November, though, doncha? Soon, it will be time for the Dems to start scaring the old folks again, making bogus claims about what Bush wants to do to Medicare and Social Security.

The question is: will the press give them a free ride? They may not this time. With the notable exception of the usual leftist extremists, like Helen Thomas, the media, overall, is treating Bush better than they have other Republicans. NOW DON'T YELL AT ME!! I SAID, 'BETTER,' NOT GOOD!! I think there are several reasons why this is the case, but that's fodder for another thread.

Nice work, Mia.

13 posted on 02/01/2002 7:49:47 AM PST by be-baw
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Bush: "I'm not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt."
Q ERTY6 Q ERTY4 bump!

15 posted on 02/01/2002 8:38:54 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Mia...Somebody is copying you
20 posted on 02/01/2002 4:18:16 PM PST by The Raven
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To: all
Fraudulent Democrat Scheme Fails as Bush Soars
BUSH: NATIONAL SECURITY 1st PRIORITY. . ."I will not wait on events, while dangers gather."
by Mia T, January 31, 2002
Thou art arm'd that hath thy crook'd schemers straight.
Cudgel thy brains no more, the clinton plots are great.

Mia T, On Neutered and Neutering, by Mia T and Edward Zehr (EZ)


by any measure, the Carville-Shrum scheme to attack Bush by clintonoid compartmentalization ("praise the Bush war effort / pan the Bush character and economy") isn't working. Ask any pollster or pundit. 

It's the terrorism...and character...stupid...

23 posted on 02/06/2002 3:56:11 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
The thought just occurred, and it scares the heck out of me, that "the failed one" keeps sticking his neck out while his wife is quietly digging in behind the lines, laying low as it were. What I wouldn't give for another "Hell To Pay" book about this silent menace before the summer is over. Harold Ickles is her aid, know anything about him?
24 posted on 05/21/2003 2:52:33 PM PDT by yoe
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