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Fox New Radio | 4-10-12 | FOX NEW Radio

Posted on 04/10/2012 11:10:44 AM PDT by Spunky

I just heard on Fox News that Rick Santorum is suspending his race for President. He will be giving a news conference

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101 posted on 04/10/2012 12:24:50 PM PDT by potlatch
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To: Catsrus

To be brutally honest, the ballot box has become a worthless lost cause regardless of party. Some form of secession is probably our only hope. No “obama alternative” is going to change anything either.

102 posted on 04/10/2012 12:25:23 PM PDT by MachIV
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To: Undecided 2012

He won’t even come close in Texas. What a bunch of dreamers you FRingrichers are.

103 posted on 04/10/2012 12:25:55 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: okie01
Do you not realize that the House alone is powerless to repeal any law? It takes a Senate and a President to repeal Obamacare.

What is wrong with you? My post never mentioned REPEAL. The House could have DEFUNDED OBAMCARE during the Continuing Resolutions bill and during the Debt Ceiling bill. The HOUSE GOP was holding a Royal Flush for crying out loud. The GOP House could certainly issue Holder a Contempt of Congress.

I know why I left the GOP in 2006.
104 posted on 04/10/2012 12:26:25 PM PDT by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: precisionshootist

Someone on FR explained to me that “suspending” is a legal term. It give the campaign organization time to pay off its debts to creditors.

105 posted on 04/10/2012 12:28:21 PM PDT by Clock King (Ellisworth Toohey was right: My head's gonna explode.)
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To: Melas

Newt finished dead last in 5 of 10 Super Tuesday states.

Newt didn’t have a chance.

106 posted on 04/10/2012 12:28:59 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: Tenacious 1

Internals showed him losing PA... that would end without quesiton his political career.. he quit. He served his purpose to stop gingrich and ensure Romney..

Once a jackass always a jackass.. par for the course for Santorum. How badly does an electorate have to send a guy packing for folks who don’t live in his district to comprehend hes been rejected for good reason?

Sigh.. thanks for Romney folks.

107 posted on 04/10/2012 12:29:31 PM PDT by HamiltonJay
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To: HectorOne

The question now is how badly do we want to beat Obama. Don’t stay home. At the very least vote for conservatives in the House and Senate (if any are running this cycle). If we can take the Congress away and put people in who have the guts to tell Obama, NO, he can not just run roughshod over the Constitution, then we can survive another 4 years.

108 posted on 04/10/2012 12:31:08 PM PDT by Clock King (Ellisworth Toohey was right: My head's gonna explode.)
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To: Stars&StripesNE

I have long said that the very moment that Romney becomes the nominee, Obama wins another 4 years.

Vote your conscience, I most certainly will mine.

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” ~ Ronald Reagan, from his first inaugural speech as governor of California, January 5, 1967

Ronald Reagan’s warning about losing our freedoms echoes down through a generation of lost momentum and squandered opportunity.

We now have the most ignorant electorate in the history of American elections. I believe we have the most corrupt government and media our country has ever seen.

I believe that Newt was the one leader that could have turned our country away from the abyss, intelligently and quickly.

It is abundantly clear that not enough folks shared my beliefs, instead of a leader, they wanted a preacher.... and far too many lacked the courage to forgive and look beyond the personal sins in a mans past and into the promise of a brighter future for our country. That is certainly a free choice and a personal choice.... and as it is with all choices, there will be consequences.

In any case, Americans will get the country it apparently wants and a country it so richly deserves.

109 posted on 04/10/2012 12:31:19 PM PDT by Gator113 (***YOU GAVE it to Obama. I would have voted for NEWT.~Just livin' life, my way~)
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To: precisionshootist
"Ok,so when will he be getting back in the race? Under what conditions will he "reinstate" his campaign?"

That's not a prerequisite for suspending a campaign.

"The legal loophole you describe does not change the meaning of "Suspend" or "End".

Actually it does.

What Santorum just did is END his campaign"

No. Santorum will no doubt continue to have elements of his campaign at work soliciting and trying to raise funds to pay off his debts. That can only be done while he has a campaign registered with the FEC. The public aspects of his campaign, speaking appearances, campaign stops etc. will suspend, but the campaign is not over.

If he said he was terminating, or ending his campaign, that would be dishonest. You're the one who demanded he use "precision", specific honest language. He did, and you're pissed off at him because you're too obtuse to understand the meaning of the words he used.

110 posted on 04/10/2012 12:31:22 PM PDT by Joe 6-pack (Que me amat, amet et canem meum)
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To: onyx

Newton Leroy Gingrich is a dead-man walking. Has been for a month or more. He knows it. Why is it so hard for you to see?

He’s already making nice to Romney.

111 posted on 04/10/2012 12:31:56 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: stpio

It’s a choice between a socialist and a Communist now. America had it within itself to make a positive change, but enough people chose the charlatan with the gold tooth. Our education system has produced dupes aplenty in both parties, and we as a people have strayed far from God and our founding. IDK, do we deserve better? I think not. Bob

112 posted on 04/10/2012 12:33:56 PM PDT by alstewartfan ( 27 of 36 Romney judicial appointments were DEMOCRATS!!!!!)
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To: combat_boots

Get well Bella !

113 posted on 04/10/2012 12:35:21 PM PDT by StAnDeliver (=)
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To: throwback

2016 may well be too late for all of us. Sorry for the pessimism, but that’s my assessment. Bob

114 posted on 04/10/2012 12:35:32 PM PDT by alstewartfan ( 27 of 36 Romney judicial appointments were DEMOCRATS!!!!!)
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To: Spunky

Time to hibernate. Welcome to pure socialism. Hope the starving neighbors don’t wake me up in the middle of the night. Wonder if Siberia has got the Climat Change notice yet.

115 posted on 04/10/2012 12:37:46 PM PDT by Karliner ( Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28, Romans 8:38"...this is the end of the beginning."WC)
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To: Catsrus
Spare me the tired "syncophant" rhetoric.

You can vote for the GOP-e picks, as they count on you drones who can't vote your conscience.

So long as you vote (R), you don't care what asshole liberal the GOP-e shoves up your a$$.

Sorry....I ain't votin' for Obama, but I ain't votin' for his "half-brother-type", either.

116 posted on 04/10/2012 12:38:37 PM PDT by traditional1 (Don't gotsta worry 'bout no mo'gage, don't gotsta worry 'bout no gas; Obama gonna take care o' me!)
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To: Clock King

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Herman Cain also “suspended” his campaign.

117 posted on 04/10/2012 12:39:49 PM PDT by potlatch
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To: Spunky
“I was behind Newt Gingrich. Not enough people saw it like us”

You must be right. I know a few of you likes Newt, so do I.
After SC he just could not make it. If he can't make it through the Primary, how do you expect him to get elected?

As for Santorum, at first, I knida liked him. Then he began his childish tantrums and started to play with kids toys. Serious voters were turned off.
My opinion, Santorum got out when he could see no sign of winning his home state. He was on a big ego trip and to lose his home state was too much to take. Plus, after he lost him home state, where would he go from there?

Just my opinion!!!

118 posted on 04/10/2012 12:40:53 PM PDT by DaltonNC
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To: Gator113
"I have long said that the very moment that Romney becomes the nominee, Obama wins another 4 years."

Same here; there's no stopping The Messiah now, as I'm looking where to hide when the looting and riots start, when the money runs out, and the inner city tribal parasites head for the suburbs to take what they were promised.

Montana and Idaho sound pretty good right now.

119 posted on 04/10/2012 12:41:51 PM PDT by traditional1 (Don't gotsta worry 'bout no mo'gage, don't gotsta worry 'bout no gas; Obama gonna take care o' me!)
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To: Spunky

OK, I’ll do it:

Santorum is one cowardly bastard for calling it NOW and NOT aftat the convention.

Even if he’d have gone and won in PA and then quit, I’d have a lot more respect for him than I do now, because what he did today was more cravenly political than anything I’ve seen out of Romney so far.

Here’s why - Had Santorum stayed in and LOST PA, he’d be done politically. But, here’s what both Santorum and Romney both know - If Romney’s pink, Santorum’s just a shade lighter.

All of this is kabuki, and frankly, the only guy I have any respect for is Gingrich. Had Santorum stayed and fought, they may have had enough delegates in there to throw it to a conservative at the convention - a Hail Mary, but a fight to the last conservative too.

The smoke went up the chimney on Romney from before the primaries, and the GOP/E was pissed they had to blow the cash and political capital they did trying to defend Romney.

As we sit here today, Romney has already lost. The debate will consist of the following:

OBAMA: “First, I want to thank Governor Romney for pioneering the Affordable Care Act. His courage in Massachusetts allowed us to learn from his mistakes, and as such we produced a better bill. Governor Romney, we could not have passed the Affordable Care Act without you.”

ROMNEY: “ . . . . . but, I know business . . . .”

Now, I don’t care what anyone says, Romneycare was a FATAL DISQUALIFICATION FOR THE JOB OF THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE. He had a chance to disavow it, but that time passed. His judicial record is a mess too, so there is exactly zero reason why voting for him is going to make any positive difference at all in November. Not even the excuse of lifetime appointments to SCOTUS justifies voting for him, because there is zero evidence of him putting a conservative on the bench in MA.

Let’s say Romney somehow overcomes even this, and pulls it off. You realize he’s only slightly more conservative than Obama, but because of the R in back of his name, they’ll hand the blame for the inevitable mess on the entire party, not just him.

I was in the Wax Museum in SF, and they have a bunch of recent Presidents there. Reagan’s nameplate said “The Great Communicator”. GHW Bush’s - “Strong in international affairs”. Clinton (who’s impeached) said - “First Democrat to win a second term since FDR”. George W Bush’s nameplate? Nothing. Just his name.

Obama? “First African-American President”. That’s all they will ever know him for. He can wreck the country, but he’ll never be notorious. Ever.

Here’s what we learned with Dole, GHW Bush, and McCain - given the choice between a guy who comes out and tells you he’s a pinko, and a guy who’s a pinko, but says he’s not, people will pick the more apparently honest of the two.

For me, I’ll be voting for a Conservative. At least I can live with myself, and when Obama wins, if he finishes the job of wrecking the country, he’ll get the full credit for the task.

A pox on Santorum for not sticking it out. He knew the price his family was going to pay when they made the decision to run in the first place. He shepherded all the GOP values voters into a big bleating herd and led you away from Gingrich.

Gingrich has flaws, but he can admit when he’s made a mistake, and he delivered the Contract with America, and won an R Congress in 1994. He achieved welfare reform, and got a Democrat to sign the bill. He was the only adult running for the job at the time.

So, now here all the bleating values voters sit. Your shepherd went for the shade of ‘Senate Incumbancy Forever’ in the soft pink confines of Pennsylvania. Happy Valley indeed.

You guys all need to get dressed for dinner. The MSM will be around soon, wolves that they are, asking where your daddy went. Be a good lamb and bring along some mint jelly with you when they come around. Mint jelly goes great with barbecued sheep.

Santorum owed it to us to stay in until the convention. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there was a deal cut.

120 posted on 04/10/2012 12:42:53 PM PDT by RinaseaofDs (Does beheading qualify as 'breaking my back', in the Jeffersonian sense of the expression?)
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