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Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect Described As Army Vet In His 40's
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ^ | 05 August 2012 | James B. Nelson

Posted on 08/05/2012 11:22:59 PM PDT by zeestephen

He was described as white, single, in his 40s and an Army veteran...[His landlord] said he rented the property to a man he believed to be from Chicago with no record of violence in Wisconsin..."I had him checked out and he definitely checked out."...[A local resident also claimed the suspect] broke up [with his girlfriend] within the last few weeks before moving across the street.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Oztrich Boy


21 posted on 08/06/2012 12:16:26 AM PDT by Jyotishi (Seeking the truth, a fact at a time.)
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To: zeestephen

Not this guy, right?

22 posted on 08/06/2012 12:21:48 AM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.)
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To: zeestephen

In the article at seems the Obama team was ready for this..Strange. How did they get on this so fast? FBI didnt evacuate anyone ..just told people to stay inside.

23 posted on 08/06/2012 12:55:01 AM PDT by dalebert
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To: zeestephen
"Authorities would not divulge the identity of the suspect."

Why not? Yet in the same article, the shooter is described as a "white surpremist," "skinhead." In every previous case, we seemed to have full bio, pics, and interviews with anyone who knew the guy, on naitonal TV broadcast within hours. Something stinks about this one.
24 posted on 08/06/2012 1:08:41 AM PDT by PowderMonkey (WILL WORK FOR AMMO)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

No, there’s no way we’re going to be that lucky.

25 posted on 08/06/2012 1:14:44 AM PDT by RichInOC (No! BAD Rich! (What'd I say?))
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To: SatinDoll

I doubt Clinton was in on OKC; however, considering Obama and Holder’s culpability in Fast & Furious to the extent they both may be accessories to murder, I would not be surprised at all if the shootings in Aurora and now Milwaukee are part of a bigger false flag/Reichstag fire event.

26 posted on 08/06/2012 1:15:40 AM PDT by MachIV
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To: zeestephen

Two distinct ethnic groups! Please read up on the history of Sikhism. Sikhs are Indian - mostly Punjabi Indians. Sikhism is a religion and not a separate ethnic group. The Brits used the Sikhs to divide and continue to rule India by playing the well-known martial abilities of the Sikhs against the Hindus. Sikhs are Indian. There simply is no such thing as a Sikh ethnic group.

Just FYI :-).

27 posted on 08/06/2012 1:16:13 AM PDT by inthaihill (Living in an interesting paradise - Thailand!)
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To: zeestephen; Hunton Peck; Diana in Wisconsin; P from Sheb; Shady; DonkeyBonker; Wisconsinlady; ...

Update on Sikh Temple Shooting suspect

FReep Mail me if you want on, or off, this Wisconsin interest ping.

28 posted on 08/06/2012 1:17:59 AM PDT by afraidfortherepublic (ABO)
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To: SatinDoll
This really smells. The true enemies of Sikhs are Muslims. White supremecists are allied with Islamists against Jews. Me thinks BHO2 is going to take a page out of Bill Clinton’s OKC bombing handbook.

Agreed, with this and the rest of your comments. Indian news put the number of attackers at three, but we keep hearing one....the lone nut gunman meme is out with flags flying.

29 posted on 08/06/2012 1:24:23 AM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing)
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To: Smokin' Joe

Info on here, if you read from when it first happened. I found this on the live thread here on FR.

I’m with the group that “something stinks”....

30 posted on 08/06/2012 1:31:18 AM PDT by Bradís Gramma (PRAY for this country like your life depends on it......because it DOES!)
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To: Brad's Gramma


31 posted on 08/06/2012 1:38:56 AM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing)
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To: Smokin' Joe

Dumb luck on my part, trust me. :)

32 posted on 08/06/2012 1:41:59 AM PDT by Bradís Gramma (PRAY for this country like your life depends on it......because it DOES!)
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To: SatinDoll
Believe me, I have overheard white supremicist type talk in the USA. And most of these toothless. junior high school educated, underemployed loser-bastards wouldn't know a Japanese from a Nepali, would not know a Bahai from a Sikh from a Muslim from a Zoroastran. Patent ignorance.

For them as far as I am concerned, this extremely hard core of statist/totalitarian/fascist type national SOCIALISTS/Skinheads, the thing is, they (the victims) "ain't 'Merikan enough". My sense tells me the guy flipped and just want to go off a bunch of "towelheads" (said for context) and it did not matter of course, why should it?, if they were in followers of Islam, Sikhism, Mahayana Bhuddism or what not. Just gun them down at grandom and then go out in a "blaze of glory" though Death by Officer. Chickenshit. I bet all kind of crap comes out on this perp. I sense what is Reichstag Fire and what is not. This does not smack of it. I remember the poor Sikh fellow who ran the gas station in Arizona gunned down mercilessly a few days after 11 September 2001 by some toothless wonder who thought he was striking one for the Red, White and Blue by taking down one of them there "Moozlims. Little did he know Sikh's suffer persecution in their own country at the hands of radical Islams more than anyone can imagine....and then they come to the home of the free to face these kinds of American assholes. Don't get me started on Vincent Chin in the 80s killed with a baseball bat by three drunk/pissed auto-union toughs in Detroit because they thought he was a "jap" during a period of high unemployment. (He was Chinese, fierce enemies of the Japanese in the war and not on too good terms with them anyways). There, I said it. Prove me wrong in a few days. Maybe they were cooking with curry and he was down wind and had just about had a enough. Everyday whacko if you ask me, I don't see any organization, (either false flag/disinfo, or Aryan type) behind such a guy either. A lone wolf and a lone nut. World is better off without him, but too bad all those other people had to die.

33 posted on 08/06/2012 1:44:25 AM PDT by AmericanInTokyo (Donate, & walk precincts, not for "Parties", but for individual, principled "Candidates" (& for FR)
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To: MachIV

Unfortunately, I thought the same. The shooter purportedly came from Chicago and went to Wisconsin, a state with which Obama is obsessed. He ended up shot dead by police, unlike the other mass shooters I can recall in the past 5 years. The FBI got there immediately. Allegedly fits the supposed white radical profile. “Stupid white supremacist kills Sikhs instead of the Muslims he wanted to kill.” All of which pushes the pro-Islamist agenda. Continues to push the “take away their guns” theme, with which Obama is obsessed.

The more desperate they get, the crazier things are going to get. They’ve
never won without knocking out the opponent or - in my opinion - ginning up a crisis.

34 posted on 08/06/2012 1:59:24 AM PDT by Belle22
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To: zeestephen
The media is looking for any ties to Conservatives every time a crazy person kills people. They haven't been able to find anything with these murderers lately, but we might as well give up now if we will let a single crazy person with ties to the TEA party, or some other Conservative movement, destroy the entire thing. The TEA party has been around awhile now, and it's a very large movement that obviously doesn't promote violence, or incite people to violence. But when you are dealing with any large movement there will be some isolated incident involving a crazy person who has some ties, no matter how insignificant, for them to use against all of us sooner or later. If we allow something like that to destroy the movement then we are fighting a losing battle. You can find murderers who have ties to any large group that has stayed around, and it's common sense that the person isn't repesentive of the group.

I am not talking about this guy who they are trying to make a representative of white Conservatives, but who has nothing linking him to any legit conservative group that I've heard of. I am saying this about the possibility that it will happen in the future, and if one crazy person is allowed to wrongfully destroy an entire movement by it's opponents then it's a movement that is too fragile to bother with.

I believe it's time for a nonviolent Revolution in our nation that elects leaders at the state level who are willing to defiantly confront the federal government on unconstitutional laws and mandates that have grown so large they can't be solved within the current corrupt system. If someone goes out and does something like McVeigh it's not something that has anything to do with my ideas, or others who have given up on the current system, and have decided to fight the tyranny we are all living under now. It's obvious we need drastic changes to restore our Constitution, but no one is going out and saying to do something stupid, and it's not something we should have to say not to do because it's common sense. Anyone out there who is going to do something like that will do it regardless of what anyone says. It's no different than believing that the shooting in Colorado wouldn't have happened if the Batman comics and movies never existed. These people will always find something else. What is going to happen when the liberals in the media get their wish of some crazy person who went to a TEA party event years before does something like this?

The liberals are disgusting in their literal joy in hearing about people being killed, and any possible link to something Conservatives. What's sick is that these people would be giddy if they woke up to hear that someone had murdered a large number of people and had been to several TEA party events. Can you imagine their off camera demeanor compared to their fake sorrow when using the incident for political propaganda? The fact is we can't allow for anyone to destroy our legitimate, righteous, and peaceful conservative movements based on the actions of a few crazy people that may have had something to do with a conservative movement at some point, when it's common sense that isn't what these movements are about. It's completely political, and if it wasn't we wouldn't be talking about it.

I support a new revolution in this country, and I don't think we will ever come to violence through the most realistic method for success in achieving that the way most envision, but if that unfortunate outcome ever happens it will be something which is supported by respected leaders who legitimize the actions to enough of the people. It won't be me, or some other unknown civilian, telling you to blow up a bunch of stuff up and go on random shooting sprees, but a leader who's respected and trusted asking you to do things with real purpose. It most likely wouldn't even involve civilians if it came to this. While I think it will be peaceful, I don't think you should support a state to defy an unconstitutional federal law without thinking about the worse possible outcomes, and accepting that with the commitment of standing your ground once it's started. If it can't be known to all that it will cost a price to make the state submit it will never have the power to achieve it's goal, while likely ending peacefully. I also think it's obvious there is no way we will ever get a Constitutional government through what is a broken and corrupt unconstitutional system like we have now.

35 posted on 08/06/2012 2:11:00 AM PDT by ThermoNuclearWarrior (The time for our second revolution has come. It's our Constitutional right to overthrow tyranny.)
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To: Brad's Gramma
Not the first such incident...2000

I don't know if there is any comparison other than happening at a Sikh temple.

36 posted on 08/06/2012 2:14:50 AM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing)
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To: wardaddy

I read The Third Terrorist, by Jayna Davis.

McVeigh was a ‘lily white’, willingly used. I’m not going to say much more, I just suggest you read a book written by a journalist who was there and saw things that did not make sense until later, much later.

37 posted on 08/06/2012 2:23:58 AM PDT by SatinDoll (Natural Born Citizen - born in the USA of citizen parents.)
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To: ThermoNuclearWarrior
Stop and take a deep breath.

Random violent acts involving innocents just aren't the way anything from the Right would go down.

Instead, I'd expect very well organized operations with specific goals, good intel, and a minimum of collateral damage.

Senseless killings have long been the tools of the Left and their Muslim pals, where sheer terror is the objective, not a specific target. It is the 'randomness' of terror which makes it effective as a device for molding public opinion, for getting people to give up their rights in the quest for safety, and that is antithetical to the objectives of people who seek more Liberty.

38 posted on 08/06/2012 2:34:21 AM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing)
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To: AmericanInTokyo

Hello. Glad to see you checking things out at FR, as usual.

This is a thread I’ve followed throughout yesterday. You might find it interesting, though it is long.

At least four shot at Sikh Temple....

Some things really stand out, primarily that a visiting priest was assassinated. Many have noted that it appears to be a “hit”. People coming and going from the temple originally observed four men get out of a vehicle in front of the Temple. People in the Temple have said there were four men involved in this.

I didn’t know that jihadists shave their heads before battle, did you? That little tidbit came out in this discussion that covered a few hours.

I am interested in your take on this, but as ususal, am alarmed over why the Feds would intervene in what is obviously a crime that is the responsibility of the State of Wisconsin.

39 posted on 08/06/2012 2:38:22 AM PDT by SatinDoll (Natural Born Citizen - born in the USA of citizen parents.)
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To: Tzimisce

Here in SC our Tea Party put a Sikh in the Governors Mansion.

40 posted on 08/06/2012 3:07:26 AM PDT by Happy Rain ("11/10 was the biopsy 11/12 we remove the malignancy.")
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