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Obama Says: Doctor, You Did Not Graduate From Medical School ^ | August 18, 2012 | Hal Scherz

Posted on 08/18/2012 6:08:23 AM PDT by Kaslin

The reason that President Obama uses teleprompters, even when addressing elementary school children, is because he cannot help but reveal who he is and what he believes during moments that involve real spontaneity. He no doubt wishes that he had gotten a “mulligan” for that line that he inadvertently delivered: “you did not build that business”, but it says so much about the man, his agenda, and why he feels the moral superiority to enact it.

Some dismissed the comment, while others called it a Freudian slip. But devotees of Freud maintain that a “slip” is actually caused by an unconscious or repressed wish, feeling or train of thought.

Poker players I know call it a “tell”. I believe it was simply Obama telling America, in a brief moment of honesty, what he really believed about the individual, and their relationship to the state.

“You did not build that business” revealed the antipathy that the president harbors for the individual, especially successful ones. No one is bigger than the state, and hence all that an individual achieves, the government has some claim to- whether it is your wealth, your intellectual property, or you.

Why would President Obama tell the American people lies about doctors, such as “...doctors would rather take out tonsils than treat a sore throat because it pays better” or “… doctors would rather cut off legs for $50,000 than take care of a diabetic before it got to this point”?

It is because he believes that doctors owe fealty to the government for what they have accomplished. Everyone has claim to their success. People need to see them for what they really are- rich, money driven mercenaries. He also needs to denigrate them in order for his agenda to succeed.

“Listen up”, he was saying to doctors. You did not achieve straight A’s in college, working into the late night and on weekends, while your roommates were out partying. Those grades could not have happened without the schools, paid for in part with Federal aid.

You did not graduate from medical school, putting in thousands more hours of studying and hard work. The government subsidized part of the school; your degree belongs to us all.

You did not complete your surgical residency, devoting tens of thousands of hours over 6-9 years, learning your craft and honing your skills, sacrificing your personal life in doing so. No, the government was right there, sending money to the hospitals where you learned how to become a surgeon. You could not have done this without Uncle Sam.

You did not succeed in your medical practice, working on average 60-80 hours every week, missing children’s birthday parties, anniversaries, soccer games and school plays. You did not pay exorbitant malpractice insurance rates to protect yourself from those who wish to prey on your ill-gotten gains.

You did not perform that life-saving cancer operation. The government was there every step of the way and made it possible for that to have happened. Why, the very road that you traveled to get to the hospital that day was built by all of the taxpayers.

And that gang banger that you treated in the emergency room for free in the middle of the night, which the government forced you to see, thanks to the EMTALA law, was something that they felt entitled to take from you- your time and skill- because they own a piece of you.

Herein is the essence of President Obama’s ideology. It is one that not only diminishes personal achievement, but goes on to claim that the fruits that are borne out of the toil leading to that achievement are to be shared with the state and hence everyone.

Obamacare is rooted in this philosophy. The doctors who are being counted upon to care for patients are merely footnotes in this massive new bureaucracy. The healthcare system is being turned upside down with the federal government in charge of deciding who gets what kind of care, by whom, where and how much they will pay for it. Those who engineered Obamacare believe that they can do this because they feel that they own a piece of every doctor in America and that the government has a right to this work.

It becomes easier to do this by convincing Americans that healthcare is an entitlement, and consequently, someone has to provide that care for them. It becomes easier for people to feel that sense of entitlement, if they believe that their doctors are not the compassionate individuals that they thought they were, but rather, greedy opportunists like the President has depicted them.

On the current path, the worst is yet to come. Doctors are quitting in anticipation of government controlling their practices. Doctor shortages are here, but will soon reach epic proportions. Covert rationing of care is coming because there will not be enough doctors to see patients.

There is still time to change course, but the window of opportunity is quickly closing. November 6 will be a referendum on what kind of America we want to have- one where personal achievement is valued, or one where everyone lays claim to those achievements.

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KEYWORDS: 2012issues; deathcare; obamacare; romneycare; socializedmedicine
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To: doosee
The AMA supported Obama and his plan

As did the pharmaceutical industry and the AARP. Even though the individual members of all, on the whole, will be negatively effected by Obamacare. But the government made them (the industry groups) an offer they couldn't refuse. AARP stands to make BILLIONS from "supplemental insurance" they'll broker to their members. The pharmaceutical industry seems to have received certain "guarantees" from the government, what they are, we don't know yet, nor do the companies really know if the government will keep its promises. Same with the AMA.

All have made Faustian bargains for their own selfish reasons, and they just have to hope they'll be the last eaten by the crocodiles they're feeding.


41 posted on 08/18/2012 10:03:51 AM PDT by MarkL (Do I really look like a guy with a plan?)
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To: Dudoight; sheik yerbouty; Mom MD; nikos1121; cajungirl; Arizona Carolyn; LucyT; Atom Smasher; ...
And membership in the AMA dropped like crazy. I think the AMA has only about 17% of all docs in the USA as members.

Actually, membership in the AMA - as a percentage of physicians in the US - has been declining for decades. The AMA's support for Obamacare has merely contributed to continuing the trend.

As long as the AMA has their government protected monopoly on billing codes (see post # 23), though, they most likely couldn't care less.

42 posted on 08/18/2012 10:20:20 AM PDT by justiceseeker93
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To: MarkL
I think you're not quite accurate on "the pharmaceutical industry" support for Obamacare. IIRC, some big firms did support Obamacare, but some didn't. It was a mixed bag.

From my best information, Big Pharma companies tend to have bipartisan boards of directors and they switch political gears at the drop of a hat.

43 posted on 08/18/2012 10:27:57 AM PDT by justiceseeker93
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To: gusopol3


Obama fired his (first) White House physician - see GOOGLE -

His first released report revealed the WH doctor told him he had to reduce his consumption of booze

It had to be Obama was/is really hitting the hard stuff bigtime


44 posted on 08/18/2012 10:43:21 AM PDT by devolve (-------------------- ------- "...maybe a little blow... line by line -------------)
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To: Mom MD
It’s my daughter in pre med I worry about. I’m trying hard to get her to make another choice

I understand. We never suggested that our Daughter go into medicine. In fact we warned her to major in "anything but medicine" (ABO). She started out in bioengineering as a pre med choice, while wanting to follow her Mother's specialty of Neurology.

During her orientation we were walking around the campus after dark. We stopped in front of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. This is where the School of Petroleum and Gas Engineering is. I just planted the seed about the miracle of shale gas we were sitting right on top of. In four years she could be off and running. I never said another word about it.

She has switched her major now to Petroleum Engineering. There is no future in obama medicine.
45 posted on 08/18/2012 11:00:13 AM PDT by PA Engineer (What if the rabbit hole is endless?)
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To: Kaslin

He is such a pompous ass. There would be NO government if it weren’t for WE THE PEOPLE, being FORCED to give them more and more money.

46 posted on 08/18/2012 11:02:56 AM PDT by NoGrayZone (For evil to triumph it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.)
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To: don-o

Please proceed. I appreciate your assistance.

47 posted on 08/18/2012 11:23:31 AM PDT by astounded (Barack Obama is a clear and present danger to the USA)
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To: astounded; don-o

I agree this needs to be posted!

48 posted on 08/18/2012 11:40:03 AM PDT by Eaker (Stripping Americans of their freedom and dignity and rubbing their noses in it is a very bad idea.)
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To: Eaker


49 posted on 08/18/2012 11:48:33 AM PDT by don-o (He will not share His glory and He will NOT be mocked! Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.)
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To: don-o; astounded

Thanks to both of you!

50 posted on 08/18/2012 12:07:54 PM PDT by Eaker (Stripping Americans of their freedom and dignity and rubbing their noses in it is a very bad idea.)
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To: PA Engineer
I truly do not understand why so many voters still support Obama.

He will lead us to fiscal ruin. If we do not restrain spending and the concommitant printing of money, the world will abandon the dollar as the reserve currency. The day after that happens we are Greece.

He has assumed dictatorial powers. Can't pass cap and trade? Use the EPA to destroy the coal industry, impose an illegal moratorium on Gulf drilling (in defiance of a federal judge), and limit drilling on Federal land. Can't pass the Dream Act? Just don't enforce existing law and start issuing work permits to illegal aliens who really do not have to prove in any meaningful sense that they are Dreamers. Don't care for the work requirement in the Clinton/Gingrich welfare reform? In contravention of that reform, just allow states to waive the requirement.

He has presided over and encouraged a culture of corruption that makes the Teapot Dome look like a tea party. His Department of Energy has bestowed billions of dollars on now bankrupt "green" companies owned by those who raised significant amounts for his first campaign for the Presidency. He invested tens of billions of dollars in GM, at least 25 billion of which will never be recovered, for the principal purpose of preserving the unproductive work rules and pensions of the UAW, while at the same time presiding over the gutting of the pensions of the non-union workers at Delphi. In the process he trampled on the rights of GM's bondholders (many of which were pensions)thus raising the cost of debt for all American companies. He used hundreds of billions of dollars from the stimulus bill to preserve the jobs of unionized public employees who generally contribute to and vote for Democrats. Not suprisingly this indirect subsidy of Democrat campaign coffers for the 2010 elections didn't stimulate the economy very much. Finally, the vast majority of waivers granted under Obamacare have been with regard to union health plans or the health plans of unionized companies.

In foreign policy he has been a disaster. His support of the "Arab Spring" is looking very much like support for an Islamist Winter. The man who inveighed against the invasion of Iraq, the detention facility at Guantanamo and terrorist renditions has kept Gitmo open, placed our hard won gains in Iraq in jeapordy by failing to negotiate a status of forces agreement with Iraq, expanded the war in Afghanistan, bombed Libya and used predator drones to a far greater extent than his predecessor. His sacrifice of the Polish missile defence to "reset" the relationship with Russia has garnered no noticeable benefits. And Iran is four years closer to a nuclear bomb.

Against the wishes of a majority of the American people he pushed Obamacare through a deeply divided Congress based on a tissue of lies, claiming that it would not increase the deficit and that folks who liked their insurance and their doctor would get to keep both. The first claim is clearly not true and the additional claims will not be true for many Americans.

He signed Dodd Frank, major portions of which were just incomprehensible and which does little to nothing to address the causes of the crash but does impose significant new regulations and costs on the financial sector of our economy.

In part as a consequence of his misuse of the stimulus, the passage of Obamacare and Dodd Frank, and his almost constant denigration of the successful among us, he has presided over the worst recovery in 70 years and the longest sustained period of high unemployment in living memory.

In four years he has increased the national debt more the W did in eight years even though W had to contend with the Pelosi Congress for two years.

He has begun to force Catholic institutions to choose between remaining true to their faith and providing insurance to their employees and others; and if Great Britain is any guide, much worse is to come in that regard.

For the first time in history, his National Labor Relations Board found that the opening of a factory and the creation thereby of thousands of new jobs is an unfair labor practice. Why? Because the factory was being built in a right to work state.

Why does he still garner anywhere close to the support which is apparently his?

Perhaps because the press, instead of talking about the issues described above, which are of surpassing importance to our country and our children, would rather talk about Romney's dog and tax returns and Sandra Fluke's concurrent ability to pay the tuition of the law school at Georgetown and her inability to afford $10 per month for contraception.

51 posted on 08/18/2012 12:47:46 PM PDT by p. henry
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To: p. henry
I truly do not understand why so many voters still support Obama.

Short answer: bread and circuses.

The bread of government welfare and entitlements.

The circuses of the entertainment industry and media, who have numbed the minds of many Americans, killing their sense of history, their ability to question and think critically, and their ability to distinguish entertainment from real life.

The entertainment industry and media have supported BO without challenge or criticism of any sort. He is the "entertainment President." To borrow from Daniel Greenfield/Sultan Knish, he is President not of America, but of the lazy and the easily entertained.

52 posted on 08/18/2012 1:05:49 PM PDT by thecodont
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To: thecodont
Not to dispute that but politics have gotten quite polarized along regional, ethnic, and religious lines. If you're the average voter living in one part of the country it's highly unlikely that you'll vote for one of the parties, and almost certain that (if you vote at all) you'll vote for the other.

This election may be a little different from the last one as young voters in some parts of the country that went heavily for Obama are going to have to face up to the fact that the economy hasn't improved and their prospects aren't good. Last time around, young urban voters in New York or California couldn't see themselves not voting for Obama. This time it's a possibility.

53 posted on 08/18/2012 1:28:37 PM PDT by x
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To: astounded
Another reason to pray that Romney wins in November and repeals this Obomination.

The country can ill afford to lose good doctors like you and your wife.

God bless you both and thank you for your service to your community.

54 posted on 08/18/2012 1:39:19 PM PDT by Churchillspirit (9/11/2001. NEVER FORGET.)
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To: Mom MD

“This doc will retire before Obamacare is fully implemented. Even if I have to work at walmart to put the kids through school. I’m no stranger to hard work...I will find some way to finish outriding my kids through college. It’s my daughter in pre med I worry about. I’m trying hard to get her to make another choice.”

Good luck. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to keep my kids away from that nightmare, even though the Misses really wanted it for stature (still holds a lot of pride in the old country, where she’s from).

Even Romney (or any Republican) will have a tough time dismantling this monster, so do your best to get her out. Have her be a diesel mechanic or something useful.

55 posted on 08/18/2012 2:02:35 PM PDT by BobL (Cruz'd to Victory - July 31, 2012)
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To: justiceseeker93; AdmSmith; AnonymousConservative; Berosus; bigheadfred; Bockscar; ColdOne; ...

Thanks justiceseeker93.

56 posted on 08/18/2012 6:14:34 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (
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To: Sooth2222

Good for her. She’s probably a lot happier as well. My daughter is double majoring in ballet. I keep telling her to go dance. She won’t make a lot of money, but she will be a lot happier

57 posted on 08/18/2012 7:47:30 PM PDT by Mom MD (T he country needs Obamacare like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask)
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To: p. henry

58 posted on 08/19/2012 4:49:13 AM PDT by Howie
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To: Kaslin

Not only are the financial incentives and art of medicine disappearing, the prestige and respect are gone as well.

The speech in which Obama claimed that doctors operate inappropriately for money was the same speech in which he criticized the Cambridge police. The public outcry was about the police. The public was silent about the slur on doctors.

Even the whole discussion of how expensive medical care is demeans the healthcare profession. The expense is due in large part to medical advances that have enhanced and lengthened life. Patients come in expecting to pay nothing and have their insurance cover it all. Does their car insurance cover an oil change or only come into play for major damage? Do they question all their computer/cell phone costs which look far different than the amounts they spent 20 years ago? That advancement in technology they are happy to pay for.

59 posted on 08/20/2012 10:47:08 AM PDT by dervish (ABO)
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