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Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: My sources tell me Obama was in the room watching Benghazi attack
The Right Scoop ^ | Oct. 27, 2012 | The Right Scoop

Posted on 10/27/2012 7:18:05 PM PDT by Free ThinkerNY

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer said tonight that his sources tell him that Obama was one of the people in the room watching the Benghazi attack go down and both he and Col. David Hunt agree it would have taken an order by the president to intervene.

Further, Col. Hunt said that we were only 20 min away by jet and a couple of hours away by AC-130 gunships and special forces, and the decision not to intervene had to be political.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Just mythoughts
Don't forget Putin in this mix. Russia is as much a backer of Assad as is Iran. I found it strange at best when Romney ripped Obama over Putin/Russia, in the last debate. I think so many invitations got sent to out for this planned rumble in Benghazi, that only we the American people were shocked. I think there was the expectation for demonstrations all over the Muslim world once the promotions and apologies began over a known commodity called 'an offensive video'.

The "revolutions" have all been in the works for years. The new leaders are all people backed by elitest think tanks. If you're a member of the Council on foreign Relations and you're keeping up, you're aware of all the efforts by these groups and the CIA to "facilitate" various islamic fighters to do the overthrows. It's the big "democracy" push that started kicking into high gear under GWB.

U.S. and Russia are having a tussle in Syria through proxies; Russia was moving in weapons as well, last I read.
241 posted on 10/27/2012 11:41:14 PM PDT by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves.)
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To: Toespi
Just one word....GO! He opted out, why?

As per his prior history in Illinois

He voted present!

242 posted on 10/27/2012 11:48:42 PM PDT by TigersEye ( - OPSEC (give them support))
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach; onyx; TigersEye
You ask questions many of us have equally equivalent questions on.
And then one must consider in the whole. Just as one example, how Putin is really feeling good about his new powers.
How does primarily the Russians want this all to turn out.

We must keep in mind the Russian Bear at all times. To often neglected in mid-east discussions at this site and elsewhere.
I'm very troubled as how this nation's foreign affairs policies have "leaned" over the past few decades.
The partial exception being during Reagan's watch to some degree.

Your question is so complicated if viewed from many different perspectives.
I'm not dogging out on the question. But what can we say that would in some way put a somewhat clear perspective in you mind as to what is the best course to pursue.

In due humility. I don't know the correct answer.
We can go on for hours and days of huge discourse in the details of the Islamic quest for world domination. Then in their pee brains there would be real peace.
But that does not address fully what best course America and her supposed allies should take regarding the current strife in so many Mid East nations all brewing to what may become really bad scenarios.

Small wonder onyx. I find the need for a little Chianti in the evening hours to calm the mind and take the physical pain from the old body. Surely you shall give your support in my medicinal needs.

To be clear. In the last paragraph my mention of the Islamic aspects of this issue. As you three are totally aware, once Assad is kicked out, most likely a similar pattern is going to evolve. One where most likely the Sunni will end up taking control. The Iranians well know this. It is strange why they continue to support Assad, based on his Allawite control, being tolerant of the Christians, Jews, Sunni as well as Shiite sects, other then their over riding concept of Islam against the rest of the world.

So many things to consider on this particular issue. Of course one thing in common as we are aware is the long ties between Russia, Iran, and Syria.
Russia must continue to support it's two puppet states, and the goons that they depend on getting big bucks from for weapons sales, nuclear programs, many consumer manufactured goods, etc..
It just gets so involved as you three would acknowledge.
I'm not up to going into any longer a discourse as I have already.

You three have a great upcoming day. Sorry for perhaps tiring your eyes on what might be perceived as BS. It was not meant to be so.
243 posted on 10/28/2012 12:07:08 AM PDT by Marine_Uncle (Honor must be earned.)
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To: Marcella

I would almost rather see a Junta take over the day Obama is defeated—least he do more harm to the nation before Jan. 20. What could he do? Pardon a whole bunch of crooks—and terrorists—let the Blind Sheik go back to Egypt, etc...

244 posted on 10/28/2012 12:16:44 AM PDT by Forward the Light Brigade (Into the Jaws of H*ll)
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To: Marine_Uncle; Ernest_at_the_Beach; TigersEye

I’m just now signing out. I’m so tired.

God bless and keep you and your Chianti, dearest Marine_Uncle!
I’m completely in favor of it for dearest, cherished you!
You and Ernest are much more knowledgeable and also deeper thinkers on these issues than me and I so appreciate being included and reading your erudite thoughts. I learn from you guys.

I’m looking forward to reading TigersEye’s thoughts.

Good night, you guys. My prayers and love!

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To: onyx
Your statements are well received. Rest assured. I only pray that Romney will get a very solid well seasoned group of advisers along the line you suggest, in particularly foreign affairs as well as the more so obvious to some financial needs of this country.
I hope my somewhat long winded reply to Ernest does not tire your eyes. Obviously the mid east issues are so damn complicated on so many levels.
It is so easy to just make some rather "partial" remarks at site such as this on those things.

Things do get a bit complicated where honest well though out and studied responses often are not produced. Tis the nature of the beast.

Do have a great upcoming day onyx.
246 posted on 10/28/2012 12:20:29 AM PDT by Marine_Uncle (Honor must be earned.)
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To: Free ThinkerNY

Obama is evil.

247 posted on 10/28/2012 12:42:18 AM PDT by Armaggedon
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To: onyx
"I learn from you guys."
Then it should be in duty that all at this site and like minded sites for all to provide at least honest thought out discourse that can perhaps be found to be factual in the end.
We have a lot of very good folks at this site. I think over time people get to the point, that they feel, often, what is the use of trying to carry out a solid point.

I also have felt privileged over the years to hear opinions from quite a few long time Freepers, and some not so old in time.

I would like to salute all those that for years have contributed meaningful and accurate information to this site.
Many I no longer see popping up. Then see some well beyond my entry date pop up with some solid remarks.

In closing onyx. Aside from your gracious approval of my "wine project", I must say. We do have a large group of people who have not left the site apparently, still on occasions making terse statements, and longer, and to the point required. As I write I hope you are comfortably asleep under HIS almighty hand, soon to seek the sunlight in your window and get ready for another day.

And I am mildly impressed with many of the newer members. Some are just as well positioned to offer positive and factual discourse at this site. No response required if none are needed.
You often are to the point. No BS. No cute remarks. Only inert wisdom. Take care.
248 posted on 10/28/2012 12:43:22 AM PDT by Marine_Uncle (Honor must be earned.)
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To: cripplecreek

Fake fake fake fake

249 posted on 10/28/2012 12:44:56 AM PDT by Domangart
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To: Free ThinkerNY

Mutiny in Tripoli? There sure have been a lot of “Stars” moved around. 2 Gens, 1 Adm.

250 posted on 10/28/2012 1:24:09 AM PDT by TomasUSMC ( FIGHT LIKE WW2, FINISH LIKE WW2. FIGHT LIKE NAM, FINISH LIKE NAM)
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To: backwoods-engineer

2 Generals and 1 Admiral have been removed ....Mutiny ongoing as we speak? Time will tell and I believe it will tell SHORTLY.

251 posted on 10/28/2012 1:27:12 AM PDT by TomasUSMC ( FIGHT LIKE WW2, FINISH LIKE WW2. FIGHT LIKE NAM, FINISH LIKE NAM)
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To: TomasUSMC

I don’t have the time to read through 251 replies on this thread, but I really wonder if someone hasn’t already, could they please post...

that picture of Zero, before he got elected, photoshopped in Arabian sultan attire, “this is what you’ll be getting the day after he’s inaugurated” picture.


252 posted on 10/28/2012 1:48:44 AM PDT by japaneseghost
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To: LucyT
Thanks for the Ping.

Unbucking felievable. It's like something out of a movie. It's certainly a Horror.

253 posted on 10/28/2012 3:22:44 AM PDT by Flotsam_Jetsome ("Obama": His entire life is Photoshopped.)
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To: Toespi


See Post 33 this thread.

254 posted on 10/28/2012 4:49:00 AM PDT by PIF (They came for me and mine ... now it is your turn ...)
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To: MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
“If this is true, it is treason......” with a small “t” while Treason with a capital “T” is Constitutional crime applicable only is time of war when committed against a DECLARED enemy.

O could more rightly be charged with Maleficence and Dereliction of Duty. Prefer ‘Enemy of the State’ as is more apt.

255 posted on 10/28/2012 4:54:03 AM PDT by PIF (They came for me and mine ... now it is your turn ...)
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To: UriĀ’el-2012

how do we remove him
from the White House ?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thats simple, arrest warrants for treason from the Supreme Court and a large possee of US Marshals to serve the warrants, backed up by the US Marines.

256 posted on 10/28/2012 4:56:54 AM PDT by Candor7 (Obama fascism article:
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To: luvbach1

“He can’t do jack if he loses and the military would take him out of the White House on Jan. 20, 2013, because he is nothing as soon as his successor takes the oath.

“I guess that means he can’t annul the election and declare himself El Presidente for life.”

Easy as pie - with that huge storm bearing down of the East Coast, O has returned to the WH for the duration.

Many are saying that the storm could well impact the election. If so, then it would be easy to declare a ‘postponement’ until things return to ‘normal’.

And then continue in office for as long as the turmoil lasts ...

257 posted on 10/28/2012 5:07:12 AM PDT by PIF (They came for me and mine ... now it is your turn ...)
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To: Simcha7

Wasn’t Ambassador Stevens gay and also from Chicago? What was his relationship with O’Bummer that got him the position?

258 posted on 10/28/2012 5:07:43 AM PDT by tired&retired
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To: cripplecreek

I still say that pic was photoshopped to show Obozo in it. The light reflections are from the wrong side of his head when compared to anyone else around him...

259 posted on 10/28/2012 5:38:06 AM PDT by trebb (Allies no longer trust us. Enemies no longer fear us.)
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To: Free ThinkerNY
He was in the room until he saw people dying and decided to go to bed to prepare for a busy campaigning/Las Vegas trip the next day. Our consulate is actively under attack and Obama goes to bed????
260 posted on 10/28/2012 5:47:07 AM PDT by 2010Freeper
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