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Barbara Stanley: America: Land Of The Free, Even Free To Be Traitors
Toogood Reports ^ | February 28, 2003 | Barbara Stanley

Posted on 02/28/2003 7:19:35 AM PST by Stand Watch Listen

I realize this is harsh. I realize free speech is protected in the United States. And I realize my opinion is just that, my opinion. But I have seen, over these past weeks, a growing number of idiots in my country, during this time of war and they are traitors to everything that is American.

The protestors say they are anti-war, that they are for peace around the world, yet their true nature is one of anti-Bush and they are driven by their hatred for anything American. How else can one explain their complete ignorance of the fact that Saddam has enough poison to kill every man, woman, child and animal on the planet three times over. Let me repeat that: SADDAM HAS ENOUGH POISON TO KILL EVERY MAN, WOMAN, CHILD AND ANIMAL ON THE PLANET THREE TIMES OVER. And this is not the end of the story: DNA affected will condemn generations and this is all thanks to the man who believes he will take us all out with him. There is no dealing with a madman; there is no diplomacy that will prevent Saddam from building his nukes, nor his sale of them to others around the world who are as crazy as he is. Nor will it prevent the proliferation of the chemical and biological weapons of mass death either.

During the 1990´s, the odious Clinton administration gave a free pass to the Butcher of Baghdad and his companion Osama. The Clintons´, the first co-presidents in American history, allowed proliferation, allowed murder, torture and rape of innocents while they looked the other way to maintain their own craven political viability.

During the 1990´s, terrorist cells infiltrated America, unabated and undeterred and today we are all at risk. Right now, unmanned aerial vehicles, fancy model airplanes, have been fitted with dispersal systems that can spray poisons over vast areas of this country and they are, moreover, guided by the same global positioning satellite systems that are in many automobiles, call it preprogrammed death. Not only is the Clinton Legacy 9/11, but the Pandora´s Box of biological, chemical and nuclear weaponry is waiting to be unleashed by the Jihadists now in-country and around the world.

The United Nations Inspections and Monitoring teams knew what Saddam had when he threw them out of Iraq last decade; they know he still has them right now because of the absence of not only non-compliance of Saddam in showing the evidence of those weapons having been destroyed but the additional findings just recently. Saddam has no intention of changing his ways, of not using his weapons. Saddam is waiting to kill Americans and Israelis and that time is upon us.

Yet, somehow that which the History Channel has laid bare in their programming about the current dangerous situation, has escaped the note of those who want to give Saddam more time. More time to develop more weapons. More time to play his usual games of hide and seek. More time to plan our destruction. And yet, this knowledge has somehow taken a back seat to those who still have their heads in the sand, are limited by their ignorance and have the world stage at their disposal. It matters not what these useful idiots feel because they will not be able to say they are sorry when it hits the fan and make it all right. Who cares how sorry they will be then when we bury our beloveds?

These twenty-first century Neville Chamberlains are helping Saddam whether they admit it or not and that means they are on the side of the enemy. How can they not know this? Are they so guilt-ridden because their lives are so useless that they cannot bear to look at the facts and see what they mean? Are they so egotistic that they care not for anyone else but themselves? Do they even understand how treasonous their behavior is? I guess not. But, no matter their reasons, their lack of reasoning has empowered the Butcher of Baghdad and put at greater risk those very men and women who are on the front lines defending their right to speak out and be idiots on a grand scale.

Saddam will not disarm himself; those complicit in money deals, the French, Germans, Russians and Belgians do not want us to find what they have sold to Saddam nor do they want to lose the billions Saddam owes them. But when the Eiffel Tower is brought down, as it will be by the Jihadists in France, then they will come screaming to America to aid them yet again, as we have done before. But by then, it will be too late, for America will have moved on to Indonesia and the ring of fire in the East to continue the battle against the terrorists, against North Korea, against Red China.

We live in very dangerous times indeed and when that becomes clear to all those who rail against America, it will be too late. It is very hard to scream in protest when Anthrax constricts the lungs. It is very hard to march in protest when camel pox or small pox takes one to the dying bed. It is useless to even try to paint a protest sign when muscles are weakened by ricin or botulinum or plague. But then it will be too late.

A vial of small pox carried in a fountain pen can bring down an entire city. Those infected become the vectors spreading death like a wild fire driven by the Santa Anna winds. Epidemic will lay the streets bare and make ghost towns of even the greatest cities, even the most chi chi Beverly Hills neighborhoods. All we have now is prayer and courage in the face of the evil that runs rampant across the globe, and even a Larry Hagman who calls Bush an idiot while on foreign soil cannot put this genie back in the bottle.

While the Democrats ask the question what will this war to liberate Iraq cost, I only wonder what will be the cost if Saddam is allowed to continue his insane ways.

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1 posted on 02/28/2003 7:19:35 AM PST by Stand Watch Listen
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The Soviet Union had enough nuclear weapons to not merely waft gases into cities to burn out most people's lungs, but to incinerate them all, worldwide -- twenty times over.

I don't recall our invasion of them.

I haven't seen that name lately on a map.

Did something else happen?

{/sarcasm OFF}

2 posted on 02/28/2003 3:35:08 PM PST by Greybird (“We have crossed the boundary that lies between Republic and Empire.” —Garet Garrett, 1952)
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To: Stand Watch Listen
Barbara Stanley BUMP!
3 posted on 02/28/2003 4:18:51 PM PST by HighRoadToChina (Never Again!)
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To: Stand Watch Listen
Barbara Stanley is a fine and versatile writer. You can find a lot of her writings at her website:
4 posted on 03/01/2003 10:54:29 AM PST by EveningStar
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To: EveningStar
Thanks for the link...appreciate it.

5 posted on 03/02/2003 9:23:56 PM PST by Stand Watch Listen
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