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My "Hometown"

Spray Paint Signature #2
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This is the historic Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, California, which has been used as a set for many movies:

I'm temporarily managing the Iowahawk, SoCal (Southern California), and Survivor Ping Lists. If you want to be on or off any of these lists, please FReepmail me. I also co-manage the Aviation and Aerospace Ping List with Paleo Conservative.

I'm no longer managing these ping lists:

Eric Blair 2084 now manages the South Park Ping List. You may FReepmail him here.

Slings and Arrows has incorporated the Miscellaneous Ping List into his THIS-IS-NOT-A-PING-LIST. You may FReepmail him here.

List of ping lists

Amazing Solar System Icons:


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World Clock

The US and Israel, ineaseparable - may it always be so

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Avatar created by "Suzie"

I am a male.

I am married to a wonderful lady. She is everything to me.

I am a mainstream conservative libertarian Republican. However, my libertarian part definitely does not include the isolationist, anti-war, blame America stance that many libertarians take.

I am a Deist, and like those of our Founding Fathers who were Deists, I read the Bible and I try to follow Judeo-Christian values.

I am also a Zionist.

My interests include listening to classical music, Web surfing, reading, television, movies (mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, and documentaries), and food and drink.

The following quote is from Parliament of Whores: A Lone Humorist Attempts To Explain The Entire U S Government, by P. J. O'Rourke, 1991:

I have only one firm belief about the American political system, and that is this: God is a Republican and Santa Claus is a Democrat.

God is an elderly or, at any rate, middle aged male, a stern fellow, patriarchal rather than paternal and a great believer in rules and regulations. He holds men accountable for their actions. He has little apparent concern for the material well being of the disadvantaged. He is politically connected, socially powerful and holds the mortgage on literally everything in the world. God is difficult. God is unsentimental. It is very hard to get into God's heavenly country club.

Santa Claus is another matter. He's cute. He's nonthreatening. He's always cheerful. And he loves animals. He may know who's been naughty and who's been nice, but he never does anything about it. He gives everyone everything they want without the thought of quid pro quo. He works hard for charities, and he's famously generous to the poor. Santa Claus is preferable to God in every way but one: There is no such thing as Santa Claus.

How I picked my screen name:
It goes back to the days when I spent a lot of time on IRC. My handle was AgentOrange (get it? - from Orange County).

The vast majority of veterans I ran into were OK with it. But a few weren't.

Because I respect veterans, I decided to come up with a "kinder, gentler" alternative whenever that situation came up.

On my desk, I spotted an opera CD that I'd recently purchased and listened to. It was called Luceafarul (The Evening Star) and it was by the Romanian composer Nicolae Bretan.

And there you have it. :)

Here is the prelude to that opera.

The Troll Poem
By parsifal

If you don’t agree with ME,
You surely are a TROLL, you see.
It all works out so LOGICALLY,
YOU are a Troll, if WE don’t agree.

And if you disagree with ME,
I’ll tell the MODS, just wait and see!
That’s how I’ll WIN my victory.
By TANTRUMS from my nursery.

I’ll save the MENTAL energy
Defending MY absurdity,
From ANY who might disagree
By crying “TROLL” quite frequently.

I have no sense of DECENCY.
It’s all about my VANITY.
The Center of the Universe is ME!
And you’re a TROLL if you don’t agree!

Click the picture

President Ronald Reagan in Berlin, June 12, 1987: Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

Aviation and Aerospace Ping List

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SoCal (Southern California) Ping List

5th MEB; ab01; AgThorn; al baby; BAW; bboop; BenLurkin; Bob J; Bon of Babble; Bunny Slippers; bunster; BurbankKarl; calcowgirl; chrisinoc; Churchillspirit; Cinnamon Girl; Coldwater Creek; CondoleezzaProtege; ColdOne; concentric circles; Dagnabitt; DoctorZIn; doug from upland; DoughtyOne; Em and Brets Mum; Ernest_at_the_Beach; EveningStar; Falconspeed; Feiny; Fiji Hill; freeagle; goldstategop; GOPBiker; gunsequalfreedom; janetgreen; Jo Nuvark; JohnJeykis; Joy Angela; july4thfreedomfoundation; kingu; La Enchiladita; lainie; Lily4Jesus; llmc1; Loud Mime; Lurking Libertarian; LuvFreeRepublic; make no mistake; MarchonDC09122009; Melian; Mercuria; monkeyshine; MoochPooch; NathanR; Nea Wood; newzjunkey; Nice50BMG; norton; nycgal; OnTheDress; onyx; originalbuckeye; Pagey; Pelham; real_patriotic_american; red devil 40; reformed_dem; Retired Greyhound; RIghtwardHo; rockinqsranch; RonDog; Sarah Barracuda; seenenuf; SevenofNine; Siempre Adelante; Slicksadick; socal_parrot; SoConPubbie; stumpy; StoneColdGOP; SW6906, swordfishtrombone; tajgirvan; TaMoDee; tanuki; television is just wrong; The Spirit Of Allegiance; TexasKamaAina; TheresaKett; Thank You Rush; Torie; truth_seeker; Tweeker; Veggie Todd; Watershed; Yaelle; Yogafist

Survivor Ping List

A knight without armor; agarrett; AJMaXx; Alice in Wonderland; alisasny; Anitius Severinus Boethius; Artist; Aurorales; Bikkuri; codercpc; csb; cuz_it_aint_their_money; Ecliptic; EveningStar; Fellow Traveler; Gefn; geologist; girlscout; goseminoles; Grazie; HanneyBean; HonkyTonkMan; House Atreides; Howudoing; I Drive Too Fast; Jedidah; JillValentine; justche; ken5050; kingu; Lee'sGhost; MamaDearest; MomwithHope; morans14; neal1960; Persevero; PeteB570; Right Cal Gal; Raebie; Reddy; RobFromGa; RummyChick; Rushmore Rocks; Scott from the Left Coast; Shyla; silverleaf; Slicksadick; SMGFan; SpinnerWebb; StayAt HomeMother; Tatze; Tazlo; Texas2step; Tijeras_Slim; trimom; VeniVidiVici; XenaLee; zigmeisterxiv

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Not only is it a wholly remarkable book, it is also a highly successful one--more popular than the Celestial Home Care Omnibus, better selling than Fifty More Things to do in Zero Gravity, and more controversial than Oolon Colluphid's trilogy of philosophical blockbusters: Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes, and Who is this God Person Anyway?

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