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  • These 10 Clean Eats Will Unclog and Protect Your Arteries

    12/18/2018 11:02:40 AM PST · by Red Badger · 156 replies ^ | December 17, 2018 Updated: December 17, 2018 | By Tiffany La Forge, Healthline
    Avocados are a delicious, rich fruit and a great way to treat your heart—and your taste buds. (Lisa Fotios/Pexels) ========================================================= Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. An estimated 44 million U.S. women are affected by cardiovascular disease, causing 1 in 3 women’s deaths each year. One of the most common forms of heart disease is coronary artery disease which occurs when a buildup of plaque narrows artery walls and restricts proper blood flow to the heart and can lead to a heart attack. Coronary artery disease can be treated or prevented through...
  • An Israeli startup ... made the world's first lab-grown steak — a holy grail for the industry

    12/13/2018 10:17:34 AM PST · by Red Badger · 51 replies ^ | 12/12/2018 | erin-brodwin
    The Israeli company Aleph Farms aims to make cuts of environmentally friendly meat that resemble the real thing using animal cells, also called "lab-grown" or "clean" meat. Aleph has now created a prototype steak, the first produced publicly in the world, the company said on Wednesday. While several companies have made prototypes of lab-grown meats, none are available in restaurants or grocery stores. Aleph got its start with help from an Israeli research institute and an incubator that is part of the food giant that owns Sabra — the most popular hummus in America. For the first time in its...
  • DuBois column - Elections count, will Zinke survive and Trump on fire

    12/10/2018 7:17:14 AM PST · by cowpoke · 8 replies
    THE WESTERNER ^ | 12/10/28 | Frank DuBois
    Elections count, will Zinke survive and Trump on fire Grimness under Grijalva Elections do make a difference. How would you like to have the Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the former Chair of the Congressional Environment Task Force with a 100 percent voting record according to the Sierra Club, as the new Chairman of the House Resources Committee? That’s the Committee with jurisdiction over livestock grazing, wilderness, national monuments, endangered species and other land use activities of the Forest Service, BLM, USFWS and other entities of the Interior department. Well that’s what you are going to get with Raul...
  • World's oldest known wild bird to become a mother for the 37th time

    12/07/2018 11:31:55 AM PST · by Red Badger · 39 replies ^ | Fri 7 Dec 2018 12.45 EST | Vivian Ho in San Francisco
    In sea mariner lore, an albatross is considered a good omen, and for almost seven decades, one bird has spread generations of blessings across the Pacific Ocean. Wisdom, a 68-year-old Laysan albatross believed to be the world’s oldest known wild bird, has returned to her home at the Midway Atoll national wildlife refuge for yet another winter – and laid yet another egg to add to the already impressive brood that she has built up over an impressive lifetime. Biologists with the US Fish and Wildlife Service think the almost-septuagenarian has birthed and raised as many as 36 chicks over...
  • Baboons Survive for Half a Year after Heart Transplants from Pigs

    12/06/2018 12:37:41 PM PST · by Red Badger · 14 replies ^ | December 5, 2018 | By Angus Chen
    Baboons can stand in for humans during cross-species transplantation studies. Now, for the first time, researchers have kept baboons alive and healthy for up to six months on transplanted pig hearts. Credit: Paul A. Sounders ========================================================================= In four adjacent enclosures transplantation researcher Bruno Reichart kept four happy baboons. “They can hop around, eat, drink and they are enjoying life,” he says. “They watch TV—their favorite is the cartoon with the chipmunk.” Most importantly, he says, they were healthy and normal—which is astonishing, given the fact that the hearts beating life in their chests were anything but normal for a baboon....
  • Sperm of mutant ‘double-muscle’ pigs being sold on FB farmer cashes in on ‘Frankenswine’ market

    12/05/2018 7:57:18 AM PST · by Red Badger · 46 replies ^ | 5th December 2018, 2:52 pm Updated: 5th December 2018, 2:54 pm | By Jon Lockett
    AN AMBITIOUS pig farmer raising muscle-bound mutant porkers for the bacon market is selling their sperm on Facebook. The Cambodian-based breeder is flogging the semen - along with insemination kits - to others looking to move into the 'Frankenswine' market. Mutant of the giant pigs greedily gobbles up his massive dinner at a farm in Cambodia ______________________________________________________________ Scientists in South Korea have been credited with originally genetically-engineering double-muscle hogs to avert a future pork shortage crisis. They carefully altered pig genes to create super-sized swines capable of producing more meat than usual breeds. Farmyard footage shows similar porky 'monsters'...
  • EU car buyers foot the bill of new emissions test

    12/01/2018 7:59:25 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 27 replies
    Deutsche Welle ^ | Friday, August 31, 2018 | Dirk Kaufmann
    As the EU rolls out a new car emissions test, official fuel consumption and emissions figures will be far closer to reality. But consumers are paying a price, both in terms of added costs and fewer models available. When European drivers get into their cars as of Saturday (September 1), they may be surprised to learn that overnight their cherished vehicles have become about 20 percent less fuel-efficient and 20 percent more polluting than when they last turned the key... those buying a car next week or later may find more difficult to contend with is a car tax bill...
  • Israel unveils rare and ancient mask

    11/28/2018 11:31:13 AM PST · by Red Badger · 21 replies
    Israeli archeologist Ronit Lupu holds a rare stone mask dating to the Neolithic period which was found at the Pnei Hever region of southern Hebron mount, in this picture taken on November 28, 2018 ============================================================ JÉRUSALEM - The Israel Antiquities Authority on Wednesday unveiled what it said was a rare 9,000-year-old stone mask linked to the beginnings of agricultural society. The pink and yellow sandstone object was discovered in a field at the Jewish settlement of Pnei Hever, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, said the IAA. The artefact was handed in to authorities in early 2018. "The mask is very...
  • Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies

    11/24/2018 11:21:11 PM PST · by Windflier · 133 replies
    XYZ ^ | 22 November 2018 | David Hilton
    A leading pioneer in the study of Grand Solar Minima and their effects on the planet has been solar physicist Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University. She has been attacked savagely for her theory that the weakened solar magnetosphere during a Grand Solar Minimum is the main factor in driving global cooling on Earth, but she is increasingly being vindicated as global cooling progresses. Recently, Professor Zharkova gave a lecture to the Global Warming Policy Foundation. You can view the lecture below, but it’s heavy-going. Here’s a summary of her main points: • The solar magnetosphere is key to understanding...
  • Beer and the Wheel

    11/24/2018 8:27:46 AM PST · by sodpoodle · 23 replies
    email and multiple sites author not listed | 11/24/2018 | unknown
    The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. Beer required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture, about 9,000 years ago. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer and vice versa. These two were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of...
  • American 'killed in India by endangered Andamans tribe'

    11/21/2018 5:21:10 PM PST · by waterhill · 93 replies
    BBC ^ | 11/22/18 | BBC
    An American man has been killed by an endangered tribe in India's Andaman and Nicobar islands. Fishermen who took the man to North Sentinel island say tribespeople shot him with arrows and left his body on the beach. He has been identified as John Allen Chau, a 27 year old from Alabama. Contact with the endangered Andaman tribes living in isolation from the world is illegal because of the risks to them from outside disease. Estimates say the Sentinelese, who are totally cut off from civilisation, number only between 50 and 150.
  • FDA Warns Against Eating Romaine Lettuce.

    11/21/2018 6:34:38 AM PST · by HapaxLegamenon · 41 replies
    Fox News ^ | 21 November 2018 | Elizabeth Zwirz
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday said the public should not eat romaine lettuce as a result of a multistate E. coli outbreak.
  • Farm Bureau Survey: Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Down for Third Straight Year

    11/20/2018 5:17:32 PM PST · by bgill · 3 replies
    Farm Bureau ^ | Nov. 15, 2018 | Shiloh Perry
    The American Farm Bureau Federation’s 33rd annual survey of classic items found on the Thanksgiving Day dinner table indicates the average cost of this year’s feast for 10 is $48.90, or less than $5.00 per person. This is a 22-cent decrease from last year’s average of $49.12. “Since 2015, the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner has declined steadily and is now at the lowest level since 2010,” said AFBF Chief Economist Dr. John Newton. The featured food on most Thanksgiving tables – the turkey – cost slightly less than last year, coming in at $21.71 for a 16-pound bird. That’s...
  • Romaine lettuce is not safe to eat, CDC warns U.S. consumers...

    11/20/2018 12:14:28 PM PST · by caww · 192 replies
    washingtonpost ^ | 11/20/2018 | washingtonpost
    Romaine lettuce is unsafe to eat in any form, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday in a broad alert in response to a new outbreak of illnesses caused by a particularly dangerous type of E. coli contamination. The CDC told consumers to throw away any romaine lettuce they may already have purchased. Restaurants should not serve it, stores should not sell it, and people should not buy it, no matter where or when the lettuce was grown. It doesn’t matter if it is chopped, whole head or part of a mix. All romaine should be avoided.
  • Red Badger's Giblet Gravy Recipe

    11/20/2018 1:53:41 PM PST · by Red Badger · 84 replies
    Red Badger's kitchen | 11/20/2018 | Red Badger
    Ingredients: 1 pkg giblets from your turkey 1 tub pkg chicken livers 1/2 lb chicken gizzards 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 cubes chicken bouillon 2-3 stalks celery minced 1 medium yellow onion minced 1 quart water 2 (14.5 ounce) cans chicken broth 6 hard-cooked eggs 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1/2 cup milk __________________________________________________________________ Directions: In a 2 quart or larger pot, simmer the giblets, livers, and gizzards, salt, pepper, bouillon, celery and onion in 1 quart of water for 40 to 50 minutes. If you have a pressure cooker it's half that time. Drain liquid, and reserve...
  • This Inventor May Have Cured Motion Sickness Without Drugs. And That Could Mean a Lot to US Military

    11/20/2018 1:27:28 PM PST · by Red Badger · 45 replies ^ | 11/20/2018 | By Patrick Tucker
    One manufacturer of virtual-reality trainers has already begun including the devices in its simulators. ________________________________________________________________ Inventor Sam Owen shows of the OtoTech, a device that prevents motion sickness by sending subtle vibrations through the inner ear to the brain. _________________________________________________________________ An inventor may have discovered a non-pharmaceutical cure for car sickness that could revolutionize the way people experience everything from travel to the newest virtual-reality headsets. That, in turn, could affect how the military trains, fights, and navigates. Just like civilians, troops get motion-sick. A 2009 study by the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory found that more than half of...
  • Farmer’s goat gives birth to ‘half-pig half-human’ creature sparking curse fears [Philippines]

    11/20/2018 9:01:45 AM PST · by Red Badger · 46 replies ^ | 09:06, 20 NOV 2018Updated11:47, 20 NOV 2018 | By Elaine McCahill
    WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES - The unusual creature was born by cesarean section on a farm in the Philippines earlier this month but locals are worried it's a cursed 'mutant devil' A farmer was left shocked after his goat gave birth to a ‘half-pig half-human' creature. There are now fears the creature was cursed and could bring bad luck to the family. Some have even said the creature could be a ‘mutant devil’. Josephine Repique, 40, said the pregnant goat went into labour earlier this month on November 2 at the small farm in Sultan Kudarat, the Philippines. The two babies...
  • A gut bacterium as a fountain of youth? Well, let’s start with reversing insulin resistance

    11/16/2018 11:17:28 AM PST · by Red Badger · 68 replies ^ | 11/15/2018 | Melissa Healy
    Move over Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. There’s a new health-promoting gut bacterium in town, and it’s called Akkermansia muciniphila. You will not find its benefits at the bottom of a yogurt cup. But a new study has identified more than one way to nurture its growth in the gut, and offered evidence that it may maintain — and even restore — health as we age. Published this week in the journal Science Translational Medicine, the new research found that in mice and monkeys whose metabolisms had grown cranky with age, taking steps to boost A. muciniphila in the gut reduced the...
  • Shivering horse found waiting out Camp Fire in backyard pool

    11/14/2018 6:50:37 AM PST · by Red Badger · 32 replies ^ | Tuesday, November 13, 2018 | By Dianne de Guzman
    A horse was found in the backyard pool of a Paradise, Calif. resident, after the animal apparently tried to find a safe space as the Camp Fire moved through town. Paradise resident Jeff Hill shared photos of the horse Sunday on Facebook. The photos showed the horse in a pool, but entangled in the pool cover. Recommended Video "There's no telling how long she was there but she was shivering uncontrollably," Hill wrote. "She was all caught up in the pool cover but her being suspended by it prevented her from drowning." Hill said he and a friend undid the...
  • Joy Behar’s Huge Head Causes Solar Eclipse

    11/04/2018 5:23:05 PM PST · by blueunicorn6 · 16 replies
    Science Guys | 11/4/2018 | blueunicorn6
    Pandemonium erupted throughout the US today as Joy Behar went for a walk and her huge head blotted out the sun. “I thought it was the end times”, said surfer dude Edward Boardwax. “The sun, like, disappeared. It was the scariest thing I’ve seen since Nancy Pelosi tried to play croquet with a dead salmon.” The Association of Space Scientists (ASS) released a statement concerning the eclipse. “We condemn Joy Behar for frightening little children and confusing Puxatawney Phil, the weather forecasting groundhog. Phil now thinks that there will be six more weeks of blabbering. He may never again come...