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  • Ben Shapiro: Katy Perry, Cher and Macklemore All Lie About Ferguson (video)

    12/03/2014 4:56:43 AM PST · by servo1969 · 35 replies ^ | 12-3-2014 | Ben Shapiro The evidence shows that Michael Brown was an 18-year-old, 6’4”, 289-lb. black criminal who robbed a convenience store and attacked a police officer while high, then got shot – that’s what the grand jury determined when they decided not to indict Darren Wilson. But evidence has never stopped people like Cher, who tweeted, “Something must b done 2 protect innocent young blk men.” Or Moby, who tweeted that “Darren Wilson chased Michael Brown and murdered him.” Or Serena Williams, who tweeted, “Wow. Just wow. Shameful. What will it take???” Or Katy Perry, who said, “praying for an equal America,”...
  • Anti-Vaccine Fanatics Kill

    02/04/2015 11:01:19 AM PST · by Kaslin · 324 replies ^ | February 4, 2014 | Ben Shapiro
    This week, controversy broke out over whether state governments have the power to require parents to have their children vaccinated. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, no stranger to compelling his citizens to stay off the roads during blizzards, announced that he had some sympathy for the anti-vaccination position: "I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. So that's the balance the government has to decide." Kentucky Senator Rand Paul doubled down on Christie's remarks, stating, "I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking, normal children who wound up with profound...
  • Time Magazine 2011: Charlie Hebdo 'Begged' for 'Violent Responses From Extremists'

    Time Magazine's Bruce Crumley, Time's Paris Bureau Chief in 2011 wrote this about Charlie Hebdo: Okay, so can we finally stop with the idiotic, divisive, and destructive efforts by “majority sections” of Western nations to bait Muslim members with petulant, futile demonstrations that “they” aren’t going to tell “us” what can and can’t be done in free societies? Because not only are such Islamophobic antics futile and childish, but they also openly beg for the very violent responses from extremists their authors claim to proudly defy in the name of common good. What common good is served by creating more...
  • Jeb Bush Vs. Ted Cruz

    12/23/2014 9:41:25 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 47 replies
    Townhall ^ | December 24, 2014 | Ben Shapiro
    Last week, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced his intention to "actively explore" a run for president. That announcement spurred spasms of joy in some segments of the Republican Party who have been itching for an effective counter to the enthusiasm of the grassroots right. Those Republicans -- largely coastal donors who scorn social conservatives as rubes, and shun the supposed fiscal extremism of the tea party -- have been searching for a candidate who will buck the base on immigration, who doesn't mind hand-in-glove corporatism, and who, most of all, feels the same way they do about the grassroots....
  • In Ferguson, Witness Intimidation, Lying by 'Community of Color'

    11/28/2014 8:45:45 AM PST · by Hoodat · 62 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 28 Nov 2014, 6:21 AM PDT | Ben Shapiro
    On Monday night, after the release of the grand jury verdict rejecting indictment of Officer Darren Wilson in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of 18-year-old black man Michael Brown, President Obama took to the microphones. “We need to recognize that this is not just an issue for Ferguson, this is an issue for America,” he said. “[T]here are still problems and communities of color aren't just making these problems up.” Obama was wrong, at least in the case of Darren Wilson. In viewing thousands of pages of FBI interviews and grand jury testimony, it becomes eminently clear that many members of...

    11/20/2014 9:53:11 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 63 replies
    Breitbart ^ | November 20, 2014 | By Ben Shapiro
    On Thursday night, President Obama delivered his address to the nation on his executive amnesty. It was historic, both in its scope and in its dishonesty: the speech represented a closely-woven and incredible tapestry of falsehood, exposited with a straight face by the greatest liar in modern American history. To those versed in immigration and constitutional law, watching Obama lay out his program felt like watching a madman describe, with preternaturally perfect sincerity, how the moon was constructed of cheese: you know the argument is untrue, but it’s incredible to watch its dogged exposition. Obama opened with a glowing talk...
  • The Death Panels Are Coming

    11/11/2014 9:47:45 PM PST · by Hoodat · 30 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 11/11/2014 | Ben Shapiro
    With Obamacare open enrollment about to begin anew, rumors of trouble in Healthcare Paradise run rampant. Enrollment has dropped to 30% below Congressional Budget Office estimates; fully 1 million of the 8.1 million people who originally signed up for Obamacare dropped out. But Obamacare’s shoddy implementation doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of its great evil. Obamacare architect quite correctly attributed the passage of Obamcare to “lack of transparency” and the “stupidity of the American voter” – because it turns out that Obamacare will ration care, and that the most well-respected bodies in terms of health rationing have already...
  • The People Vs. Barack Obama

    07/04/2014 4:47:07 AM PDT · by markomalley · 13 replies
    Frontpage ^ | 7/4/2014 | Daniel Greenfield
    As the first African-American Solicitor General, Thurgood Marshall told a black fraternity, “Neither race nor color nor frustration is an excuse for either lawlessness or anarchy.”Some five decades later, lawlessness and anarchy have descended on America and on Washington D.C. under the banner of color and frustration. This is no laissez-faire lawlessness, but anarchy toward accountability. Like the rock throwers and Molotov cocktail throwers that Marshall was denouncing, Obama and his people have made their own law out of force while rejecting the rule of law.Through force they have become the law while disregarding the law. There is a term...
  • Gay pride flag hoisted over U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv: welcome to Sodom's new headquarters

    06/11/2014 8:12:28 PM PDT · by lifeofgrace · 2 replies
    The Thanks Project ^ | 6/11/2014 | Steve Berman
    The U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, has hoisted the gay pride flag over the embassy building in Tel Aviv.  Todd Starnes grabbed the pic from the embassy's Facebook page. “Proudly flying the colors,” Ambassador Dan Shapiro wrote on the embassy’s Facebook page. He posted a photograph showing a rainbow colored flag flying alongside the American flag outside the embassy in Tel Aviv.  “For the first time in history, the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv has raised the Pride flag together with our American flag,” Shapiro wrote. “We are proud to join with the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and its residents...
  • Conservative activist launches boycott of Firefox browser

    04/05/2014 9:14:07 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 141 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 04/05/2014 | Rick Moran
    Ben Shapiro of the website TruthRevolt isn't taking the actions of gay activists who forced CEO Brenden Eich out of his CEO position at Mozilla lying down. In fact, Shapiro has called for a boycott of Mozilla's Firefox browser as a way for conservatives to show their displeasure with the outrageous intolerance demonstrated by gay activistis.Washington Times: Conservative activist Ben Shapiro is leading up an online charge of fellow political compadres to boycott the browser Firefox — an outraged response to the Mozilla chief’s departure from his CEO role due to gay rights’ protests. Former CEO Brendan Eich, who’s been...
  • Why Hillary Clinton Will Win in 2016

    04/02/2014 9:29:25 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 79 replies
    Townhall ^ | 04/02/2014 | Ben Shapiro
    On Tuesday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., presented his 2015 budget proposal. The Senate Democrats did not provide any such proposal; President Barack Obama's proposal posited an unending federal deficit and massive tax increases. Ryan's proposal, by contrast, lowered the rate of increase of spending moderately (by $5.1 trillion over the next decade), struck Obamacare from the rolls, and suggested revamps to Social Security and Medicare. This was possibly the dumbest thing Ryan could have done. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., immediately jumped on the budget proposal, suggesting that Ryan's budget came from "Kochtopia," and that it...
  • Ben Shapiro Crashes UCLA Divestment from Israel Hearing, Resolution Defeated 7-5

    02/27/2014 7:02:45 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 33 replies
    FrontPage Mag ^ | 02/27/2014 | Paul Bois
    [Visit]On Tuesday night, the UCLA undergraduate student government heard public testimonies for nearly 9 hours — from 7 p.m. until 4 a.m. — on whether or not the university should go forward with a resolution to boycott and divest from businesses that allegedly “profit from the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.”The meeting, attended by over 500 people, began at 7 p.m. Tuesday night and ended 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief and UCLA alum, crashed the divestment hearing to blast both the student sponsors and those considering the anti-Semitic measure. Here’s the transcript: My...

    11/09/2013 5:55:21 PM PST · by 4rcane · 28 replies This is the first time I heard of him. I'm impressed
  • Sharpton's Crackers

    10/07/2013 7:52:56 AM PDT · by UltraConservative · 45 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 10-8-13 | Ben Shapiro
    The leftist media’s attempts to portray themselves as credible journalists in pursuit of the truth are laughably transparent. But the presence of Al Sharpton on the national news scene represents demonstrable proof not just of the unseriousness of the mainstream media, but of their vile race-baiting for ratings. So why are major advertisers like Ritz Crackers helping pay Sharpton's salary? In any rational world, Sharpton would certainly not have a primetime slot on MSNBC. From his Tawana Brawley hoax to his defense of Duke lacrosse accuser Crystal Mangum, from his fanning of racial flames during the Trayvon Martin incident to...
  • Court: Americans Born in Jerusalem Cannot Label 'Israel' as Birthplace

    07/23/2013 3:02:10 PM PDT · by Nachum · 42 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 7/23/13 | Ben Shapiro
    On Tuesday, a unanimous three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that Americans born in Jerusalem cannot put “Israel” as place of birth on their birth certificates. Judge Karen Henderson wrote that the president “exclusively holds the power to determine whether to recognize a foreign sovereign,” and that the president had not recognized Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem. Congress passed a law in 2002 dictating that Americans living in Jerusalem could label their children’s birthplace “Israel,” but the State Department has refused to enforce that law for over a decade. Over 50,000 Americans have...
  • The Trayvon Martin Killing and the Myth of Black-on-Black Crime

    07/15/2013 12:31:09 PM PDT · by NotYourAverageDhimmi · 66 replies
    The Daily Beast ^ | July 15, 2013 | Jamelle Bouie
    Last week, in Chicago, 16-year-old Darryl Green was found dead in the yard of an abandoned home. He was killed, relatives reported, because he refused to join a gang. Unlike most tragedies, however—which remain local news—this one caught the attention of conservative activist Ben Shapiro, an editor for Breitbart News. Using the hashtag “#justicefordarryl,” Shaprio tweeted and publicized the details of Green’s murder. But this wasn’t a call for help and assistance for Green’s family, rather, it was his response to wide outrage over Saturday’s decision in the case of George Zimmerman, where a Florida jury judged him “not guilty”...
  • Shapiro Talks 'Bullies' To Heritage Foundation - MUST SEE!

    02/05/2013 4:42:29 PM PST · by STARWISE · 19 replies
    Heritage Foundation: A book event- While the Left likes to pretend that they oppose bullying with all their heart and soul, Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large of, argues that in reality the Left is the greatest purveyor of bullying in modern American history. Bullying has morphed into the go-to tactic used to quash opponents through fear, threat of force, violence, and rhetorical intimidation on every major issue facing our nation. Whether playing the race card, the class card, or the sexism card, any and every means is invoked to demonize the opposition. By creating a climate of fear, ordinary Americans are...
  • In Debate with Breitbart's Shapiro, CNN's Piers Morgan Calls the Constitution 'Your Little Book'

    01/10/2013 9:49:05 PM PST · by Nachum · 62 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 1/10/13 | Joel B. Pollak
    “You come in here, brandish your little book as if I don’t know what’s in there--” “My little book? That’s the Constitution of the United States. It’s our founding document, Piers.” “I know what’s in your Constitution.” “Do you really?” That was the climax of a heated debate between Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro and CNN’s Piers Morgan on live television this evening--one in which Morgan came off much the worse for wear. Shapiro began by pointing out that for weeks, Morgan had bullied guests who defend the right to bear arms by "standing on the graves of the children...
  • Piers Morgan calls Ben Shapiro's copy of the Constitution "your little book", slams it down.

    01/10/2013 7:23:47 PM PST · by struggle · 53 replies ^ | 1/10/13 | struggle
    Piers Morgan was having his butt handed to him on a platter by Ben Shapiro, who had at the beginning of the segment handed Piers a copy of the Constitution. When Ben motioned towards the copy about the 2nd Amendment, Piers tossed is and said "I know what's in YOUR LITTLE BOOK" with a clear look of disdain. Go back and face your court charges, Piers.
  • COMPLETE: Ben Shapiro CUTS Piers Morgan DOWN (youtube video--great stuff!)

    01/11/2013 12:12:12 PM PST · by RoosterRedux · 43 replies ^ | 1/10/2013
    Video Link
  • UPDATE -- REMATCH: Breitbart News Editor Ben Shapiro on Piers Morgan Tonight

    01/15/2013 6:41:59 PM PST · by chessplayer · 6 replies
    UPDATE: Ben Shapiro will appear on Piers Morgan's show tonight. The CNN team has agreed to amend the format to included two segments of on-on-one debate between the host and the Breitbart News editor as well as a "town hall" forum. Though it is a primetime show, it is expected that Morgan will take a page out of the daytime TV playbook and make an emotional appeal to the audience by featuring victims of gun crimes and their families.
  • Piers Morgan to Ben Shapiro: How about a townhall debate where my other guests and I can berate you?

    01/15/2013 3:04:00 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    Hotair ^ | 01/15/2013 | AllahPundit
    They need a gun-rights supporter for their ritual shaming ceremony and since Shapiro embarrassed Morgan the other night, he was naturally a top choice. Alternate headline: "Man declines to serve as prop." [W]hen it came time to book the show, Morgan’s team refused to tell Shapiro what the format of the show would be. When Shapiro said that he expected balance --- a second one-on-one interview with Morgan — Morgan’s producers balked. They did insist strongly, however, that Shapiro appear on the show, where he would be “in for the entire show” and “have a huge part.” When Shapiro again...
  • Ben Shapiro Shows the Right How to Beat the Media

    01/11/2013 2:42:50 PM PST · by RoosterRedux · 47 replies ^ | 1/11/2013 | John Nolte
    Forgive me for choosing a colleague and friend, but I've been waiting for exactly this kind of media appearance from someone -- anyone! -- on our side to make this point with, and it just so happens that last night it was Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro who delivered as perfect an example as one could ever hope for. This is a must-watch for the rest of this column to make any sense whatsoever. As one of our Founding Fathers once said, "Facts are stubborn things," and when faced with facts, calm logic, and someone fully prepared for the encounter, after...
  • WaPo: Yeah, Morgan got pwned last night

    01/11/2013 11:47:30 AM PST · by chessplayer · 28 replies
    Normally I’d be tempted to just add this as an update to the previous post, but it’s just too delicious not to highlight on its own. As Duane wrote in his GR post, Piers Morgan went from his embarrassing display in his interview with Ben Shapiro to lamenting about Shapiro’s “intransigent” performance with Mark Kelly afterward. Eric Wemple at the Washington Post confirms that Shapiro wasn’t intransigent — he was just a lot smarter than Morgan and beat him at his own game: Wemple then excerpts Shapiro’s challenge to Morgan on handguns. Murders by rifle are relatively rare, more rare...
  • Video: Piers Morgan discovers Ben Shapiro isn’t Alex Jones (Larry King Criticizes Morgan's Show)

    01/11/2013 7:58:53 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 23 replies
    Hotair ^ | 01/11/2013 | Ed Morrissey
    Duane hit this in the Green Room, but I want to note a few passages from the appearance of Breitbart's Ben Shapiro on CNN with Piers Morgan last night. First, Ben calls out Morgan for acting like a bully to his guests and an activist rather than a journalist, a theme that fits nicely with Ben's new book, Bullies: How the LeftÂ’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans. Ben told me on Wednesday's TEMS that he was relishing the confrontation --- and you can see why:CLICK ABOVE LINK FOR THE VIDEO BEN SHAPIRO, EDITOR BREITBART.COM: You know, honestly Piers,...
  • CNN Blames Culture of 'Manliness' For Belcher Murder/Suicide

    12/03/2012 6:39:38 PM PST · by chessplayer · 89 replies
    On Saturday, a rich 25-year-old man, Jovan Belcher, murdered his 22-year-old girlfriend, the mother of his child. First, columnist Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports suggested that this “25-year-old kid” wasn’t responsible for his actions – it was the “gun culture” that was to blame. Then, Bob Costas of NBC repeats this idiotic notion, even though the 6’2”, 228 lb. linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs could easily have murdered his girlfriend with a knife. Now CNN is getting in on the act. Leading their website this afternoon is an op-ed from Kevin Powell, former Democratic Congressional candidate in New York,...
  • Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: We're Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service Card

    03/17/2012 8:02:07 PM PDT · by OUTKAST · 76 replies · 1+ views
    Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro: We're Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service Registration and Forged Birth Certificate -
  • Where Have Our Cojones Gone?

    12/10/2011 8:23:52 AM PST · by QT3.14 · 41 replies
    Patriot Post ^ | December 7, 2011 | Ben Shapiro
    Last week in Boston, a seven-year-old boy named Mark got into a fight with a bully. The bully put his hands around the boy's throat and began to squeeze. That's when Mark fought back; he kicked his aggressor right in the family jewels. In a normal society, we'd celebrate Mark. Throw him a ticker tape parade or something. Bullies need a sharp kick to the testicles. That's how you convince them that bullying is wrong. But in Boston, Mark was charged with sexual assault.
  • Muhammad Hates Diversity

    11/29/2011 11:00:32 PM PST · by UltraConservative · 13 replies ^ | 11-30-11 | Ben Shapiro
    This week, in Oakland, Calif., America saw yet another stellar example of the glories of diversity. At a taping of a rap music video in that fair city, eight people, including a one-year-old child, were shot. When a classical music video goes wrong, somebody busts a string. When a rap music video goes wrong, somebody busts a cap. Such observations, however, are now taboo. We're not supposed to suggest that the rap culture is any different from the classical music culture or that one is better than another. As white guy John Kerry put it, "I think there's a lot...
  • Top Ten Most Overrated Actors/Actresses of All Time

    11/20/2011 8:47:17 AM PST · by Perdogg · 396 replies · 1+ views
    It’s been almost two years since I posted at Big Hollywood regarding the Top 10 Most Overrated Directors of All Time. I’ve had a chance to reflect and think about the crimes I committed in that post. And, to paraphrase Mr. Eko from the greatest TV show of all time, “Lost,” I ask no forgiveness because I have committed no sin … except leaving Spike Lee and Tim Burton off the list, that is. So, because you all enjoyed that list so much, and because I apparently have a death wish, it’s time for another: The Top 10 Most Overrated...
  • Ferris Bueller: What Could Have Been (The Film Contained Conservative Lines that were Cut)

    06/14/2011 5:16:29 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    National Review ^ | 06/14/2011 | Ben Shapiro
    This weekend marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. As Kathryn has written, the original script for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off contained a bunch of conservative lines, including this gem: FERRIS: "My uncle went to Canada to protest the war, right? On the Fourth of July he was down with my aunt and he got drunk and told my Dad he felt guilty he didn’t fight in Viet Nam. So I said, “What’s the deal, Uncle Jeff? In wartime you want to be a pacifist and in peacetime you want to be a soldier. It...
  • New Book Mark Levin Calls a "Must-Buy" Hits Market

    05/27/2011 5:50:57 PM PDT · by UltraConservative · 15 replies ^ | May 27, 2011 | Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro announced today on Twitter that his new book, "Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story Of How The Left Took Over Your TV," comes out on Tuesday. Mark Levin calls it a "must-buy and a must-read." Ann Coulter says "Get deprogrammed -- read Primetime Propaganda." David Limbaugh calls it the most incisive book ever written about the Hollywood community. Andrew Breitbart says, "For forty years, Hollywood has pretended that left-wing McCarthyism does not exist in the television industry. In Primetime Propaganda, Ben Shapiro blows that lie apart, proving over and over again that Hollywood stole the American narrative and...
  • Top Five Reasons I'm Grateful for President Obama

    10/20/2010 6:21:29 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 37 replies ^ | October 20, 2010 | Ben Shapiro
    I spend a good deal of time in this space criticizing President Barack Obama. His policies are wrongheaded; his manner is arrogant and condescending; his ideology is Marxist in tenor and content. He is, through his first 21 months, the worst president in American history, a leader who has purposefully polarized the country along racial and economic lines for his personal benefit. So, why am I grateful for President Obama? Here are five reasons: -- Five: Obama is dumb. Although the media has proclaimed President Obama as the "Smartest Man Ever to Walk the Earth," he is actually rather stupid,...
  • "The Ben Shapiro Show" Begins in 45 Minutes!

    05/16/2010 9:24:14 AM PDT · by UltraConservative · 1 replies · 108+ views ^ | 5-16-10 | Ben Shapiro
    "The Ben Shapiro Show" on The Big 810 AM in Orlando, FL begins in 35 minutes! You can listen online at, and I'll be posting the podcast later in the day on the website. We're all over the European debt collapse -- how soon will it be the same story here? -- plus seven year olds dancing to "All the Single Ladies," the inside scoop on Elena Kagan and Harvard Law School, and President Obama's continuing scorn for the American people. Feel free to call in at 407-774-1085!
  • Ben Shapiro Hosting Jerry Doyle Show Today!

    01/04/2010 10:00:07 AM PST · by UltraConservative · 5 replies · 317+ views
    Personal ^ | 1/4/10
    I'm on Ben Shapiro's mailing list. He's the syndicated columnist from Townhall, WND, etc. He's going to be hosting Jerry Doyle's show today 12-3 PST. I've heard him host before, and he's like Levin's younger cousin!
  • Anguish Across the Globe as Obama Rolls Back American Influence

    07/22/2009 6:16:03 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 25 replies · 1,319+ views ^ | July 22, 2009 | Ben Shapiro
    Somewhere in the dark unknown blotch that is North Korea, there is a young man bent beneath a heavy burden. He is dozens of pounds underweight, fed on corn and salt, hunched over at the waist. His teeth are turning black, and several have already fallen out. He suffers from diarrhea and fever. Every so often, he watches as the camp guards shoot disobedient prisoners in the head. Sometimes, he watches as camp doctors lead young pregnant women into a room where they perform forced abortions. The young man will die before he hits 50; he'll be lucky to make...
  • Obama Proves His Anti-Semitism

    05/06/2009 8:27:29 AM PDT · by UltraConservative · 47 replies · 1,452+ views
    Creators Syndicate ^ | May 6, 2009 | Ben Shapiro
    One hundred days into Barack Obama's presidency, he demonstrated cowardice abroad and demagogic tyranny at home. On the 105th day of his presidency, he demonstrated his clear-cut anti-Semitism. On Monday, Rahm Emanuel, the president's hatchet man, delivered a message to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. According to the Jerusalem Post, Emanuel stated, "Thwarting Iran's nuclear program is conditional on progress in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians." The message is clear: America will bar any action against Iran unless Israel makes concessions to the Palestinian Arab thugs who seek to eviscerate all Jewish presence east of the Mediterranean....
  • Some Jews Aren't So Smart (Ben Shapiro On The Jews Who Disinvited Sarah Palin Alert)

    09/23/2008 9:11:20 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 20 replies · 362+ views ^ | 9/24/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    <p>Jews, according to both anti-Semites and philo-Semites, are smart folks. Anti-Semites claim that Jews are highly intelligent -- and therefore threaten the world via conspiratorial monetary and political control. Philo-Semites point out that Jews have provided a vastly disproportionate number of Nobel Prize winners, as well as various leading scientists, philosophers, writers and artists. Virtually everyone agrees, then, that Jews are intelligent. And yet for all of our intelligence (I am an Orthodox Jew), large groups of American Jews lack the most basic instinct for self-preservation; they lack the understanding to protect Jews by acting to protect Israel. The non-religious Jewish community demonstrates particular blindness. Most non-religious Jews, who see no special value in Jewish identity, distract themselves with "social justice" policies -- policies like abortion-on-demand and gay marriage -- that directly contravene traditional Jewish values. Meanwhile, they ignore existential threats to Jews worldwide -- threats they cannot escape with protestations that they aren't practicing Jews, or that their Judaism only goes as far as the occasional bagel. For many non-religious Jews, political liberalism trumps both Jewish values and Jewish existence. How else to explain the disastrous series of events last week in New York? The United Jewish Appeal Federation of New York scheduled an anti-Iran rally highlighting the blatant Jew-hatred of visiting Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Federation invited both Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (R-AK). Palin accepted. So, at first, did Clinton -- but when she learned that she would be appearing on the same stage as Palin, she backed out. At that point, the organizers of the rally made a terrible decision: They disinvited Palin. reported that the decision was made after Democrats complained that they did not want the rally turned into a partisan event. This is the height of idiocy. In the possibility of a nuclear Iran, Jews face the gravest menace since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. They must mobilize every ally, unearth every friend, in order to create a groundswell of support for a military strike against Iran by Israel -- the only true solution to Iranian nuclear ambition. And yet they turned away Sarah Palin -- perhaps the future vice president of the United States, and at the moment, the most popular female politician in the United States -- because they feared offending Democrats. Only a baseline allegiance to the Democratic Party -- only a deep-rooted leftist partisanship -- can explain such behavior. Any rational group, seeking to draw attention to the Iranian situation, would leap at the opportunity to host Palin, who routinely draws tens of thousands of fans. More than that, any rational group would recognize that if high-ranking Democrats withdraw from anti-Iran rallies simply to avoid being seen in public with high-ranking Republicans, then perhaps Democrats aren't the friends of Israel they purport to be. Any rational group would be suspicious that Hillary Clinton is more concerned with Sarah Palin than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Any rational group would use their anti-Iran rally as a forum for candidates, allowing those with the most pro-Israel message to capitalize politically. Instead, the organizers disinvited Palin. In doing so, they demonstrated a political bias unworthy of a pro-Israel organization. More than that: In rejecting Palin, they demonstrated loyalty to Democrats over loyalty to Jewish causes. That became especially clear when the text of Palin's un-given speech was released. "We gather here today to highlight the Iranian dictator's intentions and to call for action to thwart him," the speech reads. "He must be stopped. The world must awake to the threat this man poses to all of us. Ahmadinejad denies that the Holocaust ever took place. He dreams of being an agent in a 'Final Solution' -- the elimination of the Jewish people. He has called Israel a 'stinking corpse' that is 'on its way to annihilation.' … Iran should not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. Period. And in a single voice, we must be loud enough for the whole world to hear: Stop Iran!" This is strong stuff. And it is stuff that the rally organizers abandoned when they kowtowed to Democrats rather than recognizing that support for Israel must be a non-partisan issue. It was foolish. It was dangerous. And most of all, it was dishonorable.</p>
  • Obama Can Use E-Mail But He Can't Run A Country (Ben Shapiro: A True Parable)

    09/16/2008 9:08:46 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 9 replies · 189+ views ^ | 9/17/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    Last week, the Barack Obama campaign ran an ad against John McCain. The ad didn't target McCain on policy or even on personality -- it targeted him on his age. While a picture of a disco ball is seen, followed by one of McCain in huge square-framed glasses, the narrator announces, "1982!" "John McCain goes to Washington. Things have changed in the last 26 years. But McCain hasn't. He admits he still doesn't know how to use a computer. Can't send an e-mail After one president who was out of touch, we just can't afford more of the same." It...
  • MTV: Where Virgins Go To Die (Ben Shapiro On The Liberal Youth TV Network Alert)

    09/09/2008 9:14:29 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 18 replies · 284+ views ^ | 9/10/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    Virginity is hilarious, according to MTV Video Music Awards host Russell Brand. After Brand was done encouraging Americans to vote for Barack Obama because George W. Bush is a "retarded cowboy fellow," he attacked the Jonas Brothers for wearing promise rings, rings intended to demonstrate support for abstinence until marriage. "I'm beginning to wonder if the Jonas Brothers are quite what they seem," said the freaky-looking, scruffy-haired, tightly-garbed former dope fiend and sex addict. "Because if they were, how come I've got this little ring now?" Brand held up a supposed promise ring. "I mean initially, he was a little...
  • The Hypocritical Woman-Hating Left Targets Palin (Ben Shapiro: They ARE Sexists Alert)

    09/02/2008 9:11:22 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 16 replies · 166+ views ^ | 9/03/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    "There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women," former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once remarked. Where, then, are the liberal women when it comes to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin? Palin became the first woman to grace a Republican ticket on Friday, August 29, when Senator John McCain selected her as his running mate. The following day, a diarist at the mainstream left-wing Daily Kos (Barack Obama himself appeared as a Kos diarist back in 2005) suggested without any evidence whatsoever that Sarah Palin's son, Trig, recently born and with Down syndrome, was...
  • Barack Obama's Big Mistake: Successfully Distributing His Message (Victim Of Success Alert)

    08/26/2008 9:50:51 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 19 replies · 270+ views ^ | 8/27/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    Campaigns usually collapse because of gaffes -- off-the-cuff actions that accidentally reveal the true nature of candidates. And the Barack Obama campaign has had more than its share of revealing gaffes: Obama's statement that rural voters turn to God, guns and racism because they have no jobs; his explanation that proper tire gauge use would fix high gas prices; his self-aggrandizing exhortation that he has "become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions"; his associations with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko; the list goes on and on. But gaffes are not the...
  • Goverment Is One Big Traffic Jam (Ben Shapiro On California's Potemkin Freeway Maintainance Alert)

    08/19/2008 9:20:50 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 11 replies · 221+ views ^ | 8/20/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    Late Sunday night, my wife and I drove from Sacramento, Calif., to Los Angeles. We figured that it would be wise to leave Sacramento in the early evening to avoid traffic. At 7 p.m., we climbed into the car and headed for Interstate 5, the major highway connecting Northern California and Southern California. For the first five hours of the drive, things went as planned. The highway was relatively clear, and we sailed along happily at 80 mph. Then we saw it. A sign. A large orange sign reading: Freeway Closed Ahead, 11 p.m.-4 a.m. It was too late to...
  • McCain's Boots Defeat Obama's Suits (Ben Shapiro On Why Americans Favor A Boots President Alert)

    08/13/2008 10:02:36 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 9 replies · 207+ views ^ | 8/13/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    A man, they say, can be judged by his friends. If that's the case, then Barack Obama can surely be judged by George Clooney. The UK Daily Mail reported this week that the "Ocean's Eleven" actor regularly speaks with and text messages the presumptive Democratic nominee, advising him on everything from fashion to foreign policy. "George has been giving him advice on things such as presentation, public speaking and body language and he also emails him constantly about policy, especially the Middle East," stated a Democratic Party insider. "George is pushing him to be more 'balanced' on issues such as...
  • The Democrats' Big Problem: The War In Iraq Wasn't About Oil (Hoist On Their Own Petard Alert)

    08/05/2008 9:34:55 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 25 replies · 150+ views ^ | 8/6/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    This 2008 presidential election cycle has been jam-packed with irony. John McCain has been forced to rely on the 527 groups he so despises; Barack Obama has been denounced by members of the black community but embraced by upper class whites; the Clintons have been rejected by the very media that put them in power. But perhaps the most ironic fact of the 2008 election cycle is this: John McCain will win the 2008 election because the war in Iraq was not a war for oil. Since the liberation of Iraq in March 2003, liberals have been screaming that the...
  • New Slogans For Barack Obama (Ben Shapiro's Hilarious Satire Alert - Laff Track)

    07/29/2008 9:34:58 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 29 replies · 216+ views ^ | 7/30/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    Barack Obama's messianic tour of Europe is over. And, like Jesus, he has risen again -- in the polls. According to Gallup's daily tracking poll, Obama is now up 8 percent among registered voters. According to Rasmussen, his lead is a whopping three points. (According to USA Today/Gallup, John McCain actually leads Obama among likely voters by 4 percent. But God knows that Jesus' poll numbers are always vacillating, too.) Obama's return has meant jubilation in the streets. Demure virgins wave palm fronds over the triumphant conqueror as he wanders the highways and byways of the campaign trail. Obama gracefully...
  • I Got Married Last Week [In Israel] (MAZEL TOV, Ben Shapiro!)

    07/16/2008 12:29:03 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 6 replies · 89+ views ^ | 7/16/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    I got married last week. Hence my absence from this space for the first time in seven years. It was a beautiful wedding in Acre, Israel, overlooking the ocean at sunset. My father wrote the music for the processional, which brought everyone to tears. My bride looked stunning, of course. We broke the glass, we danced, we ate and we celebrated until deep into the night. Outside the wedding hall stood a guard. Every wedding in Israel requires an armed guard to prevent terrorist attacks. Only the armed guards prevent the infliction of mass casualties at joyous events; only the...
  • Why America Is The Greatest Country On Earth (Ben Shapiro's Fourth Of July MUST READ Alert)

    07/01/2008 11:43:14 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 12 replies · 230+ views ^ | 7/2/2008 | Ben Shapiro
    I was sitting at lunch with a colleague a few weeks back, and he mentioned that he did not understand the general media hubbub over Michelle Obama's unpatriotic statements. "So she said that she hadn't been proud of America in her adult life," he said. "So what?" I answered that many Americans, rightly, were offended at the idea that a prospective First Lady of the United States was not proud of her country. "If you don't believe this is the best country on earth, don't live here," I said. "That's 'love it or leave it,'" he answered. "I don't have...
  • George W. Bush's Greatest Success? (Ben Shapiro: The President Outmaneuvers Democrats On Iraq Alert)

    10/30/2007 9:33:19 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 15 replies · 120+ views ^ | 10/31/2007 | Ben Shapiro
    On Monday, the U.S. military turned over the war-torn Karbala province to Iraqi security forces. The assumption of control by Iraqi security forces marked the eighth such handover by the U.S. military since the start of the Iraq war. Of the 18 Iraqi provinces, 10 remain under U.S. military control. Cautious optimism is beginning to bloom in the desert. Though the Iraqi government itself has acknowledged its foot-dragging with regard to assuming responsibility over security -- "Allow me to say that we are late, very late, to reconstruct, to rebuild our forces for reasons that I do not want to...
  • Why Federal Corruption Is Out Of Control

    08/01/2007 7:14:29 AM PDT · by UltraConservative · 42 replies · 1,327+ views
    Creators Syndicate ^ | August 1, 2007 | Ben Shapiro
    This week, FBI and IRS agents searched the home of Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, 83. Stevens is under suspicion for his connection to Bill Allen, an oil state-services contractor convicted of bribing Alaska state lawmakers. Stevens has served in the Senate for almost three decades. The Stevens investigation comes hot on the heels of the Rep. Duke Cunningham, R-Calif., scandal, in which Cunningham pleaded guilty to taking bribes from defense contractors; the Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., scandal, in which federal agents found $90,000 in cash stuffed in Jefferson's freezer; and the Jack Abramoff scandal, in which Abramoff was connected with...