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  • Bernie Sanders is the "Shadow President"

    12/08/2016 10:39:54 AM PST · by tekrat · 19 replies
    From this article on As Donald Trump travels the country on his "Thank You" tour, appearing at large rallies, Sanders is on what seems like a shadow tour. It's interesting to consider that Sanders, proven a big draw like Trump, could occupy a sort of "Shadow President" role after a divided election that saw the Democratic candidate win the popular vote over the President-elect. From what I can tell Bernie is turning into a more couth version of Cindy Sheehan. He's going follow Trump where ever he goes to get his message out. Berniesplan is to follow Trump's initiatives...
  • Anti-Trump hatemail this holiday season

    12/05/2016 11:40:06 AM PST · by mainestategop · 4 replies
    The Bulk of hate mail I've received since August has been mostly that of anti-Trump rhetoric. Granted here there there are also lunatics who make generic statements like Oldfartrants and so on. Also, we've gotten quite a lot of flak from Europe in the form of left wing agitators and even neo-nazis. Today we present some of the more interesting hate mail. In the form of  comments made to my blog and YouTube Channel. First up is Oldfartrants: Freedom of speech allows me to voice my opinions - hopefully Führer Trump won't take that away from us - he's talking about...
  • I'm a Democrat and I'm ashamed at how tone deaf we've become

    12/03/2016 9:51:50 PM PST · by Beave Meister · 44 replies
    Fox News Opinion ^ | 12/3/2016 | Bryan Dean Wright
    During a shouting matching Thursday night between top aides of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the President-elects campaign manager Kellyanne Conway summed up a key reason for why my Democratic Party lost and will likely continue to lose. Theres a difference for voters between what offends you and what affects you. To understand what she meant, look to the recent developments in Indiana. Millions of voters in the Rust Belt are in awe as 1,100 of their fellow blue-collar workers at Carrier narrowly missed being laid off. Instead of training Mexican replacements, these Hoosiers are celebrating an American paycheck....
  • WI Lawmaker: Dems Are Stalling, Recount Will Not Be Completed, State Will Be Forfeited Wont

    12/01/2016 8:21:17 PM PST · by Nachum · 71 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | 12/1/16 | Jim Hoft
    Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) went on with Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the recount in Wisconsin. Duffy said Democrats and far left Green Party supporters are stalling the recount in Dane County Wisconsin, where Madison is located. The county is holding a hand recount. The recount will not be completed by the deadline on December 20th. Therefore, according to Rep. Duffy, the state will quite possibly be forced to forfeit their electoral votes. This was the plan all along. Democrats knew they couldnt make up 20,000 votes. But they also knew if they stalled on the recount the state
  • Bernie Sanders: Carrier just showed corporations how to beat Donald Trump

    12/01/2016 8:41:21 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 109 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 12/01/2016 | Bernie Sanders
    Today, about 1,000 Carrier workers and their families should be rejoicing. But the rest of our nations workers should be very nervous. President-elect Donald Trump will reportedly announce a deal with United Technologies, the corporation that owns Carrier, that keeps less than 1,000 of the 2100 jobs in America that were previously scheduled to be transferred to Mexico. Lets be clear: It is not good enough to save some of these jobs. Trump made a promise that he would save all of these jobs, and we cannot rest until an ironclad contract is signed to ensure that all of these...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-28-16 (DUmmies Blame Bernie for Victory of Mango Mussolini)

    11/28/2016 7:08:47 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 23 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 28, 2016 | DUmmies & PJ-Comix
    The DUmmies, now in extreme grief mode, are looking for excuses as to why their inevitable winner, Hillary, LOST the election. As a result they are now lashing out at Bernie Sanders. They now blame him for the victory of the "Mango Mussolini" as one of them so creatively labeled Donald Trump. If they want to play the blame game they should also blame Bernie for completely discrediting DUmmieland. His candidacy caused a huge rift in DUmmieland where over 90% of the DUmmies enthusiastically supported him over corrupt kleptocrat Hillary. As a result, Skinner, who was paid off with...
  • 9 things Democrats still have to be thankful for

    11/24/2016 10:48:02 AM PST · by PROCON · 43 replies
    CNN ^ | Nov. 24, 2016 | Gregory Krieg
    (CNN)It's been a bad couple of weeks for Democrats. And if President-elect Donald Trump's early staffing choices are any indication, the next few years could be considerably worse. Come January, the Democrats will be entirely out of power in Washington for the first time in a decade. But while the immediate future seems full of inner conflict and rearguard actions to preserve political and social norms (to say nothing of President Barack Obama's legacy), there are still at least a handful of reasons for Democrats to feel grateful this holiday season. So put on those rose-colored glasses, lefties, and put...
  • Sanders Supporter Writes In Salon...

    11/23/2016 3:09:14 PM PST · by Kaslin · 26 replies ^ | November 23, 2016 | Matt Vespa
    The holiday season is approaching and it’s the time for miracles. For Salon, the unabashedly liberal site, Christmas may have come early with an op-ed from a liberal, tenured history professor from Austin, Texas, who says that he’s had it with the media lying about President-elect Donald J. Trump. Okay—maybe it’s not really a holiday miracle, but a broken clock is right twice a day. Al Martinez was honing in on one of Trump’s remarks, which got mangled in the press: that Mexicans are rapists. He juxtaposed what Trump said, followed by what the media reported, along with the notion...
  • Fmr Sanders Spokeswoman: "We Don't Need White People Leading The Democratic Party"

    11/23/2016 12:45:34 PM PST · by i88schwartz · 79 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | November 23, 2016 | RealClearPolitics
    Symone Sanders, former spokeswoman for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, appeared on CNN Wednesday afternoon to weigh in on the future of the DNC and the Democratic party. Sanders dismissed the idea of Howard Dean returning as DNC chairman commenting, "we don't need white people leading the Democratic party right now."
  • Sarah Silverman: For a Lot of People, This Is the Great Depression (snowflake hurl o' rama!)

    11/17/2016 3:27:47 PM PST · by drewh · 80 replies
    Big Hollywood ^ | 17 nov 2016 ast | by DANIEL NUSSBAUM
    Comedianne Sarah Silverman believes that for many Americans, the country under a Donald Trump presidency resembles the country as it was in the midst of the Great Depression, only worse. The progressive comedian took to Twitter on Wednesday to share her thoughts about Trump, whose candidacy she vehemently opposed during his campaign. In follow-up tweets, Silverman wrote that those feelings are what much of the middle class has been experiencing in the country. Until we can try to understand that & approach w as much love as possible whilst w zero tolerance for hate&bigotry, change cant happen Yo [sic], she...
  • Bernie Sanders Shuns Joining Democrats: "I Will Finish This Term As An Independent"

    11/17/2016 10:17:19 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 19 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 11/17/2016
    In yet another slap in the face of the Democratic party, The Hill reports that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wont officially join the Democratic Party even though he was appointed to a leadership position within the Senate Democratic caucus this week. "I was elected as an Independent and I will finish this term as an Independent, Sanders said at a breakfast Thursday morning hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.Sanders has long caucused with Democrats as an independent. That has annoyed some Democrats as Sanderss star has risen on the left. They are frustrated by his influence within a party...

    11/15/2016 5:45:00 PM PST · by Beave Meister · 15 replies
    Newsweek ^ | 11/14/2016 | KURT EICHENWALD
    On Friday, I almost assaulted a fan of my work. I was in the Philadelphia International Airport, and a man who recognized me from one of my appearances on a television news show approached. He thanked me for the investigative reporting I had done about Donald Trump before the election, expressed his outrage that the Republican nominee had won and then told me quite gruffly, Get back to work. Something about his arrogance struck me, so I asked, Who did you vote for? He replied, Well, Stein, but I interrupted him and said, Youre lucky its illegal for me to...
  • Sanders pushes Keith Ellison for DNC chair as Howard Dean plans run

    11/11/2016 9:02:31 AM PST · by ErikJohnsky · 37 replies
    CNN ^ | 11/11 | Eli Watkins, Gregory Krieg and Eugene Scott
    Bernie Sanders -- a registered independent who caucuses with Democrats and fought a lengthy primary battle for the party's nomination this year -- and top allies are touting Rep. Keith Ellison for the job. The Muslim-American congressman from Minnesota currently co-chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus. In an email to supporters late Thursday, the Vermont senator said Ellison was uniquely qualified to take on "the political establishment and billionaire class," and that "his experience and perspective would be key to leading the fight against Trump."
  • Sanders Doesn't Rule Out 2020 White House Run

    11/11/2016 8:55:52 AM PST · by GuavaCheesePuff · 50 replies
    ABC News/Associated Press ^ | November 10, 2016 | KEN THOMAS AND LISA LERER
    Bernie Sanders is leaving open the possibility of another presidential bid as shell-shocked liberals focus on helping the Democratic Party rebuild after Donald Trump's victory. "Four years is a long time from now," said the 75-year-old Vermont independent, noting that he faces re-election to the Senate in 2018. But he added: "We'll take one thing at a time, but I'm not ruling out anything." Democrats have begun postelection soul searching, with Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., urging the party to embrace a more populist economic message. As some Democrats protested across the country, the party's liberal wing began jockeying...
  • Drudge - Bernie Blackmailed - Podesta Emails

    11/06/2016 4:27:17 PM PST · by knak · 91 replies
    wikileaks ^ | 11/6/16 | wiki
    Fwd: Sanders criticism To: Date: 2015-05-26 12:04 Subject: Fwd: Sanders criticism This isn't in keeping w the agreement. Since we clearly have some leverage, would be good to flag this for him. I could send a signal via Welch--or did you establish a direct line w him? Begin forwarded message: *From:* Christina Reynolds *Date:* May 26, 2015 at 9:22:07 AM EDT *To:* Robby Mook , Kristina Schake <>, Jennifer Palmieri <>, Tony Carrk , John Podesta , Oren Shur , Brian Fallon *Subject:* *FW: Sanders criticism* Following up on our call on Friday, just wanted to...
  • Susan Sarandon: 'DNC is completely corrupt

    11/04/2016 11:05:25 AM PDT · by seanmerc · 35 replies
    The Hill ^ | 3 Nov 16 | Mark Hensch
    Actress Susan Sarandon on Thursday tore into the Democratic National Committee (DNC), calling it "completely corrupt." After my experience in the primary, its very clear to me the DNC is gone, she told CNN's Carol Costello. Every superdelegate is a lobbyist. The way that the system is set up in terms of trying of having superdelegates you could win a state and not get the delegates. Its crazy. Sarandon backed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for the Democratic nomination. She said she still respects Sanders even though he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. "Look, Bernie has said dont ever listen...
  • NBC, Chuck Todd Hide Wife's Kaine Donation, and Her Firm Getting Millions from Bernie Campaign

    10/26/2016 11:28:19 AM PDT · by george76 · 20 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | October 26, 2016 | Tim Graham
    NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd has a wife whos active in Democratic Party strategic communications, and sometimes donates to Democrats. In 2012, Kristian Denny Todd contributed $2,500 to Sen. Tim Kaine. Todd never felt any need to disclose this during his three recent Kaine interviews on NBC (August 7, September 18, and October 23). But Maverick Mail & Strategies, the firm Mrs. Todd founded in 2007 with fellow James Webb aides Steve Jarding and Jessica Vanden Berg, did heavy lifting for openly socialist Bernie Sanders for President this year. Open Secrets shows a bill for $1.992 million made...
  • Why a Republican Might Win Bernies Home State

    10/23/2016 8:54:29 AM PDT · by ameribbean expat · 10 replies
    Bernie is still beloved here, where 86 percent of voters in the Democratic primary supported himhis strongest showing in the country. But some political experts suggest the cost of Sanders-style progressive policiesincluding, most notably, the states failed single-payer health care systemis driving many voters away from the Democrats, substantially boosting the odds that Republicans could retake the governorship this November.
  • The Bernie Sanders Effect

    10/20/2016 6:55:07 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 16 replies ^ | October 20, 2016 | Cal Thomas
    Many millennials are OK with socialism, even communism, according to a YouGov poll commissioned by The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. Forty-five percent of those polled between the ages of 16 and 20 years old said they would vote for a socialist, while 20 percent said they could vote for a communist. Maybe that explains the Che Guevara T-shirts so many of them like to wear. Responding to the poll, Marion Smith, the executive director of the organization, said, "An emerging generation of Americans has little understanding of the collectivist system and its dark history." Partial credit for this should...
  • BREAKING: How Hillary Double-Crossed Bernie Sanders

    10/15/2016 7:57:01 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 25 replies
    The Federalist Papers Project ^ | October 15, 2016 | Robert Gehl
    A new WikiLeaks email shows the lengths Hillary Clinton would go to secure the nomination including a virtual payoff of Bernie Sanders, only to double-cross him in the end.The message was from political blogger Brent Budowsky, to Clinton advisor John Podesta. In it, he suggests that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee grovel to Bernie Sander and his supporters by speaking about him in glowing terms Then when the time is right stab him in the back and tell his then-loyal Bernie supporters to turn tables and support Hillary Clinton:
  • WIKILEAKS: Bernie Sanders Supporters Called "Irreconcilables"

    10/14/2016 7:06:40 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 20 replies
    Wikileaks ^ | October 14, 2016 |
    what's Bernie Sanders up to? ...SNIP... Sanders' supporters might be called the entertainment industry's irreconcilables - the left flank of the Hollywood Dems' most progressive faction, with activists deeply disappointed in Obama, who they supported, and unwilling to sign on to a Clinton presidential campaign. In the former Secretary of State, they see another moderate waiting to happen. Read full email, sent to Huma, HERE.
  • WIKILEAKS: Tulsi Gabbard Slammed for Supporting Bernie

    10/10/2016 4:08:11 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 14 replies
    Wikileaks ^ | February 29, 2016 | Darnell Strom
    FW: Disappointed To:, Date: 2016-02-29 21:31 Subject: FW: Disappointed Hammed dropped! From: Darnell Strom Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 3:13 PM To: Tulsi Gabbard (<>) Cc: Michael Kives Subject: Disappointed Representative Gabbard, We were very disappointed to hear that you would resign your position with the DNC so you could endorse Bernie Sanders, a man who has never been a Democrat before. When we met over dinner a couple of years ago I was so impressed by your intellect, your passion, and commitment to getting things done on behalf of the American people. For you to endorse...
  • DNC Chief Donna Brazile Leaked Sanders Info to Clinton Campaign (Wikileaks)

    10/10/2016 3:29:41 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 16 replies
    Observer Politics ^ | October 10, 2016 | Michael Sainato
    On October 10, Wikileaks released part two of their emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. Friday, Wikileaks released their first batch of Podestas emails, which included excerpts from Clintons Wall Street transcripts that reaffirmed why Clinton refused to release them in full. During the second presidential debate, Clinton confirmed their authenticity by attempting to defend one statement she made in the speech about having a public and private stance on political issues. She cited Abraham Lincoln, a defense comparable to her ridiculous invocation of 9/11 when pressed on her ties to Wall Street during a Democratic primary debate. The...
  • WikiLeaks Podesta email release reveals massive Clinton hits file on Sanders

    10/10/2016 3:24:27 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies
    Fox ^ | October 10, 2016 | Cody Derespina
    Hillary Clintons campaign purportedly compiled a massive hits file on Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders, calling into question his progressive bona fides on issues ranging from labor to guns to Wall Street, according to a new trove of emails posted by WikiLeaks. The 71-page, nearly 50,000-word document was released Monday as the second installment in WikiLeaks dump of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podestas alleged emails. The email, titled PLS REVIEW: Sanders Hits, was sent by campaign research director Tony Carrk on Oct. 28, 2015 nearly nine months before the liberal Vermont senator would endorse Clinton following their protracted primary...
  • Sanders supporters seethe over Clinton's leaked remarks to Wall St.

    10/09/2016 9:25:01 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 23 replies
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Supporters of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday expressed anger and vindication over leaked comments made by Hillary Clinton to banks and big business that appeared to confirm their fears about her support for global trade and tendency to cozy up to Wall Street. Clinton, who needs Sanders' coalition of young and left-leaning voters to propel her to the presidency, pushes for open trade and open borders in one of the speeches, and takes a conciliatory approach to Wall Street, both positions she later backed away from in an effort to capture the popular...
  • Sanders supporters seethe over Clinton's leaked remarks to Wall St.

    10/09/2016 6:32:10 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 17 replies
    Reuters ^ | October 9, 2016 | Luciana Lopez and Jeff Mason
    Supporters of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday expressed anger and vindication over leaked comments made by Hillary Clinton to banks and big business that appeared to confirm their fears about her support for global trade and tendency to cozy up to Wall Street. Clinton, who needs Sanders' coalition of young and left-leaning voters to propel her to the presidency, pushes for open trade and open borders in one of the speeches, and takes a conciliatory approach to Wall Street, both positions she later backed away from in an effort to capture the popular appeal of Sanders' attacks...
  • Deplorables, Hillary's list of pet names expanded! Bernie fans as basement dwelling millennials

    10/03/2016 3:56:02 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 10/03/16 | Robert Laurie
    She sure likes to stereotype, huh? Progressives love nothing more than to whine, moan, and carp about anyone who paints a segment of the electorate with a broad brush. Hillary Clinton would probably argue that people who do so are the very worst sorts of bottom feeders. Shes made it clear that nothing in modern politics is as grotesque, despicable, and distasteful as a person who would dare generalize when discussing the American electorate. ...But Hillary loves to project. So, of course, she has a nasty habit of turning around and doing precisely that.
  • Biden: Embarrassing That My Net Worth Is Less Than Socialist Sanders

    10/03/2016 3:24:47 PM PDT · by kevcol · 36 replies
    Washington Free Beacon ^ | Octiber 3, 2016 | Cameron Cawthorn
    I aspire for one of my grandchildren to become wealthy so when they put me in the home, Ill get a window with a view, the vice president said. Biden then joked its embarrassing that Sanders is worth more than him. As I pointed out, it was embarrassing that Bernie Sanders net worth is more than mine, Biden said. I have less money than a socialist. I dont know what the hell happened to me.
  • Sanders: Clinton "Absolutely Correct" That My Supporters "Are Living In Their Parents' Basement"

    10/02/2016 7:43:56 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 32 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 2, 2016 | RealClearPolitics
    Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton's assessment that his supporters were the "children of the recession" who live in their "parents' basement" is "absolutely correct" in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday's broadcast of ABC's This Week.
  • (Vanity) Hillary's left eye does the rhumba during Bernie's warm-up speech in Durham NH

    09/30/2016 7:13:15 PM PDT · by Seizethecarp · 72 replies
    Youtube ^ | September 30, 2016 | Seizethecarp
    At about 2 min. into the video Hillary's left eye begins to jump around eratically and you can tell that she is becoming distressed by it. She is becoming concerned that her usual head-bob is not concealing it. The eye is going every which way completely out of control. It goes on for several minutes and ends only when Bernies announces it is time for her to spead. I haven't seen this picked up elsewhere. FReepers please feel free to provide links if it has! It could be isolated and blown up for medical professionals to analyze.
  • Rasmussen: Dems want Sanders running if Clinton drops out

    09/17/2016 10:25:16 AM PDT · by PROCON · 24 replies ^ | Sep. 16, 2016 | Elliot Smilowitz
    If Hillary Clinton were forced to leave the presidential race due to health reasons, Democrats would want Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to replace her as the partys nominee, a new Rasmussen poll finds. Forty-eight percent of likely Democratic voters backed Sanders in that scenario, according to the poll released Friday. Twenty-two percent picked Vice President Biden, with 14 percent saying Clintons running mate Tim Kaine, and 9 percent choosing someone else. Questions about Clintons health intensified when she suffered a mishap in public Sunday, stumbling and struggling to enter a van outside a Sept. 11 memorial in New York City....
  • Chris Cuomo Suggests: Obama Birth Records Were A Little Sketchy

    09/16/2016 8:44:19 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 75 replies
    Legal Insurrection ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    CNN host Chris Cuomo was discussing the Obama birther issue with Bernie Sanders this morning [its expected that Trump will make a statement on the matter today.] Sanders mentioned that no one ever asks whether he was born in America despite the fact that his father was born abroad [in Poland.] Ever on the alert for racism, Sanders suggested the reason has to do with the color of his skin [see screencap of Sanders pointing to his skin.] Thats when Cuomo said something surprising: you dont think it was about the fact that the records seemed a little sketchy, that...
  • Why Bernie Sanders would be an exccellent president [ZOT! Feel the bern]

    08/28/2016 10:57:48 AM PDT · by montypythonsflyingcircus · 117 replies
    Jeff P
    Bernie Sanders offers a real solution that the current condidates wont have. Bernie Sanders would first of all return tax levels to the way they were in the 1950s, tax the rich 90% and use the massive massive massive surplus from that tax to create jobs for the unemployed. One trillion should be paid for rebuilding infrastructure and bridges and creating jobs. Another trillion will be used to create new healthcare opertunety for workers to earn doctors degrees and to heal the sick and poor. Bernie sanders will also create government funded industries and factories that will create paying jobs...
  • Black Men for Bernie Founder to End Democrat Political Slavery of Minority Voters (Truncated)

    Black Men for Bernie founder Bruce Carters mission to restore black communities didnt end when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. He opposed Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment then because he knew that they didnt represent the minority communities he engaged in politics to fight for.
  • Assange: I Will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th

    08/24/2016 8:44:36 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 170 replies
    USA Supreme ^ | August 23, 2016
    WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of committing extortion by hyping fears over the possibility of a Republican victory in order to attract left-wing voters. Both Trump and Sanders supporters are waiting with bated breath for the next email dump from Julian Assange, the founder and editor in chief of Wikileaks. He released hacked emails last month showing Democratic National Committee officials plotting to defeat Mrs. Clintons chief rival, Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders. Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange promised to release more damning emails about the Clinton Foundation, and warned he has enough evidence on Hillary...
  • Breadline aficionado Bernie Sanders in mourning as Venezuela bans breadlines

    08/23/2016 2:58:15 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 15 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/23/16 | Robert Laurie
    It's a sad day for socialists everywhere You may recall that the Bernie Sanders - the wealthy, multi-homed, socialist that he is - has a thing for breadlines. As he famously said: Its funny; sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing. In other countries, people dont line up for food: the rich get the food and the poor starve to death. Bernies also had a lifelong affinity for the glorious socialist uprisings throughout South America and in Cuba. You and I might laugh at this,...
  • Venezuela Bans Lines Outside of Bakeries that Spread Anxiety

    08/23/2016 12:41:33 PM PDT · by bkopto · 35 replies
    PanAm Post ^ | 8/19/2016 | Sabrina Martin
    The Venezuelan government has announced it will be fining bakeries that make people stand in lines to buy bread. The National Superintendency of Fair Prices noted this measure is intended to dismantle the strategy of generating anxiety in Venezuelans, as the lines are more of a political decision than they are a reflection of a lack of raw materials.
  • Democrats just dont want to act on sexual complaints from women, not even from one of their own

    08/19/2016 9:00:04 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 18 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 8/19/16 | Kevin "Coach" Collins
    When Democratic Convention delegate Gwen Snyder went to this years convention in Philadelphia she never expected to by sexually accosted by anyone, let alone a fellow delegate. When she was sexually molested by the male delegate Snyder expected to be treated with respect and have her complaint taken seriously by Democrat District Attorney Seth Williams office. That is exactly what did not happen. The determined Snyder called the Special Victims Unit in the belief that since she was the victim of a crime she had only to follow instructions to get justice. She was taken to the august sounding Philadelphia...
  • Wasserman Schultz: Sanders camp tried to make me the 'boogeywoman'

    08/12/2016 9:37:17 PM PDT · by Libloather · 56 replies
    The Hill ^ | 8/10/16 | BEN KAMISAR
    Former Democratic Party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz defended her handling of the party's presidential primary as "by the books" and criticized Bernie Sanders's campaign for attempting to peg her as the "boogeywoman". **SNIP** "So when you are under siege for that many months and every day you have people going on TV attacking your integrity and suggesting that you are rigging the outcome of an election somehow, thats going to be expressed in private. ... Unfortunately when your emails are stolen, as in our case, it became public."
  • Bernie buys $600K beachfront summer home in the Champlain Islands

    08/10/2016 10:28:08 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/10/16 | Robert Laurie
    Congrats, Bernie. Wealth is good: We'd like to congratulate Senator Sanders on his acquisition of a 4-bedroom beachfront summer home in the Champlain islands I like wealth. Money is fun. You can do a lot with it and, while it wont buy happiness, it will certainly allow you to afford a great many things that will make your time on Earth more pleasurable. I dont spend my days carping about the evils of rich people, capitalism, and self-indulgence. Thats Bernie Sanders job. At least, it used to be. These days, Bernie seems to have overcome his aversion to our Western...
  • About A Third Of Bernie Sanderss Supporters Still Arent Backing Hillary Clinton

    08/08/2016 12:47:46 PM PDT · by MaxistheBest · 12 replies
    FiveThirtyEight ^ | 08/08/2016 | Harry Enten
    One of the big questions heading into the Democratic National Convention late last month was whether Hillary Clinton could rally Bernie Sanders supporters to her side. Before the convention, many Sanders supporters said they would support Clinton in a two-way matchup against Donald Trump, but when pollsters offered them third-party candidates as an option, they abandoned her. Then, on the first night of the convention, Sanders gave his big speech urging his voters to support Clinton, and we can now see that the convention did help persuade some Sanders voters to switch. But about a third of Sanderss voters are...
  • Sanders warns his supporters against choosing a third party

    07/26/2016 9:33:47 AM PDT · by McGruff · 27 replies
    Washington Post ^ | July 26, 2016 | David Weigel
    Sen. Bernie Sanders rebuffed calls from the Green Party and a loud minority of his delegates and supporters here to abandon the Democratic Party and build a third force outside it. The Green Party, which has never again reached the heights of its 2000 performance under Ralph Nader, has held a series of Philadelphia events since the weekend aimed at persuading Sanders voters to make a "DemExit." Jill Stein, the party's likely nominee, has spoken even as rainstorms shut down meetings, repeatedly calling on Sanders to quit the Democrats and talk to her; Cornel West, a Sanders supporter...
  • Nina Turner weighing offer to join Green Party ticket as vice presidential candidate

    08/01/2016 5:48:11 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 16 replies
    The Plain Dealer ^ | July 31, 2016 | Henry J. Gomez
    CLEVELAND, Ohio Nina Turner, the Democratic former state senator from Cleveland who has emerged as a rallying figure for Bernie Sanders' disappointed supporters, said she is considering an offer to run for vice president on the Green Party's national ticket. Massachusetts physician Jill Stein, the party's presumptive presidential nominee, reached out with the pitch, Turner told Sunday evening in a telephone interview. The Green Party opens its convention Thursday in Houston. Turner would stand for nomination there if she agrees to be Stein's running mate. Her decision is expected in the coming days.
  • Bernie Supporters Say They're Voting For Trump

    07/31/2016 1:02:06 PM PDT · by GilGil · 14 replies
    Campus Reform ^ | 7/29/2016 | Campus Reform
    Bernie Supporters Say They're Voting For Trump
  • Unindicted, Clinton accepts Democratic nomination

    07/29/2016 8:30:10 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 07/29/16 | Dr. Steven J. Allen
    It's true, though, what they say: If she won this year, it would be historic. Clinton would be the first female crooked politician ever elected president of the United States PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIAThe Democratic Party comes out of this convention deeply divided, with a nominee who, 56 percent of Americans believe, should have been indicted. Tonight, Clinton was heckled repeatedly. Her supporters responded to the hecklers, outchanting them with Hill-a-ree. At times, some of us in the press area in the convention hall had difficulty hearing Clinton. Other major speakers were heckled this week, including Elizabeth Warren with chants of We...
  • DNC Wrap The Musical: This Is It!

    07/29/2016 5:32:46 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 2 replies
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 7-29-2016 | MOTUS
    New frock, new voice coach, same old Hill (and her shadow). Clearly, This Is It!"This Is It" Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonaldThere've been times in my life I've been wonderin' whyStill, somehow I believed we'd always survive Now, I'm not so sure You're waiting to hear One good reason to tryBut, what more can I say What's left to provide(You think that maybe it's over)(Only if you want it to be) Are you gonna wait for a sign, your miracleStand up and fight(This is it)Make no mistake where you are(This is it) Your back's to the corner(This is it)...
  • James O'Keefe Assaulted

    Activist, author and investigative journalist James OKeefe from Project Veritas went undercover as a Hillary supporter this week at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. What transpired was shocking. James was dressed as a Hillary Clinton supporter and walked through the Bernie supporters outside the Wells Fargo Convention Center. The Bernie supporters REALLY do not like Hillary.
  • DemExit: Sanders supporters walk out of Dem Convention Links to news suppressed by MSM

    07/28/2016 3:17:55 PM PDT · by Albion Wilde · 5 replies
    YouTube ^ | 7/26/16 | various
    Besides the link published above, there are two additional videos that tell more about the walkout being ignored or suppressed by the Hillary/MSM machine. Lnks below.
  • DNC Convention Thread; Day 3

    07/27/2016 12:27:11 PM PDT · by harwood · 849 replies
    Welcome, once again. What's the over/under on how many times 'treason' will be mentioned today??
  • North Bay Town Feeling Berned After Sanders Rally Leaves $23,000 In Unpaid Bills

    07/27/2016 12:20:48 PM PDT · by RummyChick · 46 replies
    cbs ^ | 7/26 | cbs
    CLOVEDALE (CBS SF) The Mayor of Cloverdale hopes its just a misunderstanding, but the Bernie Sanders campaign appears to have left her small town with $23,000 in unpaid bills after it hosted their A Future To Believe In rally last June.